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Ireland Map of Sacred Sites 


Mystical Ireland


 For anybody who has explored this mystical Isle, for centuries called the "Emerald Isle of Europe", Ireland can be seen as the mysterious enchanted land where leprechauns & Fairies cross the roads and where Celtic music is played to the tunes of ancient communities. The land is decorated all over with Celtic crosses and amazing stone circles of energy, amidst lush rolling green hills. All these symbols of devotion to the land, its energy and its people - someone must have left them there...


What is often subtle , is the deep impression of the sacred depth of energies in Ireland.

Mystical Symbols & Society

   Life had not relatively changed since the 5th Century, when St. Patrick came from Scotland and imparted the Christian religion across the Isle. Although its well-known violence from time to time, Ireland had these stunning stone circles that could have been used for peace and worship. And just like that, life in the Emerald country continued being the same, with its mostly matriarchal society...the Land of the Goddess still is exuded.


Ireland was where the Druids priestesses practiced their exaltations to nature, life and family and built 15 stone ceremonial grounds to represent the beauty of their beliefs. Women had the most important roles in society until the English came, the middle Ages began, and everything started to change.


  The female roles began to be displaced and males started to dominate the society. Successively, in the following centuries the Irish society changed and the Druids totally disappeared. Today they are represented by witches that practice their religion within their communities, out in the middle of the nature.

Mystical Symbols & Memorials

  By cruising through Ireland, what is left behind is mystical and profound.  From Northern Ireland in County Atrim down to Newgrange, where Celtic Kings and Queens ruled and had their burial sites places, there is an impressive array of ancient emplacements and constructions. The sun dials shine were their guides in ancient times. From these experiences, folk tales were passed on from Druid to Druid and from generation to generation. It is interesting to note the Druids spiral patterns carved into the rocks at these vortexial sites. Newgrange is a must for the mystic!


  One of the legendary and impressive constructions is the 'Giant's Causeway'. As the legend says, it was the work of the giant Finn McCool, the Ulster warrior and commander of the king of Ireland's armies. In reality, these almost perfectly formed steps were made by lava eruptions about 60 millions years ago.

The Newgrange, another remarkable creation situated on the east coast, is currently a burial ground fit for a King and Queen. It is a 55 foot underground tunnel that connects into a burial chamber with the form of a round mound, beautifully capped in green grass that shines from a distance in the sun. Some say it is a meditation site and portal.  


  There is more, of course,much more. And indeed  one of the places to visit from ancient Ireland is the Burren on the South Western coast. The fields of lavender that shine with bright orange light give an additional feel of mysticism. In addition to the burial ground that can date back some 5,000 years of nobility and rulers of this place, there are some stories that have been told about how they lived, how they died and how the stones were erected in their honor. It's a place of mystery. Stones weighting several tones have been placed in these particular forms and styles and professional Archeologists are still trying to discover the unidentified.

Mystical Symbols and 'Circles of Life'

  Stone Circles exist all over Ireland. Many are unaware of that fact. The circles represent life, community, spiritual adoration and even the transition into other realms. Flowing in an ancient manner through the land, most are thought to be  erected around the 2nd Century BCE and some 150 years before the Common Era. But there are also megalithic sites in Ireland known to pre date the Pyramids, over 5000 BCE. The examples found in Drombeg (County Cork) show what Ireland was all about: love, community, self and spirituality.


  Sundials are like a memorial through this country. They were the principal time-telling devices before mechanical clocks became ordinary. They are monuments within the Dingle Bay Peninsula and representations of writings within ancient stone that goes back over 900 years. Once the legacy of spirituality was established, ornaments and decorations spread all over the green hills and stones that have made this land an enchantment. Was it the original Garden of Eden?


  Before the 11th Century, the Hill of Tara in County Meath represents what a land of Kings and Queens was. Furthermore, there were Circles built during the Iron Age that have represented the connection between the land and the sky. Mother-nature is all around, and the energy can be felt!



All of the Circles are impressive. Even the ones less intact exude an 'other world' aspect. Modern mystics gravitate to them. Especially the ones in Kerry and Cork. And this writer will say that  to be in the center is quite impressive and very sublime , deeply  impacting a spiritual energy that opens one to contemplation at the same time. This is the area with most of the major circles, eight in total. The timeline built was between some 3000 to 1200 BCE. Others say even older.


Skellig Michael, is another 'kettle of fish' entirely. It is an ancient site, some believe even pre Druid. It became an important Christian Monastic site post Druid. There is an undeniable spiritual energy on the Pyramidal granite Skellig. It was dedicated to Archangel Michael, because the early Priests and Monks had visions of Archangel Michael appearing there. It is perhaps the the most spiritual energy this writer has ever experienced. Something magical is there, no doubt.


To visit Mystical Ireland holds something hypnotic and it captures the senses. That is why, when traveling, the fun and enjoyment is to feel the connection between its people and their past. That's Ireland, one and all. Finding the past in its towns, hoping to see a Druid praying at a mystical "Circle of Life", slowing down the car in a crossing to let a Leprechaun pass by and wanting to make all the stories of Finn McCool come true! Then, truly, Ireland is for you. Its magic and unforgettable.

Ireland - The Mystic  Land of Druids


A mystical country religiously ruled by women before the 12th Century, with impressive emplacements and constructions and a shining light that makes it even more mysterious and spiritual.

Sacred Ireland


I first visited Ireland a decade ago, making a pilgrimage to Counbty Calire, the Burrens, Ring of Kerry and Skellig Maichael. 


I was mesmerized .


Articles and a channels of my Irish journey  with personal accounts of my experiences there were included in my first book, "The Energy and Geometry of Sacred Sites".

Ire Newgrange 

Above Foto- Bru' Na Boi'nee  (Newgrange) - Holy Site of the Druids. The massive site predates the Egyptian Pyramids and was built with sophistication and a knowledge of science and astronomy.


Below Foto - Tara & the Stone of Destiny. Home of the Druid Kings & Queens.Goddess Ceremonial  Centre.   



Poulnabrone Dolmen - , Clare 

The sense of the Faerie, the Devic and the Sacred Goddess is perhaps greater in Ireland than any other place I have every visited. Ireland is a land of beauty, balance  and profound  mystery. The Sacred abides in every part of the Emerald Isle. It feels like 'home', its nurtures and balances all who visit.



The Poulnabrone Dolmen

Today the Burren in the west of Ireland stands grey and empty, swept by the wild winds and rain from the Atlantic Ocean. The power of the Poulnabrone far exceeds its actual size, its not that big but the mysterious and haunting atmosphere of The Burren adds to the sense of the dolmen being an entrance to another world and another time.

Here, five thousand years ago the Tuatha de Danaan, the Shining Ones or Fairy Folk of Irish legend, performed their magic.

Here, the people of the Neolithic era placed the remains of their ancestors, visiting the shrine to perform their rituals and ceremonies.

Here they made contact with the spirit world, perhaps placating the gods with sacrifice to ensure the fertility of their crops, their livestock and their clan.

