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The Inner Earth City of Machu Picchu

The Inner Earth City of Machu Picchu

Cuzco with Adama

through Aurelia Louise Jones

From the heart of the inner city of Light of Machu Picchu, from our
abode of royal splendor, we send our great love and warmest
acknowledgment to all of you who will be hearing or reading this
transmission of Light. So many of you are indeed our former friends and
family members from a distant past! On behalf of our ascended
civilization here, we send our bless­ings to all of you, who are so
diligently seeking the light of your divinity, and we bid you welcome in
the midst of our energy.

My name is Cuzco, and I am here at this time with our be­loved
brother Adama of Telos, to speak to you of our city of Light. The
Peruvian city that also carries the same name was named a long time ago
in remembrance of my essence, for the assistance I have brought to
surface dwellers in our area in past history. I am one of the ancients
here, presiding on the Council of the Elders of our city.

I feels so good to my heart to be in the presence of Adama at this time.
We already anticipate the joy we will experi­ence, and as you read
our published transmission, we will be whispering in your ears our song
of love and friendship.

Three miles beneath the outer community of Machu Picchu in Peru, a
Quechua word literally meaning "Old Mountain," also thrives another
evolved civilization inhabiting a beauti­ful city of Light, also
called Machu Picchu. Our city is simi­lar to Telos in many ways, in
the sense that our people also embody a fifth dimensional consciousness.
We have been here for quite some time, almost as long as Telos has
existed beneath Mount Shasta, just a couple thousand years later.

Nevertheless, the history of our city is different. At one time and for
eons of time parallel to the time of Lemuria, we lived above the ground,
forming small communities of Light and true brotherhood, where the
surface community of Machu Picchu now exists. We did not always live
under­ground. But eventually, after the great flood and the
de­struction of both continents, it came obvious to us that the
peace and the beauty we so enjoyed could eventually become compromised.

As the negativity began rising on the surface again, and darker and more
violent than before, it became imperative for us to also recreate our
city within the Earth, like the Telosians did before us. We also desired
to create a city of Light to prepare an abode of Light for those of the
members of our Inca civilization who would eventually ascend to the
higher dimension.

We set up our intentions to preserve our culture and all its treasures
underground, knowing that eventually, it could be at risk from the
negativity of mankind. Like the Lemurians did a few thousand years
before us in building their city of Telos underground to preserve their
culture and the most important treasures of Lemuria, we proceeded to do
the same. Many of you still wonder where the Incas went when, at some
point, whole communities disappeared from the surface of the planet
almost "overnight". And I now tell you that they came to the inner city
of Light of Machu Picchu.

For many, they did not have far to go. They came inside our mountain
through a secret passage in the sacred valley, not so far from where
they had been living.

Although the Earth's civilizations have come from a wide variety of
galaxies, star and planetary systems, most of you in your long history
of incarnations on this planet have chosen to experience a wide range of
possibilities, and have taken embodiments more than once in all of the
main civi­lizations that have graced the Earth through its long
period of evolution.

This means that no matter where you come from original­ly, what
planet or star system or universe, in your incarna­tion cycle, you
have all at some point experienced life here as Lemurians, Atlanteans,
Mayans, Incans, Egyptians, etc. What does it make you now? Know that in
our realm, we no longer need those labels to identify ourselves. We
thrive to live in the Oneness of the Creator. Everyone conceived
ultimately comes from the heart of the Creator, and every­one has
also left their imprints and aspects of themselves everywhere in all the
universes, galaxies and planetary systems.

Aurelia - Who now inhabits your city?

Cusco - Our inner city was inhabited at the beginning pri­marily
with our people, the ascended Incan civilization. Eventually, some
Lemurians and Atlantean scientists joined us, and little by little, more
Lemurians and Atlanteans in­creased our number. Our city is now
inhabited mainly, but not exclusively, by beings of those three
civilizations. Our number has expanded much since the beginning, as more
brings have joined us. Aurelia, you have several friends and former
family members living here. Your family is not just in Telos; you have
family in several inner cities.

We all live together in Oneness, in the spirit of total harmo­ny and
true brotherhood. You know, once you ascend, you are not limited to live
only in one place. There is much free­dom to move around and
experience living in many places. Some people come to live here for a
while and move on, and others stay for a very long time.

The way we live can very much be compared to the way of Telos. Our
creation process is by thought, just as it is in Telos. Though every
city has its own particulars, all ascend­ed cultures live on the
same universal principles, and the way of life is not so different from
one city to the other.

The size of our city has now reached a little over one million people.
What makes it different than Telos is that the in­ner Machu Picchu
community is composed of a mix of three cultures, while in Telos the
Lemurian culture is the main civilization. Many of the citizens in Telos
have been alive in the same body or incarnating in the Lemurian culture
for so very long, that they can almost be considered the
origina­tors of the Lemurian race. Adama is such a being and so is
Ahnahmar, among many others.

