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Prayer Affirmations To Help With Our Spiritual Growth

When you write your own prayer for prayer affirmations for healing, prosperity, or whatever, usually there are blocks in your conscious or subconscious mind that prevent your prayers from being answered quickly. So below are a collection of healing prayers to release those blocks. You can call upon the Holy Spirit or other Divine Guides to guide you in using these prayers for different blocks and situations. Enjoy With Unbounded Blessings of Love & Light to all, Steve


The purpose of the Forgiveness Healing Prayer is to forgive those who you feel
have wronged you. Without forgiveness, it is not possible to fully experience Divine Love. Lack of
forgiveness restricts the flow of life. Holding on to grudges, anger, resentment
causes mental, emotional, and physical problems. When you forgive, you open to
loving unconditionally.
This Forgiveness Healing can be used any time someone needs to be forgiven, for
whatever reason. To use this prayer , simply fill in the names of the persons who
are healing and forgiving their relationship. “(A)” would be for the person for
whom you are praying, and “(B)” would be the person whom (A) wishes to forgive.

Being unforgiving binds you to psychic ties that kept you trapped in past trauma, hate, & resentment. True forgiveness of yourself, of others, & of life situations lifts your consciousness quickly & profoundly.

Forgiveness places the situation under the "Law of Grace". The following two prayers bring forgiveness. The 1st prayer is for situations or relationships that you are aware of. The 2nd prayer is more open & would include things or situations that need forgiveness that you were not even aware of.

Here is the 1st Forgiveness healing Prayer:

“I now call upon the divine Self within (A) and (B) to shine the divine Light of
forgiveness on (their/our) relationship now. I know the forgiving power of God
within (A) and (B) heals this relationship in perfect divine forgiveness now.
The divine Self within (A) completely forgives (B) now, for (B) did the very
best that (he/she) could do in every situation with (A). The divine Self within
(B) completely forgives (A) now, for (A) did the very best he/she/I could do in
every situation with (B). Therefore, there is no reason for guilt or blame.”
“I know now that (A) thanks/thank (B) for everything that he/she has done in
every situation with (A). I know and accept now that on a deep unconscious lev el
within (A), (A) asked for everything that happened in (his/her/my) relationship
with (B). Therefore (A) takes/take full and complete responsibility for
everything that (B) has do ne in every situation with (A) now.”
“So (A) pictures (B) before (A) now, and (A) says/say, “Thank you, (B). You have
fulfilled my need and my desire. I thank you for being a vehicle for me to
fulfill my need now. “So the God within (A) forgives (B) completely now, and the
God within (B) forgives (A) completely now”.
“I call upon the power of God to cut any and all psychic ties and attachments
between (A) and (B) now. These psychic ties are now lovingly cut, lifted, loved,
healed, released and let go. (A) therefore accepts/accepts fully and completely
the healing of his/her/my relationship with (B) now. Thank you God, and So It

Now speak out this prayer yourself. Fill in the (A) blank with “me”, and fill in
the (B) blank with the first person that comes to your mind whom you need to
forgive. Did you feel greater love for this person after you spoke out the
prayer? As with all of these healing prayers, “What you feel, yo u can heal.” It
is very important to feel the prayer as you are saying it, not simply speak it
out by rote. These healings can be very powerful if they are Felt completely.
While you are praying , it is a good idea to close your eyes and picture the one
whom you are forgiving, and to speak lovingly to him or her. This prayer can be
used any time you wish to heal a relationship, during meditation, or during the


I now call upon my divine Self and the divine Self of Sylvia to shine the divine
Light of forgiveness on our relationship now. I know the forgiving power of God
within me and within Sylvia heals our relationship in perfect divine forgiveness
now. The divine Self within me completely forgives Sylvia now, for I know that
S ylvia did the very best that she could do in every situation with me. The
divine Self within Sylvia forgives me now, for God knows that I did the very
best I could in every situation with Sylvia. Therefore, there is no reason for
cause or blame or shame.

I now thank Sylvia for everything she did in every situation with me. I know
and accept now that on a deep and unconscious level within myself, I asked for
everything that happened in my relationship with her. Therefore, I now take full
and complete responsibility for everything that Sylvia did in every situation
with me.