The figures and voices of the past have long faded leaving us to speculate on the lives of our ancestors of five thousand years ago, their world outlook, and their spiritual beliefs. Here at Poulnabrone we are haunted by the closeness of their presence, yet frustrated by the abyss of time and silence that stands between us.





Beaghmore Stone Circle - Ireland 

 Ireamd - Beaghmore Circle



  We are very pleased to announce the Earth-Keeper journey to Mystical ireland  with firm plans to visit The Cliffs of Moher, The Burrens, The gateway Druidic Dolmen, Godess Stone Circles, the Ring of Kerry, the incredible Newgrange, Tara and the awesome crown of Skellig Sainte Michael. 


Timing is late August 2012 and early September of 2012.  This timing avoids the massive crowds  of the peak tourist seasons of June , July and early August, yet is within the summer weather.. It is the perfect timing.


We will visit the incredible and magical Poulnabrone Dolmen (entry to the Underword)  and select  Druid Stone Circles  Circles of the Fae & Goddess  as well as the natural wonders and cathedrals of this beauriful and incredible land.  


The additional intent & purpose is to align to these energies prior to the12-12-12  in which the final  recoding of the Crysto-Sun Disc in Arkansas ( Mount Pinnacle) will occur. If you wish to receive and carry these codes, this may be the perfect journey for you.


Ire Skellig Halo 

Skellig Michael



 Ireland's Ring of Kerry is beyond magical. Its verdant, rugged beauty is dotted with amazing landscapes, stone circles and myriad potent Neolithic sites. But Skellig Michael, the mystical, monastic island named after Archangel Michael, is undeniably 'Lord of the Ring.'

Holy of Holies

The small jagged island of Skellig Michael is the point on the earth plane in which many purport the renowned Michael ley line enters Gaia. On this pyramidal island, the Michael ley line begins its sacred trek across Britain and Europe, ending at Mount Carmel in the Holy Land of Israel. How interesting that it begins on this otherworldly little island off the Ring of Kerry. How interesting, indeed.

It was, in fact, through researching the Michael ley line that I first learned of Skellig Michael. The very concept of this ancient monastery crowning this isolated rock, 13 kilometers off Ireland's shore, is a stunning enigma. The actual genesis is biblical in proportion. Inspired monks receiving and obeying a divine decree from an archangel to sail out and build a monastery on bare rock carries shades of the exodus of Moses.

This location equals, perhaps even  surpasses the sites of the other two great monastic centers in Western Europe that were also built per Archangel Michael's inspiration - Mont St. Michel in Normandy and St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall, which are triangulated with Skellig.

It is interesting and fitting that historians and pilgrims alike are interested in the three 'Michael' islands for connected yet succinctly differing reasons. All three are islands of archeological interest for the academic. And metaphysically, all three islands anchor the Michael portal of the Michael ley line, and connect to its amazing telluric thread as it weaves its divine tapestry onto the Earth.

Islands on which manifestations of Archangel Michael appeared and inspired holy men to come and live on bare rock for over 1,500 years led me to suspect Skellig to be one of those rarified grid-points that coexist in multiple dimensions. So I was compelled to investigate and experience this for myself.

 Tyb's Journal: Arrival in Ireland

When I landed at Ireland's Shannon Airport, Irish skies were smiling! It had rained all the week prior to my arrival, but the skies were clearing and the sun was beaming through mist on my disembarkation. The weather would remain brilliant for my entire four-day trip. Luck of the Irish indeed!

While beautiful sunny days are something of a rare commodity on the West Coast of Ireland, beautiful countryside is not. The glowing green of the soft, velvety landscape had quite an allure. The solid week of rain had polished the grounds and trees almost as if to display Ireland in watercolor, a living Monet. The hills radiated brightness, and they seemed to shine with every shade of green in the painted landscape.

Getting out of the airport into the lush countryside was easy, a simple matter of minutes, even with driving on the left. I headed north for the Cliffs of Moher and then on to the Burrens of County Clare. Both destinations were tidily packed into a seven-hour slot, in a looping drive through magnificent country with ample time for stops. Evening would see me heading south to the Ring of Kerry and Skellig Michael, entry portal of the Michael ley line.

The Cliffs of Moher


I arrived at the Cliffs of Moher within the hour. What an incredible place! The cliffs are magnificent black slate fortresses deflecting the fifty-foot crashing waves of the North Atlantic. The sheer walls drop 650 feet straight onto a crag of jagged ramparts, dotted white with barnacles and seabird guano. The color contrast is awesome. Bright green fields cap the walls like a shaggy mop wig, right to the very edge. The sheer drop is frightening to anyone with vertigo or children. Despite guardrails and stonewalls that keep the visitor a safe distance from the edge, there are stunning views allowing the viewer to get showered by invigorating salty sea spray! Constant wind off the ocean slams against the sheer cliffs in fog-white swirling eddies, scampering upward, like the spirits of long past Vikings scaling castle walls. The icy winds over the grassy edge carry smoky water plumes, making a waterproof jacket highly recommended.

I found the energy here really charged, very amplified and invigorating. The combination of green fields, sea air and the mesmerizing cliffs provided a resonance of balance and well-being. The ionic release from the pounding waves created an immense plasmic field that was immediately refreshing.

The spiritual traveler and tourist alike can find endless reasons to spend an afternoon here. Vast energy pockets were ample for meditation, contemplation or just being in the moment. The sea breeze energy is so awesome, I could have enjoyed a few days in a seaside B & B, just losing myself in the green rolling fields alongside the cliffs. However, I had to settle for a two-hour taste, then onward to the Burrens!

The Burrens

The Burrens is a geological phenomenon in County Clare, just a brief 30-minute drive from the Cliffs of Moher. The word 'burren' is derived from the Irish-Gaelic word bhoireann, meaning 'place of stones,' and the stones of the Burren are quite something to see. The entire area looks like a massive gray rock floor, which is exactly what it is - a glacier-cut hearth of tabled limestone covering some 300 square kilometers. The limestone surface can vary from smooth plates to undulating five-foot waves. The rocky wave pattern is amazing, looking oddly like a gray, solidified ocean! Veins of snow quartz zigzag through the area, often several meters wide, in an arraying pattern of swirls. Some very unusual plant life also adds to the otherworldly appeal of the Burren, a moonscape teeming with telluric energy that virtually buzzed.
Not surprisingly, it is also home to some fine Neolithic sites, the most famous of which was my next destination - the Dolman at Poulnabrone.

The Dolmen at Poulnabrone (aka Druids' Altar)

The word 'dolmen' comes from two Breton words meaning 'stone table,' and has traditionally been referred to in Gaelic as the Druids' Altar. It is a 5,000-year-old Neolithic monument, (dating to 3,200 BC) and believed by some to have been set in place to mark a very powerful vortex of crossing ley lines by Druid Priests & Priestesses.  Academics claim it to be a place of ritual and wedding ceremonies, fertility rites and wakes. Irtish legends & lore  claim it to be the dimensional entry to the Inner Earth , and home of the Faerie Queen and  Goddess.  It looks like a massive table held in place by huge limestone sheet rocks.

