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Archangel Michael: Preparing for the Future: Dealing with Fear
(Your Own and Others) and Bringing Discernment
 through Mercedes Kirkel Received on August 17, 2011

Greetings Dear Ones,

This is Archangel Michael. It has been a while since I have been with you, but my Presence is always here with you—always available to you, always loving you, always watching you and overlighting you, always protecting you.
I am so pleased with all of you. Your intentions to grow are so strong, and are fruitful. You are changing, oftentimes more than you realize. It is not always easy to see your own change. But I tell you, I am greatly pleased with all that you are doing – with your seriousness, your intention, your fervent desire to grow and ascend. It is absolutely making a difference. And it is making a difference on such a large scale. It is changing your world, and it is changing beyond your world. It is changing your solar system, your galaxy, your universe. This is a time of huge proportion, so much more than it is easy to understand.
Often you do not see the results of the work you do immediately, because it may be manifesting in a much greater way or a far-reaching way than you see in your own personal life. The more of you that do this, the more of you that hold this intention and that follow this through with your actions and your choices in life, the greater the field you create that is changing what is manifesting. And so this is an amazing time. It is a time that we are in awe of.
And yes, many of you are having a difficult time in various ways. We have so much love and compassion for you in your difficulties. This realm that you are in, the third dimensional earth realm, is a realm that is more difficult than many, many others. It is not an easy place to manifest, and we have tremendous compassion for you, tremendous desire to support you, to make your process, your journey as easeful as it can be.
Yet, at the same time, there are reasons—personal reasons and reasons beyond the personal—why each of you are having the experiences you are having. They are valuable, they are supporting you, they are purposeful. But it is not always easy to understand, within the context of the third dimension, why this is so.
The message that I so much want to affirm—and I am not alone in this; many, many are saying this, are telling you this, and it is true—that your world is changing at a tremendous pace, at a speed that, again,  I don’t know how I can communicate to you how immense this change is and how quickly it is happening. But your work is such a valuable part of that, for yourself and for the change. And this change is for so many. So I thank you for all that you are doing, for every way that you show up, for all the ways that you practice, for all the different circumstances in which you turn to the Light, turn to the Love, in which you make the intention to turn to the Light, turn to the Love, in whatever fashion it is, in whatever circumstance you are dealing with—I thank you for all of that.
Beyond that, I wish to tell you that there are things you can do that can support yourself. We have talked about this in the past, as have so many teachers. But it is valuable to hear the reminder. It is valuable support. While some of you may have already mastered certain areas, there may be other areas that you are still working on, and it is different for each person. So it is valuable to have a reminder of this, that there are things you can do to support yourself.
You have these four bodies—the physical body, the emotional body, the mental body, and the fourth body, which some refer to as your etheric body, your energy body, or your spiritual body. The names are not significant, but these are the four bodies that you are all dealing with in various forms. It is good to be aware, as individuals, where you are at in your mastery of these four bodies. It is not required that you be perfect. But there is a threshold level of strength that will allow you to grow, that will allow you to move beyond the third dimension ultimately. And that is what happens. As you gain more and more mastery in these areas, more and more they no longer hold you to this dimension, and you become more and more free of them.
This is true relative to anything. You can look at the area of diet. As you become more and more attuned to what your body needs, what is supporting you, and more and more letting go of the things that are not supporting you, diet becomes easier. It isn’t such a problem, it doesn’t draw your attention, it doesn’t seem to run you and control you. It becomes just a natural, easeful function. What generally happens is that over time, you will find yourself less involved with that arena. You will find yourself wanting less food, eating lighter food, eating less frequently, being less involved in the whole dimension of food taking. That is a natural process. It is not that you should try to speed it up. It is not that you should try to go faster than what is right for you in this moment. That is for each person to find. If you become in tune with your body, your body tells you. Your body communicates what is right for you.
So it is true with every aspect of these different bodies that you are working with, whether it is your emotional body, or whether you’re working with your mind and what needs to be purified in your mind, your belief systems, your energy structures, all of those things. It is valuable to become very connected, tuned in to where you are at in this process and aware of what your next steps are. One thing that can be most helpful is to ask your Higher Self: What is most important for me to be working on? What is the area that I should be working on? What are the next steps for me in my growth in this area? As you do this, and as you open more and more to your Higher Self, your Higher Self will more and more give you the wisdom that you need. It will guide you.
For most of you, it is a process of making that connection with your Higher Self, understanding how to communicate with your Higher Self, how to listen to your Higher Self, how to know your Higher Self, how to make space for that. There are certain techniques that can be learned that are helpful, but it is also something that happens through intention, through prayer—which is asking, and through receptivity and openness, where that is what you are longing for, what you are wanting, and what you are open to connecting with.
This is one of the reasons that meditation can be valuable. In the meditation state you are most receptive. You have set aside your thinking mind, your rational mind that occupies much of your consciousness much of the time. When you meditate you set that aside, learn to quiet it, learn to allow it to relax and become open. This is a very valuable time to ask, to intend that you would like to connect with your Higher Self, to ask your Higher Self to show itself to you, and to receive guidance from your Higher Self.
The two most common forms that your Higher Self may appear in, if you are a visual person, is as a sphere of light or as an angel. But it need not always be in these forms. There are other forms. If you are not sure, ask, “Are you my Higher Self?”, and find out the answer. See if your heart resonates. And you will come to know your Higher Self.
At that point your Higher Self will more and more be helping you to know your own process. Each person’s process is unique and individual. Your process is not the same as anyone else’s. There may be similarities, there may be overlap, but everyone’s process is their own. Being able to connect with your Higher Self is one of the most valuable things that can support you in your spiritual process, in your spiritual journey.
