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I would like to invite you to begin your WESAK Ceremony tomorrow, 

Thursday, April 25 at 12:45 pm PDT

19:45 UT

21:45 CET 

15:45 New York

with the


as shared here by Ishema:


HOLD the FOCUS for half an hour.

This half hour is the exact time of the Maximum Eclipse

which coincides this year with the Wesak Full Moon.


some will celebrate the Wesak Full Moon on May 25, as the Wesak Full Moon is usually in MAY - and this is the date of another Lunar Eclipse!

We shall meet in the ethers above Wesal Valley - and then SPREAD THE BLESSINGS

through our lightgrid connexion  which follows one hour and 45 minutes later,

at  10 pm UTC

midnight  CET

18 pm NEW York

15 pm PDT

when the last bit of Earth'S SHADOW vanishes from the surface of the moon. 


I am sharing the Great Invocation here as these are the original words, given out by Djwhal Khul. I continue to use the original words of the mantra as I believe there is a carefully constructed energy pattern in them that may be lost when the words are changed. 

Blessings, Ishema

HERE is a link to Ishema's discussion on WESAK:-) 

And this an excerpt:


From ancient times, people have timed their ceremonies to the rhythm of the full moon and worshiped the celestial bodies within them. The full moon has always captivated our attention and been a good way to mark time and know when to meet.


The Ancient Wisdom Teaching, interpreted in the Alice Bailey books, tells us that each celestial body has its own Director informing and sustaining it. All of them are working in harmony with each other. When the Sun , Moon, and Earth are aligned at the full moon, these Great Informing Beings are aligned and in communication, also.


The Masters of the Wisdom, sometimes called "The Spiritual Hierarchy," are beings just like us who have walked a little farther on the path to perfection and taken greater responsibility. We are told that They meet at the time of the full moon and are able to tune into the telepathic conversation that is taking place between the Greater Guiding Beings. We too, can tune into this great alignment and telepathic conversation by aligning with our higher self and being receptive.


Every month has its full moon, but only one of them is Wesak, occurring when the moon is full and the sun is in Taurus. The impulse to create starts at the full moon when the sun is in Aries, takes the form of enlightenment in Taurus at Wesak, and is more available to humanity as concrete thought, at the full moon when the sun is in Gemini. In Cancer, the following month, it reaches mass consciousness. 


The legend of Wesak says that all who are seriously drawn to the ceremony, will find their way to the valley in the Himalayas at the exact time of the full moon. And, that local people who need to be there, migrate to this place at the right time. For those living far away, this may take place during meditation or out of body during sleep time.


As millions of people raise their vibration and tune in across the globe at the time of the full moon, this melding of minds creates a powerful planetary alignment with our Source.


Toward the enlightenment of Wesak,


Clarity About the Three Full Moon Festivals of Spring

 Thanks to Steven for this video :-)

The Legend of The Wesak

Wesak is the celebration of Buddha's birth & enlightenment, & in some traditions also his death. As the most important figure in Buddhism his life is celebrated and revered. Gathering to chant and pray are an important part of a traditional Wesak celebration.

It is said that Wesak is that time at the Full Moon of May in which the Christ gathers the entire Spiritual Hierarchy together in meditation to invoke the forces of Shambhalla. The Buddha, representing those forces, appears and blesses humanity.

The ceremony of Wesak is held in the actual Wesak Valley in the Himalayas at the time of the full moon of May (which is actually the full moon of Scorpio). A vast crowd assembles in the valley, in front of the great rock table at the end of the valley. Alice A. Bailey describes this event in The Unfinished Autobiography. It is said that the Christ and the Buddha conduct the ceremony of Wesak from a rock table at the end of the valley described by Bailey as " immense rock, rising out of the floor of the valley like a great table."

