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Know That You Are Different By Pamela Kribbe

& Mother Earth

Dear men and women,   

I am the voice of Earth. I greet you all; I welcome you who are in this small circle of people. Feel your body relax, you are borne by me. I am the soul of the Earth, the consciousness that permeates nature and thus also you, because, as a human being, you are part of nature.

All the cells of your body, all the muscles, organs, blood, breathe the rhythm of my soul. You are connected to me, even though most people are hardly aware of this. Feel that connection now; feel my rhythm, my breath. Also, if you are a woman, you are deeply joined to my heart, the heart of the Earth. I am a female consciousness; I connect all things. Through the stones, the plants, the animals, the humans, flows the current of my consciousness. I link and I bear; I nourish and I cherish.

But do not underestimate me; I also have a great strength in me. I can cause earthquakes and tidal waves and make volcanoes erupt. These are my elemental forces, never aggressive and focused on destruction, but rather purposefully restoring balance.

What is causing you to live in the greatest imbalance in this world is humanity’s generation of so much mental energy, and that energy is affecting the entire Earth. The energy of the head can be harsh and is often hostile toward the fundamental movements of life itself.

You have all internalized that mental energy. But please do not misunderstand me: thinking as a faculty of the human being is a good and valuable ability, and when joined with the heart and the soul, thinking gives many possibilities and creative powers.

But if thinking is separate from life itself and no longer recognizes and values the consciousness in all living beings, then it leads you off track. Thinking then becomes separated from the whole and becomes violent, whether it is aware of this violence or not.

When you are a woman, you have female energy in you, but you also have male energy in you just as men have female energy in them. And as a soul, you are universal, which means you have both energies in you. Yet, as a woman, you have a certain access to the female energy that is not given to a man. Like me, you have the power within you to join with everything that manifests itself on Earth and to nourish unity.

In the same way as I do, you have the power within you to create unity, and this is the power of your heart. You, those to whom I speak, have an open heart and want to alleviate suffering in the world. You are joined to the oneness of everything and feel in your soul a desire to contribute to the restoration of balance on Earth and of humanity. This is your calling.

But at the same time, you are also a human being who is incarnated here and has been submerged in this earthly reality. You have become lost and derailed here, and the linking power that you carry within you can have a very painful side. There is an intense longing in you for connection, a desire to be a healing presence in every relationship.

You are like an angel here on Earth who is called to spread light, but you are also human, a human-child. You are damaged emotionally and I see that the linking, connecting power in you has caused you the most pain. You have been sadly disappointed by it.

Not everyone can receive what you have to offer. Not everyone can go along with your depth, your penetrating vision and your light, and that hurts you. This theme plays itself out in both your personal relationships and your work and creative endeavors.


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You want to manifest from your soul, and this is a deep urge that comes from within you. Yet at the same time, you have to deal with resistance in people and in the world around you that throws you back onto yourself. And then you wonder: “Why is it not working? Am I in the right place here? What am I doing here?”

This is a sad and very difficult quandary for you to be in because you often then deny your own light and you doubt your true nature. I want to reach out my hand to you because it is extremely important that you continue to believe in your light and its destiny. Your light contributes to the whole; it is not just about you as an individual.

You were called to be here on Earth and you answered that call from a soul level. However, it is hard to remember, after you become a human being, why it is that you are here. You need to remind yourself that your light is pure and true; that it originates from a source of love and a desire for truth and openness.

If you are someone who feels this urge for union, for love and truth, it is first of all important to realize that you are different and that you are bringing something new. While a child does everything to adapt in order to fit in and to belong and be protected, there is something in your soul that goes against that desire and does not want to adapt to old structures, to energies that repress and conceal. You want to throw off the veil of the old and to break through it. This is an impulse in you that goes very deep and you will never be able to deny it.

You can see how this happens. The child in you is looking for protection and safety, but cannot find it in an environment that is based on old energies, so the child always feels alone and extremely vulnerable. Yet it is precisely in those moments when you are called – as a soul, the Angel in you – to protect this child and to nurture it, while also letting your inner light shine forth like a forerunner: someone who brings something new.

It calls for a powerful inner awakening in order for you to put your arms around your inner child so it can be free of the need for recognition and appreciation from the outer world. Recognition and appreciation from others can be empowering, but only if you first see your own worth.

Then your inner worth combines with what you receive from others. However, if you do not value yourself, and you are looking too much for external confirmation, then you put pressure on the inner child to conform to the old role of someone who adapts, who does not really show itself.

There must come a moment when you let go of the need for the approval of others and you stand alone and stand up for yourself. And this must happen eventually, because this is the only way you can really be yourself in this reality and your soul’s calling manifest. When you do this by withdrawing your energy from the outer world and you focus completely on protecting and nourishing your inner child, you then become greater. And when you do this, your soul’s energy becomes more tangible and manifests in this world.

It is also important to know that not everyone is ready for your light. You need to be attuned, through your connection with your inner child, in order to know where it feels good to let your light flow and to where it can be received.

In ending, I ask you to consider this image for a moment. Imagine that a light is burning in your heart – an inner sun – and descend into this light with your awareness. Imagine that a child lives in your abdomen who knows and feels blessed and protected by your sun-light. The deepest longing of your inner child is for you to be aware that you are great and precious. Feel the connection between your heart and your abdomen.

Now take an everyday situation in your life about which you have questions, something which causes you confusion. Imagine that you stand in the midst of this situation with your awareness centered in your heart. Your heart is open and ready to connect outwardly, but you also sense that your inner child will be in a situation that cannot fully receive it.

Look closely at the situation and sense if your light can flow into that situation, if it can be well received there, and if your inner child is comfortable and safe there. If you feel that your light cannot be sufficiently received by a particular situation or by certain people, then know it is not for you to do so. It is a matter of being attuned to the situation and you may withdraw from it if it is not right for you.

Give your light to people, to situations, that can appreciate and absorb it. Then your light flows easily and you receive back in many ways. And that is the intention: balance is the intention. It is not as if you are just a giver; it is about nourishment that comes full circle. What you give, you will receive back if you give with respect for yourself and your own limitations.

This is a very important lesson for sensitive people who easily attune to others and who tend to give too much. Be aware of who you are, your greatness, and that not everyone can receive you; that you carry within an inner child who has been wounded and who needs nurturing and protection. Once you realize this, everything changes; you stand more firmly in yourself and you radiate light.

Thank you so much for your attention.

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