Upon my arrival, I was delighted to find a pair of German visitors measuring the energy with dowsing rods. After watching them for a few moments, I struck up a conversation and learned about other sites in the area. I brought out my copper dowsing L-rods to help map the energy lines, and we did, indeed, find the rods swirled and aligned with two leys intersecting at the Dolman, with a swirling energy in its center. Both entered exactly on line with monoliths wedged in place in three points along the outer perimeter. The monoliths were relatively small but had been carefully chiseled with circular holes to create energetic portals for the ley. It was an astonishing discovery.

   I found the energy to be absolutely electrical. After the dowsers left, I found myself alone at this stunning site, and I sat directly in the vortex. I began to meditate. I drifted easily into a theta state, and after 20 minutes, I was jolted by what felt like electricity bolting up my spine. I was completely taken aback, having never quite experienced this manner of current. I became very aware of energy waves emanating all around me, and a sense of benevolent Devic presence. Everything around me seemed alive, animate, conscious. I felt quite happy and giggly, as if Faeries and Elves were tickling me.... or was a leprechaun?

After a couple of hours at the Dolmen, I reluctantly had to leave. I wanted more time there, and I promised myself one day to return. Although it was almost 6 p.m., and sunset wasn't until 10 p.m., I had to conserve light so as not to miss the visual portion of the spectacular Irish countryside as I headed south.

To the Ring of Kerry

As I scanned the rolling ocean from my room's bay window, I caught a fleeting glimpse of two pyramidal shapes far in the distance. There are actually two Skellig Islands: Skellig Michael and the smaller Skellig Minor. From any angle or vantage point on the Ring of Kerry, they are spectacular pinnacles. From my bedroom, they were the last sights I saw before retiring. As I fell asleep, my final thoughts were, how on earth did the monks get here, and why make a life atop the bare rocky pinnacle?

I squeezed my large frame into the small rental car and pulled onto the serpentine two-lane country road. I let the picturesque winding road just slide by as I drove southward, in total contentment, to the Ring of Kerry and Skellig Michael itself. I drove in one of those lucid, waking dreams. The leisurely drive to Kerry was about three hours in linear time, but I seemed to arrive with no awareness of its passing. The soft green Irish countryside really has an amazing charm, and I merged into every landscape during the drive.
It was not quite dark when I arrived at the Skellig Peninsula. A quaint fishing village right out of the 18th century delighted my eyes. A faint chorus of cawing gulls gnawed at my perception of space and time, as centuries seemed to roll back in perfect rhythm with the gently bobbing boats anchored in the harbor. Everything was perfect and tugged so at my heartstrings. The pungent smell of drying fishnets was so familiar that I felt a pang of sweet sadness. Déjà vu all over again! Ah, but the rugged Irish coastline has a captivating allure.
The salt-air breeze of the North Atlantic was cold enough to sharpen my senses and snap me out of the time warp I was in, to see the brightly painted boats and quaint stone village. The peninsula became quickly cloaked in a thick evening fog, so I checked into my B & B, then reserved my boat trip to Skellig for 10 o'clock the next morning. If the village had this hypnotic effect, I wondered what lay in wait on Skellig Michael? I would soon find out.

 The Amazing Skellig Michael

"An incredible, impossible, mad place. I tell you the thing does not belong to any world that you and I have lived and worked in; it is part of our dream world."

When George Bernard Shaw wrote those words back in 1910, he had just returned from a jarring visit to Skellig Michael:

"Even the gnarled stones seemed alive on that mystical island. Skellig's monks must have communed with angels for their daily sustenance on such bare rock."

Indeed they did, Mr. Shaw. Indeed they did.

 My boat trip out was quite a roller coaster ride. The 30-foot passenger skiff was diesel powered and heartily handled the waves, not so with most of the passengers, however. On the tip of a passerby and an intuitive tug, I took two anti-seasickness pills an hour before departure. I normally don't take such precaution, but in this case I was glad I did. Several  of my touring shipmates lost their breakfast on the roll of 8-foot swells during the 45 minute ride. That technicolor unpleasantry aside, the boat trip was exciting, to say the least.

As we neared Skellig Michael, the views opened, and I became enraptured at the sheer pyramidal symmetry and surprising richness of color. In the sunshine, the black silhouettes transformed to iridescent purples, coppers and greens - absolutely stunning colors.

Interestingly, but not surprising, a lenticular cloud sat over the peak of Skellig Michael - a telltale sign of an inward pull, or magnetic vortex, and certainly in keeping with the anchoring of a portal. I have seen the phenomena of lenticulars over volcanoes in many power nodes, including Shasta, Denali, Kenai and Chili's potent Vulcan Osorno.

 The Amethyst Pyramid

Skellig is undoubtedly among the planets most unique and amazing of portal complexes, indeed it is the portal said to infuse the Michael Ley energy into the violet hued quartz pinnacle. Skellig Michael is an anticline uplift, a mountain of pure quartz, purple quartz. A jagged mountain top island of pyramidal shaped amethyst. Amazing to see, and even more amazing to feel!

Geologically, Skellig Michael is Devonian sandstone, a 350 million-year-old vintage sedimentary quartz that runs right through the backbone of Kerry. The colors are vineyard cabernet and lavender rose'. The bouquet was heady and sweet, but the full bodied perfume is not from the wine colored rock, rather from the fragrant varieties of crimson and white wildflowers that seemed to grow everywhere, springing vividly all over the bare rock slopes of this magical quartz. Apparently the tetrahedronal Skellig emits such virile energy that it is quite capable of sustaining plant growth on solid rock. Stunning, pulsing energy exuded from the rock, fertile Akash indeed. The amethyst pyramid generates Akashic life-force like no other place I have seen, save the Grand Canyon and Lake Titicaca.

It is a testament of their intune status, that the early Christian monks were aware of this energetic dynamo that compelled them to take small boats across ravaging seas to live on such a seemingly bare and remote rock 12 kilometers from the mainland. But sustain and enlighten them it did!


The tiny landing dock came into view as the boat pulled in closer. It was concrete, built outward from steel shafts anchored into the rock wall. The cement was fashioned into a landing quay large enough for one boat at a time. The swells created an eight-foot bobbing, so unloading had to be perfectly timed! It was! The Irish boatmen were confident and capable, as they steadied the vessel and guided each of us individually onto the quayside. We were given three hours but told that, because the weather and sea change constantly, if we heard three horn blasts we were to head back immediately or face a night on the island, something I wouldn't have minded at all, and secretly yearned for!

The 777 Steps

A roadway leads upward from the quay, carved into the side of the rock years ago in order to place a lighthouse on the far side at the lower mid-base. It leads a couple of hundred meters to the staircase of chiseled steps, painstakingly carved by monks to get to the sacred saddle and monastery above.

I was still wobbly from the effects of dramamine and ocean swells as I collected myself for the walk up. I hoped the grogginess would wear off and not affect my ability to tap into the potent energies I knew to be above in the Skellig Monastery.

