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Biorelativity focuses on group thoughts working together telepathically to send healing energy to our planet. The practice is similar to the concept of group prayer in which people are sending positive thoughts to change the outcome of an event. In biorelativity exercises, groups of starseeds around the planet send healing thoughts to specific areas in the world. Storms, hurricanes, and even earthquakes can potentially be averted, deterred, or lessened in strength so that minimal damage is inflicted. The Arcturians point out that on higher planetary systems, groups continually interact telepathically with their planet to ensure maximum harmony between the inhabitants and the planetary forces.




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Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. We are focusing our efforts directly on developing and transmitting new spiritual technologies to help transform the Earth into a fifth- dimensional planet. Earth is on a path to becoming a fifth-dimensional planet just as you are on a path to become a fifth-dimensional being. The Earth has certain patterns, and there are certain technologies that mankind can use to accelerate the Earth’s transformation into a fifth- dimensional planet.

What would a fifth-dimensional Earth look like and what kind of interactions would the Earth have with humans or the Adam species? One of the most powerful traits of a fifth-dimensional planet is that the planet can interact telepathically with the inhabitants of the planet. This is a form of interaction that is based on the technology of biorelativity. Biorelativity is a process where the inhabitants of a planet use their telepathic powers to help create and to shape an environment on the planet that is in harmony with the needs and desires of the inhabitants.

One of the problems with the Earth at this time emerges when we look specifically at the needs of the inhabitants. When you have a planet in which well over half of the inhabitants and the landmasses are either directly or indirectly involved in conflict and war, then you have a situation that is difficult to accelerate fifth-dimensional energy. Because, you have to ask yourself, what are the needs of the beings that are involved in war and involved in conflict? They want more weapons. They want more of an ability to destroy their opponent. Ultimately those in conflict even have the desire to destroy the country or area in which their opponent lives. You have to think from a biorelativity standpoint that these inhabitants are sending negative telepathic thought waves to the planet.

Imagine that you are looking at a fifth-dimensional planet, and at the same time you are looking at fifth-dimensional-oriented inhabitants on a third-dimensional planet. You would readily agree that the fifth-dimensional-oriented inhabitants are much different from regular third-dimensional inhabitants. The fifth-dimensional-oriented inhabitant is more interested in unity and is more interested in harmony and is more interested in accelerating the transformation that is called the Ascension.

In biorelativity, when fifth-dimensional beings are working to transform a third-dimensional planet into a fifth-dimensional planet, then they can use their thought patterns with a certain technology or a certain technological way to accelerate and to rebalance the planet. That exactly is what now is the work of the starseeds on Earth. That is exactly what the work is of the Groups of Forty. That task is to work with those who desire to be fifth dimensional, to work with these groups to help to shape the planet Earth into fifth-dimensional energy.

I know many people are debating about the climate change and global warming. Yes, there is a definite correlation between the Gulf (of Mexico) oil spill and what is happening in the climate arena at this time, and the Gulf oil spill has affected the ocean currents and the storms. However, nobody seems to be talking about the fact that the conflict and the wars that are now occurring are also affecting the climate in a major way and are also affecting many global issues. You have to consider that those war-like telepathic energy thought patterns from those people who are engaged in these conflicts also is a major factor in the imbalance that you are seeing. Biorelativity is based on the needs of Man in relation to the planet. So why are we using the name “bio” and the word “relativity?” From a scientific standpoint, many people could argue that a new balance of the Earth is now coming into the forefront. You may even hear people use the argument that Earth changes are going on periodically. There have been ice ages before. There has been warming of the planet. Yes, this is all true. However, from the “relativity” standpoint, major Earth changes are not always in the best interest of Man. Biorelativity is stating that Man is trying to influence the Earth. From this perspective, the Earth will move to a balance that is agreeable to mankind and to the Earth together.