The second of the three major spiritual planetary festivals is The Wesak Festival, The Buddha's Blessing, and is celebrated in the eastern hemisphere at the Taurus full moon. (The first, in April, is the Festival of the Christ and the third, in June, is the Festival of Humanity.) Wesak is the festival of The Buddha, divine intermediary between the highest spiritual center, Shamballa, and the Hierarchy.

The Buddha is the expression of the Wisdom of God, the embodiment of light and the indicator of divine purpose.

Wesak - the Sun in Taurus Full Moon, is the most powerful Full Moon of the year. The Sun's transit through Taurus exalts the Moon and Taurus is ruled by Venus, the spiritual ruler of Earth. Venus is identified with Mary, the World Mother. May, the month of Taurus, is the month of Mary. Venus appears in the west as the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl who brought enlightenment to the Mayans; in the east she is Maya, mother of the Buddha.

The lunar cycle is a wave of creation that comes to fruition when the Moon is full. Each Full Moon brings revelation and possibility for healing body, mind, and soul. The Moon is the Mother whence comes reflected Light of the spiritual Sun to nurture, support, protect, and bring to flower the seeds of creation.

The Full Moon is like a pitcher pouring out a healing elixir. The celestial dispensation continues for three days following the day of the Full Moon. Calm and balance, deep breathing, meditation, yoga, rhythmic music and dancing help for receiving the blessings of heaven.

Locally the Full Moon has strong effect in the hour following Sunset when the Moon is rising and at local Midnight when the Moon is directly overhead. This Sun in Taurus Full Moon is called Wesak (WE-sock). Mystics say that the Buddha returns now to help regenerate the Earth.

According to metaphysical tradition, the Buddha was born, attained enlightenment, and left Earthly incarnation under the Full Moon of Taurus. And the Buddha returns at this time each year to bring new light to the world. Spiritual leaders gather in Wesak Valley, a mythic place high in the Himalayas. Here initiates led by the Christ arrange themselves into a great pentagram (the Venusian emblem of world soul) while the Buddha hovers over those gathered radiating light. This cosmic alignment occurs during the eight minutes centered on the moment of the Wesak full moon.

Wesak Valley

The Legend of The Wesak


According to tradition, at the time of the full moon in Taurus, the Buddha comes to the Wesak Valley of the Himalayas to bring the powerful spiritual energy of Shamballa to the assembled masters, initiaties and disciples of the Hierarchy, for the assimilation and eventual distribution of this Shamballa force throughout the world.

The Wesak Valley, lying at a rather high altitude in the foothills of the Himalayan-Tibet ranges. It is surrounded by high mountains on all sides except towards the northeast, where there is a narrow opening in the mountain ranges. The valley is bottle-shaped in contour, with the neck of the bottle to the northeast, and it widens very considerably towards the south. Up towards the northern end, close to the neck of the bottle, there a huge flat rock. There are no trees or shrubs in the valley, which is covered with a kind of coarse grass.

Approaching the time of the full moon of Taurus, pilgrims from the surrounding districts begin to gather. The holy men and the lamas find their way into the valley and fill the southern and the middle parts, leaving the northeastern end relatively free. There, so the legend runs, gathers a group of those great Beings Who are the Custodians on Earth of God's Plan for our planet and for humanity.

This group of knowers of divinity are the main participants in The Wesak Festival. They arrange Themselves in the northeastern end of the valley, in concentric circles, and prepare for a great act of service. In front of the rock, looking towards the northeast, stand Those Beings Who are called by Their disciples The Three Great Lords. These are The Christ, Who stands in the center; the Lord of living forms, The Manu, Who stands at His right; and The Lord of Civilization, who stands to His left. These three face the rock upon which rests a great crystal bowl, full of water.

Behind the grouped Masters, adepts, initiates and senior workers under God's Plan are to be found the world disciples and aspirants in their various grades and groups (either "in the body" or "out of the body"), who at this time constitute the New Group of World Servers. Those present in their physical bodies have found their way there by ordinary means. Others are present in their spiritual bodies, and in the dream state. The "dream," which they later relate, has been uniformly registered by people throughout the world, and bears the testimony to the recollection of an inner spiritual happening.

