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The Council of Nine: On Love

Greetings… we are the Council of Nine. We come to you today with the purpose of discussing love.

On your world, love is a controversial subject. This we find curious as love is the warp and woof of what you are made up of, the very fabric of creation. Yet, in your lower minds you have created a vast world of wants, needs and desires all tied up to some vague impression of what love is. We would inform you, gently; that, in most cases what many of you have actually experienced is what love is not.

Love can be vast and fiery. Love can be soft and gentle. Love can be tough. Love can scour all that is not yours away from within your being like a desert wind. Love can fill your heart to overflowing with an expansive ache.

You can feel what you believe is love for another human being, be it man or woman or child. It is an air or feeling of nurturance and a desire to protect. Yet this is still not the fullness of love.

Many mistake lust for love and fall into it only to awaken days or months later, wondering who that person is to whom they are momentarily bonded or even married.

Love is. It really is as simple as that and yet far more complex.

Each of you, whether you are aware of it or not, yearns to feel the fullness of love, unconditional love as received from another, most especially those to whom you feel closest, your spouse, your family and sometimes, your friends.

For the most part, love as you understand it in your world has been conditional, dependent on what the other person or persons was willing to give you in return for your “love”, regard or protection.

How can you truly love another if you are constantly placing conditions on that “love”? As you work with these conditions, you unconsciously built obstacles to your own ability to be able to receive and reciprocate real love, unconditional love.

What is unconditional love and why is it so elusive for many? This is a love that does not judge, defend or distinguish between any living being that may step into its vicinity. It is a love that encompasses all of creation for it emanates from the heart of the Father-Mother God, from the Source of Creation, from that which created matter and placed it into the dark matter of the expanding Universe.

Unconditional love is beyond the comprehension of the little mind that would package and divide, qualify and categorize. Unconditional love is the love that surpasses any understanding and simply is of itself, pure, whole and unsullied. It is the essence of your Higher Self. It is the true essence of yourself, stripped of all that is not Self.

Many are beginning to wake up and realize that they need to love themselves. This is a hard thing for some, for long have they lingered in the shadows of self-doubt and self-hatred, often not understanding the core issues or reasons for such feelings.

Coming into self-love or respect for self is merely a step on the pathway to self-mastery. If you feel that you cannot love yourself yet, learn to accept yourself as you are and you will free your future self to love.

Love flows from the heart of Creation, but one cannot feel this connection or flow with the Source until one has connected to the source of love within, your own heart center.

You have more than one heart. You have a heart that beats rhythmically, a wondrous organic pump moving oxygenated blood throughout the cardiovascular system to feed the cells and removing the used blood and cellular waste through the lymph system and the lungs. Your bodies are a marvelous creation and are made up of particles of love, blessed by the elementals and angelic beings who attend your every breath, your every thought, your every heartbeat.

Your second heart, the seat of the soul, rests within your etheric body, which is the divine blue print for the body that you wear every day. The high heart is situated above and within the thymus gland. This heart center is sealed in those who have not yet awakened, to protect the treasure that lies within. It opens in response to your efforts to open and align your energy centers.

Those who have incarnated upon this planet for the purpose of assisting humanity to evolve during this current transitional cycle are some of the ones who first open up the etheric or high heart. Many will speak of moments, hours or even days spent in bliss as the fiery energies of love fill their beings. For most the return to earth, to “reality” is painful… yet to evolve into something higher and finer there needs to be an ebb and flow to your progress. Bliss cannot be sustained forever; else you will not move forward but will instead wish to remain where you are presently.

You may long for bliss and the vibrational frequencies of what you deem the higher planes, but in reality, the earth plane is the one where you progress furthest and fastest on your soul journey. Why would you want to make progress? Why, out of the love that you are, as a natural response to the Will of your Creator, who desires for you the fullness of what you can experience and be.