At the recommendation of the boat guides, I was dressed for wet and cold, as icy Atlantic rain can blow in at any time. However, the weather was incredibly warm, in fact, it was hot! After climbing a few meters of the steeply inclined path, so was I!

I had actually wished for a sauna the night before in order to purify my system, and
between my heavy waterproof gear and backpack, my sauna wish was laboriously granted. I worked up quite a sweat as I toiled upward on the steep sides of the mountain. Be careful what you ask for in 5-D portals, because manifestation is immediate! Half way up, I was soaked, and had to peel off layers of raingear.

Like many mega-power sites, the energy crests as one reaches the higher points. The walk upward is literally a staircase of 777 steps, although there are differing versions of the exact number, based on whether the count extends to the monastery, sacred caldera or southern peak. Flowers were everywhere - small blossoms in delicate casings, resplendently juxtaposed in vividly expressed beauty. The stairs formed a switchback, with exquisite places to sit and rest on purple rock outcroppings and to enjoy the commanding view.

The Michael Portal Anchor

Near the top, a small saddle is formed almost like a volcanic caldron. It took a good 40 minutes for me to reach the Fryer's Saddle, but what reward! It is an incredibly potent area. A definite contained energy is emitted within its elongated bowl that balances the male and female peaks and anchors the portal.

It is a lush, magical fairy garden. Tiny white, red and yellow flowers were dispersed like angel hair bouquets in the sweet grass. The energy here was far more complex, thicker, yet balanced and mesmerizing as I sat in the entry point of the Michael portal.

How the saddle-bowl of the upper mount it could be so lush and green is really not surprising. The monks brought rich black soil over from the mainland and painstakingly built sodden areas on the saddle and monastery grounds for planting vegetable gardens.

That process has since maintained a critical mass cycle of self-replenishment in which the hearty plants decay into mulch, thus creating new soil. Every horizontal area and quite a few vertical ones seemed to have a rich layer of fertile loam. So energetically powerful was this place that plant life burst out everywhere, even on naked rock. Sweet smelling grasses and flowers thrived, and life teemed all over Skellig.

Skellig is life. The energy on the island could grow roses in snow and sustain monks on air alone - the original breatharians, perhaps not by choice! Few places on Earth hold such vital, healing and sustaining life energy.

The very osmotic process of absorbing Skellig's Akashic electro-light energy essence through the auric field sustains life and optimally so, thanks to the pristine quality of the energy. The isolation, the exact blend of forces seems to have created an energetic cocktail of mineralogy, grid location and natural geometry that are literally regenerative. Skellig pulses the Akash that is the true fountain of youth, or rather the vortex-portal of youth, overflowing with hi-definition pixels of divine energy fed from the heavens and earth. Certainly a field capable of generating and cascading its rich energetic overflow into a river of electromagnetic energy that became known as the Michael Leyline.

I soaked in this immense, wholesome vibration and went into a meditation of lucid clarity quite unlike any I had experienced before. I did sense Lord Michael and was moved deeply. His presence enveloped me and moved me beyond words. I became immediately humbled by the overwhelming sense of divinity within this sacred point. My eyes filled with tears, and I wept in solemn reverie as I often do when I sense the omnipresence of God.

I went into a sense of 'zipped' space, where higher dimensions seemed to be highly concentrated into one concentric point, and the area felt much larger than it looked. The passing of time was halted. The minutes literally felt like hours, and I was delighted at that prolonging. I was grateful and wanted to stay, but there was more to see.

 The Monastery

To my right, the north, was carved the final tier of steps to the holy of holies, the monastery. There seemed to be another 100 or so feet upward and 300 feet or so to the northern corner. Interestingly, two amazing dragon figures of natural, weather-sculpted rocks hovered over the entrance as if to protect the area from intruders. The likeness was quite amazing, and I felt a presence.

It wasn't lost on me that the church symbol of Archangel Michael includes dragons, he is connected to the harnessing of the dragon's energy and the removal of the serpents from Ireland.

The dragon often symbolized the fire of kundalini, and the serpent the use of kundalini on the earth plane. Could it be that the energy of Michael is to anchor kundalini into the upper chakras for the full integrity of root to crown assimilation? Rather than slaying dragons, Michael is about integrating their fire energy, refining fire into violet light!

The monastery itself was otherworldly. I was quite unprepared for what I saw and felt, as I climbed and weaved along the trail to the beehive huts. These were created in perfect domes, without cement or mortar, with two foot thick walls. They projected incredible energy, each one an infinity point and anchor of the portal. Each one a vortex.

The Chapel - Holy of Holies

The 'beehived' chapel itself is situated on a narrow ledge, more than 750 feet above sea level. I spent 15 minutes inside alone, and its energy jolted me so, that I was moved to tears. I felt an energetic download, a light code of 5-D energy. The domes remain virtually frozen in time, structurally the same as when built, 1,450 years ago. Flashes of light were everywhere.

I found a grassy patch that commanded a stunning, open view onto Skellig Minor Island. The afternoon was glowing bright, and the sun warmed my face. Winded from the hard climb and wet from the toil, I felt comfort on a piece of soft earth at the edge of the domes. The electricity of this spot was absolutely tangible. The purple and gold, the sweet flora smells; all enhanced my euphoric, dreamy sense of well being.

Skellig Minor loomed large on the horizon. It is also a pyramid and energetically part of this Skellig energy field. Skellig Minor is home to some 27,000 pairs of gannets - the second largest colony of such seabirds in the world - and just then, an enormous cloud of gannets wafted over its pinnacle, bringing their grace and soft energy into this balance. More to this than meets the eye, winged guardians of the portal perhaps.

From the shoreline, both Skellig Islands appear as tetrahedral pyramids, but in truth, Skellig Michael curves slightly near the top into a saddle joining two lateral peaks, one male, one female, in balance. The second and highest of the two peaks on Skellig Michael is 770 feet above sea level, topped by a monolithic 'standing stone,' engraved with a Celtic Cross at the very end of a narrow stretch of rock.


 The Pilgrims' Test

While the steep climb to the monastery is tortuous and difficult, the climb to the upper peak is even more demanding and leaves one in awe of the people who chose to make this their home. The climb up was tenuous, a testing labyrinth that I find in so many sacred places.

Medieval pilgrims, after visiting the Skellig monastery, would climb to the south peak, quite a precarious task. They would kiss the cross, thus proving their faith and piety, and occasionally as an act of penitence. It may have been the burning desire inherent in some to find an isolation that enabled them to develop communion with God. I can only imagine the courage and dedication involved in the days and times past. Yet it is understandable when you experience firsthand the presence of Spirit that is Skellig. It is humbling, immediate and penetrating. The essence of divinity atop Skellig Michael is overwhelming. So much is there, it is truly a refuge of multidimensionality.

Islands of Light

It was, in fact, due to places like Skellig Michael that Western Civilization was preserved. Scholars proclaim that when Europe was being overrun with barbarians in the depth of the Dark Ages, these isolated monasteries preserved the arts, reading and indeed civilization itself. These include Skellig, Mont Michele, Iona and Meteora Monastery in Greece. Totally isolated, totally benevolent, angelic anchors.