Man’s relative needs are balanced with the needs of the biosphere. That is what we are saying when we are using the word biorelativity – Man’s needs are also seen in relation to both the needs of the biosphere and all the inhabitants of the planet at that moment. It is not in the best or highest good of the inhabitants to experience another ice age. It is not in the highest need to experience another cyclone, for example. Relatively speaking, these drastic events can create chaos, rather than helping. Of course, Earth changes could be rebalancing the Earth in the long term. But you have to ask yourself: Is there a less complex and less destructive way to achieve the balance? There has to be a more harmonious way to rebalance the Earth. Look at all the energies that are on the Earth now that must be rebalanced. The rebalancing of the atmosphere due to pollution is one area. Another example needing to be addressed is the rebalancing of the oceans. Also, let us never forget the negative auric energy that is being created on the Earth from the wars and the conflicts.

In this lecture we want to focus specifically on the technologies of biorelativity. We want to explain some newer techniques and newer terms that will be useful in your biorelativity work. You are going to be called on many times in 2011 to perform biorelativity exercises. You are going to be needed and used by many different countries and many different areas to help alleviate the power of some of the Earth changes that are being activated and now are just below the threshold of manifestation.

The first technological term I want to introduce is the term ‘arcan.’ An arcan is a unit of measurement that we on Arcturus are using to describe the strength of a thought vibration. You may use in the Earth certain measurements for measuring the strength of electromagnetic rays or electromagnetic energy, and you may use terms like watts or volts or amperage to designate or describe the characteristics of electric energy or current. We know that the thought wave is an electromagnetic energy, but it is of such a faint nature that Man does not have the instruments to measure the strength. There is no reliable instrumentation on Earth now to measure the strength of a thought wave.

You might say, why would we want to measure a thought wave? The reason is because when you are using biorelativity, you want to increase the thought wave power. You want to accelerate the arcan energy to the highest level possible. The reason is because you are seeking to overcome so many other thoughts, so many other patterns that are being unknowingly downloaded into the Earth. To effect change, you need be able to produce a stronger thought wave. It is helpful in biorelativity work to have a measurement of the power of the thought wave.

You have some interesting demonstrations of thought strength on Earth. One that comes to mind is the psychic Uri Geller who would demonstrate how with his mind he would be able to bend spoons. There were some discussions about whether this was a hoax. We are not going to discuss the pros and cons of that issue. We will say that trying to bend a spoon with thought is an example of how one could measure the arcan output of a thought. A higher output or higher arcan thought would manifest change such as the bending of a spoon. We are interested in how we could increase the thought patterns that are being emitted from the starseeds to rebalance the Earth so that there would be less storm strength, fewer hurricanes and fewer earthquakes.

The second idea then is how do we amplify the arcan energy of thoughts. There are several different methods to amplify thought. The first method requires that you understand the direction of a thought. Many people would like to visualize thought energy flowing in a straight line. If you were going to visualize the electromagnetic wave, you would see or perhaps think that it is flowing in a straight line. In actuality, the most direct path is measured and seen more as an arc. That is why we use the term arcans as the measurement of the thought energy. When you are visualizing the transmission of a thought wave in biorelativity exercises, then we suggest that you visualize the thought traveling in an arc. It does not have to be in a huge arc. It just has to be visualized in a curve, or a slight arc. Because of the sensitivity of thought waves, how you visualize the thought directly correlates to how strong that thought wave is traveling through the ethers. The power of the thought is increased by visualizing the thought transferring or traveling as a slight arc.

We know of the value of the amplification of the thought waves. We have established our Arcturian temples as places to help amplify thought. In Arcturian temples we have many crystals around those who are meditating. We have selected special people to be full-time meditators so that they can continually send out the positive thought patterns to our planet. This enables us to maintain a beautiful planetary homeostasis. In our fifth-dimensional planet and other fifth-dimensional planets we have visited, there are no storms, no hurricanes, no volcanic eruptions. There are no surprise events that can be catastrophic. With the help of our meditators and our spiritual work, we have evolved the planet, so that a new feedback loop system and homeostasis has been achieved on Arcturus. This is how the fifth-dimensional Earth could look. The fifth-dimensional Earth would be in a higher state of harmony so that you would not see this level of volcanic eruptions or storms. You would see a balancing that some would refer to as a Garden of Eden, which would allow the development of beautiful Cities of Light. Balancing the planet is the goal of helping to transform the Earth into a fifth-dimensional planet. Fifth-dimensional planets achieve a harmony of spiritual vibrations which also allows them to interact with higher beings on other planets. The Earth is capable of achieving such fifth-dimensional harmony.