There can be others who help you, there can be other guides who are supportive as well, other teachers that you find that may help you, even other friends who are on the path may be supportive and may help you. But the most important guide for each person is your connection with your Higher Self. That is most valuable to establish that. Everyone has their Higher Self. No one is barred from that. Your Higher Self has the wisdom that you are needing and that you can call upon.
If you do have guides who you become connected to—and you can always invoke that your guides be only for your highest good, only for the highest good and the highest wisdom, the highest Light and Love, and that you are protected from all else—then these, too, may be very valuable and may be something that you develop a relationship with that help you over time.
There are changes ahead that are coming. It is easy to fall into fear when things seem to be changing so quickly or at a large scale. This is the biggest challenge that you will have, to stay in the highest vibration that you are able to. This does not mean that fear is bad or wrong. It does not mean that you have failed if you experience fear. It does not mean you’re lower or less-than if fear arises for you. But it is important to have a practice relative to fear, to know how to respond when fear arises. There are many people who are skilled and who can help you if you do not have a practice relative to fear.
It is definitely not recommended to suppress your fear, because then it simply goes into the subconscious and is even more controlling of you. So suppression is not helpful, it is counter productive. Oftentimes this can take the form of telling yourself, trying to convince yourself that you are not afraid, which is generally a form of suppression. It’s actually a fear of being afraid. (laughter) Then you have two layers of fear going on.
So it is not to suppress it, is not to fight fear. It is first of all to open to it, to allow it. You may get to know it. You may ask yourself, “What is it that I am afraid of?” And then bring love to the fear, and ask the fear, “What is it that you need? What is it that you’re calling me to? Is it some way that you’re trying to help me? Is there a lesson that I need? Is there some form of support that I need?” There may be some very valuable message for you in the fear, and you can embrace the fear in that way, not as your enemy, not as your opponent, but as something arising to help you in some way, to be in relationship with, and for you to likewise be in relationship with the fear.
You could look at fear as simply a shadow, the absence of light. When you bring your embrace, when you bring your heart, your love, the light of your mind, you are bringing the light to this shadow. And so it is no longer fear. It becomes Light. It becomes Love. This is the most basic form of responding to fear. It is to acknowledge it, to own it, not to demonize it, not to run away from it, not to make it bad or wrong. Know how to draw it and yourself into the Light, though love, through merging.
This is not just for yourself. There will be many who are afraid and who do not have the strength of practice that you have. Your staying in Light and Love is the greatest help that you can bring to those who are in fear. You may be able to gently support them. But that is not fundamentally what is most helpful. What is most helpful is that you are radiating the field of Light. Let the Light help them. It is not your job to try to teach someone, save someone, change someone. Just be yourself and let your Light shine. If you are guided to do something and it feels like it is for the highest good, you can follow that. But mostly it is through your own work with fear and your own being a beam of Light and Love that will help other people the most. This is most important to know.
Use your discernment. Even now there are all different stories about this happening, that happening, is this going to happen, does this mean this, is this because of this group, whatever… Use your discernment. Your discernment does not only come from your mind. It comes from your heart. Most fundamentally it comes from your heart. Ask yourself, “Is this supporting joy? Does this feel loving? Does this feel free? How does this feel in my heart?” Let that be your first form of discernment. If it does not, change your awareness. Change to something that is resonating at the frequency you want to be resonating at.
Again, you do not need to change the old thing. That is one of the traps that often draws you into that lower frequency—thinking you have to change it. You do not have to change it. All you do is shift your consciousness into the frequency that you want to be in. Hold that frequency. Be with that. And then be guided—what is it that you need to do? But be guided once you are in the frequency that is the highest Light and Love for you.
So bring your discernment. This is going to increase in the future, too. The amount of stories, the amount of people saying this, doing this, things seeming to be contradictory, not being clear who you can trust … This will take discernment. And be sure it is the discernment, first and foremost, of your heart, backed up by your mind and your conscious awareness. These will be your most valuable tools. Beyond that, your personal practice, to the degree you can, is most valuable. It makes a difference for you and makes a difference for all. That is a way that you support yourself and you can contribute to others most directly. You contribute to creating the future that is for the highest through your personal practice.
And now I close. I send you my sword of protection, my sword that cuts through illusion, my sword that opens you to God’s Light and God’s Love. I love you. God loves you. And you are always in God.
So it is, and so I AM Archangel Michael, and I give you my blessings.
Copyright 2011 Mercedes Kirkel,, All Rights Reserved. Please copy and share this article as long as it is shared in its entirety and the information is not altered, excerpted, or added to; credit of authorship and my e-mail ( and website address ( is included; and no money is exchanged. For any other uses, please contact Mercedes Kirkel to obtain permission. E-mail: Thank you.

Mercedes Kirkel is a channel and spiritual guide, bringing forth messages and instruction from Mary Magdalene and other Beings of Light, as well as Akashic Record Readings. Her new book, Mary Magdalene Beckons: Join the River of Love will be available in November through her website. All messages and practices are universal and are not affiliated with any religion.

Mercedes offers workshops and private sessions in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She is available in-person or long distance (by phone and skype), or to travel to your location. For more information, go to or contact her at *
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Thank You BeLoved Sonja!  These posts today ALL have such Resonance and support for Us ALL!  Letting go of Fear, Living the Love We Are, Being the Power of True Love through all of Our vehicles, Rooting the Love, Being the Heart Here and Now ~~~  Thank You so much ~ I shall be returning to read them all again!  ~ In All Love We Are ~   Param Gian Kaur ~ Kathryn

What joy you bring to me with your words and comments! Thank you, dearest sister, your resonance means that you have found a way today to deal with the shifts of the recent past - GREAT :-)


Love and LIGHT in complete UNITY :-)


Sonja Myriel



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