Yet in spite of their stark inaccessibility, Viking invaders attacked Skellig several times, although there was little to attract them in the way of wealth or material treasure. Light always attracts the dark. But it cannot exist for long in places of pure benevolence such as Skellig.

Connecting the Energies

I used my remaining time in the magic of the crest to energetically connect to Archangel Michael, who was omnipresent. I felt deeply reverent and humbled, as I flowed with the energy and flew above my physical being in lucid states. Before departing, I consciously connected energy lines from Skellig to other powerful sites I had visited in the past years.. I planted crystals from Arkansas as well as small rocks from 5 of these locations into the soil of Skellig. The moment was timeless and moving.

The Spiral Home

The trumpeting of the boat's horn from far below jolted me out of my reverie, and my heart sank. It would take 40 minutes  to walk down to  the loading dock, but I was in no hurry. I weaved my way back down, absorbing every ion of the incredible energy and scenery en route.

The following morning, I bought a book at the visitor center that captured my feelings regarding Skellig, and I end with the words of Sir Kenneth Clark:

"As I climbed the path winding up to the ancient constructions near the top of Skellig's cliff, I sensed that I was on the threshold of something utterly unique, though I was by no means a stranger to monasteries, which I had visited throughout Europe, and even farther afield at one time and another. But nothing in my experience had prepared me for this huddle of domes, crouching halfway to heaven in this all but inaccessible place, with an intimidating immensity of space all around, where it was easy to feel that you had reached a limit of this world. A holy place, to be sure, which would still have been holy, even if it had never known the consecrated life of prayer."

Post Notes:

I had arrived in Ireland thinking it would be very similar to Scotland & England. While there are indeed obvious similarities, Ireland is absolutely unique, very different in many ways. There are geological structures and generating powernodes that are utterly unique to Ireland. Something about the Irish land has an ability to empower confidence, courage, strength of will, and the appropriate freedom of individualism. Yet his is projected in the balance of open heart and nurturing. Self acceptance is gleaned from the lush green hills and jagged rock.

The sacred aspect of Ireland is superlatively profound . It's very  unique  land projects a remarkably different frequency from Britain. That differentiation is at first subtle, but in retrospect immense.  The expression of the Goddess energy is quite different in Ireland than in Glastonbury. There is a succinct separateness, a contrast of proud independence , a sense of strength in its nurturing that contains distinct cultural nuances of the Celtic Priestess that were not quite as present in southwest England.

I experienced a spiritual connection in Ireland that was profound. I felt a purity and humility  at Skellig that seemed to both reveal and allow me to rise above my imperfections. But not through guilt, rather through a recognition of true essence. The Divine not only touched me, but allowed me to become it in an energy of unconditional love. Ireland felt like home.

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Archangel Metatron Amazing Channel on Sacred Ireland

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Ireland Drombeg Circle

Irish Astroarchaeology:
Ireland's megalithic stone circles,artworks and landscapes include the world's oldest known buildings and astronomical observatories - chambered passage mounds, dolmens, stone circles, standing stones and petroglyphs aligned to the sun, moon and stars on astronomically significant dates. Built by pre-Indoeuropean stone age indigenous people as far back as 5200 BCE, these proto-scientific instruments seem to have first enabled humans to observe and synchronise the sun and moon cycles, with revolutionary implications for accepted notions about the origins of the scientific method.

Sacred Sites of England, Scotland & Wales



We apologize for any omissions. Listings are an attempt to be comprehensive , but may not necessarily include all locations and powernodes. Please email us if you have additional locations to report or suggest for Continental Europe. Anne at -


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Archangel Metatron Channel


Mystical Ireland


Greetings! I am Metatron, Lord of Light! I embrace each of you in light, in love.

And now another precious moment brings us together, uniting thoughts within the matrix of the unified field. Combining geometric thought patterns with desire, with awareness, and so do all things come together in the same way. For all thoughts, all things, all beings are electromagnetic representations of consciousness, of manifestation, of all that ever was or ever will be.


Masters, we have spoken in many channels of the amazing qualities of the Living Earth. And we tell you that no matter how you live and love upon the Earth, you gain, you expand by exploring the majesty and wisdom of Gaia. You will not marvel about the grandeur of your planet until you experience its beauty. You will marvel at the brilliance truly contained within the Earth and delight in the vast libraries of knowledge within the multi-faceted Beingness of Gaia.


Every lifetime you have is an opportunity to explore and discover what dwells within. Upon the earth, the soul fulfills this promise by the outward movement of the in-dwelling spirit.


Ireland - The Emerald & Amethyst


Ireland contains some of the most powerful, sacred and re-generative energies on the planet. It is appropriate called the Emerald Isle because of its vibrant green hills and valleys, which indeed exude a tangible field of healing and well-being. Be aware that these incredible healing hues occur because of the life force generated in the lands.


Ireland is a very unique and very succinct frequency. There are several known locations of what is termed 'negative gravity' anomalies on what is termed the Emerald Isle. These 'lighten' the frequency and somewhat aid in its soft and gentle expression.


It is in fact the plant life, waters and sea that team with the incredible telluric energies that create the very soft, the 'Feminine' aspect so beautifully expressed in Ireland. These energies blend with the gravity anomaly vectors to transduce what would otherwise be a very intense energy, for it is indeed among the highest frequencies on the planet.


As such there are many locales of what is locally termed ' thin veils' referring to dimensional portals dotting the landscape in Ireland. Worlds and dimensions tangible co-exist, and vividly so in Ireland. That is why the Kingdom of the Fae, the Devic realm of Faeries, Elves and Leprechauns are so illustrious recounted among Irish lore. This actual realm does indeed present itself with great and greater visibility precisely because of the higher concentrate of life force present.


And so we will say that while the energy of the Green Ray, the Emerald Field is quite predominate, the Violet Ray of the Amethyst is equally present. The lavender granites and violet magenta quartz of the sandstones create an incredible field that invokes imagination, artistry, creativity and spiritual seeking.


All of these blend & meld harmoniously throughout Ireland to form a most benevolent field, a 'frequencial cocktail' of extremely high yet balanced energy in Ireland. The seeker can find balance and well being in this joyful resonance of life force.


It is an energy that empowers will and independence, but within a grounded humility of nurturing. It is that of the Powerful Goddess, in your vernacular. The strength that is caring.


Much of Ireland is granitic ( 35% quartz) and sandstone quartzite. There are also crystalline emanations from the metamorphic strata, dating back in linear terms over 1.7 billion years. All metamorphic structures are crystalline you see.


It is important also to note, that the he land mass of Ireland was on the same latitude as Egypt some 250 million years ago, as your geologist acknowledge, and much of the sandstone carries the same 'quartzitic' piezo-electric vibrational resonance as that of Giza and Aswan. And that is a sacred energy. There is in fact a harmonic oscillation, an axialtonal line and Leyline connecting Newgrange to Giza. Newgrange is also connected to the Toltec Mounds of the Crystal Vortex of Arkansas




Now you ask about Skellig Michael. In truth, Skellig Michael is a Natural Temple, a power-node of terrestrial construct, one created by nature, by the Divinity of Earth. The structure of Skellig Michael is pyramidal in geometry and is particularly aligned with celestial energies. It is composed of violet sandstones, quartzites. Your geologists will know of this particular variety of quartz. It is a unique mineral that is the rock foundation and energy of many sacred places, many powernodes. This quartz variety can be said, to carry the imprint of the human quest, particularly at Skellig.


