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 The Seven Sacred Weeks takes place twice a year, for 7 weeks each time. Beginning on the third Thursday of May and then beginning again on the 4th Thursday of November, on the American Thanksgiving Holiday, every year.

Thursday, May 22, 2014 and November 27, 2014      

 For seven weeks and 49 straight days, we are offered a glorious opportunity to come together to receive Divine Intervention from the Ascended and Angelic Host during these greatest concentrated time periods of love and joyous celebration upon the Earth.

  49 Days, 49 Masters, 49 Gifts

  For seven weeks and 49 straight days, we are gifted a gracious opportunity to come together to receive Divine Intervention during the greatest concentrated period of love and joyous celebration upon the Earth.

 "Seven Sacred Weeks" is a radiation governed by a mighty Divine Dispensation and granted to the Earth from the spiritual office and Being referred to as the "Great Divine Director". The consciousness of the Great Divine Director is part of the intervening cosmic light rays descending as the Will of God. Merged with universal cosmic cycles, this blue fire light intelligence assists to propel the momentous direction of the Divine Plan for Earth's evolution. 

The Great Divine Director has served as an integral training forcefield of initiation for many Ascended Masters and currently works very closely with Saint Germain to herald in our new Golden Age. He now comes to assist us.


Divine Purpose:
This intervention creates a window between the human world and the Ascended Octave. It is a portal in the fabric of time in which the great cosmic signature of some of the primary Divine Guardians of our race enter deeply into our consciousness, being and world. Through the power of our attention, we may receive their gifts of support, activity of the Sacred Fire, record of their own ascension and their all enveloping magnetic love.
Through our call, they come  to teach us how to communicate with the greater aspect of our true self and to expand the activity of the Sacred Fire in our body. The Sacred Fire is used to liberate ourselves from the human consciousness and to pierce the veils of limited human perception. At this time, this especially concerns the dismantling of one of the last major veils...the false belief of good versus evil, right versus wrong. 
Once this veil loosens, the consciousness of the Higher Mental Body , the illumined and unified Christ Mind, can more easily assimilate as part of our new I AM Race  Divine Blueprint.
For 49 days, may we acknowledge and receive this immense gift by placing daily focus upon the designated Ascended Being of the day. We are invoking their Divine Signature and radiation to pour in, through and around ourselves, our loved ones, our groups, communities, cities, nations and world. 
 When we put our body to sleep, we may also ask our Higher Mental Body to take us to the Temple of Light of the Ascended Master of the day, to receive Their great love and blessings and bring this gift back into our physical being to support us in every aspect of our daily lives. God bless you, Precious Heart!
Decree before beginning the daily decree:
 Mighty I AM Presence 

Mighty I AM Presence of every human being, embodied and those awaiting embodiment

To the Great Author of the 7 Sacred Weeks, Great Divine Director

To the Ascended Masters who are directly participating in the great out-pouring

Mother Akasha

Mighty Cyclopea

Lady Nada 

And the Ascended Jesus Christ

I command and demand the Will of Akasha’s Rose Pink Ray, the all Christ illumination of the Ascended Jesus Christ Golden Ray and the Purity and Transformation of Saint Germain’s Violet Ray ensures the Victory, that the Wheel of Progress will move to its next notch, demanding the most powerful outpouring of Cosmic Light Rays into the mental and feeling of all human life, into the atmosphere, into all life on the Earth and in the Earth.

I command it in the name of every I AM Presence of the I AM Star seed to this Earth. 

I command it in the name of Mighty Helios and Vesta, our God Parents in our own physical Sun. 

I command it in the sacred names of the 7 mighty Elohim.

I command it in the name of the Great Cosmic Beings of the Great Central Sun,


I command it in the Infinite I AM Presence of the Great Central Sun, fulfilled the Ascended Masters way.

Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM.

Mighty I AM Presence of every human being, embodied and those awaiting 
To the Great Author of the 7 Sacred Weeks, Great Divine Director 
To the Ascended Masters who are directly participating in the great out-pouring 
Mother Akasha 
Mighty Cyclopea 
Lady Nada  
And the Ascended Jesus Christ 
I command and demand the Will of Akasha’s Rose Pink Ray, the all Christ 
illumination of the Ascended Jesus Christ Golden Ray and the Purity and 
Transformation of Saint Germain’s Violet Ray ensures the Victory, that the 
Wheel of Progress will move to its next notch, demanding the most powerful 
outpouring of Cosmic Light Rays into the mental and feeling of all human life, 
into the atmosphere, into all life on the Earth and in the Earth. 
I command it in the name of every I AM Presence of the I AM Star seed to this 
I command it in the name of Mighty Helios and Vesta, our God Parents in our 
own physical Sun.  
I command it in the sacred names of the 7 mighty Elohim. 
I command it in the name of the Great Cosmic Beings of the Great Central Sun, 
I command it in the Infinite I AM Presence of the Great Central Sun, fulfilled 
the Ascended Masters way. 
Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM, Almighty I AM. 
Day 1-May 22, 2014

Goddess of Purity 

Goddess of Purity focuses with the White Ray of Purity to the Earth, bringing wholeness and perfection of the Christ Self through the flame of the Mother's Presence. You may call upon the Goddess of Purity and her Great Central Sun's Immortal Flame of Purity and Love to come forth into your being and world, restoring everything to Divine Purity and Balance, opening the way that you, your family and all humanity may go forth, the fulfillment of the Divine Plan of life on Earth. Her Sacred Fire Love offers assistance in cutting free from the illusions of human creation and to expand awareness into Christ Consciousness. Her flower is the Lily. 