As you well know, a few hundred years ago, the Spanish conquerors came
to South America and ruthlessly destroyed most of the beautiful and
elegant cultures living there at the time. In their greed to acquire all
the gold they could put their hands on, they respected nothing and no
one. There was then a very peaceful and thriving Inca community of our
people living on the surface at Machu Picchu. When the Spanish bloodshed
and destruction began, we invited them to join our city, and they have
not been seen since. They vacated the surface, taking their treasures
with them, and moved inside. They are still here alive and well to this

In our city, we are beings at the level of the upper fourth and fifth
dimension. As with Telos, we can say that there are many levels and
dimensions of it. Some of it has physicality as you understand it, and
other levels are purely etheric levels. We can grade Telos from holding
the upper fourth dimension level consciousness, all the way up to the
tenth and twelfth dimensions.

Aurelia - What do you do and what is your main purpose ?

Cusco - Actually, we are quite involved in the preservation of the "Rain
Forests" which is so important for the life and welfare of the planet.
Because of greed, the lack of respect and of honoring of the Earth from
the surface populations, without our intervention, there would be none
left at this time. We are trying to stop the destruction as much as we
are allowed to. Although none of us from the higher dimen­sions is
yet allowed to perform direct intervention in your dimension, we are
doing the best we can.

We are promoters of peace and harmony. We also do plane­tary service
in our work with Nature. We have become quite adept at understanding the
creation of nature, and when the time is right, we will assist the
planet in restoring her original beauty and perfection. Though we will
not be the only ones doing this, we will join the greater team. When we
emerge among you in a few years, it will be our great plea­sure to
teach you what we have learned.

In the meantime, we make a formal invitation to all of you to come to
our classes at night if you want to develop what you term "a fifth
dimensional green thumb." We can teach you as well many of the wondrous
secrets of nature that have been lost to the surface knowledge. In due
course of time, you will be delighted to apply, with ease and grace, all
this new knowledge into your daily life to create around you the beauty
and perfection of nature we have created here. In Telos, they have also
acquired this knowledge, and this is why they have created so much
beauty in their sur­roundings.

Another service we perform from our city is with color. Because there is
so much pollution in your world and so little oxygen left in the
atmosphere, without the daily re­plenishing of oxygen and purifying
of the air by millions of angels and ascended beings, life on your
dimension would no longer be possible in most places.

What we do as a collective, when you sleep at night, is send huge beams
of a specific green light frequency in the atmo­sphere of the
surface, purifying the air and replenishing and repairing the Earth's
atmosphere. Without this, the death toll on this planet would rise over
1000 times more globally each day. There are also many teams of beings
from other cities of Light doing a similar but slightly different work
as we. A great many of us contribute to your well-being by assisting the
smooth functioning of the Earth and keeping humanity alive until the day
of the "great cleansing," which is soon approaching. Expect it to start
manifesting now until the end of this decade, and some more beyond that.

Aurelia - Do you have tunnels ?

Cusco - Indeed, we have tunnels going in all directions, all over South
America and beyond. We also have tunnels go­ing directly to Telos.
Actually, beings like Adama can travel between Telos and Machu Picchu in
less than a couple minutes of your time. In fact, there is a whole
network of underground tunnels going all over Terra.

We also have a very close connection from the inner city of Quetzalcoatl
at the Equator. This is a city inhabited by those of the ancient Inca
and Aztec cultures. They live pret­ty much the way we do and we have
very heartwarming ex­changes with them. Basically, we are of the
same origins and culture, and in the past we have assisted each other
greatly. There is a direct tunnel between the two cities.

Aurelia - Do you have a leader?

Cusco - We have leadership, yes, but not a real leader, as you
understand it. We have learned to govern ourselves. We at­tained
that level of spiritual maturity a long time ago. Of course, we have a
high council like all cities do, and that is the governing board of our
city. When people have reached a high enough level of evolution, the
great governor of your soul and life is your Divine Presence.

Aurelia - What are your homes like?

Cusco - Most of us live in pyramidal-shaped homes made of crystal
materials created with our minds. Many of our pub­lic buildings and
teaching places are circular in shape and also made of crystal of
various textures and colors. Our cre­ativity is rather expanded and
our city very beautiful.

In Telos, it is rather the opposite. They live in circular homes and
most of their public buildings and gathering places are pyramidal, and
always conceived from elegant imagining.

Thank you, Aurelia, for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves
again to the many seekers of truth through your published books. We
bless you with our flame of love, grati­tude and harmony.

Aurelia - You are welcome. I did also have some forgiving to do
regarding Atlantis, and bringing these messages from your realm is my
way of showing that I have fully forgiven

Taken from the book "Telos 3. Protocols of fifth dimension", channelled
and written by Aurelia Louise Jones and published by Mount Shasta Light
Publishing (530-926-4599/530-926-4159 (fax)

email: <aurelia

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Loved the post , The Inca's intrigue me . Thank You xxx
Spectacularly Machu Picchu~

Thank you, for the posting Sonja~

See you at night/dreamland, as we inherit 5th Dimension green thumbs~

Much Love Hug, wrapped in Many Blessings :-)


Wow!  Since I have been to Machu Picchu,  this was a wonderful revelation.  So necessary for calming my mind -- what happened there?  This is a beautiful posting.  I tried to contact them and it is as easy as they say.

Thank you.



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