From our perspective, the Earth is still in a somewhat primitive and elementary level of development because there has not been an intense effort to use biorelativity to stabilize the environment. The beautiful advantage is that now there are starseeds on the Earth like yourselves who are ready to participate in the restabilization of the energy fields of this planet that will set the foundation for this planet to move into the fifth dimension.

Hold a beautiful vision of the fifth-dimensional Earth and how, in using biorelativity, the Earth will be in harmony with the fifth-dimensional starseeds working on the planet. In order for a planet to move into the fifth dimension, the planet must have fifth-dimensional starseeds to activate and to accelerate this transformation. Visualize and hold the image that fifth- dimensional transformations are going to occur on the Earth. It is occurring on the Earth now for there are many starseeds that are holding and working with these fifth-dimensional transformative images.

Obviously, we are focused on the intensity of the thought, and that is why we introduced the measuring device of the arcan. Let us say that you want to send your thought patterns of harmonization to a person as a healing. You would send directly in the first stage the healing thought energy to their Cosmic Egg field. You would send the healing as a vibrational thought that would perhaps be received by the person at the top of their Cosmic Egg. Some people would call that top area the Crown Chakra. So, then after being received, the thought vibration would disseminate or spread out through the whole vibrational field of that person including through the entire Cosmic Egg, or aura.

Let us use the same analogy with the Earth. If you are having a catastrophic event like the recent cyclone in Australia, then you first want to be sending the energy first to the whole Earth’s energy field and then secondly to the particular area. In the first level, sending it to the whole Earth, you would say, “How would I do that? Would I send it to the Inner Earth and to the whole Earth? What image should I use?” These answers also relate to different discussions about meridians and ley lines. We call the Earth the Blue Jewel. These beautiful images that were taken of the Earth from your satellites and spaceships have given you the perspective of the Earth’s energy field. The general healing that you would be doing would start with sending the energy to the Earth’s aura or energy field, which extends far above the entire Earth.

The first foundational biorelativity exercise would be to send the energy to the Earth. From that perspective, you would probably have a perspective image of the Earth that might be 50 or 60 miles above the Earth or even more. This perspective would be as if you were in a geocentric or geostationary orbit that could be anywhere from 18,000 miles above the Earth. You could visualize this point above the Earth to start the exercise.

We have placed a marker above the Earth for the purpose of identifying the geocentric or geostationary orbit, and we call that marker the Iskalia Mirror. We have aligned the Iskalia Mirror in a geocentric, geostationary orbit above the etheric energy field of the Earth. That point would be directly over the center of the North Pole, but it also can be moved. That would correspond to a person’s Crown Chakra and therefore, we are saying that the first level of biorelativity is to send that kind of energy of higher fifth-dimensional energy through the Iskalia Mirror, through the top, into the Earth. This allows that energy to be redistributed in a balancing way. Many people have asked, “How can we do preventative biorelativity work?” The answer is that you could do preventative biorelativity work by sending this type of light and healing energy to the top of the Iskalia Mirror and then distribute it to the whole Earth. We would say that this is a powerful thought healing exercise for the Earth.

Remember, I said that you would want to send the healing thought with the highest strength. How many arcans of thought or of light can you send? One person by himself can send perhaps 10 arcans of light that could be distributed to the highest point of the Earth. We have said that you need to amplify the thought patterns. The way to amplify the thought patterns is to use the etheric crystals. We know that in our Arcturian temple, our thought energy is being amplified by these special etheric crystals that are around our meditators. Using crystals the thought patterns and the energy can be increased 10 or 15 times in strength. This is a significant increase.

Many people have the belief that increased thought power is dependent upon having a certain number of people. It is true that the number of people do influence the arcan power of a thought. I want to point out though that one person, I will use the example of Jesus/Sananda, can have a powerful thought. One person or being can hold a powerful thought for humanity and can even overcome many other people’s thoughts and other people’s lower energies. Don’t think that it is always necessary to have thousands and thousands of people. It is preferable that you would have large groups. We have noticed and we have said that the key number of starseeds or lightworkers needed to have the highest arcan energy in thought patterns for biorelativity is 1600, or 40 groups of 40. We have also said that when you are doing the individual groups, 40 people in a group would also be a significant number. Also, when you are doing the biorelativity exercise for a specific event such as the cyclone, then it is also powerful and most effective if you can have 40 people working together in focusing their energy and their thoughts because then the arcan thought effectiveness and power greatly increases.