As the hour of the full moon approaches, a stillness settles down upon the crowd, and all look towards the northeast. Certain ritualistic movements take place, in which the grouped Masters and Their disciples of all ranks take up symbolic positions, and form on the floor of the valley such significant symbols as the five-pointed star, with The Christ standing at the highest point; of a triangle, with The Christ at the apex; or a cross, and other well known formations, all of which have a deep and potent meaning. This is all done to the sound of certain chanted words and esoteric phrases, called mantrams.

The expectancy in the waiting, onlooking crowd becomes very great, and the tension is real and increasing. Through the entire body of people there seems to be felt a stimulation or potent vibration which has the effect of awakening the souls of those present, fusing and blending the group into one united whole, and lifting all into a great act of spiritual demand, readiness, and expectancy. It is the climax of the world's aspiration focussed in this waiting group. These three words - demand, readiness and expectancy - best describe the atmosphere surrounding those present in this secret valley.

The chanting and the rhythmic weaving grows stronger, and all the participants and the watching crowd raise their eyes towards the sky in the direction of the narrow part of the valley. Just a few minutes before the exact time of the full moon, in the far distance, a tiny speck can be seen in the sky. It comes nearer and nearer, and grows in clarity and definiteness of outline, until the form of The Buddha can be seen, seated in the cross-legged Buddha position, clad in his saffron-colored robe, bathed in light and color, and with his hand extended in blessing.

When The Buddha arrives at a point exactly over the great rock, hovering there in the air over the heads of The Three Great Lords, a great mantram, used only once a year, at The Festival, is intoned by The Christ, and the entire group of people in the valley fall upon their faces. This Invocation sets up a great vibration or thought current which is of such potency that it reaches up from the group of aspirants, disciples and initiates who employ it, to the Being we know as God. It marks the supreme moment of intensive spiritual effort throughout the entire year, and the spiritual vitalization of humanity and the spiritual effects last throughout the succeeding months. The effect of this great Invocation is universal or cosmic, and serves to link us up with that cosmic center of spiritual force from which all created beings have come. The blessing is poured forth, and The Christ, as the representative of humanity, receives it in trust, for distribution.

Thus, so the legend runs, The Buddha returns once a year to bless the world, transmitting renewed spiritual life, through The Christ. Slowly then The Buddha recedes into the distance, until again only a faint speck can be seen in the sky, and this eventually disappears. The whole ceremonial blessing, from the time of the first appearance in the distance until the moment The Buddha fades out of view, takes just eight minutes.

The Buddha's annual sacrifice for humanity (for He comes back only at great cost) is over, and He returns again to that high place where He works and waits. Year after year He comes back in blessing; year after year, He and His great brother, The Christ, work in the closest cooperation for the spiritual benefit of humanity. In these two great Sons of God have been focussed two aspects of divine life, and They act together as Custodians of the highest type of spiritual force to which our humanity can respond. Through The Buddha, the wisdom of God is poured forth. Through The Christ, the love of God is manifested in humanity, and it is this wisdom and love which pour forth upon humanity each Wesak full moon.

When The Buddha has again disappeared, the crowd rise to their feet; the water in the bowl is distributed in tiny portions to the Masters, initiates and disciples, and they then go their way to their place of service. The crowd, who have all brought their little cups and vessels of water, drink of them and share with others. In this beautiful "water ceremony of communion" is portrayed the symbol of the new age which is upon us, the Aquarian Age, the age of the Water Carrier.

In this ceremony is perpetuated for us the story of the universality of God's love, the need for our individual purification, and the opportunity to share with each other that which belongs to all. The water, which has been magnetized by the presence of The Buddha and of The Christ, carries certain properties and virtues of a healing and helpful nature.