Earth is a classroom and has been such for a very long time. It is a tough classroom, one in which most humans have not experienced a great deal of love, from others or for themselves. That is now in the process of changing. In the future of your planet, the opportunity to experience what is really love will be present and available for all who choose or are chosen to come here.

You may have forgotten that the opportunity to incarnate in this particular cycle of creation was limited. Only those who were the strong and brave could apply and be accepted. You are here because you have earned a place. You are here because you have gifts and great wisdom stored within, garnered from your experience and lifetimes spent on not only this planetary body, but also other worlds. It is up to each of you to find the key to opening the treasure that lies within. The key is self-love.

Now many of your world cultures regard self-love to be a selfish way of existence. You are expected to obey and look to family leaders, community and country leaders, experts in every field, religious mentors and teachers… to look everywhere but within for guidance and advice. If you are to progress upon your spiritual journey, however, to take the road less traveled, you must be willing to drop all self-criticism and face yourself, to look into your own eyes and heart and to see what is truly at your core. If you allow yourself to look without judgment or expectation you may surprise yourself and find that at your core… you are Love and have always been so.

The idea of looking within oneself frightens many. They fear what they might see or feel. Sometimes it appears those fears are warranted, but know that as you learn to accept yourself as you are and have been, you will come to a place where you can move with surety into self-forgiveness. In short, you can let go of all that you have carried in terms of guilt and shame; you can let go of all that is not you and never was. All of you have long carried the judgments of others within, judgments handed out every time you have fallen short of the expectations of family, friends, community, and other social organizations.

As most relationships have long been conditional in nature, there is a large accumulation of related guilt and shame, aligned with fear of being discovered. Everyone carries secrets within, sometimes secrets that the person carrying them does not know of, that will be inevitably revealed when the soul undergoes a purging in preparation for a step-up in vibrational frequency.

Such a cycle of purging is what all of you have been experiencing most intensely within the last twenty years. This past year and into the current month, this cycle of purging and releasing has come to an intensity that has left many gasping and searching for reality. Old signposts and old ways of being do not resonate or cannot be found and as a result, many go into panic mode, striking out at others in their confusion.

Now is not the time to panic, but to seek that inner peace that lies within, like a pool of molten gold, lodged in your own higher heart. Allow yourself to be gentle with self, to learn to accept you as you are and have been, so that you might be able to expand and experience more of what you truly are, a divine light being, while still embodied.

This cycle is a rare opportunity to bring heaven to earth. The term “ascension” is greatly misunderstood as is love and light. Some of the newly awakened feel the desperate need to escape this world and so when they discover the potential to experience bliss and light and love, they go there and stay there and do not progress any further on the path. Many, even those who deem themselves lightworkers, remain stuck because they are unwilling to do the work, to release the old, to integrate their masculine and feminine essence within their own being, to integrate the shadow, to integrate and bring into their physical being the highest essences of their multidimensional selves.

Ascension in this cycle is truly about “decension” or bringing your highest essence into waking consciousness. You are meant to be a fully conscious being. This means being fully conscious of your many selves who live in other worlds, on other timelines and dimensions than the physical being in which a portion of “you” currently resides. To even arrive at the point of acknowledging that you are a multidimensional being requires that you step into a space of profound self-acceptance and self-love.

Within this self-acceptance, you will be able to let go of the little niggling worries that you may not succeed if you do not do this or that. You will learn to follow with your intuition that sure guidance that emanates from within your own command post, your high heart. It is through the high heart that your Soul and Monad or spiritual family can communicate with you and guide your progress forward, but you must be willing to listen.

The art of listening within requires that you let go of any fears that are creating blockages, acting like rocks in a cave, preventing any forward motion. Remove the rocks, clear out the cave and find the golden doors that lead to the sacred temple within each human being. Your Christed self resides within the crystal cave, within the sacred precincts of the temple within and it is here that you can communicate one on one with the One who truly loves you unconditionally.