  Day 2-May 23, 2014

Goddess of Justice


Lady Portia is the Goddess of Justice and Opportunity, representing these qualities to the Earth. Her action is that of balance, and harmony to hold that balance. She is one of the members of the Karmic Board, representing the Violet Ray. Twin Flame and Divine Complement of Saint Germain, this being focuses with the Violet Fire to bring forth justice, freedom, mercy, forgiveness and alchemizing effect. You can call upon this Lady Portia and her Sacred Fire for the qualities of Freedom, Justice and Opportunity to act in your life and the world. She also lends assistance in legal action. Scales of balance are her symbol as well as the Maltese Cross. 


 Day 2, Beloved Goddess of Justice


 Day 3-May 24, 2014

Goddess of Harmony 

 The Goddess of Harmony represents the living light of Harmony, a valuable key to our progress on the Path of Becoming. She comes to assist us in becoming Divine Instruments of Harmony, Peace and Calm within the chaotic circumstances of the outer world.  Call to this great Goddess to enfold you in her Sacred Fire Harmony, to stand strong and to have the resolve to accomplish anything that you so desire in your life. Call upon Harmony to assist in the lives of your family, your community, nation and the world. We may embody these living flames of harmony to help transmute outer world destruction and discordant energy upon the planet. 


 Day 3, Beloved Goddess of Harmony


 Day 4-May 25, 2014

Kuthumi, World Teacher


Serving as our World Teacher, Kuthumi comes to support each one of us in our ascension in the area of Divine Truth and the discernment of that Truth. He has lived earthly embodiments as St. Francis of Assisi; Balthazar, one of the wise men following the star to child Jesus; and the Greek philosopher, Pythagoras. We may call to his golden-yellow Sacred Fire rays for Wisdom, Discernment and Illumination. Instrumental in bringing Theosophy to the Earth, his activity is education, providing gentle understandings of truth and wisdom through his great love for Humanity. His etherictemple of Illumination is said to be a cathedral of nature and located over the hills of Kashmir, India.


Day 4, Beloved Kuthumi 


 Day 5-May 26, 2014

Goddess of Peace


The Goddess of Peace represents this God virtue to the Earth through golden flaming Sacred Fire substance. We may call upon this Being to still the waters of human emotion, confusion, doubt and any turbulence of the subconscious mind. Call forth her radiation into areas of the world in great chaos, war zones and any situation required great peace and calm. The Goddess of Peace is said to serve from the ethericTemple of Peace located over the islands of Hawaii


Day 5, Beloved Goddess of Peace 


Day 6-May 27, 2014

Goddess of 

The liberating forcefield of the Goddess of Liberty focuses the power of the seven Elohim through the cosmic quality of Liberation. She keeps the love of liberty active in the evolutions of the celestial bodies in this system of worlds. The Goddess of Liberty appeared to General Washington during the winter of 1777 revealing to him America's destiny giving him the strength and courage to complete his own mission in liberating the colonies.  Her action to us is Divine Freedom... freedom of Earth and all life from the bonds of the human consciousness especially egoic resistance, emotional glamour and the maya of the outer world.


Day 6, Beloved Goddess of Liberty


 Day 7-May 28, 2014

Serapis Bey


Serapis Bey serves from the White Ray of Purity, which comes the action of the Ascension Flame. In past embodiments such as Priest Guardian of the Flame in Atlantis, designer of the Parthenon in Greece, Akhenaton IV and Amenophis III inEgypt, this great Ascended Master serves the Earth from his etheric retreat over the Temple of Luxor in Egypt. Serapis Bayhas legions of Seraphim Angels in his command. As a great disciplinarian in assisting seekers along the path of spiritual initiation, Serapis Bey's Sacred Fire Love works with us primarily on the level of our Higher Mental Body (Christ Self). We may call to white fire flames of this Being along with his legions of angels for great assistance in our purification of the entire human energetic hologram and the raising of our vibrational frequencies and light quotients.


Day 7, Beloved Serapis Bey 


 Day 8 -May 29, 2014

Lady Master Leto 

 The Lady Master Leto is a teacher of youth especially focusing with children who have taken embodiment as Servers of the Divine Plan. Leto teaches us how to safely leave the body and return at will so that we can better remember our experiences in the etheric realms and the learning ashram retreats at night. She also assists with surrounding us in the Cloak of Invisibility to the discord of the outer world.  She was embodied during the Incan civilization where she brought forth many advances in science, as she understood the spiritual laws behind the manifestation. She was also an Atlantean scientist and a Chinese mystic. We may call to Leto for assistance by attuning to her flame which is purple tinged with gold shimmerance. She also focuses with the the Gold and Platinum Rays of Enlightenment. 