The day of the Festival is to be known as the "day of safeguarding" whilst the two succeeding days are called the "days of distribution." These words mean something different to the Hierarchy of Masters than they do to us and it is fruitless (as well as forbidden) to elucidate them in their deepest meaning. They mean, however, five days of a most intensive effort in service, leading to the renunciation of all which could hinder our usefulness as channels of spiritual force. It means that after due preparation, dedication and upward striving for the first two days, on the day of the Festival itself we simply regard ourselves as the recipients of, or the custodians of, as much of that inflowing spiritual force as we can possibly hold. As channels, we must be prepared to forget ourselves in the service of touching, containing and holding force for the rest of humanity. We must regard the Festival itself as a day of silence (I refer to an inner peace and silent solemnity that can be preserved unbroken though the individual may be serving through speech and spoken interest), a day of service carried forward entirely on esoteric levels, and of complete self-forgetfulness in the remembrance of humanity and its need. During that period, two thoughts only will hold our constant attention-the need of humanity and the necessity of providing a group channel whereby the spiritual forces can be poured through the body of humanity under the expert guidance of the chosen members of the Hierarchy.

For two days prior to the full moon, we will hold the attitude of dedication and service and seek to assume that attitude of receptivity to that which our soul will impart which will make us of use to the Hierarchy. The Hierarchy works through groups of souls, and the potency of this group work is to be tested out. These groups in their turn contact and feed the waiting dedicated attentive personalities. On the day of the full moon, we attempt to hold ourselves steadily in the light. We will not formulate to ourselves what will happen nor will we look for results or for tangible effects.

On the two succeeding days, the focus of our attention will be steadily turned away from ourselves but also from the inner subjective planes to the outer world, and our efforts will be to pass on, or to pass through, that measure of spiritual energy that may have been contacted. Our work then in this particular and peculiar field of cooperation will then be ended.

This effort of the Hierarchy is a five days' effort, preceded by a most intensive period of preparation. The work of getting ready for the opportunity starts for the Hierarchy exactly at the hour when "the sun began to move northward." But They tire not as do human beings and it is not possible for the human aspirant to keep up so long a period of preparation, no matter how deep his devotion.

When the Great Lord was on Earth, He told His disciples that successful spiritual effort of a healing nature went not forth except by prayer and fasting. Will you ponder on these words? This is a group effort towards a vast group healing and by prayer (sanctified desire, illumined thought and intense aspirational longing) and by the discipline of the physical body for a short period and for a definite objective, the work can be done.

What is it that should be accomplished at each momentous full moon in May? I shall state the objective sequentially and in the order of their importance, and with as much clarity and brevity as this abstruse subject permits.

1. The releasing of certain energies which can potently affect humanity, and which will, if released, stimulate the spirit of love, of brotherhood and of goodwill on the earth. These energies are as definite and as real as those energies with which science occupies itself and calls the "cosmic rays." I am speaking of real energies and not of emotionally desired abstractions.

2. The fusion of all the people of goodwill in the world into an integrated responsive whole.

3. The invocation and the response of certain great Beings, Whose work can and will be possible if the first of the objectives is achieved through the accomplishment of the second objective. Ponder on this synthesis of the three objectives. By what name these Living Forces are called is entirely immaterial. They can be regarded as the Vice-Regents of God, Who can and will cooperate with the Spirit of Life and of Love upon our planet, the One in Whom we live and move and have our being. They may be regarded by certain thinkers as the Archangels of the Most High, Whose work has been made possible through the activity of Christ and His body of disciples, the true and living Church. They may be regarded by others as the guiding heads of the planetary Hierarchy, Who stand behind our planetary evolution, and Who seldom take an active part in the world activity, leaving it to the Masters of the Wisdom except in the time of an emergency such as this. By whatever name we call Them, They stand ready to aid if the call comes forth with sufficient strength and power from the aspirants and disciples at the time of the May full moon and the June full moon.