There is a second aspect of this exercise. Once you do the general biorelativity from the top of Earth as I have described, then you can directly go from the top to that point on Earth that specifically needs balancing. Then you can send rays of balancing light to that needed area. It is also important to work with the radar images on the Earth. We love the weather radar technology of your planet. When you are coordinating the biorelativity with the Iskalia Mirror during a large storm, then send the light from the mirror to the visualized weather radar and visualize that the storm patterns are diminishing. This is also effective.

The third aspect of this exercise is that your thought waves can be accelerated and the arcan healing energy from your thoughts can be amplified by using the etheric crystals. If on a particular day you are powerful enough to produce 10 arcans of thought energy, then you can take that 10 arcans and multiply it by 50 if you send your thought energy through the etheric crystals. If you sent a 5 arcan thought wave into the etheric crystal, then that etheric crystal is an amplifier and that amplification can be tenfold. You are sending healing thoughts to the etheric crystal, and then that etheric crystal is amplifying your thoughts tenfold. As an extra boost the healing thought can also go up to the Iskalia Mirror, and from the Iskalia Mirror it can come back down into the Earth more powerfully. Then you see you are sending 10 times 5, 50 arcans of thought patterns into the Earth. You can even use more than one crystal. If you use two crystals, then we are recommending at this point that you use the crystals in triangular formulations if possible. You might take any three crystals that you feel closest to and create a different triangle of energy, or a triangle of healing light. Then from that triangle of light, you can send almost 50 arcans of thought energy that can be sent up, using three crystals simultaneously.

The meridian ley line patterns are also an important aspect in downloading thought energies for biorelativity. We suggest that one of the Arcturian Group of Forty members gets a map or a globe for a visualization of the Earth and draw the ocean flows and the ocean currents on the globe. Then you can use that visual image for a biorelativity exercise to moderate the ocean flow. The ocean flow has a direct feedback loop into the core of the Earth to help create a homeostatic balance. Those ocean currents represent meridian lines. Other meridian lines that are helpful for the biorelativity exercises have to do with the Ring of Fire, for example. Other meridians have to do with the ley lines that are going across the Equator and the one that goes from the North to the South Pole. Also, surprisingly, the 24-hour time zone, international time measurement is also representative of a type of meridian. This meridian system has been superimposed on the planet; however it still has validity as a system.

Finally, in discussing the meridian lines, we have introduced and have been using the Ring of Ascension. This is representing an etheric ley line that is around the Cosmic Egg energy field of the Earth. Let us visualize again that we are above the Earth, and we see the Earth’s energy field as a Cosmic Egg shape. We are in a geocentric, geostationary orbit above the Earth above the North Pole, by the Iskalia Mirror. We are sitting in an etheric energy state around that mirror. We are multidimensional. We have our fifth-dimensional body there, and we have our third- dimensional body here on the Earth. Hold that image for a moment.

Use your Third Eye and connect your Third Eye with a thought and send that thought to the etheric crystal that you are closest to in your heart. It could be the Grose Valley crystal in Australia; it could be the Mt. Shasta crystal in Mt. Shasta, California; or it could be Montserrat, Spain. Send that thought of the healing and rebalancing of the Earth for greater harmony for Man. Send that thought to the crystal. From the crystal, that thought is amplified. Since you are in a higher state, you are sending that thought in at 5 arcans, and it will come out from the crystal at 50 arcans.

The thought is coming from your Third Eye to the crystal, and from the crystal it is going directly up to you above the Iskalia Mirror. Then that light and energy is going through the Iskalia Mirror. You are sitting above the Earth by the Iskalia Mirror. You are taking that energy from the etheric crystals and sending it through the Iskalia Mirror. It is being amplified again and is being downloaded directly into the energy field of the Earth. Hold that pattern now.

