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Hello dear friends! I thought I would share one of my recent lucid dreams. These past few years I've gained alot of ground on my ability to go lucid inside dreams, and this one was no exception. Actually, it was both a scary and refreshing experience all at the same time, haha


I woke up. I'm in my bed at my house (in Thailand). I slowly and groggily begin to walk to the kitchen....but, something isnt right, isnt normal....then it hit me, perhaps I'm dreaming. Quick! Dream check.


My dream check is a bit of a jump up in the air, fold my legs "indian style" and levitate. If it's a dream, it always works, as it's a skill I've been practicing. If it's this world.....well, I would fall, but to tell you the truth, every time I've ever tried before it's been inside a dream.


So after checking myself, realizing the dream, and thus becoming lucid.....I thought....okay, what to do now. I glided up the wall of my house, flew up to the roof, saw the highest nearby tree, and zoomed through the air to perch there for a moment and check out my house from the sky (i love 'perching' in lucid dreams)...


anyway, as soon as I was up on the tree, something unexpected happened....I was...PULLED!!

Suddenly, and with great force, I went up up UP, faster , faster Faster!! Could not control myself, could not stop....only.....accelerate!!!! I zoomed out of the atmosphere.....out and away, out and away....finally beyond the moon.....then beyond the Earth. Let me say that the visual effect was startling, completely unlike what i would expect to see from 'up there'. The strangeness had to do with the way the light from the sun was hitting the clouds and the moon, but it was bizarre...


I kept zooming outward.....until all sound was gone.....and only Blackness remained. Then I woke up, sweating from head to toe. Being in that darkness really scared me. I kept thinking, what if I trapped myself here and cannot come back? Very scary for a moment,


the next day i saw a video online about space.....and when the camera zoomed out, it was the EXACT same image I saw from my dream, the strange light effect...


anyone else like to lucid dream? flying is my favorite


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