4. The evocation from the inner side of a strenuous and one-pointed activity on the part of the Hierarchy of Masters, those illumined Minds to Whom has been confided the work of world direction. A responsiveness is desired and can be effective between the following three groups:

1. The waiting and (at this time) anxious Hierarchy-anxious because even They cannot tell how humanity will react and whether men will be wise enough to avail themselves of the proffered opportunity. They stand, organised under the direction of the Christ, the Master of all the Masters, and the Teacher alike of angels and of men. He has been constituted the direct intermediary between the earth and the Buddha, Who is, in His turn, consecrated intermediary between the entire waiting Hierarchy and the attentive Forces.

2. The New Group of World Servers, composed at this time of all those sensitive and consecrated servers of the race whose objective is world peace, who aim at the establishing of goodwill on earth as the basis for future living and world expansion. Originally, this group was composed of a handful of accepted disciples and consecrated aspirants. Its ranks have been opened - . . to all those people of goodwill who are willing to sacrifice themselves for the helping of humanity, and who see no separating bar of any kind, but feel alike to the men of all races, nationalities and religions.

3. The masses of men and women who have responded to the ideas which have been set forth, and who react favorably to the objective of international understanding, economic interdependence and religious unity. When these three groups of thinkers and servers are brought en rapport with each other, and when the three groups can be aligned, even momentarily, much can be accomplished; the gates of the new life can be opened, and the inflow of the new spiritual forces can take place. Such is the Group objective and idea.

May I now make an inquiry? Of what importance is this full moon of May to you personally? Does it seem to you of sufficient importance to warrant your utmost effort? Do you really believe that on that day there can truly come a release of spiritual energy of sufficient potency to change world affairs, provided that humanity plays its part? Do you really believe, and can you stand practically to that belief, that the Buddha on that date, in cooperation with the Christ, and with the Hierarchy of Illumined Minds, plus the proffered aid of some of the Thrones, Principalities and Powers of Light, Who are the higher correspondence of the powers of darkness, stand waiting to carry out God's Plans, when given the right and the permission of men? Your major job at this time is not to wrestle with the powers of evil and the forces of darkness, but to awaken an interest in and mobilise the forces of light in the world today. Resist not evil, but so organise and mobilise the good, and so strengthen the hands of the workers on the side of righteousness and love that evil will find less opportunity.

If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed in what I have told you, if you have staunch belief in the work of the spirit of God and in the divinity of humanity, then forget yourselves and consecrate your every effort, from the time you receive this communication, to the task of cooperation in the organised effort to change the current of world affairs by an increase in the spirit of love and goodwill in the world during the month of May. (Esoteric Psychology, Vol. II pp. 687-692)

(Article on Wesak, by Alice A. Bailey)

Djwhal Khul here. Tashi Delek!

Wesak is once again upon us! It is a Spiritual New Year, the most sacred day for World Servers and Light Workers. Wesak calls forth the commitment of service from Humanity to Spirit, and the return of Spiritual support for those willing to Serve.

You are invited to join a very special group journey in meditation for Wesak 2010.

Each year, we take the original and authentic journey in a Merkabah vehicle especially constructed for this purpose. We experience Shamballah. We commune with other high level beings which strengthens the resolve. We feel the cool, thin air in Tibet and visit with other pilgrims who have made the journey. We share of ourselves and our bounties in the Tibetan pilgrim way.

We go before the three Great Ones. Please do not be fooled by popular or modernized information. The three Great Ones remain the same as experienced for thousands of years and as written in the Alice A. Bailey material and also documented by Madam Blavatsky and The Theosophical Society. The original teachings of the Great White [Light] Brotherhood [Humanhood] stand as truth today. Our planetary logos, Sanat Kumara, is joined by The Christ and The Buddha in ceremony to Humanity.

