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Melting into the One...By Ann Albers

Message from the Angels

My dear friends, we love you so very much,

Inside each of you, there is a pure loving consciousness trying to come to the surface and express itself through your unique and beautiful personality.

This is the Divine consciousness – the consciousness of Love itself. As you already know, although One, the Divine has many expressions and an infinite number of forms. Each one of you is nothing less than this Divine love, simply having an experience as a human being.

Many of you know this concept. You have heard it. You may even agree with it. But can you fathom that what lives in you is nothing less than the love which creates universes? It dreamed you into being. It dreamed all of the known creation into being. All that exists, including you, lives and abides within the consciousness of the Creator. There are no exceptions.

When you look at the natural creation – the sun, the moon, the stars, the trees, the grasses, flowers, birds, and animals – you are seeing the pure expressions of the Divine. When you taste your food, you experiencing the flavors of the Divine. When you behold a sunset you are looking into the light of the Divine, and when you touch another with a comforting hand you are reaching out and allowing God, through you, to comfort another.

When you look at your own eyes in the mirror or into he eyes of another – to the degree that you are not clouding your thoughts with judgments or criticisms – you are looking into the eyes of God. This is true, whether you look into the eyes of one you love, or the eyes of one you hate. The “windows” into the soul may be pure and clear, or muddied by fear and misunderstanding, but nonetheless deep within all of you lies nothing less than Love.

You are all innocent and pure on the inside. Some of you are hurt and you shut down. Some of you are hurt and you hurt others. Some of you are aware of the love that lives within you. Some are not. And yet it is ever present, no matter the situation or circumstances. You cannot diminish this love, nor can you lose it. You can only experience it, or not.

There is no separation, dear ones. There is only pure love attempting to make itself known in your life and indeed throughout all of life. Look for it. "Seek and ye shall find." When you believe in the love that lives within and beneath all of creation, you will begin to experience it more and more in your daily lives!

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
-- The Angels

Photo of the week

Message from Ann...

Hi Everyone,

Sunday morning the alarm rang far too early. The night sky was just beginning to give way to dawn and I almost rolled over and went back to sleep. My spirit urged me awake. The forest awaited. Never mind the early hour and two hour drive, I needed to get away and get out in the wild.

The trail was blissfully uncrowded at such an early hour. A cool breeze blew down the canyon as I embarked on a slow, silent journey along the stream. The vanilla-like perfume of the ponderosa pines and the pungent smell of the creek assaulted my senses, awakening me, starting to pull me into the essence of the forest itself.

Ravens soared overhead, cawing loudly. Bluebirds squawked, finches trilled, and the robins sang their sweet song. The brook babbled over the stones. The wind whispered, caressing me gently. I began to slip into the eternal Presence, popping out of it briefly to greet fellow hikers, and then slipping back into the Silence.

When we silence our minds, we reconnect with our hearts. In those moments when we become purely Present, we greet the Eternal and open to feel the magnitude of its love in our lives. In this stirred up world, it is easy to get sucked into the noise all around us - the news, the information we must constantly inhale, the problems of those we love, our own challenges, etc. The bombardment of discordant energies can easily make us forget the unity in this diversity.

So when you find your mind has gone on overdrive, do something that compels you into the present moment.

Of course you can meditate, but there are many other ways to feel the Love of the source.

Here are a few simple ones that I use regularly to disconnect from the illusions of separation and reconnect with the Oneness.

1. Listen to beautiful music

Put on a soaring or soothing melody without words. Sit and breathe deeply. Imagine you can feel the music pouring into your heart, pouring through you, and perhaps even carrying you. Simply intend to feel it. See where it takes you. Don’t force or resist your thoughts. Just allow your spirit to expand and flow with the melody. 

When we listen to music we engage a different part of our brain than the rational, analytical side that can drive us crazy.

2. Take time in nature

This is my all time favorite. Go on a walk, preferably by yourself. Walk slowly. This exercise isn't for physical exercise! Tune into the sights, sounds, smells, and even the textures around you. Smell a tree or a flower. Touch the water, the bark, the soft petals. Feel the breeze, the sun, or the moisture in the air. Tune into the sensory experience around you.

See if you can imagine your energy expanding way beyond your personal boundaries and merging with the landscape. Breathe deeply. With every breath imagine and feel all of life around you flowing through you.

3. Appreciate small miracles

Look at a blade of grass, a feather, a leaf or anything small that you see often but normally take for granted. Examine it in depth. Get to know it more deeply. Really look at the variations in color, texture, and scent.  Consider the fact that every day there are entire universes within the little things we take for granted. Just “be” with your little miracle and observe it. Feel yourself expand as you slip into pure Presence.

4. Gaze into your own eyes

Sit in front of a mirror. Quiet your mind, and look steadily into your own eyes. See if you can see beyond judgments and criticisms, until your mind falls silent and you see the Divine looking back at you. Just wait for it and intend. Eventually it will seem as if the lights go on and you feel something so much larger and more magnificent than the "small self" looking back. Now try to see this light in the eyes of those around you!

While there are many spiritual disciplines we can use to connect to the Oneness, these simple exercises are quick way to find those spaces. Children know how to have fun in the One.. we can remember that innocence by experiencing creation in the present moment.

Love you all!
Have a blessed week!

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