 Day 8, Beloved Lady Leto


Day 9-May 30, 2014


 El Morya works under the authority of the Blue Ray representing God’s Will to the Earth. He gives assistance to all governments and stands by any of us desirous of doing God’s Will as the planetary servers of the Divine Plan. In previous embodiments, he was one of the three wise men making way to the Christ Child, King Arthur during the time of Camelot, Sir Thomas More, Akbar the Great, founder of the Mogul Empire of India. With great determination, he teaches us how to concentrate, to have unwavering focus, and to build our strength of character as this is in absolute divine alignment to the Divine Plan and Mission of Earth. His sacred fire of the blue flames gifts us with the Power of Command and expression of Divine Truth through all forms of our expression and media. His retreat is in Darjeeling and his electronic pattern is the chalice.


Day 9, Beloved El Morya 


 Day 10-May 31, 2014

Qwan Yin
As the great Bodhisattva Mother Goddess, Qwan Yin directs the Flames of Mercy and Compassion to the Earth under the authority of the Violet Fire with Saint Germain. Qwan Yin is a Member of the Karmic Board for this planet, representing the Seventh Ray and keeps the Flame of the Divine Mother on behalf of the peoples of China, Asia, and the world.  She has taken the Vow of the Bodhisattva to serve Planet Earth until all its evolutions are ascended and free. Call upon her sword of mercy and the Sacred Fire healing powers of forgiveness to intensify the Love that will dissolve all fear and doubt from your life and that of all Humanity. 

Her etheric retreat is over BeijingChina and her mantra is “Om Mani Padme Hum”.


 Day 10, Beloved Qwan Yin


Day 11-June 1, 2014

Lord Buddha 

Lord Buddha attained enlightenment during the night of the Full Moon day of the month of May , about the year 528 B.C. His being was transformed and he became the Buddha. For a total of 49 days, he was deep in rapture. after which he again turned his attention to the world. The key discovery of his quest: The Four Noble Truths, the Eightfold Path and the Middle Way. Today, Lord Buddha holds the office of Lord of the World. At inner levels, he sustains the threefold flame of life, the divine spark, for all children of God on earth. 


 Day 11, Beloved Lord Buddha


 Day 12-June 2, 2014

Goddess of Venus

Ascended Lady Master Venus is the great Empress of Love, Beauty and Grace, embodying the consciousness of planet Venus. Venus and Earth were created as twin flame planets, twin stars, and they share a common evolutionary destiny. Goddess of Venus holds the focus of Love for this Solar System and her own celestial alignments and transits are playing a pivotal role in Earth’s ascension. She is greatly assisting in pole shift stabilization and the opening of many portals around the world for the influx of the transforming cosmic light rays. Call to this great Empress of Love and the ruby Fire to bring to you and our planet a greater concentration of Divine Love, Will and Grace of the Mother’s Presence. 


Day 12, Beloved Goddess of Venus 


Day 13-June 3, 2014

Sanat Kumara

Sanat Kumara has held the position of Planetary Logos and Lord of the World since the darkest hours of Earth’s history when human evolution lost all contact with the God Flame within. For millions of years, Sanat Kumara has sustained and guarded the flame in the hearts of humanity. It is through his love that makes human evolution and our own spiritual initiation possible. He came to Earth, a voluntary exile from planet Venus to keep the Sacred Fire active until sufficient numbers of light servers would awaken to their true nature. Most who came with this great being are serving under his rod of initiation and are leading the way into humanity’s ascension and the new I AM Race. Sanat Kumara’s vibration and essence of life is in each of us and is the reason why we are now remembering who we are. We owe a great depth of gratitude to this selfless being of cosmic magnificence and fortitude.

There is an etheric City of Light dedicated to Sanat Kumara, “Shamballa” over the Gobi Desert which holds many ashrams of higher learning and the templates for our new Divine-Human Blueprint. You can ask to go there while your physical body is at rest. Call to Sanat Kumara’s  radiation of the Ruby Flames (and our entire Venusian family) to fill our minds and hearts with guidance for our personal mission on Earth. 

 Day 13, Beloved Sanat Kumara


 Day 14-June 4, 2014

Maha Cohan

The Maha Chohan represents the Holy Spirit and all of the divine qualities of Mother-Father God to our Planet Earth. This consciousness directs the activities of all of the Rays, giving action and light to whatever ray is in momentum. This cosmic fire influence is responsible for developing Divine Feelings in mankind and is the authority of manifestation in the powers of nature and forces of the elements. It is the Maha Chohan that initiates our soul in preparation to receive the powers and gifts of the Holy Spirit and our Causal Body attainments, many of which are emerging in this eternal now due to this intervention. Call to this great Divine Being and the legions of White-Fire Angels to pulsate the Sacred Fire of the Holy Spirit, releasing the flow of Life from the Great Central Sun into the hearts of all people evolving with the Earth. The Maha Chohan’s virtue is comfort and symbol is the white dove.


 Day 14, Beloved Maha Cohan


 Day 15-June 5, 2014

Beloved Lady Master Nada


Her name means “voice of the silence” and reflects the humbling of the personality into nothingness, leading the way for the true Christ Self to emerge. Lady Nada is a very influential Divine Feminine Presence who has assisted many civilizations to their height. She helped to bring the Ascended Master Teachings to Humanity together with Saint Germain. We may know her from the Temple of Divine Love in Atlantis where great healing and love was directed to the world through the use of cosmic light rays. Nada and her Ruby Fire assists us in efforts of energy transference and directing healing to mankind. With great magnetic Presence from the Great Central Sun, she amplifies our talents and the drawing forth of our Causal Body Gifts. Her symbol is the ruby pink rose.


