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Imhotep, Ascension a movement within you.


As a teacher and builder for most of my lifetimes upon earth, I would like to give a message today as much is still in progress upon earth.


There are so many questions and we welcome questions as many are on the path of researching their truth within.

You can see the difference between all of you, as it should be as you are all each a separate consciousness that has the ability to choose to experience oneness or being one within the oneness.


By this I mean, you can choose to have your experiences separate from each other as well as one with each other and both can be happening at the same time.


You can follow the path within, that you choose, as well as follow the path of all others within.


This is something that cannot really be explained within the human reality as the human mind has the limitation of seeing the human body as separate at all times.


This can only be explained once you have experienced this, what seems to be contradiction, as you as a human experience only the separateness within the human form, and some of the oneness that experienced within your spirit form, translated to you by the human mind.


Being human has its limitations, being within spirit is limitless, again an experience that can only be known as the human mind starts to understand more about this spirit reality you are all part of.


As we are in spirit we ascend at all times, with ascension we mean mostly expansion of our energies into newer realities of experience.


For human the ascension is more than that as the human needs an explanation that can give them the knowledge and a translation of what is happening not only within their human reality but also spiritual reality.


This is something that takes time as the human mind is not as pliable as the spiritual mind.


For the human the spiritual reality can only be experienced outside of the human reality, and this makes it hard for the human mind as the spiritual reality is not a tangible reality, but a dreamlike experience.


When you move into the spiritual reality of your being, you start to create many different realities as you explore the limits and limitlessness of you spiritual world.


The translation into the human becomes more and more real as more is experienced within the spiritual world, but it still remains a dreamlike reality as the spiritual world is not fully integrated within the human reality.


Some of you think that the spiritual world is within the dreamtime, it is not. The spiritual reality is always with you, as you are a being of energy that is capable of being anywhere and everywhere. The translation into the human world does not happen as the mind is not capable as of yet to completely understand the spiritual/energy being that you are.


This is something that takes time as the ascension process is happening.


As a human you have been ascending but as you are within a limited reality, the ascension is happening slowly. With ascension we mean that you are slowly becoming aware of the spiritual reality by raising or expending the frequency within the physical reality.


Awakening can be seen as an expansion or ascension as this is what expands your human mind into a more aware mind of the human and spiritual reality.


The raise of frequency, which is less noticeable to most, is also ascension, but the raise in frequency is slower than the awakening at most times, as the change within the physical takes longer because of the density and slower vibration within the energy in the 3rd density.

In previous times, most would go by faith, in these times a more awakened process is happening as many are realizing that the faith in teachings are only a support system that can be useful when you are just here to learn your lessons. It is not useful when you are here to experience the reality that you are in fact a spiritual being and not just a human being.


Knowing is one support system that is helpful at this time, but only if you give yourself the opportunity to go beyond knowing into really experiencing the spiritual reality of your being.


Many are within their mind as they think about the spiritual reality. They give themselves a way of going around this by saying the knowing is within the heart.

This is not completely true and the mind is still a very big part of the knowing within the heart as every feeling and experience is related to you through the mind.


For example, when you say " I feel this in my heart", the translation or explanation of what you feel within your heart is done through the mind.


So at this moment it is the mind that needs to have a translation application that can translate the spiritual reality into the human reality. The Spiritual Rosetta Stone if you like.


Within the human mind you have the capability of translating languages, as many are speaking English but have a different native language. The mind needs to learn to translate the non-spoken word into the human language.


So the human mind needs to learn how to translate energy into human words.


This is where many are stuck as the translation of energy is not something that is tangible to the human experience and so the mind has problems as far as finding the right translation.


This can only be found by exploring the spiritual reality, even though it might still seem like a dreamlike reality to the human.


As you start exploring each of you will go into a dreamlike reality, created within your own being at times and this is what we mean by learning to translate, the reality you move in is not that important, it is important that the human mind starts to translate the spiritual experience into the human reality.


Once there is a reference point within the human mind, it can begin to understand the spiritual energies. This is why meditation, and especially guided meditation is used to bring to you certain experiences within the spiritual reality.


