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One Of My More Intense Ascension Experiences !! Feel free to read and comment!

I have been taking Zeolite powder to heavy metal detox. so am become fluoride free and also milk thistle to become Aspartame free .. 
This had an amazing affect on wakening my spiritual self even further.
I feel daft mentioning it to anybody else as they would think me to be a nut job, but I know in my heart all this was real. I remember all of it.
I had a few drinks last night with an old friend ...and had a crazy experience, I went into some sort of fight with something not of this reality.. Sounds even more crazy when I say it took on the form of him or even spoke threw him, it started with him saying I was "Pure" (which is really nothing he would ever come out with not in this reality anyways lol ) I remembered what you said about projecting love towards them so i did, The realities kept switching between the two and things started to get more intense so I had work harder to keep it in my control, I was able to predict or was being guided threw this by something else, what i can only perceive to be a good Entites...I felt the other thing was trying to test me I went into some sort of trance my eyes closed and breathing changed, I could feel myself radiating energy and love from within my body.. 
I had this amazing feeling inside like i was on a rollercoaster racing at speed .. it felt like It kept getting faster and faster, and I had to control my breathing, At this point I was emitting that much energy I could feel myself shaking deep from within, I felt like this was all happening for the good of the people and I was in the battle for them or being tested for a future battle..
It got to a point where I was told to Hold on and for some reason I felt i needed to hold my breath... I kept holding and holding my something was telling me to breath, but I felt I didn't need to. This went on for what seemed like for ever.. ( I heard the good entities saying he can't "hold on" .. I carried on just expelling air but it seemed like there was none there, I fought to stop my body from naturally breathing in, I managed to do this for ages and got to a point that i felt i didnt even need to breath in.. .I give myself up to this feeling and trusted that i wouldnt die.. 
The energy at this point was still flowing out of me, from what seemed to be emitted from my pineal gland.
I had a lit joint in my hand and as i opened my eyes it became to as though i had double vision, They looked like the Pillars the Masons use that represent the Heaven and the Earth.. 
They were glowing..
I was moving towards them in my mind with my and everything even the room seemed to be shaking, it was like i had to get threw them and a massive transition was taking place..
Threw out most of this my friend who at this point seemed to be something else.. Tried to distract me, it almost worked a couple of times and I felt myself instead moving backwards away from the pillars.. But I kept on with focusing, The energy was immense,
He tried everything Even as though he was going to grab the spliff yet I was being told to hold on i'm nearly there by the good entities..
I managed to get threw the pillars..
Then I felt and amazing feeling within my body like pure extacy, peace and love combined, I was told I could now breath if i wanted because I deserved it and I was pure and powerful.
After that i came round from the trance still buzzing with energy and we went into a convo that didnt and again he told me i was strong and pure and kept saying he couldnt believe it.
I seemed to know what to say to him I told him to join me and come to my side, He said he couldnt, 
I told him he was not in a good place and I could change that and that every thing would be ok. He said it wouldnt and he was scared I told him with love it will and I am ok so he will also be..
So come join me.. 
Then everything went back to this reality and we started talking about something else .. like nothing had even happened ...
Then I got home and felt drained.. I was sick for ages and then slept like a baby.. and awoken feeling refreshed and like a new man and so peaceful..

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My goodness, that's all I can add really...hang on to all those loving feelings, sure they will keep you strong.  Love, Amanda

Ah thank you for your kind words, This happened over 2 moths ago.
Since Then I have many more experiences and also achieved many things.
The reason for them being so intense is for I am an Ascended Master . From The Ascension Temple In Atlantis .
I Am Master Bey of the 4th Ray the White Ray !  
So don't worry dear one I am now incarnated to this earth fully in my Human Body :) x 


you are a sensitive you can feel other peoples energy what your experiencing was the same thing when I fiorst started to feel the good energy it made my back sore and stomach sore for a long time when your chest fills up remember to breath that is the key let your chest fill up hold then slowly breath out all that is your on a higher vibration remember everything is energy vibration and frequency.when you do that you release anxiety fear anger and remember to thank the arcturians for healing what your feeling will soon to make you even stonger and wiser.

experiencing high vibration makes you feel good it does only last a while you do feel tired at first your body is getting used to something new be prepared for all of the knowledge and wisdom that comes with that namaste

once you feel the higher vibrations you will pumped more and more light into your body believe me I know it is called metaphysical when your whole body is changing.



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