Day 15, Beloved Lady Nada 


Day 16-June 6, 2014

Archangel Michael


Archangel Michael and Archeia Faith of the Blue Ray represent the Divine Will and Truth of Mother-Father God. Michael is the Director of the entire Angelic Kingdom and has legions upon legions of angels standing by ready to respond to our calls. As angels of deliverance, Michael and Archeia Faith’s consciousness embodies the all-powerful Blue Flame to the Earth with focus to release Earth from all destructive forces including the alter ego and human held illusions of duality. When you call upon Michael and his sword of the Blue Flames into a situation of negativity, nothing can stand against it. We may ask for the Cloak of Invisibility, invincibility and the mighty blue armour as a shield of daily protection in our lives. 


 Day 16, Beloved Archangel Michael


Day 17-June 7, 2014

 Archangel Jophiel

 Archangel Jophiel is here to assist us in seeing the beauty that surrounds us, is all around us and is also within us and each other. Ask Jophiel to help you see the godliness in all things, including and especially yourselves. Each one of you has something special and unique to offer. What you do and who you are affects everyone and everything.

 Day 17, Beloved Archangel Jophiel


 Day 18, June 8, 2014

Archangel Chamuel 

 Archangel Chamuel embodies the principle of unconditional love. He urges you to love yourself, “warts and all”, for if you are unable to love yourself you will not be able to love others. Others take you at your own value so the more you love and respect yourself, the more others will love and respect you. Chamuel asks you to look deep into your heart and release any negative emotions and lack of self worth you may be holding on to.

 Day 18, Beloved Archangel Chamuel


 Day 19, June 9, 2014

Archangel Gabriel

Gabriel and Hope are the Archangel and Archeia of the White Ray of Purity and deliver a great radiation of the Resurrection and Ascension Flames. It was Gabriel who appeared to Mother Mary with the Divine Plan and vision of Perfection she was to carry during the life of Jesus. Gabriel carries our Divine Blueprint and that of the new I AM Race template. He may be called upon to reveal the Akashic Record for our personal Divine Plan. We may call forth Gabriel and Hope’s white fire rays of perfection to assist us in our continued purification, resurrection into our Higher Mental Body and becoming one with our great I AM Presence expression.

 Day 19, Beloved Archangel Gabriel 


 Day 20,June 10, 2014

Archangel Raphael

 Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of the Green Ray of Healing, Science, Music and Mathematics and brings the gifts of dedication and concentration. His Divine Complement is Lady (Mother) Mary. Legions of Emerald-Green Fire Angels are at Raphael and Lady (Mother) Mary’s command. The Healing Emerald Flame can be called upon to minister into the pain and suffering of our life and world including medical conditions, diseases, warring, homelessness, poverty, starvation, abandonment and abuse. Raphael and Mary assist healers, doctors, psychologists, nurses and other caregivers. Their intervention gifts inspiration to scientists for new cures and those practicing music, mathematics and sacred geometry. Raphael is the Archangel of Travel. 


Day 20, Beloved Archangel Raphael  


Day 21, June 11, 2014 

Archangel Uriel 

Archangel Uriel brings you the quality of peace through determination and transmutation. He is here to help you deal with your inner conflicts. He is a powerful angel and brings you the determination to transform your life. Do you feel irritated and angry? Do you find it difficult to switch off your thoughts? 

 Day 21, Beloved Archangel Uriel


   Day 22-June 12, 2014

Archangel Zadkiel 

 Archangel Zadkiel’s realm of angelic expertise resides within Forgiveness, Compassion and Mercy.  Considered the Angelic Ambassador of Benevolence, Archangel Zadkiel specializes in helping us to discover the divine aspect within us all.  Assisting us in the ability to see beyond our earth base perceptions of our relationships, including the relationship we have with our self, toward the realization of the positive platforms presented within all of our experiences.

 Zadkiel will help us to remember our True Spiritual Relationship with those we desire to Forgive. 


Day 22, Beloved Archangel Zadkiel 


  Day 23-June 13, 2014

Virgo, along with her complement, Pelleur, are Cosmic Beings who provided the substance of Earth when it was originally formed and to this day direct the Earth element and all elemental activity of the gnomes. It is their role to purify and raise all Earth based structures into light substance. They greatly assist in the balance and stabilization of Earth changes including the monitoring of inner Earth activity, gaseous belts, tectonic plate movement and the shifting of the poles. May we give great gratitude to the Earth Elementals and make our calls for continuing ease and grace of Earth changes during the on-going cleansing activities under the direction of Virgo and Pelleur.  We can call their cosmic rays into areas of vulnerability such as earthquake fault lines, volcanoes and other certain anomalies where there could be release of pressure during Earth’s movements of expansion.
Day 24-June 14, 2014
Beloved Aries
 Aries and Thor are the Cosmic Beings who created the atmosphere of Earth. They direct the Air Element and activity of the sylphs, intelligent air spirits who keep the air purified to allow humans to live upon Earth's surface. During Earth’s ascension, it is their role to purify the atmosphere including all pollution and misqualifed thought forms released by the minds of Humanity. Sylphs can whirl so fast that they can develop hurricane strength winds and cyclonic storms. We may call upon them to purify all toxicity from the atmosphere. Because of their connection to air, which is associated with the mental aspect, we may invoke assistance for illumination and inspiration. The blessings from the Ascended Ones come to us on the Air Element as well as the blessings we send out to others. 
 Day 25-June 15, 2015