And I Am seeing Sylvia before me now, and I say, “:Thank you Sylvia. Thank you,
thank you, thank you, for having fulfilled my need and my desire. I thank you
for having been a vehicle for me to have fulfilled my need now,” So God within
me forgives Sylvia completely now, and God within Sylvia forgives me completely

I now call upon the power o f God to cut any and all psychic ties and
attachments between myself and Sylvia. These psychic ties are now lovingly cut,
lifted, loved, healed, released into God’s Light of Divine Love & Divine Truth
and are let go. I therefore accept fully and completely the healing of my
relationship with Sylvia now. Thank you God, and So It Is!!!

Here is the 2nd Forgiveness Prayer:

"By & thru the power of the Holy Spirit within me, I know & decree that all that has seemingly offended me or held me in bondage, I now forgive & release. Within & without, I forgive & release. Things past, things present, things future, I forgive & release. I now forgive & release everything & everyone everywhere, past, present, & future that can possibly need forgiveness or release. This includes forgiveness for myself thru the power of God within me now. Absolutely everyone & everything, past, present, & future that could possibly need to forgive & release me, including myself, does so now. All this is now done thru the power of God's perfect divine forgiveness in me & within everyone, everywhere now. I Am now free, & all others concerned are now free as well. Therefore all things are now completely cleared up among us all, now & forever. This is so, now & forevermore, under God's grace, & in God's own wise & perfect ways. Thank You God! And So It Is!!!


The psychic-tie-cut healing prayer heals psychic bondage & psychic coercion. A
psychic tie as an invisible, negative bond between yourself and someone else, or
something else. You may experience a psychic tie as an undue attachment or
repulsion to a person. place, group of people, thing, organization, situation,
circumstance, experience, or memory. What makes psychic ties? They are made of
the residue from negative thoughts and emotions that continue to negatively
influence you after the original event or circumstance took place until they are heale d . For example, after arguing with a loved one, a residue of emotion remains after the argument. This residue manifests as a psychic tie and can increasingly lead to bad feelings and further needless arguments in the relationship. How does a psychic tie feel? You may feel it as a tug, a pull, an undue attachment or repulsion. Or you may feel intimidated, or dominated, or coerced. You may also experience it as an addiction, or habit, or co-dependency in a
relationship. The psychic ties are never in any way positive, and nothing can
ever be gained by holding onto one. In fact, psychic ties can and often do
destroy relationships.
Under what circumstances would you do a Psychic-Tie-Cut Healing:
1)When you are being negatively influenced or controlled by someone or something; 2)When you are dependent on or addicted to a substance; 3)When you have completed an Astral Entity Healing and yet the entity has not left; 4)When you a r e overly attached
to or obsessed with someone or something; 5)When you are in a coercive or
manipulative environment, such as a cult; 6)When you are overly concerned about
the opinion of others; 7)When you are under psychic attack or you are being
controlled by black witchcraft; 8) On a daily basis to maintain harmony in your

relationships with those close to you.

Here is the prayer for the Psychic-Tie-Cut Healing:

“I call upon___(God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ___ to cut any and all psychic
ties between ___(the person)___ and ___(thing, person, etc)___. These psychic
ties are now lovingly cut, lifted, loved, healed, released, and let go into
God’s Light of Love and Divine Truth. T hank You God. And So It Is!!!”

This prayer has 3 black spaces. The 1st space is for calling upon God or a
divine teacher or aspect of God to help you. The second space is for naming the
person, (or one of the persons) for whom the praye r i s being do ne. The 3rd space
is for naming the other person or the thing the person is cutting ties with.
Experiment with this prayer now. When you come to the 2nd blank space, put in
the word “me”. When you come to the 3rd space, close your eyes and say the 1st
thing that comes to your mind, no matter if it is a person, group, thing,
addiction, habit, or an organization. How did it feel? Did you feel a release? A
feeling of freedom?
When using this prayer, cut psychic ties one at a time, and speak the prayer out
loud. And its especially important to cut psychic ties whenever you feel a
pulling from anyone or anything. This prayer can also help free you from undue
enmeshments and attachments.