This one, the Christ, the anointed one, is your spiritual self… but only a portion of that magnificent Being who you are. Beyond the Christ lie many layers of reality and planes of existence. Each of you is in truth far more than your lower mind can comprehend and so the knowledge of these other parts of you will come slowly and gradually into your awareness as you are ready to receive the knowledge of same.

You are love. You were made in love by the sacred union of Father-Mother God. You were sent forth as sparks of light into a Universe to explore the farthest reaches and so you have come to the place where your Father-Mother are now calling to you to return Home. Many have not heard the call yet in their outer waking consciousness, but still they feel it, for it is irresistible. The soul that resides within your high heart hears the call and it must respond and act and so it finds ways to wake your sleeping consciousness up, again.

Each person must take the first steps of return, first moving through the shadows of fear and doubt and then finally emerging out of the clouds of despair into an atmosphere of lighter and higher frequency. Although you may feel alone and confused, you are still receiving guidance every step of the way. This is the way of love to which your soul responds. Like a flower opening to the warmth of the sun, your soul responds to the love that is emanated forth from the Heart of the Universe, the great Cosmic Sun, and the home of your Father-Mother God.

In the fullness of time, this inner yearning emerges into your waking consciousness and suddenly you feel a tremendous discontent with everything that exists within your world. You may not know the why or wherefore, but you begin to search and in the midst of your searching, you “stumble” upon bits and pieces of information buried in the strangest places, within movies, the comments of friends, within videos, within sacred and not so sacred books, within the beauty and expansiveness of nature, within your own heart flame.

Slowly, slowly you begin to respond to the love that is sent to you via the great solar and cosmic rays, upon those rays that you cannot yet see but you feel within the core of your being. The purging that begins in response to the powerful love energies can be painful, but it is a necessary step on the path of return. And you begin to yearn to expand and to become something that you cannot quite yet grasp, something that you fear and long for at the same time.

You yearn to feel and be the love that you are. You turn away and back again, confused and bewildered by your own hesitation. You go forward and you stumble. You hit highs of great understanding and lows of tribulation.

Your soul is being winnowed; your human self is being cleansed and purged of all that it cannot take with it on the journey of return. For only as light can you return. Only as love can you walk with the Masters and those who await your return to the higher planes.

All of you have a place at the table. All of you belong to higher dimensions and in the fullness of the expansion of your awareness, with the return of blocked memories, you will begin to remember and identify with those parts of you that you can only imagine in the now moment.

You are love and it is to Love that you return. You are in the process, perhaps taking your first faltering steps on the journey back to the Sun, to the Home that you left so long ago and only a moment, as time and space are experienced very differently on the higher planes.

Yet, now you are also bringing the highest essence possible into your physical being so that you might raise up the frequency levels of all of humanity and that of the planetary body. What you do for yourself you also do for the collective for the love that you are binds you together in a great Web of Life.

For as love you are connected with all else that is love… which is the entire Universe, seen and unseen. Love is the dark matter that binds electrons and neutrons together in an eternal dance. You are made up of particles of dark matter imbued with the light of the inner and outer Suns. You are the child of your parents, Father-Mother God, and they love you with the fullness of their being.

Never ever doubt that you are loved, that you are love, that you are worthy of love, and that you are capable of love, for it is the fullness of what you are. You are love and love is.

So, on this day, when some celebrate their love for their mothers, we celebrate our love for each of you. With the Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Light, we stand to lend you our love until you can connect with that which emanates from within.

We are here to assist and guide you as you take those first hesitant steps and will stand beside you every step of the way home. You are never ever alone, dear ones, and always loved.


All Rights Reserved, Elizabeth Ayres Escher,

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thank you--i needed this :)


A beautiful article filled with beautiful loving reminders! Clear and concise.

Thank you so much Angel~a for sharing it with us. I've enjoyed it a lot.

Many blessings,


Thank You  Onura for your BEautiful presence!



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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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