Skellig Michael is on the 51st Latitude North, a very powerful energy band, which also is shared by Stonehenge, Avebury, Lake Baikal, and Lake Louise, Canada.


As we have previously shared, the Atla-Ra, the Atlanteans were very aware of all such nodes on the planet, in collaboration with the Sirian-Pleiadean Alliance. Just as Staffa Island is a generator of the Hebrides, (Iona as well as eastern Ireland), so does Skellig perform a similar energy generation and distribution in western Ireland. These 'feed' the earth currents of the area not only with telluric energies, but Cosmic or Celestial energies as well. These play a more important role than is currently recognized, though these were fully recognized in the Golden Era of Atlantis. (A time in which the Earth was in full dimensional aspect and those termed the Star Races habited the earth.)


Within Skellig is a Master Crystal of Violet Hue. It has been there since the Golden Age of Atlantis. It has never been de-activated for it was originally and specifically placed where it remains, and will remain. It is a key point of refracting that energy you term the Ley, and it up shifts into the sacred frequency of both the Mary and Michael Leylines. It energizes all of the Leys in Ireland and in Britain, France and Europe.


And so we will take the additional questions you have prepared.


Question: Can you speak about Newgrange, in County Meath of Ireland. It is said to be older than the Pyramids, and to be an astronomical calendar. Is it also a portal?


Lord Metatron: It is indeed a mega-portal. And we will say that the area of the portal includes more than what is Newgrange, also Knowth and all surrounding areas, including the stone circles and earthmounds, and indeed Tara.


The greater area of the Vortexial Portal of the Boyne River region in Ireland, is centered at the mound now termed Newgrange. However, the structure that is now Newgrange was predated by millennia. It was recognized by the Sirian Alliance for its unique energy, and other Temples have stood there as well as on the surrounding circles and mounds that compose its complex land massif and energetic matrix.


The Sirian-Pleiadean-Arcturian Alliance are energetic engineers that have assisted in balancing the energies of the Omni Earth since the time of the firmament. Although the Alliance works in other 'Universes' in your terms, they have focused on your planet because indeed they are your genetic seed.


Your planet, universe, your Galaxy is of courseexists within and as a part of the greater Omni-Verse. Certain points on your planet have the rare energetics that enable them to be connecting points. Newgrange is one of these. It is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional grid point. It is a portal that transcends dimensions and time. It is connected directly to the Crystalline Grid, and is also being fashioned to connect directly to the New Firmament which begins formation after the completion of December 21, 2012.


(We are providing the channel with a new series of information regarding the reformation of the Firmament, and these will begin soon.)




Now, on the topic of Newgrange, let us say that it is a complexity of energies that will be increasing in frequency in 2012, and continue in transition beyond into 2013 and forward.


The energy of greater Newgrange is complex. It dimensional but not locational. All that is within, above and below this complex grid point will in 2013 be somewhat up-shifted and redefined. Newgrange is one of several 'libraries and placeholders specifically located at certain vectors. It was never meant to be a tomb of Celtic Kings, rather it is a vast portal that both stabilizes the balance of the Earth and connects the Earth to frequencies that are essential to the New Firmament. In a manner of speaking it is a vast database that ties into Sirius, but in a different format, different purpose than the Pyramids of Giza.


Newgrange and other such points are a continuum, a link between matter/antimatter, physical and angelic. Such portals are interfaces of a unique purpose, somewhat different from what you term Star-Gates. The transducing energies are not solid or separate, but seamless and continuous, gradually and imperceptibly blending the lesser dimensional frequencies (within its corridor) into the greater until it becomes harmonic. It has been activated into shift, and the first stage of the shift completes on the 12-21-12 and then begins its reactivation as a Firmament point in 2013.



Anchoring Point of the New Firmament

The earthen points of the New Crystalline Firmament, such as Newgrange, are held in place by a nexus, a series of inter-connected spirals of energy that carry conscious 'life-force' particulates of matter/non-matter between the layers of the Cosmos. These particles of intelligence maintain the cosmic purpose or "Codes" in complete integrity, balance and harmony.


The 'Akash, nexus particles are encoded and programmed to expedite transitions for the  planned Ascension. This includes the up-shift in human DNA. More specifically, they are  specialized coded energies that create new bridges. This is one of the ways in which the earth and all that is related to it expands. Newgrange is involved in the receival of these codes.


In the present and recent past, what differentiates 'greater' Newgrange is the balance. In your vernacular is a Feminine Centre, but of supreme balance, that then termed as the Divine Feminine. Though not in the gendered application you might consider. (We will explain this further in this discussion).


In its very balance it interfaces all 12 dimensions, and thus a grounding stabilization occurs. Those metaphysicians prone to the delusional loft, to ungrounded grandiose meanderings , as oft occurs in such paths, will find themselves re-centered in this nurturing energy blend.



The Misconception of Gender Application


Now, it is time to understand that the aspects of Earth-Polarity termed male-female, in terms of Temples, LeyLines and indeed Light structures and Light Beings, is misconstrued. In higher sense these are no more gendered than are you in higher self. Gender is an aspect of duality, and in the non-linear, non duality, nonpolarity realms, all is integral. All is in One-ness. Male-Female separation does not occur, how could it in integral nonpolarity?


In the polarity-duality nature of Earth, there are bi-polar electro-magnetics necessary to balance the first three dimensions. Even as the dimensions 5-12 are realized above polarity in integral (non-duality) crysto-electrics, (the 4th dimension is the interface), the first 3 dimensions will remain in polarity, but balanced, you see.


What you term as Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine are in truth what may be termed the highest order of polarity magnetics, not male and female. You assign attributes of gender to qualities you humans consider male and female. Such as strength and nurturing, respectively.


The land that is now Ireland, as well as parts of Scotland, England, Wales, Spain, Denmark , France and Wales was habited by Atlanteans long before the deluge of Atlantis. 

Leyline Networking


Now, it is the channels wish that we review that which is called the Leylines.


These can be said to exist in various forms, with differing degrees of refinement from multifarious forms of energy. Ley lines, as they are called in your times, are the energetic patterns that run both above and beneath the Earth. These circumnavigate the Earth in a variety of ways based upon laws of mathematics, upon geometries, upon vibrational essence, geological force, electromagnetics and mineralogical fields. They shift and they move, and they have been utilized in myriad ways throughout the eons of space-time. In eras of greater understanding, times of greater technology, they have been traveled as highways, utilizing enhancement of very refined energies. Through such understanding, leylines had the capacity to be used as conduits of energy transfer and for communication. Since the fall of Atlantis, amplified utilization has ceased, and the ability for sustaining this manner of usage was lost. As a result, the refined network is no longer intact, so the ley lines are shorn in some areas, torn in others, and the highways and byways appear not to make sense, you see; they no longer completely connect across the globe.