The purpose of this gathering is to offer one’s self to greater good. It is not to achieve recognition, initiation or praise. The ego desires these things, and this sacred experience is not ego based. It is the expression of the Soul and the Monad that earnestly seeks to serve. Although a Third Level Initiation is often transmitted to Humanity at this event, it is not the goal of the seeker. Those who have already achieved Soul Merge are renewed or refreshed, and sometimes receive new direction or clarification.

Now I guide you to “The Nature of the Soul” by Lucille Cedercrans. A complimentary download of her book is available at Here, you can read about Inner Government which some of you will recognize in The Great Invocation.

Gaze upon this photo of the original Valley of Wesak. Ask your body, “Have we been here before?” Attune to the energies of the most holy days of this place. It holds so much for Humanity and the Planet.

Wesak Valley with Ceremonial Table Rock and snow-capped Mt. Kalaish
Photo by with gratitude

If you are not able to participate within the safety of a group meditation, please ask for assistance from the Ascended Masters to take you there.

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Remind yourself each day of how much you are loved by spirit. Invite your inner wisdom to connect you with this love and support. Let yourself receive what truly is there for you, knowing that you deserve it. Then utilize what you receive to move forward in a light-filled way.

Excerpt from Time of Enlightenment - Now is The Time: A Wesak Season Message


The following is a link to a message whichh inspired me deeply this Wesak Moon and helped to realize what I really was to leave behind ... maybe it can help someone else as well to prepare for this Full Moon tomorrow ... So here's the link: Topic: YOU ARE NOW ENTERING THE PORTAL FOR THE GREAT ALIGNMENT MAY 10-17th...


And this is another beautiful link to a recent post by Hilda:

Topic: Entering New Levels of Awakening with the Powerful Wesak Moon


 Eternal Wesak Blessings :-)



Sonja Myriel

Thank you Sonja for posting this and sharing my link.

Many Wesak Blessings!


Lunar Eclipse On Thursday April 25 2013

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A partial lunar eclipse will be occurring on Thursday April 25th, right around 20:00 UT. The lunar eclipse, the first of the year, will be highly visible to observers in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Australia. The eclipse will not be visible from North America at all.

Image Credit: Partial Lunar Eclipse via Flickr CC

Image Credit: Partial Lunar Eclipse via Flickr CC

When it’s said that the eclipse is a partial one what that means is that at maximum eclipse only a portion of the Moon will be obscured by the Earth’s umbral shadow, roughly half of the Moon will be darkened from the penumbral shadow though.

The exact times follow: the penumbral eclipse begins at 18:03:38 UTC, the partial eclipse begins at 19:54:08 UTC, followed by the maximum eclipse at 20:07:30 UTC. The partial eclipse then ends at 20:21:02 UTC, and the penumbral eclipse ends at 22:11:26 UTC.

If you’re unsure of what the visibility will be like where you are located, the graphic below should help to clarify that.

Image Credit: F. Espenak, NASA’s GSFC

Image Credit: F. Espenak, NASA’s GSFC

Following this lunar eclipse there will be a solar eclipse in about two weeks, on May 10th, the first of the year. That eclipse will be visible to those throughout the Pacific region, including Eastern Australia, New Zealand, Southeast Asia, and even Hawaii.

For more information on these eclipses, and the other major astronomical events of the year, check out: Astronomy 2013, Comet ISON, Dance of the Planets, Meteor Showers, S...


Wesak 2013 – 26 April 2013 or 25 May 2013

Wesak is the first full Moon in Taurus, the time when the veil is thinnest between the higher dimensional planes (6th Dimension Pleiades, 7th Dimension Sirius & 8th Dimension Galactic Core) and the Earthly plane (1st Dimension Crystalline Earth’s Heart).

At the Wesak full moon every year, many people make the trek to the Wesak Valley at the bottom of Mt Kakais in Tibet to celebrate Buddha’s Birthday.  It is at this full moon that Buddha comes closet to Earth as the veil thins, bringing much light, love and healing to humanity.  Heaven and Earth are brought together as one.

