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Star Nation & Hollow Earth 

By James Tyberonn


   I was very  recently been invited by the 'Travel Channel' to speak about Earth-Energies and Sacred Sites on a new television series to be aired later in 2013.  The filming took place on the Hancock Ranch behind Boynton Canyon in Sedona and at Grand Canyon. The Sedona location was at an ancient cliff cave, complete with ancient petroglyphs. In the very recent ongoing filming process, I met an extraordinary man.

 A Zuni Tribal Elder and Medicine Man was being filmed and interviewed before me, and I had the opportunity to hear his astonishing accounts of the Pueblo people's interaction with 'Star Nation' and 'Hollow Earth'. He spoke of extraordinary entries to Hollow Earth in the Grand Canyon, and of personal interaqctions with Star Beings. We made an instant connection, and I was able to speak with him at length over 2 days. I am very pleased to announce that he will be a featured speaker at our WESAK Gathering in Arizona in May, joining Graham Hancock and Richard Hoagland. Much of the focus from speakers Richard Hoagland and Clifford Ma'Hooty will be on the extra terrestrial question.  


Grand Canyon  

  Excepts from Clifford Mahooty Interview & Conversation...

  "We have a closely guarded secret history with extra terrestrials that the white man knows virtually nothing about", stated Elder Clifford Ma'hooty of the Zuni Nation. 

 "Many of the Elders do not want to share this information that has traditionally been held in secretive societies, but I feel it is my calling to pass along this information for posterity in regard to our vast and unique knowledge of the 'Space Brothers'. Few of the younger generation in our tribe have learned the oral histories or meaning of the songs and paintings that our ancestors passed down. I am a member of the Galactic and Kachina secret society, and these societies are one of the few remaining harbingers of the unique historic information about the 'Kachina', whom I feel to be extraterrestrials. "


   "I was born into a medicine clan, and in my youth there was no electricity, no television or radio on the reservation. We were taught in oral myths and stories by the grandfathers and grandmothers. Those elders have long since passed, and although I wish now I had paid closer attention and spend more time with them learning, I did receive a lot of fascinating information. And those stories are no longer being taught by many people with such extraordinary and credible firsthand knowledge ...  so I feel called to share some of this forgotten information."  


He continued, "Our history includes the Space Brothers and our time of dwelling in the inner earth at the time of the waters, inside the depths of the hollow earth entered in at the Grand Canyon. The Hopi & Maya also have these histories and the Hopi have shared the stories. Our people, the Zuni have not told these histories."  ...  Continued below ...

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 Clifford Mahoney will be a featured speaker at the Earth-Keeper WESAK Gathering.


Below Foto - Engineer & Elder - Clifford MaHooty

Featured Speaker at Earth-Keeper WESAK

Clifford Mahooty 



The Extra-Terrestrial Question

Star Beings & Hollow Earth Entry

Article by James Tyberonn 


Continued ...

  ... I was fascinated by Clifford Mahooty's interview, and asked him afterward a few direct questions. My impression of Clifford was that he was a remarkable man of integrity, humility, wisdom and honesty. He told me his grandfather had had direct experiences with the 'Star Brothers', and that he had also had 'close encounters of the third kind'. But that these were intentional, not random. He said that many of his tribal counterparts follow the tradition of not speaking of these, because it is felt that one must go through rigorous initiation in order to rise into the ability of this sacred contact.  


 "Not everyone can visually see them", he said, and he explained some have the experience in a mental way of sensing and feeling.  He told me of an experience in which a craft appeared on the reservation near his home, in front of several tribal members. Only 2 or 3 were able to 'see it' and the others kept asking what they were seeing. That is because, he explained, that not everyone has developed the ability of the 3rd eye. This resonated with my own experiences, and ties in perfectly with the information I have received through Metatron.

"The Star Nation people exist in a higher dimension", he said, "And you have to learn how to see in that frequency. That is what the initiations and ceremonies do, teach you to see the other worlds that are here with us. Our Zuni cultural cosmology & mythology is recorded orally in the prayer system. The ritualistic protocols talk about these 'Star' people or ' Guiding Spirits' that came over here and told us actually how to live our lives. As beings, guide people."


Clifford also spoke about the astonishing "Hollow Earth cities that are entered in the Arizona area, specifically the Grand Canyon.  There are some extraordinary accounts of secret entries into Hollow Earth Chasms and an amazing story about an 'Egyptian Cave' found in the Grand Canyon. Native lore states that the Canyon was the result of the Great Flood that had drowned the previous 3rd world, a world that had forgotten the path of truth. The Grand Canyon is said to be the Eden Point, the beginning of the 4th, our present world. The Hopi and Zuni cosmology is clear that the Grand Canyon was the Sipapu, the 'place of emergence' from whence the Pueblo peoples had emerged from underground after the flood had destroyed the 3rd world. Several inner world 'Sipapu' entry points are said to be located on Hopi land in the Canyon, one of which is honored in ceremony as the dwelling of the ancients. Appearing as an opening in a rounded rock mound, it is a sacred place of pilgrimage for the Hopi, lo­cated at the bottom of the Canyon of the Little Colorado River just above its joining point with the Colorado River. It is very hallowed and off limits to all but the Hopi people. The lore fur­ther claimed that the Hopi were assisted by 'ant people' who live in the inner world caverns, humanoids who had stick like arms and legs, slightly arched backs, and blue toned skin.

