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BEING HUMAN: A Beautiful Thing Is Imperfectly ~ ~  ~Perfect ~

“A beautiful thing is never perfect.” ~Proverb

I’d forgotten that my life is already beautiful and amazing as it is.

My desire for things that I thought would make me feel happier actually made me lose sight of the one thing that really would help me feel happy and fulfilled.

Okay, great—that’s what I really needed to hear today (right?). 

Wait a second: Take a look back at the proverb above and ponder it for a moment. “A beautiful thing is never perfect.” Isn’t that a freeing thought?

Beauty is not perfection; and a piece of writing can never be flawless.

What, then, are we reaching for? Is it the attainment of perfection, or rather the eradication of what we think is not perfect?

Our quest to eliminate the negatives only ends up destroying our well-being.

Think about it this way: Could you ever know what laughing was without ever crying? 

It’s impossible to have a positive without its negative, in a 3D world. We must know the negative to appreciate the positive in the first place.

 When we strive for excellence while acknowledging our humanity we are whole and contributing to the fabric of the universe, as Divinely inspired.

Don’t despair, though; this is not about how life is imperfect and filled with suffering. In fact, it’s quite the opposite, if you’ll bear through the first disheartening fact that nothing will ever be perfect.

The truth is that life can never be what you imagine is “perfect” simply because “perfection” is a concept, not a reality.

“Perfection” does not exist—we made it up. “Perfection” does not naturally occur in reality because we define it as infinitely better than all else. The reality is that nothing is able to attain “perfection,” but everything can be utterly amazing, beautiful, and awesome.

You are beautiful because you are alive, thinking, and smiling (or perhaps frowning)—you are amazing simply because you exist. You are worthy of living lovingly, simply because you exist.

Does this mean that we should not strive to help others, or continue to make progress?

Not at all, for when you truly see the imperfection of reality and realize how incredibly beautiful it is, your love for the universe and everything in it will energize an innate compassion from deep within.

Unconditional love and happiness will blossom without you even trying to water its flower.

If we all realized that we don’t need to push ourselves for perfection, would there be guilt, war, greed, or jealousy, as we know them today?

If this isn’t enough to help you avoid an existential meltdown, take a look at something as simple as your own hand. See the curves, lines, and colors? They’re beautiful, the organic structures of life, aren’t they?

Is any curve, line, or color “perfect”? No, because they are all perfectly imperfect, and that’s what makes it so profoundly beautiful.


Sometimes when we search for perfection we end up realizing the opposite is true: That there is no perfection to be found or attained.

The goal, then, isn’t to eradicate what isn’t beautiful or pleasurable, or what we see as flawed, but rather to embrace life in all its aspects—both positive and negative—in the understanding that life is neither black nor white, good nor bad, and so on.

Life is beautiful because it is a controlled yet chaotic dance of ups and downs where we are blessed with the ability to sense those pains and pleasures equally.

And that is why we hear phrases like, “It’s all about perception,” or, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

Unconditional happiness, compassion, and love are found within this simple truth that a beautiful thing never was, and never will be perfect.

The light itself will guide you.

Don’t be disappointed with failures. When you start to make sincere efforts and start to practice, you will find light on the path.

The light itself will guide you.

The light of consciousness is within you.

Finding the beauty in not being perfect, or in imperfection, means we are taking an active role in changing the polarizing. We dare to step into our own humanity and experiment with what it feels like to walk away from self-doubt and loathing. Striving toward understanding who we are and why we are who we are might reveal pockets of enlivening imperfection-- a textured humanness that is refreshingly real and surprisingly interesting. It is a revolutionary act to embrace who we are, just as we are."

As we embrace who we are now, having learned to love life, we will open a wider gateway towards evolution and ascension. Be nurturing and kind to yourselves. The energetic imprint of your lives (all of it) is an integral part of the immense symphony, we call humanity.

Be kind to your self, along this journey. Our perfect human imperfection is honored and held in high esteem, throughout the universe. Simply be the best you, allowing every challenge to deepen the connection to you and the Source of all that is. 

Many Blessings ~,

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Dear Ayanna,

You will put a black dot when some beautiful comes in front of you!

We want to save from bad sight....and saved....with the negative a small dot that one can not see it....may be behind the ear or so...Why we are spoiling  ?No we are protecting...!!!

And we have a habit to put a black dot on the scalp of a small baby also....just to save and give protection from evil...


Thank you ~

That's very interesting. For the beautiful, is this like the the same dot worn before marriage or may be worn at any time?  What would you use to make the dot?

Many, many blessings AmmA SohiniBen  

So happy that your health is now well   :-)

ayanna k

Dear Ayanna,


We use Mascara...what we are using for making the Eyes dark...7 Beautiful...

Black dot is we use for small infants to save them from evil sight...




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