Beloved Helios

The illumined consciousness and solar forcefield termed, "Helios and Vesta", sustains and regulates our entire Solar System including our physical Sun and Earth's evolution. It is their Casual Body, love and Sacred Fire activity that the Earth and our entire Solar System is formed. All life on Earth comes from our Sun which is substance drawn from the Great Central Sun, qualified by Helios and Vesta. All that the Ascended Masters do for us and our planet is done in cooperation with the Sun’s energy and the outpouring of the fire element to Earth. The qualities of Helios and Vesta are Divine Illumination and Truth.  We may invoke their assistance into situations requiring Divine Truth, especially into the divisive energies of opposition in our world. They will give us the maximum expansion possible of our energy bodies so that we may be empowered into greater levels of service on our planet.


Day 26-June 16, 2014

Beloved Vesta

The illumined consciousness and solar forcefield termed, "Helios and Vesta", sustains and regulates our entire Solar System including our physical Sun and Earth's evolution. It is their Casual Body, love and Sacred Fire activity that the Earth and our entire Solar System is formed. All life on Earth comes from our Sun which is substance drawn from the Great Central Sun, qualified by Helios and Vesta. All that the Ascended Masters do for us and our planet is done in cooperation with the Sun’s energy and the outpouring of the fire element to Earth. The qualities of Helios and Vesta are Divine Illumination and Truth.  We may invoke their assistance into situations requiring Divine Truth, especially into the divisive energies of opposition in our world. They will give us the maximum expansion possible of our energy bodies so that we may be empowered into greater levels of service on our planet. 
 Day 27- June 17, 2014  

 Lord Maitreya 

Maitreya’s consciousness is one that represents a Planetary Buddha and Cosmic Christ to Humanity. Maitreya lived asKrishna, one of the great avatars of Hinduism, who brought forth the Bhagavad-Gita, one of the most profound teachings ever gifted to Earth. He is known as “The Great Initiator”. He served as the initiator of Jesus the Christ in which he helped to manifest the God Flame through his physical form. Maitreya’s Cosmic Light serves as initiation for all of us so that we may be so purified that our own I AM Presence will again take full command and expression. Make invocation to Maitreya for your own initiations into Christ Consciousness.  We may also call to Lord Maitreya’s flames to help us create a new civilization based on global cooperation, economic and social justice to assist the millions of people who are suffering from states of starvation, poverty, homelessness, illiteracy and lack of medical care. 

 Day 27, Beloved Maitreya 


Day 28 -June 18, 2014

Beloved Akasha

From the Great Central Sun, Akasha is the governing authority of the Rose Pink Ray to the Earth. She and her Divine Complement, Asun, are of the Seraphim Angelic Order. Their mission to Earth is part of a Divine Intervention to insure the ascension of our planet and all choosing Humanity.  Akasha for all ages and in all civilizations has been a sacred forcefield of the tremendous magnetic influence of the Mother’s Presence. This solar influence fills all inter-stellar space in the Universe out of which every object, planet and sun is formed in a state of Universal Perfection. You may call to Akasha’s Rose Pink Flames for the Love, Will and Grace of the Infinite I AM Presence to fill your every electron and life activity. Through invocation, Akasha and Asun will come to assist you in resurrecting your human in the glorious expression of the I AM Presence. 

Day 29-June 19, 2014


Asun represents the Gold Flames of Illumination from the Great Central Sun. He and his Divine Complement, Akasha, are of the Seraphim Order. Their mission to Earth is part of a Divine Intervention to insure the ascension of our beloved planet and all choosing Humanity. They graced the Earth some 37,000 thousand years ago while in physical embodiment and gave rise to a great civilization of light in the area known today as Delphi, Greece.  Call to Asun’s Sacred Fire for educational understandings, Divine Truth and practical application of this Truth to assure a stable and safe journey through the upcoming ascension gateways.  Through invocation, Akasha and Asun will come to assist you in resurrecting your human in the glorious expression of the I AM Presence. 
Day 30-June 20, 2014
 Together with Saint Germain, the Ascended Master Chananda’s activity of light is helping to usher in the new system of God-governance for our Golden Age and its proper implementation throughout the world. He is also focused on transforming racial, ethnic and religious divisions and strife upon the planet. His home is the Palace of Light/Cave of Light in the Himalayas of India which is also the etheric retreat of the Great Divine Director, the great Initiator on the Path of the Ascension. They are conducting many activities there to prepare and accelerate candidates for the Ascension. Call to Chananda for personal support in your transformation… and to also bring great light and integrity into these important areas of the world shift. 
Day 31-June 21, 2014
Beloved Hilarion 
Beloved Hilarion’s activity is inspired through the emerald green sacred fire of truth, science, vision and prosperity. He works with souls to help them gain mastery in the third-eye chakra and green-ray qualities, including healing and the science of holding the immaculate concept. He sponsors teachers of truth as well as those practicing the healing arts, scientists and engineers in all fields, musicians, and those specializing in computer and space technology. He is concerned with helping atheists, agnostics, sceptics and others who, often through no fault of their own, have become disillusioned with life and religion and have no outer knowledge of the path of individual Christhood. Hilarion helps prepare souls to receive the Holy Spirit’s gift of healing. His etheric retreat is called the Temple of Truth and is located over the island of Crete in Greece.  