 Native Americans of the Canyon revered the movements of the stars through what they termed Star Wisdom. For the Zuni, Havasupai & Hopi, beyond the Mother Earth was Star Nation. Their legends speak of Star People who visited through holes in the sky located within the Canyon, a clear reference to what we consider por­tals, stargates. The Hopi and Navajo consider themselves direct descendents of the Pleiades, whom they call the Chuhukon and Delyahey, respectively. Their legends speak of White Star Chil­dren, who helped them as Gods. The Pleiadeans are said to be Nordic in appearance.

 Mysterious Egyptian Cave in Grand Canyon


The April 5, 1909 edition of the Phoenix Arizona Gazette newspaper featured a front page article entitled, "Explorations Earth-Keeper Chronicles: in Grand Canyon: Remarkable Finds Indicate Ancient Egyptian People Migrated from Orient."

 The lengthy and detailed article stated that the expedition was financed by the Smithsonian Institute and discovered artifacts that could potentially change our understanding of history. Inside a massive cavern with intricate passages and rooms that Kinkaid described as "hewn in solid rock by human hands" were found tablets bearing hieroglyphics, copper weapons, bronze tools, huge statues that he described as appearing like Egyptian and Tibetan deities, as well as over 500 mummies. Although highly intrigu­ing, the story has been officially disavowed. The Smithsonian denies any knowledge of the discovery. Researcher, author and explorer David Hatcher Childress writes, "While it cannot be entirely discounted that the entire story is an elaborate newspaper hoax, the fact that it was on the front page of a prominent news­paper named the prestigious Smithsonian Institution and gave a highly descriptive and detailed story that went on for several pages, lends a great deal to its credibility. It is hard to believe such a story could have come out of thin air." The article is in the newspaper's archives, both in original print and microfilm, and can be easily found on the internet.

 To add more to the conversation,  the 'Egyptian' aspect of the Grand Canyon is referred to in volume II of "The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life." On page 302 of his book, is the description of the extraordinary adventure of two backpackers who hiked into the backcountry of the Grand Canyon toward the pyramidal mountain called the Temple of Isis. After an arduous trek, they claimed to have come upon what ap­peared to be a large impressive man made pyramid, constructed of natural stones. It showed signs of erosion but still held the distinctive pyramidal shape and definitely did not appear to be a natural formation. After a thorough inspection, photos were taken, and they continued trekking to the amazing formation of the Temple of Isis. Upon arrival to the Isis Temple formation, they climbed up some feet, and from that vantage point several interesting cave entrances came in view. They observed that the grotto entrances were cemented and blasted shut. Both climbed upward to the most prominent cave opening, which had an arched entry. They reported that the entrance showed signs of chiseling, and the arc appeared man made. Just above the entry they observed a six foot diameter circular pattern with inner designs clearly chiseled into the ceiling. Just beyond, the cave had been completely filled in with rock and stone rubble, appearing to have been blasted shut, making further entry quite impossible. 

To add a bit more intrigue, researcher Robert Morningside listed over 20 striking similarities regarding cosmology beliefs among the Babylonian Sumerians and the Hopi. Both believe mankind was created by a woman God, called KA. The Hopi call the Sun Creator Taiowa, the Sumerians call him Ta-Ea. The Hopi and Sumerians use the same name, Pahana, in reference to a Divine Star being who will return one day to assist mankind. 


From a personal perspective, I have become quite aware of the extensive tunnels that exist in the inner earth in numerous locations that I have visited across the planet, particularly in Peru, Bolivia, the Himalayas and Egypt. I have no doubt these exist in the Grand Canyon as well as in the San Francisco Peaks near Flagstaff Arizona, the latter of which I vividly experienced in lu­cid dream during my fourth vision quest in the volcanic caldron atop the San Francisco Peaks. Whether the Canyon Cave story is factual or not, the Canyon has a mysterious aura in some sec­tions where other world dimensional aspects seem to emanate, and these can be easily sensed by empaths. 


Interestingly, during my two rafting trips through the length of the Canyon, I experienced very clear sensations of an 'Egyptian' resonance and connection within certain areas of the canyon and had a powerful visionary experience of Lord Buddha in another. This was prior to my having any knowledge of the 1909 article of the infamous Egyptian cave. It is quite intriguing that many loca­tions in the Canyon have Egyptian names and Buddhist names. The areas around Ninety-four Mile Creek and Trinity Creek are embellished with stunning formations named the Tower of Ra, Horus Temple, Osiris Temple, Isis Temple, Cheops Pyramid and the Tower of Set. Further downriver near the Havasupai Tribal lands within the Canyon are names such as the Buddha Cloister, Buddha Temple, Manu Temple and Shiva Temple.