The Thought-Form Healing, as its name suggests, heals negative thoughts and the
many problems that may arise from them. This powerful prayer can heal anything
that needs healin g. W ith this prayer you can h eal any physical, mental, or
emotional problem for yourself or for anyone else. By turning your attention
within, you can recognize limiting beliefs and feelings. What you can feel, you
can heal. And when you identify the negative thoughts, feelings, emotions,
patterns, habits, and conditions that influence you adversely, and how they make
you feel - you can heal them.This prayer has a simple formula: Feel, name,, & then release the negative thought. The replace it with a positive one. The prayer has 2 black spaces. When you come across the 1st one, close your eyes & notice any negative feelings coming up. Say these out loud.Then continue reading the prayer. At the second bl ack space, close your eyes & name any positive feelings that are the opposite correlates of the negative feelings named in the 1st blank

Here is the Thought-Form Healing prayer - Long Form:

“I invoke God's loving presence &a mp; ; power to release, eliminate, loose, & let go of any & all needs, desires, thoughts, feelings, negations, or limitations that no longer serve me. I now release & dispel the pattern within me that created any & all false beliefs (  list negative thoughts  ).
I Am now free from these negations, & I Am also free from any other thoughts & emotions that do not reflect the divine Truth of my Being. These thoughts & emotions no longer have any power over me. They are lovingly lifted, transmuted, & transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit right now & are now gone. I Am now open & free to embrace positive, life-supporting, energizing thoughts & emotions. I Am now glad, light-hearted, cheerful & free, just as God created me to be. I now welcome & accept thought of (  list positive correlates  ). I Am now in balance. I Am in control. Thank You God! And So It Is!!!"

"I now invoke God's loving Presence & power & heal & transform & release all negations (  list negative thoughts  )  into the divine Light of God's Love & Truth, & they are now gone. I now welcome & accept thoughts of  (  list positive correlates  ). Thank You God! And So It Is!!!"

This shortcut version of the same prayer can be used just as effectively as the longer version. Ask the Holy Spirit which is the most appropriate version for you.
When you speak the words “I Am,” imagine that your Higher Self is speaking those words.
Do this exercise now. Do you feel more positive and uplifted ?
This powerful prayer is a way to take command over your life by reversing
negative emotions. Once you know this prayer you no longer have an excuse to
remain in a bad mood! You have the power & means to change it. Now you have a
choice – to wallow in self-pity, sickness, depression – or you can speak out
this prayer and begin to feel better. Use it any time you feel down, either
physically, mentally, or emotionally. It works! If you are stuck in thoughts or
emotions during meditation, stop your meditation and use the Thought-Form
Healing. Here is a chart of 36 negative feelings and emotions and their opposites. If you
are feeling any negative emotions listed on the left side of the chart – the
Thought-Form Healing can help you. Use the left side of the chart for the 2nd
black space in the healing prayer, and the right side for the 3rd blank space.

1. Unworthiness, inadequacy                        1.Self-worth,
2. Sadness,pain,grief,suffering                       2. Happiness, joy,comfort,wholeness
3. Guilt, shame humiliation                            3.Forgiveness, self-acceptance
4. Limitation, poverty                                 &a mp;a mp;a mp;n bsp; 4.Abundance, prosperity
5. Fear, trepidation                                      5.Courage, faith, love
6. Anger, hatred, hostility                             6.Love,forgiveness,friendliness
7. Blame,resentment,self-pity                       7.Accepting,responsibility,praise
8. Punishment, vengeance                            8.Forgiveness
9. Doubt     &nb sp;&n bsp;& nbsp;                                              9. Faith
10. Loss, incompleteness                            10.Gain, oneness, wholeness
11. Rejection                                              11. Self-acceptance, self-love
12. Sickness, ill-health                             12.Health, wholeness
13. Confusion, disorder                               13. Clarity, divine order
14. Inflexibility, stubbornness                       14.Flexibility, letting go
15. Attachment, obsession                           15. Letting go & letting god
16. Addiction, dependency                          16.Independence, self authority
17. Old age, death &nb sp;      ;                                 17.Youthfulness, life, ascension
18. Coercion, domination                            

19. Conceit, egotism                                    19.Humility, seeing God in all
20. Judgment, criticism                               20. Nonjudgment