Now, the base essence of leylines occurs from a natural source. They are currents of telluric energy. As these were refined, some became coded & engineered on new paradigms, which you call fourth dimension & fifth dimension. These replace the old, but not all have discovered them yet, and that is appropriate, you see. Extra terrestrials have assisted the Earth in this effort. Those from Sirius have been instrumental in recent years in realigning this system for the Ascension, and indeed they were the architects of the original enhancement of the ley system, established over 35,000 years ago.

Now, the system of leylines can be said, in a manner of comparison, to act somewhat as the nervous system of the living planet. The planet also has what can be termed axial tonal lines, meridians and chakras.

   Leylines are not constant, many factors can cause their shift. Many factors add to their complex energy content, or lack thereof. Tectonic stresses, magma, solar energy, naturally occurring electromagnetic fields exerted by minerals such as quartz and even the decomposition of organic matter, this creates heat and electrical charge, you see. These energies accumulate and flow along Earth paths of conductivity either on, slightly above or underneath the Earth's crust. Those regions and places on the Earth, high in natural metal or conductive mineral content, will attract the current of these electromagnetic flows. Manmade structures built to sacred geometry will also attract these flows. 



 Almost all of the sacred geometric temples built by the Asian, Roman, Greek, Egyptian and Mayan have leylines passing through them. Some of these structures were built on leys, others attracted them to them.




Many points on leys form into vortex spirals.

Vortexes form for several reasons. The generally understood cause is the intersection of leylines. We tell you they also naturally occur at points of tectonic stress, at volcanoes, around pinnacled and pyramidal mountains, and around manmade structures built to sacred geometry. Vortexes occur naturally at large mineral deposits, basalt beds, granitic batholiths, river confluences, and waterfalls. You see these all project sub atomic plasma, charged ions, and electromagnetic fields. This natural build of energy will spin by nature, and thus the vortex occurs.

Now, we should clarify that vortexes are not portals and they do not evolve into portals, although from your perspective it could appear as such, because all portals will attract a vortex to them you see. Vortexes can become the distribution engines for both adamantine essence, called Akash, and higher dimensional energies received through portals. Not all vortexes house portals, but all portals have a vortex. Do you see?

Your term Ley is a relatively recent description coined to simply mean a straight line connecting two points, but our Metatronic term is much broader.

We define leylines, as being the conscious crystalline aspect of the electromagnetic flow-lines and currents that network the planet. Leylines are 'groomed' energy flows of electromagnetic energy and in latitude of comparison, can be said to serve as the nervous system of Gaia. The raw earth currents are called, in your vernacular, dragon lines. As both leylines and dragon lines are electrical in nature they flow along paths of natural electrical conductors.

This electricity occurs naturally on your earth from multiple sources. Moving water, such as waterfalls, rain and breaking waves, produce charges, as does the decomposition of organic matter, tectonic stress, volcanics, lightning solar heat and winds. The very crust of the earth's surface you live on, with its electrically conducting gases, metals, semi-conducting mineral crystals, water-soaked organic matter, and electrolytes offers an excellent medium for maintaining and producing electrical currents. The mineralogy of the strata below the surfaces conducts in kind. Charged ions are drawn to the ground and this high ionic concentration increases the intensity of earth-currents through the electrode effect.

As a result, static electricity flows parallel with the ground in an orthogonal quasi-static electric field, forming eddies and springs of electricity that become rivers of current that network the planet. These streams of current flow along lines of conductive minerals, such as iron, gold, copper and quartz bearing rock. Naturally it flows to mountains, volcanoes, waters and minerals and large deposits of other conductive formations and amasses through, up and around powernodes. As you are aware, when these lines intersect, a spinning vortex is created.

This electrical current, as with all forms of conscious energy can be directed. The first to do this were the scientist priest of Atlantis, whose origin is the Pleiades. The patterns of raw earth currents, or dragon lines were scientifically detected and mapped, and esoterically imbued and consciously willed to flow in specific routes.


Crystal Leys


The Atla-Ra scientist priest discovered that by flowing these energies through their Arcturian crystals and magnetic transducers that they could be amplified, refined and separated into forms of braided polarized crysto-electric frequencies capable of creating anti gravity fields when spun in counter balanced vortexes. In the technology of the golden age of Atlantis, these conscious crysto electrical lines became so technically refined that were used to create a labyrinth of tunnels for both communication and transport, and crossed to form energy fields for varying purposes.

They were patterned to flow inside factories to energize the work force and in agricultural fields to stimulate plant and crop growth, by routing them in conduits relayed and amplified through crystal power stations and natural telluric generators, such as Skellig Michael. In the former case they were used to assist in the broadcast of crystalline electric-waves for use in powering homes.

The forefathers to the sect you term as the Druids, were descendants of the Atla-Ra. These scientist priests of the Golden Age of Atlantis were devout learned men and women who understood the necessity of combining scientific law with the energy of the divine. This was termed the Law of One, akin to what you now term the Unified Field, although your current understanding of same does not include the sacred. Dear Ones, integral science must not, cannot omit the sacred, the Divine.

The Atla-Ra learned that certain of the crysto-refined ley energies were capable of holding an intent and field of awareness. A global network of this category of ley energy was put in place, as the scientist-priest discovered how to use natural powernodes as relay and amplification stations for this energy to retain a self-generating sufficiency. When these leys became integral with infinity apex points, the divine aspect was imbued within their energy awareness. This Atla-Ra with assistance from Pleiadean, Arcturian and Sirian Masters, created specific divine ley energy routes connecting major chakric points on the planet. These could be programmed with sound frequencies and color, to enhance the tranquility and well being of temples. They could be crossed to create sacred energy vortexes. Skellig Michael is one such area, and although a remnant shadow of its original multi ley manifold capacity, it remains one of the most intact in current times. Skellig was part of the 'Poser' system, yet specifically functioning in higher capacity, not for the standard provision of providing a usable energy source. Rather for up-shifting the ley energy into its highest polarity format.

So in truth there were many types of ley system in Atlantis, some were entirely used for crysto electric power in various forms, others, the ones that still function, albeit in fragments, were the leys of divine awareness.

Truly the most robust survivors of this system are the leys now referred to as the Michael and Mary lines. Indeed their level of intactness is due largely to the work of the Druids, who had escaped Atlantis before the demise into existing monasteries in Britain, Europe, Egypt and Og. The most prolific were the sects in Britain and France, who used antigravity aspects of leys and sound to assist in the formation of stone circles.


The Michael Leyline survived for myriad reasons. It was amplified in stone circles and by the very Cathedrals built on its course to sacred geometry. It was not called the Michael line in its inception. Rather it was referred to as the Atlas Line in Atlantis, and Thoth line in Egypt and Og. Its pagan name was changed to that of Michael and Mary by the secret societies of savants to protect it from the Church. The Freemasons, who built cathedrals capable of amplifying ley energy, utilized sacred geometry imminently. Almost all of the Cathedrals and Greek Monuments were built to phi, the golden ratio or mean, directly on powernodes along leylines.