The energy is being downloaded into the Cosmic Egg of the Earth and being distributed to many different sources and many different places. This includes many different ocean currents and many different rifts in the aura of the Earth. As we are holding this energy, I want to point out some other factors for increasing the arcan power of the thoughts. Any time you are able to place an alignment in this type of biorelativity work, then you can also amplify the thought field energy. The thoughts are not restricted by space. You can also send or receive thought patterns from the Central Sun. Because you are connecting your thought with the Central Sun, then you are able to amplify your thoughts from that energy source as well. Many of you are able to work with the star Arcturus, especially when the star Arcturus is up at night in your location. Alignment with Arcturus is another powerful alignment that would be helpful for you. The alignments are not only in space but also in time. 11-11-11 is another powerful alignment. That time is an opportunity to increase the arcan power of your telepathic thought so that greater and more effective biorelativity exercises can be accomplished.

Of course, 12-12-12 and also the December 22nd, 2012 alignment are all periods that are powerful and have great potential for increased arcan thought energy. We are just about finished with this thought exercise, and I would like you to rematerialize yourself from the fifth- dimensional body above the Earth next to the Iskalia Mirror and come back down into the physical body. Know that this flow of energy and light will continue for at least the next two hours. You may visit the Iskalia Mirror anytime during the next two hours.

I would like Chief White Eagle to speak with you about other methods of increasing the telepathic powers for planetary healing, and how you can increase the arcan energy power of your thoughts. I am Juliano. Good day.

Hey ya ho ya hey! Hey ya ho ya hey! Hey ya hoooohhh. Greetings, I am the Chief White Eagle. All my words are sacred. I honor each of you because I know of your commitment to the planetary healing, and I know that many of you have come back into this incarnation now to experience yourself as a planetary healer and to contribute your skills and your heart energy to the transformation of the Earth.

Juliano has introduced an important and powerful idea. In order for the planet to transform into the fifth dimension, it must have the fifth-dimensional starseeds working on the planet. The planet cannot enter the fifth dimension without the work of the starseeds. That is why many of you are so committed that you want to stay on the Earth beyond the first ascension, or the first wave. You want to stay here until the Earth herself is ascended. I honor this commitment. I honor and understand your feelings. But also understand that your ascending contributes to the further development of the higher thought waves so that the Earth can ascend. It is a great advancement for the planet when people on the planet ascend. It is all recorded in the Earth’s energy field. It is all recorded in the Earth’s aura. Your work is not lost on the development of the transformation of the Earth when you ascend.

From the Native People’s perspective, we use the Medicine Wheel as our device to increase the arcan energy of our thoughts. We know that the Medicine Wheel has great power to accelerate thinking. It is difficult for me to formulate a quantitative measurement the way Juliano has done. I would have a hard time saying, go into the Medicine Wheel, and you will increase your power of your thoughts 10 times. We don’t think in scientific terms. We just know that the Medicine Wheel is a sacred tool that comes from higher galactic sources. When we meditate and when we speak to the Mother Earth in our Medicine Wheels, then our thought patterns and our thought energy are greatly accelerated and amplified. That is why we will use our Medicine Wheel in ceremonies, both for our personal and for the planetary healing. We will use the Medicine Wheel in many different ways for accelerating the power of our thoughts. We will use it at night for the full Moon. We will use it at dawn and in the evening time. We will use it when there are certain stars overhead.

Also we will use it in prayers and prayer circles. Think about this. The Medicine Wheel is built on the Earth, right on the Earth, my friends. We feel that having the Medicine Wheel on the Earth is helping us in our planetary healing to directly have access to the Earth’s feedback loop system.

We will spend great effort, great time, building the Medicine Wheel with the most beautiful stones and the most beautiful crystals we can find. All of the work that we commit is contributing to the power of that Medicine Wheel so that Medicine Wheel can amplify the thoughts to the greatest ability. Group of Forty starseeds, create 40 Medicine Wheels around the planet, and you will be able to amplify your thought powers for healing of the Earth. I know that you will respond. If I said, have everybody work in your Medicine Wheel at the same time and coordinate the times with all of the members around the world, then you would all be most impressed with the power of your planetary work.