Tibetan-Grand Canyon Hopi Connection 



"When the iron eagle flies and horses run on wheels, the Tibetan people will be scattered over the earth and the dharma will return to the land of the red man."   Tibetan Lama Padmasambhava, 8th c (aka Guru Rinpoche)


 Several years ago, I attended a Native American modality, 'Rainbow Tribe Earthdance,' along the edge of the Grand Canyon. A Havasupai El­der attended the ceremony. Before we were introduced, I thought he was a Tibetan Llama. The oriental characteristics were quite striking. Beyond the similar physicality, there are other noted com­parisons between the Grand Canyon Indigenous and the Tibet­ans. Several articles have been published that offer evidence that Tibetans and Native Americans share a common ancestry.  Author Frank Waters observed in "The Book of Hopi" that the indigenous Zuoi Shalako or snake dance symbolically mirrored the Tibetan ceremony of the Journey of the Dead. He also noted that both cultures recognized and mapped the human chakric systems long before Europeans inhabited the Americas. Other commonalities listed include cosmology, similar jewelry designs and inlays, use of silver, turquoise and coral, nearly identical patterns of woven textiles and the same distinctive manner for braiding hair.  


Perhaps most compelling is explained by author Daniel Pinchbeck in his book, "2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl." He states that specific words in the Hopi and Tibetan language are phonetically exact with antithetical meanings. The Hopi word for day, nyma, is the Tibetan word for night. The word for moon in Tibetan, dawa, is the phonetically exact Hopi word for sun. If you were to drill a hole straight from the Hopiland reservation directly through the Earth, you would come out in Tibet. Interestingly, these two 'reversed' words are quite pre­cise in describing simultaneous planetary time. In other words, when it is day in the Canyon - nyma - it is night time in Tibet - nyma. When the moon, dawa, is out in Tibet, the Hopi see the sun - dawa.



In ancient days could they have been able to instantly transport within the dimensional tunnels said to connect them? Maybe the Canyon will one day reveal all of its secrets, then again maybe it already has! Truly, it is a place of great mysteries that call for further exploration.


We will note that Clifford Mahooty speaks of the Star Beings and some of the Inner Earth Beings as having the capacity to instantly transport.  Some refer to the benevolent teachers as Spirit Guides, and that 'craft' are not necessary for them to appear. Rarely do they physicalize, rather the human experiences them mentally or thru extraordinary visual development by ascending into higher frequency. This corresponds closely with Metatron's descriptions of 'Bio-Plasma' and multidimensionality. Mahooty speaks of Star Brings as having a sort of federation, in which representatives abide from differing parts of the Galaxy to assist in different areas, including what is termed the 'Animal Totems or Guides'.


There is also a rather interesting story from Dr Hank Krastman regarding entry of Hollow Earth from the Grand Canyon...


Hollow Earth- Hank Krastman


 Dr Hank Krastman tells a quite amazing story of being taken decades ago by a Hopi Indian to a secretive entrance to the inner earth, near the confluence of the Little Colorado River and the Colorado River.  They were given permission to enter, and after traveling down a vast tunnel, they seemed to be transported by something like an elevator of light, and then   entered a brightly lit circular room. He believes that the area was hyper-dimensionally accessed, before coming to an entry room in which extraordinary technology was apparent. He speaks of a bright light being emitted in which they were 'cleansed'. Krastman believes it was to remove harmful bacteria.  He speculates the light also enabled a frequential stabilization into a higher frequency and 'new realm. He goes on to tell of being allowed to enter a city with houses, sky and sun, and spoke of it as being the city of Pawletkwapi. His Hopi host was said to have lived in Pawletkwapi for a number of years. Krastman said he was sworn to secrecy about the location and other details, but later was given permission to share certain details.  



Article Written by James Tyberonn


Petroglphs Star Nation  


Clifford Mahooty is a Zuni Tribal Elder and member of more than 12 'Secret Societies ' including the the Kachina Society. He is a man of extraordinary credentials and integrity. He is a degreed Civil & Structural Engineer, now retired after working as chief engineer for the USA Department of Interior. Clifford says that Native American elders have a lot of hidden  knowledge about "Star Beings" that they choose to keep to themselves. He feels that it is now time that the knowledge be shared with the public. Clifford has recently been featured on television  documentaries including the History channel's Ancient Aliens, the Travel Channel , Discovery Channel and National Geographic. He shares the stories of his great grandfather regarding the validity of  extra terrestrial interaction with the Zuni Tribe. He speaks in integrity and striking honesty regarding personal encounters with 'Space Brothers, Star Nation and Hollow Earth Beings. 


He is a man who walks in 'two worlds, as a highly educated engineer, graduated in engineering  from the University of New Mexico, and  Tribal Elder. We are honored to announce that this incredible wisdom carrier will speak on these experiences at the Earth-Keeper WESAK. 

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