Day 32-June 22, 2014

Mary Magdalene

Mary Magdalene is a new Ascended Master known for her time with Jesus 2000 years ago. Today, she comes as part of the great outpouring of Light to Earth, serving from on the pink ray of Divine Love and Healing Grace. Focusing with her Divine Complement, Jesus Emanuel, Mary Magdalene comes to activate the Christ Code in each of us so that we may become the living flame of God upon the Earth and way showers to all Humanity. She brings tremendous energy of Divine Feminine empowerment to the lives of all men and women to help open hearts to receive the fullness of the Mother’s Love. She radiates the Flame of Hope to all who desire to overcome the temptations of the world. 
Day 33-June 23, 2014

Goddess of Charity

With a divine quality of infinite mercy, this great Cosmic Goddess radiates the electronic pattern and pink rays of Divine Love, as the main cohesive action in our transformation upon the Earth. Working alongside the qualities of Faith and Hope, she helps to balance the 3-fold flames of the heart and bring forth the quality of the Christ Principle within. Love is the key to our ascension and charity is the consequence of love and the practical application of love in our lives. Charity amplifies the feeling of forgiveness through a state of gratitude which allows us to love unconditionally. Love can be seen as the consequence of charity. Call to the goddess of Charity to help you to fully receive and to really feel the Love of God in your being and the world.

 Day 34-June 24, 2014

God Tabor

 The ascended master Lord Tabor, “God of the Mountains”, governs the mountain ranges of North and Central America and oversees the forces of nature and all elemental activity.  His etheric retreat is in the Rocky Mountains of the United States of America which is said to constantly release the great seven rays of God into the world. There is specific focus upon the radiation of the emerging Christ consciousness codes into the planetary Crystalline Grid. We may call upon Lord Tabor to bring about a great release in the power, intelligence and activity of the Elemental Kingdom.


Day 34, Beloved God Tabor 


Day 35-June 25, 2014

God Himalaya

God Himalaya serves from the Temple of the Blue Lotus in the heart of the Himalayan mountain ranges and is the guardian of the Masculine Ray to the Earth. He governs the energy of the holy Himalayas, a most sacred place of great illumination and God Power in which many spiritual adepts take their deepest initiations. He is a Master of Masters, demanding the absolute and unwavering Will of God in all activity of life. His students have been Lord Gautama (the Buddha), Lord Maitreya, Jesus, El Morya, Kuthumi and thousands of others.  He teaches us to become one with the 3-Fold Flame, to receive the ideations of Divine Mind through his radiation and teachings, although never a word is spoken. Those who master the art of telepathy may receive his swift flowing currents of illumination. Ask to go to hisHimalaya retreat during sleep. His sacred fire radiance is described as Golden Snow.

 Day 36- June 26, 2014

God Meru

God Meru and the Goddess Aramu are the authority of the Andes Mountains ofSouth America and guardians of the Feminine Ray to the Earth. Many of us know Lord Meru as one of the great teachers of Lemuria and who, before the demise of the land of MU, brought many of the sacred scrolls along with the Golden Sun Disc to South America.  Their action is illumination and serve from the Temple of Illumination located over Lake Titicaca on the Peru-Bolivia border. There are many classrooms and council chambers that contain records of the ancient civilizations as well as the Divine Plan for the incoming seventh root race.  You are invited to come here during sleep to bathe in the illumination flame and to receive the Greater Knowledge of the unfolding Divine Plan for Earth.

 Day 37- June 27, 2014

Great Cosmic Angel

Feel for yourself and all Humanity the Love that comes from the beloved Cosmic Angel as a Living Flame of God’s Love and Purity to your life and world. On whose crown blazes the word, “Union”, the Great Cosmic Angel will clothe you with a mantle of indescribable power for your Freedom from the bonds of human consciousness, instilling your Soul with determination to embody your highest Divine Human Potential. Ask this angelic sacred fire love to sustain in your life, family and community… the light of God that never fails.

 Day 38- June 28, 2014

Beloved Jesus Emanuel

As Avatar of the Piscean Age, Jesus of Nazareth was the living embodiment of the Christ Expression on Earth. He transformed into his Christ Self through a fully activated 3-Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power, the Trinity of Father/Child/Holy Mother Spirit. His miraculous incarnation put in motion the divine momentum of this cosmic moment in which all humans  have the capacity to experience their own Christ Self through full self realization as Divine Love.  Beloved Ascended Master Jesus expressed, “I AM the Resurrection and the Life” through his deeds of selfless service to Humanity and to the Divine Plan.  Jesus serves with Kuthumi in the office of World Teacher and brings the qualities of love, healing and illumination. He teaches us how to follow his example and become the living incarnation of the God I AM.