People have said, “Chief White Eagle, what about your talking and praying as a form of biorelativity? Instead of visualizing, you also talk to the Earth.” We in some ways are like the ancient Kaballah masters in Jewish Mysticism. We believe in power speaking by using purity of the words. We know that the choosing of the words is just like the choosing of the right thoughts. When we are creating the powerful Medicine Wheel, then we know that each word that is spoken in that Medicine Wheel environment is sacred and can go right to the right place on the Earth to change and create a newer higher balance that can be helpful to mankind.

Mother Earth, we pray to you now in our etheric Medicine Wheel that the Earth can be rebalanced in a new feedback loop system energy process. We pray that this new process will descend upon the Earth, and that it will bring her into a higher alignment that will make all of the Earth transitions more harmonious. I, Chief White Eagle, call on the Medicine Wheel to align with the Central Sun.

We will use chanting. We will use dancing because we know also that when we get ourselves into a trance, we are transcending our normal level of consciousness, and we are entering a realm of really being able to increase the power of our thoughts, or to use the language of Juliano, the arcan energy of our thoughts. This approach to chanting is similar to what the Kaballists do when they are doing the prayers. They are seeking to increase the power of their thoughts. I am hoping that all of you will be working in your Medicine Wheels in the next days and weeks ahead. I will be with each of you when you enter your Medicine Wheel.

Now, a brief comment from Sananda. I am Chief White Eagle. Hoh!

Greetings, I am Sananda. I am so pleased and impressed with your work with the Ladder of Ascension over Jerusalem and over the Temple Mount. I open my heart to each of you who have done this powerful work, and I want to announce that the next Ladder of Ascension will be downloaded in Sedona, Arizona at the March time when you are gathered at a workshop. Know that this will be a special moment in the springtime, or the autumn (if you are in South America) wherever you are, at the equinox transition time. I will help; I will be there with you all to download the second Ladder of Ascension into Sedona, Arizona in the North American continent. This will be a special moment and a special time for all of you, for I know that each of you wants to contribute to the Ascension. Even if you do not ascend in the first wave, know that the work and the creation of these Ladders of Ascension are key to the downloading of fifth- dimensional light. A planet needs Ladders of Ascension to hold the light and to hold the connections to the fifth dimension.

The groundwork is being laid for the next Ladder of Ascension. These two Ladders of Ascension will be a great foundational energy to hold the fifth-dimensional light and to download the fifth-dimensional light. Remember, the Ladder of Jacob. The angels and other higher beings were going up and coming down. The Ladder also is a place where more fifth-dimensional energy can easily descend into the Earth.

We are talking about ascending and descending. Ascending is going up; descending is downloading, bringing the energy down into a particular place. Know also that there will be activations from Sedona to Lago Puelo and to other powerful Cities of Light. We will be working to make this a sacred, powerful and thoughtful energy. A new balance is coming to this Earth. You will be pleased at its power and its effectiveness. Let the Tree of Life also be known as the Tree of Light, for it is the goal of the Tree of Life to spread light throughout the planet and throughout this dimension. Eretz ha Aur, the Tree of Light. I am Sananda. Good day.

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Ah - I KNEW I had come across this recently :-)))

I found the article on dimensions by David K. Miller absolutely fantastic!!! And then I wanted to learn more yesterday and came across Biorelativity, too :-)))

I will add the article above and share, ok?


Sonja Myriel

Soooo much we can learn here!!! 

Thought energy moving in an arc is more powerful than if it were moving directly ... most interesting, isn't it?

One more thought - the groups of 4 - 4 for Gaia - which Suzane Lie is now organizing and of which I am part too ... this comes from the Arcturians also!!! More confirmation of how important this work is now! Should we start a group of fourty at lightgrid, Diana? Who is interested?

LOVE LIGHT BLESSINGS, my dear Arcturian siSTAR,

Sonja Myriel

Thank you xx

I AM READY to get started - who is going to join me?

Groups of 4 for a beginning - until we will have 10 groups of 4 to MERGE ...

So BE it - and so it IS,

Sonja Myriel

Sure Sonja, I am interested.

Love & Blessings, Steve



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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

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