I recommend that everyone spends some time alone this full moon, receiving the love of Buddha, and connecting with all humanity.

This year the Taurus Sun Full Moon occurs in April.  However, due to religious/cultural followings and the gregorian calendar, there are many people who will be celebrating Wesak this year on the full moon of the 25 May 2013.  With a large collective consciousness focussing on this May date, this unto itself will create a potential through conscious thought-form. Thus may I suggest on the 25 May 2013 connect deeply and bring the energetics from the 26 April 2013 (Sun in Taurus full moon) into your full moon ceremonies… to honour the full potential of this Wesak in 2013.

The Wesak full moon is the SECOND of 3 powerful full moons as follows:

1. Christ Full Moon – 27 March 2013   (Sun in Aries)
Honour of the Christ within all of us / within all of Creation

2. Wesak Full Moon – 26 April 2013  (Sun in Taurus)
Buddha’s birthday, honouring the God within all of us / within all of Creation.

3. Goodwill / World Invocation Day Full Moon – 25 May 2013 (Sun in Gemini)
Honouring of spiritual unity in humanity.

Wesak Safeguarding
The Most Sacred of Days

The importance of Safeguarding the Wesak energies is an outward manifestation of the fact that the Wesak is a present time cosmological event, and not one simply commemorating a past spiritual happening that was historical, as are most holy days.

The extraordinary power of theShamballa force, the energy of theWill-to-Good, was unleashed in three major impacts during the last century, supplying our planet with an energy source enabling humanity to express the will-to-good in our affairs in a new and wholly constructive way. The most recent of these recognized Shamballa impacts occurred in 2000. (The previous impacts came during World War II and in 1975.) Now at this year's spring festival interlude and its climax at the Wesak Festival full moon, the will-to-good that has been stimulated within humanity will determine the quality of impression registered in human minds. The supreme opportunity for impression occurs in the spring festival cycle and climaxes at the Wesak.

All people of spiritual aspirationwho meditate and make their minds available to the inpouring energies can contribute to the building of achannel for impression on the mental plane, through which the energies directed by the Hierarchytowards humanity can pour. To form part of this channel requires minds that are disciplined and available, free of the diversions of the lower mind, the emotions and the material concerns of outer life.

To assist us in creating this channel we suggest for the entire week prior to the Wesak full moon:

Link up with all disciples, aspirants and people of Goodwill throughout the world. Eliminate from our consciousness all negativity, clearly aligning ourselves with the Forces of Light.

In meditation invoke the Forces of Light. Endeavor to forget all of our own personal difficulties or issues. We must learn to carry forward our work for humanity in spite of our personality stresses, strains, fixations and limitations.

Be aware The Wesak Festival covers a period of of five days ...the two days preceding, the day of the full moon, and the two following days. Remember, at this time more than any other through meditation and the direction of energy, those of goodwill can cooperate more effectively with the Spiritual Hierarchy in the evolution of consciousness on our planet.

For two days prior to the full moon, we prepare ourselves by holding an attitude of dedication and service and upward spiritual striving. We seek to become receptive to that which our soul will impart ... that which will make us of use to the Spiritual Hierarchy.

The day of the Wesak full moon is known as the Day of Safeguarding. We simply regard ourselves as recipients of, or custodians of, as much of that spiritual force as we can possibly hold. We attempt to hold ourselves steadily in the light. We will not formulate what will happen, nor will we look for results or tangible effects. We will maintain an inner peace. Two thoughts only will hold our constant attention: the need of humanity, and the necessity of providing a group channel whereby the spiritual forces can be poured through body of humanity under the expert guidance of the Hierarchy.

The two days following the Wesak full moon are called the Days of Distribution. On these two succeeding days, the focus of our attention will be steadily turned away from ourselves and from the inner subjective planes to the outer world. Our efforts will be to pass on, or to pass through, that measure of spiritual energy that may have been contacted.