It should not surprise you to know that I, Lord Metatron, and Archangels Michael and Mechelzidek were very much present in the time of Atlantis, but were called by different names? You see we show our love equally to all humankind, of all eras, races, religions and creed. You presently refer to us as Angels; we are Divine Crystalline Light Beings, Place Holders of the Cosmos and supporters of all that is Divine, including humanity.

   Now as we have said previously, leylines are not constant. In time they shift and alter. And so what was once a robust system is now quite diminished and fragmented. The ley system currently is but a shadow of its former self, and no longer completely circumnavigates the planet. However, the raw current does, and many parts of it are indeed ley in nature, and this system is currently under repair, particularly by those of Sirius B, and many of you in multidimensional aspects of yourselves. Do you see? Like powernodes groomed into sacred sites, dragon lines are quite capable of being imbued with energy from human kind and sacred sites, and become polished into leylines.

Now, flow-pattern of leys are quite specific, generally speaking. They will spiral counterclockwise up domed mountains above the equator, and clockwise below it. They flow upward in straight lines on pyramidal shaped mountains. They spiral up conical peaks. This is why mountain peaks contain very high frequencies.

  When these currents pass through structures built to sacred geometry or through what you term sacred sites, the currents absorb and radiate higher light. When this occurs, the leys assume a refined conscious nature, capable of coded memory. Ley powerpoints energetically connect to the grid system and form a geometric matrix, which in turn can attract to it higher dimensional energies. These become meridian points, and in some cases, chakras of the living sentience of the earth.

   Each ley, each sacred site, can and does affect the human electromagnetic field. Additionally, the light arcs & angles from planets and stars will feed & influence the areas of telluric energy pools (called in your terms, electrical or outward vortexes) and can actually create, depending on their alignment, inward pull portals or openings that receive light- energy from stellar and solar light photons, as well as from planetary and higher dimensional grid lattices.

   If one accepts the postulate that certain points of higher energy exist on the planet, and that they do have a crystallized matrix that projects a specific geometric pattern, then it can also be understood that these living energy sources communicate thru harmonic energy oscillations. For example if one has a tuning fork in the key of C, and then one plays a C note on a piano, the musical vibration from the piano will also create a vibration in the tuning fork, because of the law your scientists call harmonic oscillation. Harmonic oscillations between power points on Earth and in higher dimensions are also so 'attuned' to resonate to compatible harmonics.

   Just as your human body has sensory systems and organs that sustain the health of the physical body, so it is with ley lines. Ley lines sustain the health of the physical Earth. Now, above the organs of the body you have meridian lines that bisect the body, and as they do, contribute to the wellness of the being, which then transmits that energy into a different form, then feeding the organs, feeding the senses and the awareness. Now, just as your human body undergoes changes, so does the Earth diversify and shift. The ley system changes and adapts in kind. We tell you that with the ongoing and coming graduation of the Earth, the heralded planetary Ascension, not only will the Earth system of sensitivity adjust but so will that of the human.

Now, above the meridian system of the human body is what we term the axialtonal lines. This is a term that is relative, and quite new, to your sphere. You will not have heard it so much, but it will become more and more well known. The axialtonal lines are distinct lines, which connect the emotional body, the mental body, the causal body and such to the ascended body, and so it is with the Earth.




The Earth, as well, has axialtonal lines defined by both spiritual and celestial qualities again based upon sacred mathematics. These touch in certain areas to the ley lines, they touch but they do not rest upon them. But they do intersect, especially in places where the ley lines are torn and shorn and disconnected they act as bridges, bridges from one dimension to another to bridge gaps in knowledge, to bridge gaps in history, to bridge gaps of energy that have been depleted or shorn as such, you see?

Now, when you visit a conjunction of ley energy, or sacred site or vortex complex, you absorb the code of its unique message, its unique geometry. You carry within your field the energy of every sacred site, every power point and every grid point on each continent you have visited. You have the ability to connect them to yourself and to one another, dear ones.


Those of you termed Earth-Keepers, such as the channel, that have been tugged to visit such places can visualize connecting them to the 144 Grid, and thereby assist in connecting them to the evolving grid. And in the process, you connect and activate yourself. This will complete n 2012, and then will be spawned the active formation and activations of anchors for the New Firmament.

That segment which you call the Michael line became imbued with divine light, and drawn into power points and cosmic alignment points some 18,000 years ago. As we have mentioned the Michael Line was originally called the Atlas belt before it was given a Judeo-Christian name, yet the source energy is the same, you see. Oh but there was Divine wisdom in the name change. How many Christian Cathedrals built with immaculate sacred geometry on the exact vector and cosmic alignment points of this transcendental current would have been so constructed if the Leyline were considered Pagan? Indeed the controlling church would have forbidden it. And now despite their controls, incredible temples exist on the perfect locations to amplify higher dimensional energies, energies that are unbound by any religious dogma, other than pure celestial LOVE.

The harmonic oscillation we spoke of earlier allows such mineralogical harmonics to be the fount of vibrational connection between these sites. Such harmonics occur not just in the mineralogy but also by means of geometry and light quotient.

We will say that Skellig Michael is not the original entry point of the 'Michael' Leyline, but it now appears to be so, because the line no longer is fully connected to its full compliment. Skellig Michael was one of the amplification or relay points of what you presently term the Michael Ley, when it originally was manifolded into the Atla Belt. You see, it once encircled the planet.



It will again in the not so distant future, but that is not yet complete. We will say that its strongest portion extends from Ireland, through Britain, across Europe and forks into the lands of ancient Judea, Israel and Egypt. Does it surprise you to know that it connects to Mecca in Saudi Arabia? It should not surprise you to know that most of you have had lifetimes in every race, every religion and every gender.


Truth has a way of evolving within the hearts of all who truly seek God, despite the limitations of patriarchal or any other restrictive dogma, you see. All of you are of the family of humanity.






The Emerald Eire is the land of the Green and Violet Ray. It is a land of nurturing, home of the Goddess.Home of nurturing, home of caring and joy.  Within  are energies that are capable of balancing and regenerating you. The points of Newgrange and the generator node of Skellig Michael are two of the most powerful nodes of the Omni Earth.


 It is a land of crysto-electric leys, and its role is soon to increase in 2013.


Newgrange will play an enormous part in the 'post' Ascension activation of the New Crystalline Firmament.


I am Metatron and I share with you these Truths.


And so it is...


The above Archangel Metatron channel is copyrighted to . Posting on websites is permitted as long as the information is not altered and credit of authorship and website is included. It may not be published in journals, magazines or public print without expressed permission from Earth-Keeper. Permissions may be requested from Earth-Keeper Admin by emailing Anne



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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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MATRIARCH/PATRIARCH ARCHETYPE:- Matriarch/Patriarch Archetype Higher Expression; Tough love (love and firmness), Proper use of Personal Power and Unconditional Love, Divine indifference in its proper relationship to compassion, parenting inner…


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