Day 39- June 29, 2014
Beloved Lord Melchizedek
 Lord Melchizedek is our Universal Logos  and with authority of the Order of Melchizedek, which includes all who serve God through Divine Guidance. Every particle of life-force energy that makes up this entire universe is over lighted by his consciousness. He brings to all evolving life forms the science of alchemy and a deeper connection point to the sacred fire energies of the greater universe. Through the universal sacred fire flames of Melchizedek’s energy, you can align your entire multidimensional consciousness reality here on Earth.  His golden-white grace brings forth new divine creation into its complete divine manifestation. We may call to Lord Melchizedek for  freedom and to help neutralize any emotional charge that remains within our cellular memory.
Day 40- June 30, 2014

Beloved Goddess of Light

Beloved Goddess of Light, also referred to as Amerissis, ensouls the quality of Light, hence her name, Goddess of Light.  Amerissis states “You are Light. I AM Light. All Earth will be Light - for we will bring Light to every darkness, Light to every miscreation”. She works with the Queen of Light and the Goddess of Purity.  The Trinity of these Goddesses will pour their Light through you when you pray to them and give their decrees or the simple mantra “Let there be Light!”

 Day 41-July 1, 2014

Mighty Victory and Justina

Beloved Mighty Victory is a Cosmic Being also known as the “tall master from Venus”. His devotion to the Flame of Victory has given him the authority of this Flame through vast reaches of the cosmos. Mighty Victory and his complement Justina, deliver us from non-victory consciousness. Through our calls, they assist to anchor Divine Determination and Persistence for the full momentum of our Victory now made manifest in every area of our life.  Call upon Mighty Victory and Justina and their legions of Victory Angels for the Light of God that Never Fails and victorious success in overcoming any obstacle in your life.

 Day 41, Beloved Mighty Victory


 Day 42-July 2, 2014

Beloved Goddess of Music

The Goddess of Music brings the Divine Qualities of beauty, harmony, happiness, and spiritual attunement to our lives. When your heart expands through musical harmony, the love of life is in action through you and carries tremendous action to bless and to heal.  The Goddess of Music also brings Harmony which leads to greater spiritual acceleration. Harmony is the source of everlasting life and the overriding virtue that we must gain for our ascension. Call to the Goddess of Music and the music of the Higher Spheres to envelop you and bring harmony, greater beauty and creative expansion through the vibrational essence of musical endeavor.


Day 42, Beloved Goddess of Music 


Day 43-July 3, 2014

 The Seven Mighty Elohim

The Elohim are the “builders of form” through the focusing of God Consciousness through Seven Rays. This means that they are responsible for the physical creation of things on the Earth through the transformation of energy into matter. The forces of the elements serve directly under the Elohim. The Elohim create and the elements nurture and protect these creations in the four elements of fire, air, water and earth. A tiny flame from each of their lifestreams is anchored in the forehead of each individual embodying on Earth. This is known as the Sevenfold Flame and comes through the intellect to assist in holding a balance and fulfilling the Divine Plan in the outer world. When you intone the sacred sound Elohim, you are contacting their enormous power and causing it to be 'stepped down' for use on the physical level.

Day 43, Beloved Seven Mighty Elohim 


Day 44-July 4, 2014

Mother Mary

Mother Mary is a beautiful, powerful Ascended Master of great love, wisdom and compassion. She exquisitely exemplified the Motherhood of God in her role as the Mother of Jesus the Christ. She was also embodied as High Priestess in the Temple of Truth in the early days of Atlantis where she tended the Emerald Flame while studying the healing arts, the sacred science of the immaculate concept and the disciplines required to magnify God Consciousness. As Divine Complement to Archangel Raphael, Mother Mary continues to serve the Earth from the emerald ray of healing, truth and science. As Mother of the World, she protects women and children and intercedes in the ministration of healing on all levels. Her music keynote is Ave Maria. 


 Day 44, Beloved Mother Mary 


 Day 45- July 5, 2014

Great Divine Director

"Seven Sacred Weeks" is a radiation granted to the Earth from The Great Divine Director. His is part of the intervening cosmic light rays descending as the Will of God. Merged with universal cosmic cycles, this blue fire light intelligence assists to propel the momentous direction of the Divine Plan for Earth's evolution. The Great Divine Director has served as an integral training forcefield of initiation for many Ascended Masters and currently works very closely with Saint Germain to herald in our new Golden Age. He observes every lifestream at a certain point and when they can be of assistance to humanity, he transmutes their human creation.  His etheric retreat is the Cave of Light in India. He can also assist with legal matters.


Day 45, Beloved Great Divine Director 


 Day 46-July 6, 2014

Archangel Metatron

 Metatron is considered to be one of the most supreme angelic beings sitting next to the throne of God and at depicted as the crown of the tree of life in Kabbalistic teachings. He is the representative of the Source, creator of the outer worlds. He helped in building the Great Pyramid of Giza and placed within it the purity that goes with that high vibrational area. Creator of the Electron, Metatron transfers the Divine Blueprint of Creation to all levels below him. He is credited as ministering the sacred geometric patterns of the universe and his vast consciousness is very involved in Earth evolution especially in bringing in the Platinum Cosmic Light of Union. He teaches classes on inner planes, especially in the use of Light within physical manifestation to raise consciousness.