21. Tiredness                                                      21.Vitality, energy
22. Depression, despair                                22. Lightness, joy, love, hope
23. Frustration, obstruction, delay                 23. Letting go ,
24. Anxiety, worry                                        24. Calm, relaxation, peace
25. Evasion, flight                                         25. Assuming responsibility
26. Manipulation                                           26. Letting go, allowing
27. Pressure, stress                                       27.Adequacy, resourcefulness
28. Burden                                                     28 Giving over to God
29. Ego-façade, embarrassment                     29. Naturalness, beauty
30. Fight or flight, surv ival                             30.Nonresistance
31. Possessiveness, bondage                         31.Release, freedom
32. Jealousy,competition, envy                   32. Satisfaction, goodwill,fulfillment
33. Perfectionism                                         33. Self-acceptance, self-love
34. Impatience, irritation                             34.Patience, tranquility
35. Selfishness                                            35. Compassion thoughtfulness
36. Mistake, error                                       36. Forgiveness, perfection


The Façade-Body Healing is for healing facades or masks that cover up your true
self. A façade body is a subtle body made of crystallized negative habitual
unconscious thought-forms & patterns. These dense thought-forms can form a
subtle body, which is an armor or mask that identifies you in limited ways. Your
ego and self-image consists of many of these masks. For instance, you may have a
façade body comprising a belief that you are a macho male, or an unattractive
woman. This façade body makes an impression on others and determines how they
respond to you. But it is not real, it is an illusion. When people get to know
you better, they realize you are a human being with both weaknesses and
strengths, just like anyone else. But this façade is an armor of defensiveness
that many people cannot penetrate and that can cause many problems for you on an
ongoing basis if left untreated. So if you become aware of a façade or mask,
heal it with the following prayer:


“I call upon ( the Holy Spirit or divine inner teacher) to heal any façade
bodies of (nature of façade) that are surrounding (person). These façade
bodies of (nature of façade) are now lovingly cracked open, crumbled up,

dissolved, healed, released, & let go. Thank you God, and So It Is!!!”

The first blank space is for calling upon an aspect of divinity (i.g: Jesus
Christ, Holy Spirit, Mother Mary) to help you. The 2nd blank is for naming the nature of the façade body. For example, you may have a façade body of
unworthiness, superiority, fear, victimization, or any other negative thought or
belief. The 3rd blank space is for naming the person being healed. The 4th blank
space is for repeating the nature of the façade body again.
Now speak thi s prayer out loud, filling in the 2nd & 4th blanks with the façade
body that you feel that you need to heal, Close your eyes when you come to these
blanks to get in touch with what façade needs healing?
Did you experience a feeling of freedom and release from speaking this prayer?
It can be used any time you feel an unreal mask or armor preventing you from
expressing your true innocent self. If you feel the presence of façade bodies
during the day, then speak out this healing prayer.

I call upon the Holy Spirit to heal any and all facade bodies of fear, anger,
resentment, lack of self-love, and lack of sel f-worth surrounding me. These
facade bodies of fear, anger, resentment, lack of self-love, and lack of
self-worth are now lovingly cracked open, crumbled up, healed, dissolved,
released, and let go. Thank You God, and So It Is !


"I Am in control.
I Am the only authority in my life.
I Am divinely protected by God's White Light that fills and surrounds
me in an invincible shield that divinely protects me in every moment
and keeps my aura and body of light divinely closed to all but my own
God Self and consciousness, now and forevermore.
Thank You God, and So It Is!"

In all affirmations & prayers, the phrase "I Am" signifies the "I Am self - your
higher self, or God Self. Always say the words "I Am" as though your higher self
were speaking with all the power of God (for God is already within you, and has
already given you the power to manifest all of your prayers, affirmations, and
desires). And even without saying the words "I AM" - whenever you say any prayer
or affirmation, imagine that the "I Am" self is speaking. This gives greater
authority and power to your prayers, and increases clarity, balance, integrity,
self-empowerment, personal responsibility, and inner strength.


"I Am divinely protected and in control. I call on all entities present to come
to me for healing. You are welcome, dear ones, in God's love and light. Dear
ones, you are all healed, forgiven, and freed from sorrow, pain, and suffering.
Dear ones, you are freed now from all vibrations of this physical plane and all
people and places on it.Dear ones, you are all filled and surrounded with the
healing love of the Supreme Being. You are all filled and surrounded with the
healing light of the Supreme Being. You are all divinely reconnected to your
own higher self. I call on that higher self to come to you now, along w/ the

Holy Spirit & divine Angels & make themselves known to you, and take you to your
perfect place of expression in the Universe. Go in peace and love, dear one.
Thank You God. And so it is."

