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Lady Portia: Stay within your Heart, Love from your heart and be your heart

Lady Portia: Stay within your Heart, Love from your heart and be your heart
Channeled by Méline Lafontc
July 27, 2012
My Beloved Ones whose hearts are so filled with Love, I Am Lady Portia, the Almighty presence of freedom and expression. Justice is my trump card, my dedication and my origin. Balance is my result, my expression and my being. I welcome you heartily, my dear ones, for I am so full of Love for all of you and I wish to greet your lovely hearts and to share them with mine.
What once was my highest trump card will now become yours as well. Balance will reign in yourselves and balance will be the result in which you and your world will find yourselves. Balance is the key to harmony. And, Beloved Ones, that will be the end result. You will be in perfect harmony because you will be balanced within yourselves and with the cosmos. You will be one with the universe and beyond ; you will be one with yourself, with your Twin Flame, with your world and with the surrounding spiritual worlds.
Is is for the new, upcoming world that I personally pledge my allegiance and my full cooperation. Cooperation in itself is very important in this whole process. My true nature is important as is yours and so it is for every soul on Earth. Every form of energy, no matter how seemingly insignificant, gathers an enormous force which contributes to this present transformational process of yourselves and of Gaia. Nothing is useless or too insignificant to contribute in anyway possible. All is useful and has meaning in life, even the smallest cell regardless its form. All cooperate collectively and because of this fact, the illusion in which you dwell will also end collectively through the process of transformation.
All assistance and all forms of energy are now very important and are, quite frankly, a dire necessity. Remain persistent in your soul tasks, dear ones, as your help is needed now more than ever. At present we enter the most arduous months of the transformation process meaning that in the coming months you must stay true to yourSelf in complete serenity and harmony, one with yourSelf. What I am trying to say to you is that there is a lot that will unfold in a relatively short period of time ; a fact that you already feel deep down in your heart … deep in your own Truth and in your I AM Presence. Don’t ignore what your heart is revealing but listen closely. Your heart is your own cosmic source of information; it is your essence and your True Self; it is your Source of Love. It all starts from your heart  and from nowhere else: not from outside yourself nor from someone else, but from your inner I, your heart!
I advise you all to go within, on a daily basis, inside your heart; there you will find what you already know. Your heart never withholds the truth, it literally is jumping and thumping to share your love with yourself, with others and with Mother Earth. Release this Love and this information and open your heart to yourself.Love yourself, Love yourself immensely. If only I could let you feel what you are capable of when you open your heart center. Your little heart contains so much more power than you can imagine. The power of creation lies in your heart; huge creations are possible; it’s in this way the cosmos was created. You are that powerful; you are Creators each and everyone of you: you are a mentor, you are a Master!
I love you all beyond words, I love all lifeforms in this universe unconditionally, no exceptions!! Please know that I am at your beck and call, my heart goes out to this world and to you. It is my desire to assist you wherever I can but know that it all starts from within yourself. I follow you and travel along throughout these times in which the Galactic families will come to the fore and where the animal – and plant kingdoms will reveal not only their true selves but also their significance …
Look around you, dear ones, everything and I truly mean everything has its purpose .. and this is now unfolding. Love the animals as they genuinely love you! Love the plants and the water elements, as they too love you! They love you so much that they in a way have sacrificed themselves to stand by your side through it all. They are living beings just as humans are and they too are endowed with a soul, an energy, an aura … Even plants possess some kind of energy and aura, they also are living creatures. The plants were designed to be, first and foremost, the food source for humans and so much more. Never the animals, certainly not, in no case! Nonetheless, the beloved animals have chosen to experience slaughter to provide meat for humans, that is the extent of their love for you.
I love the animal kingdom so much, they are wise and spiritual souls who, just like us, have been placed in this duality for a reason. They are in no way less than us, quite the contrary : they make extra-ordinary friends and I myself love to dwell amongst them. This gives me so much joy and love. We are all one. Never forget that! Including the animal and the plant kingdoms and all elements on Earth.
Be kind to each other, my Beloved Ones, I love you!
I Am That I Am
Lady Portia
Copyright © 2012 by Méline Lafont. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included.  *

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Thanks great post.

Dear Angela,

Beautiful Message....

Thanks....Love You....




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