When you sleep, part of you is traveling into the spiritual world, but this does not only happen during sleep as part of you is always traveling within the spiritual world.

This is needed for the spiritual part of you to start the lifting out of the physical reality, but this is not always translated directly into the physical reality as the mind has not adjusted yet to the merging or understanding that in fact the human reality and the spiritual reality are one.


Your spiritual parts are at all times aware of the human reality, the human is most of the time not aware of the spiritual reality.


The parts of you in spirit are connected to you, and are trying to connect more through you, but they can only do this when you move into their reality. As the human mind needs to experience the spiritual reality.


I hope this explains a bit more as the human words are limited compared to the real experience.


The ascension taking place on earth is just a word used to describe the process of expansion, awareness, awakening within the human and the raise in frequency of your human body.


You have worked many lifetimes on this process and each time you incarnate within the physical reality, the physical human body, you move through the ascension faster and faster, you awaken faster as the experiences of previous lifetimes are within you and become more easily available each time you incarnate within the physical human reality.


The ascension you are experiencing within the human body is part of the cycle of evolution upon your planet, and you have gone through cycles like this before.


Memories are coming up from previous lifetimes as you move through this cycle and just receive them as support, do not use them, only use the energies that go with them. The memories are triggers that are available to move into a deeper experience.


As the human mind will try to translate, many words will be used to determine the importance of those lives, they are what you are, what you are now is because of these past life experiences, but they can be obstacles if you start to give them more importance than they really deserve.


Nothing is more important than the Now Moment, as this is the moment where you should put your focus to adjust and create the new reality that is needed to move beyond the cycle into a new cycle that will be more enlightened and will have more freedom to create your own reality.


You can see it this way, the earth herself is a reality, and each one of you has their own reality. You are trying to create and live within your own reality, but as you do your creation ability is limited by the earth reality.


This is the time where the energy supports the movement out of this reality of the earth into a new more fluid energy where your creation abilities will be less limited.  


You can see it as one bubble, the earth is within a large bubble, the 3rd dimensional reality, you each have your own bubble that is within this large bubble.


Now this is not the only bubble, the earth bubble is within a larger bubble which is your solar system, and within this bubble there are other bubbles surrounding you planets as each planet has a different created reality as well.


The earth reality bubble is ready to burst and move beyond its limitations into a bigger bubble less limited bubble.


Many beings upon other planets are living within their own bubble, just like you. They have their own created reality that is not necessary the same as yours.


This is why when they assist you, their information is based upon their own created reality and not necessarily is what is needed to burst out of your created reality.

When we look at all the beings assisting you, they are using their knowledge of what is happening and happened within their own reality. Their realities are based upon their own memories of what happened over time and just like within your history not all is exactly what they believe it is right now.


Just like your own history knowledge of the earth is limited and distorted, so is theirs, not just about their own history but also about yours.


This is why it is important to focus mostly within the now moment as you move to burst out of your own little bubble, become a bigger bubble within the even larger bubble that is going to be around the earth.


Not everyone is going to be bursting out of their own bubble and this is their path at this moment as choices have been made prior to incarnating at this time.


The earth bubble is going to burst and this will bring a bigger less limited bubble for everyone on earth at this moment and within that new bubble they will slowly start to move out of their bubble as well.


This is what ascension is all about at this time, moving out of your very limited creational abilities in a much less limited creational ability.


There are also some of you ready to move completely beyond every bubble out there and they are blowing up their bubble completely until it extends beyond the earth, beyond your solar system and even beyond your universe.


That is what ascension is on every level, expansion of awareness, awakening and becoming aware of the larger bubble that is also around you. So you are not just within the limited bubble of your human reality, but the bubble of the human reality expands and become as big as the bubble of your spiritual reality.


This is done within steps and some will take small steps, others take bigger steps.


So some will only blow up their bubble of the human reality up till a point where they will experience a new 5th dimensional reality, others will blow up their bubble to have a complete experience of their spiritual reality in all places.


This is expansion, as we experience the expansion of our being within spirit.



Through Petra Margolis

January 28, 2012

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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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