Astral entities are the soul of departed ones that never wen t into God's Light after death (they often attach themselves to people still living, or to the
place where they died), and they are often very confused and frightened - so it
is recommended to always talk to them in a loving manner to get the best
results. And it is also highly recommended to always say the prayer for "Self
Authority" after every astral healing.

There are many variations to this prayer. Feel free to change it if you are
guided to do so. To summarize:

1. Claim you protection.
2. Call the being to you for healing.
3 Claim that the being is healed and forgiven.
4. Claim that the being is freed from all attraction to the physical plane.
5. Claim that the being is filled and surrounded by love and light.
6. Claim that the being is connected to it's higher self.
7. Call on that higher self to come to the being an d take it to its perfect
place of expression in the Universe.
8. Send it on its way with peace and love.
9. Close the prayer.


The human body’s instinctive physiological response to the presence of danger
can sometimes be triggered in situations of no real physical danger. Such a
response may take place when you feel psychologically threatened and enter a
defense/attack mode. You may overreact to situations that are not really
dangerous by either fighting (becoming excessively angry), or by fleeing
(leaving the premises, or shutting down emotionally).
Inappropriate fight-or-flight responses are carryovers from childhood situations
of seeming danger. For example, a baby whose father shouts abusively at her
feels her life is being threatened. Then, in adulthood, when her husband raises
his voice, she may react with a fight-or-flight response and enter a
defense/att ack mode. When confronted with this situation, she may react by
getting out of control or b y shutting down emotionally.


1. Acknowledge that you are in a fight-or-flight reaction.
2. Close your eyes and identify the feeling that you are having, whether
it be fear, anger, blame, etc.
3. Ask your divine teacher to tell you what the cause of this feeling is.
4. Continue to feel your feelings without resisting them until you feel
the changed intensity of your emotions begin to discharge and dissipate.
5. Ask your divine teacher to let you know what experience from your past
is associated with this feeling.
6. Forgive the person associated with this past memory.
7. Forgive th e person associated with the present fight-or-flight
8. Ask your divine teacher to help you with appropriate healing prayers.


"I now invoke God's loving Presence & Power. I declare that all past experiences, core, record, memory, vows, & effects are now transmuted & transformed into pure Love & Light by the Violet Flame of limitless transmutation. I now have a clean blank slate upon which to write to write new experiences. I Am transformed by the renewing of  my mind right now. I Am vibrating at such a divinely high frequency of divine Love right now, that I Am now free from all past burdens & unneeded vows & false responsibilities. I Am a Divine Being of God of great Love, Light, & Glory. Thank You God!And So It Is!!!"


"I now invoke God's Loving Presence & Power, & I let go of worn-out things, hopeless conditions, useless ideas, & futile relationships now. Divine right order & divine right timing are now established & maintained in my mind, body, relationships, finances, in all my affairs, & in my world thru the power of the Holy Spirit & my own indwelling God-consciousness now. Divine circulation is at work in my life, and the inflow & outflow of everything in my life is in divine order. I Am peaceful, balanced, & poised. All this is so now in God's own wise & perfect ways. Thank You God! And So It Is!!!


"I call upon the Holy Spirit to lovingly, fully, & completely heal & release
any limiting mental laws, (such as beliefs, habits, or thought you might want to do some contemplation in meditation about what they may be), that have governed my life & have affected me  adversely. I now release all mental laws that no longer serve me. These
error-beliefs are now filled w/ Divine Love, Divine Light, & Divine Truth. I now
release, loose, & let go from my mind all mental laws of
(__negative mental laws__). They are lifted into the light of Divine Truth;
dissolved into the nothingness of what they truly are; burnt in the fire of
God’s Love – and they are gone.

I now welcome new, positive, uplifting, inspiring, joyful mental laws of
(__positive mental laws___ ). I now thank God for manifesting this good in my
life, under grace, in powerful, positive, positive, perfect ways. Thank You,
wonderful God - & So It Is!!!"

For the prayer given above, you can ask God to guide you in what to say in t he
spaces where it says,”negative mental laws”, & “positive mental laws”. You are
the creator & maintainer of limiting laws that have determined & limited your
pathway. You can also cut those shackles free & create joy & fulfillment. You
are, in reality, perfect, perfect & unlimited. Your only limitations are your
personal mental laws. So make the choice now to create only good, good, & very
good mental laws.

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We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


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I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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