 Day 46, Beloved Archangel Metatron 


 Day 47-July 7, 2014

Beloved Rose

Ascended Master Rose of Light represents the quality that gives her the name Rose of Light. This is the quality that causes the light in the heart to expand, as a flower unfolds its petals. She represents the activity of the heart and the expanding action of the three fold flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. It is the heart action which is the activity of the I AM Presence. We may call to her Sacred Rose Pink Fire to help us to authentically receive Divine Love and to then, in turn, give this love to all of those around us. She also helps with divine discernment of truth.

 Day 47, Beloved Rose of Light


 Day 48-July 8, 2014

Saint Germain

As one of our greatest guiding Avatar for the Earth, Saint Germain is powerfully assisting Humanity and especially the mission of Planetary Light Servers as we ascend this planetary body. He is credited with facilitating this Violet Ray, its Fire and Flames to the modern world which has accelerated the human’s ability to progress through their soul evolution to attain their freedom through ascension. Together with his Twin Flame, the Ascended Lady Master Portia, he is the great sponsor of Freedom’s Flame, while Portia is the sponsor of the Flame of Justice. He has held embodiments as Joseph, the father of Jesus and husband of Mary, Merlin in the Court of King Arthur, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon who wrote the Shakespeare plays.  Saint Germain has his own dispensation and student body of "I AM" students. Referred to as the God of Freedom, we may call his Love to strengthen us with the qualities of freedom, mercy, forgiveness, ceremony, justice and alchemy.

 Day 48, Beloved St. Germain 


 Day 49 - July 9, 2014

Queen of Light

From the Great Central Sun, the Queen of Light wields great powers of Source light and utilizes her action by radiating high frequency crystal light substance. She can be especially helpful in our efforts of transmission and energy transference across the planetary Crystalline Grid. Call upon her  legions of light for the action of the Crystal Sword to cut through the densest human creation, to clear all that is not reflective of the crystal-clear radiance of the Christ mind and Christ heart. She helps with miracle manifestations, drawing around us the great mantle of the Great Central Sun Magnet’s Presence.The Queen of Light serves as a great Divine Mother and is most concerned for the Golden Age children of the Earth.

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Hi Lydia,

This seems like a straight copy off the "Radiant Rose Academy" )Akasha & Asun Youtube videos..... Ive been following their stuff for the last 2yrs.... Tghe Elohim , also told me to purchase their (4CDs) of "The Seven Sacred Initiation Flames"..... These aren't tracks, theyre more like attunements. I work with these every year.

Only difference to this is, my Beloved Arcturus told me that the Flames are being activated 3 times a year now..... Easter Saturday evening (here in the UK) was the start of the "Blue White Flame of Divine Initiation".

Last night (Saturday) was the start of  "Emerald-Green Flame of Divine Trancendence"

- - - - - -

Syncronicity also, Ive been discussing this on Fed'Of'Light also,,,,, & just posted a channelling by 'Natalie Glasson'.

Heres the link & some of the message

Witnessing the Truth by Lord Buddha
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 14th May 2014-
It is with the blessings of truth I come forth to share with you in this time of great celebration and significant. Please know I
am with you now at this time transmitting so much wisdom, consciousness and love through my essence into the Earth and
your being. Let us unite and embrace in the vibration of oneness and happiness as we realise the Creator wholeheartedly.
At this time I am bringing forth three new vibrations of light through my being to aid ascension and awakening once more.
The first vibration of light and consciousness is focused upon enhancing your sensitivity and awareness, the energy is of a
golden violet light with the purpose of dissolving many illusions that block or hinder your inner sight, inner guidance,
sensitivity as well as spiritual awareness and appreciation. The golden violet light flowing through my essence from the
Creator into your being is deeply cleansing and purifying encouraging your sensitivity and senses to your spiritual divine
being to be awakened. As your channels of energy are cleansed encouraging a growing and enhancing experience of
heightened awareness the purpose of this vibration and download of energy is to encourage you to be a witness, observer
and spectator as well as being able to perceive the truth of the Creator.

then later;-

As you breathe the golden green light into your being, let the green light gather at your heart space with the golden light
encasing it. Encourage the same to occur within each chakra. Let the attention of your mind into the green light within your
heart space and say in your mind as many times as you wish, ‘ I am the witness of truth, I acknowledge the new Creator
truth vibrations awakening.’  Then sit and imagine, sense or acknowledge the new truth of the Creator vibrating and
pulsating within the green light. Take time to observe and be with the energy.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It also goes onto describe the Golden Emerald-Green Flame, that came in Yesterday (here in the UK). As I said just a small part I pasted here - Heres the Link, maybe you could post the whole channelling, if you think so -

I don't know who Lydia is? My name is Angel~a.

This came from the site listed below.



Dear Angela,

I also like this message and once I have posted last year...

Very important Retreats for 49 days and our master should meditate all the 49 days.....

It's very helpful...Love to all our Masters which will guide for our easy Ascension....

Each time I do it....

Thanks for posting ...

I like it too....I did it for the first time as well last year!:)I love this picture-beautiful!



I apologise Angela. We have shared/discussed on the Fed'OfLight. I was reading another email from Lydia.

Heres the Akasha Youtube

No problem......not upset at all. Thank You for posting the video. Many like the video's as well! 

Have a Beautiful day!




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Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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