As a group we recognize and work with the Divine Purpose. The individual initate works with the Plan ~ the Plan has Purpose, and we as individuals play our parts.

The group is responsive to the "Bright Center Shamballa" where initates alone, in their own essential identity, cannot so respond. The individual must be protected by the group from the terrific potencies emanating from Shamballa. These energies are stepped down for the individual initate by the process of distribution as the Christ accepts the Buddha's Blessing on behalf of Humanity. This stepped down process of distribution is one of the major functions of group work.

We absorb, circulate and then distribute energy.

Knowing this time represents a doorway, a great cycle of opportunity ...

We strengthen the channel of Light, now.

We awaken an interest in the Spirit of Love and Goodwill.

We organize and mobilize the Good in our world.


In 2013 the Festival of the Wesak full moon in Taurus occurs
on Thursday, April 25 at 12:57 pm PDT (19:57 UT).


thankyou Sonja,

will meet you in the Wesak Valley

we will connect and bath with the divine energies of the Buddha,Christ and all light beings

big hug of light and love


The moon as it is NOW out there ...

opening to the fullness of you, opening to the world

Expect Wonderful Cosmic Perspectives for the New Earth    


Hello Sunshine!


May is approaching. I wanted to invite you to join me for an entirely new way of coming together, to share and harvest the offered energies of this amazing time.


The Eclipses that take place in the month of May are, I'm told, capable of "empowering those who are choosing and ready, to entirely change their relationship with physical reality."


"Okay. But what does this mean..." I asked Archangel Michael. He share this:


"The Earth is opening up dimensionally. For a long time only third dimensional energies were present here. Then gradually fourth dimensional energies became an option for more and more people oriented to love. 


Since the shift in 2012 the Earth has been unfolding new dimensional layers of reality. Each person will gradually, if they choose, learn to access these different layers, discovering the different energetic qualities of each, and then choose how and where to primarily orient, for the joyful benefit of their own Soul Evolution.


For those participating in ascension energies, the Eclipse Cycles in May will empowered a new way of connecting within their own experience, to these different dimensions, and with this to a greater knowing of the totality of their own wholeness. Both of which are incredibly wonderful experiences of reunion, familiarity at a deep level of being met and known and expansion."

Thank you Sonja for sharing these links here.

Love and Blessings,




Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


Blog Posts


Posted by Ms Tercy Lonan on December 4, 2021 at 11:16am 0 Comments

OPPORTUNITY FOR EVOLUTION HERE AND NOW:- So many upon the planet Earth ignore the laws of God and their own opportunity to make any advancement whatsoever along spiritual lines that it is a requirement of the great law that the few in every age…



Posted by Ms Tercy Lonan on December 3, 2021 at 10:02am 0 Comments

MICROCOSM AND MACROCOSM:- The weight of the world of karma has never been greater. The Divine Mother intercedes before the Court of the Sacred Fire on behalf of the children of God that the decent of their own karma might not destroy the very…



Posted by Ms Tercy Lonan on December 2, 2021 at 10:12am 0 Comments

KEEP THE PLANET FREE:- Just as you must garner the necessary thrust of light to preserve the freedom of your soul, to preserve your soul in freedom, the planet as a whole retain that thrust of light that will keep it in orbit not only around the…



Posted by Ms Tercy Lonan on December 1, 2021 at 7:53am 0 Comments

YOU ARE A FREE AGENT OF THE SACRED FIRE:- You then have the responsibility; and that responsibility is to keep yourselves so filled with light that at any hour of the day or night you are found free moving, a free agent of the sacred fire – not…


My Theory of Everything

Posted by Bill Walker on November 30, 2021 at 11:46pm 0 Comments

     As we consider the universe, the multi verse, and things such as string theory, dark matter, and a big bang one starts to consider just how complex eternity really is when trying to understand it all as…


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