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Who Are HUE?
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“May we allow the energy of God to flow into us, vibrate within us, expand out and radiate from us – as us.” ~Patricia Sun spiritual teacher and lecturer

Are you singing the blues today? Have you ever been green with envy? Have you ever been caught redhanded? Think you'll be feeling in the pink tomorrow? Has anyone ever told you that you have a heart ofgold? Did anyone ever tell you that radiated joy or had SUCH positive energy? Be careful because your aura can give you away!
Almost everyone knows that the human aura is an electromagnetic energy and light field that surrounds the physical body. This energy field vibrates with specific speed and intensity unique to each individual. Since color is defined as light vibrating at various speeds, the human aura expresses color based upon the physical, emotional and mental intensities that affect this speed. Your aura is basically an extension of who you are and by learning more about your aura you can certainly learn more about yourself.
The human aura can be photographed using special computerized equipment that can measure the electromagnetic field. The image is caught on Polaroid film. The original “aura camera” was invented by Guy Coggins, (President of the Progen Company and inventor of the Aura Camera 3000 & 6000 and Interactive Biofeedback Field Imaging). Initially fascinated by Kirlian photography, Guy set out to find a way to capture the human aura on film. Here is some background from Guy:
“I became interested in the “New Age” movement through Kirlian photography. I discovered that an aura camera had been developed in Russia in the 1930s that could photograph the energy-or corona discharge of your fingertips and toes. I was practicing meditation and yoga at that time too. My interest is auras was mystical, spiritual, and scientific. It seemed natural to me to blend together what I knew from each discipline. I built my first Kirlian style aura camera in 1970… to me it just seemed like the most logical step to develop existing technology into a system that could show the energy field around someone’s portrait. Aura imaging systems can help people see what is going on in their personal space, and seeing it is the first step towards making changes.”
Guy goes on to say that he believes that hospitals in the future will employ a combination of surgical techniques and spiritual energy balancing. For example, future MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) will not only show the body but also the energy field around it in 3D on a computer screen. Along with the medical team, a holistic counselor would also view the energy to find out why you’re hurting from a subconscious level. Finally! A complete diagnosis! Currently, biofeedback Aura Imaging technology can be used to measure biological changes which show up as Aura values but Aura Imaging has not been approved or recommended for medical diagnosis or therapy.
How does the Aura Camera 6000 aka Auracam 6000 work?
"The Auracam 6000 consists of one or two hand sensors which are connected through cables with the camera. Polaroid instant film is put into the camera and is adjusted and aligned to the customer. Once the customer puts their left and right hand onto hand sensors, the AuraCam 6000 begins to gather standardized biofeedback parameter data through the hand sensors. The measured points of resonance are connected with certain organs and the electromagnetic field of the person; this information about the energetic and auric qualities of a human being are then delivered to the camera. Through a patented operation, these parameters are projected as a radiant, colorful aura field around the body onto the Polaroid film, along with the image of the person."

The colors of the aura are always in a state of flux due to "human" factors such as physical and emotional stress, feelings, body temperature and even spirituality. Each color expressed in the aura has a different meaning and can tell an individual quite a bit about their current health and "human status." There are no "absolutes" in aura color interpretation and no two auras are exactly alike. A seasoned aura interpreter can determine the meanings of the colors and color combinations along with the meanings of spheres, balls, spikes and sometime objects or figures that appear within the aura or around the edges. They also examine the right and left halves of the aura to see if "manifesting energy" (right half) is balanced and matches "reserve energy" (left half). I have personally heard some amazing things during aura analysis from seasoned aura interpreters. While observing a friend’s session (her physical condition unbeknownst to the interpreter) she was not only told she was hungry and needed to go eat and drink something immediately before she dehydrated but was also told in detail about a shoulder problem that needed attention.

Here is a general guideline to aura colors that has been compiled with help and advice from my aura interpreter Gwen (Sorry – she does not want her full name disclosed).
RED: A physical color that reflects vitality and stimulation. A large amount of red in the aura often indicates a person who is a mover and shaker with strong willpower, passion, and intensity. Dark Red indicates overdrive, stress and/or anger.
ORANGE-RED: Shows extra confidence and a high degree of energy that can be used for creativity.
PINK: Sensuality and sensitivity are indicated by pink. The individual may be very artistic and also compassionate and loving. Clairvoyance is often a gift. Muddied pink can indicate dishonesty and immaturity.
ORANGE: Balance, harmony, creativity and playfulness belong to the orange aura. The individual is a great intellectual communicator often with a funky sense of humor and social skill. Murky orange can indicate uncertainty and self victimization.
ORANGE-YELLOW: Intellectually creative with a penchant for detail. The individual is often a perfectionist with a scientific nature.
YELLOW: Power and high intellect are governed by yellow. The individual tends to be very goal oriented, analytical, independent and very stubborn. This is also the color of joy and spontaneity. Pale yellow indicates that psychic awareness is starting to bloom. Lemon yellow indicates fear of losing control or respect.Muddy yellow indicates fatigue.
GREEN: Green shows affinity between the heart and soul and is often connected to healing. It also represents growth rebirth and change. Emerald green is often found in the aura of healers. Dark greenrepresents feelings of resentment or blame, jealousy and lack of self esteem.
TEAL or TURQUOISE: The individual is a natural healer who is sensitive and compassionate. This color is often found in the auras of therapists.
BLUE: Vision, imagination, creativity and spirituality are reflected in the blue aura. The individual is a "communicator with consciousness" who is trustworthy and willing to help others. Muddied dark blueindicates fear of self expression or of speaking one's personal truth.
PALE BLUE: Indicates honesty, peacefulness, intuition and truthful communication.
ROYAL BLUE: The individual is highly spiritual following a Divine Path. Clairvoyance is finely tuned and used to recognize new opportunities that might have otherwise been missed.
INDIGO: Still waters run deep as do the feelings of the indigo individual. Universal awareness and psychic ability is prominent.
VIOLET: Indicates an extremely psychic individual with natural healing abilities. The individual is very mystic with deep spiritual understanding and could be a spiritual leader. The individual can also be very magical, idealistic, and futuristic.
LAVENDER: High imagination and vision with a touch of daydreaming is indicated by lavender. The individual is often attuned to the "etheric" or "angelic."
SILVER: Physical and spiritual abundance are indicated by silver. The individual may in fact be wealthy or coming into money. Silver also indicates a Cosmic Mind that is receptive to new ideas.
GRAY: If this color shows up in the aura it can indicate health problems. It also signifies fear and stress which is contributing to ill health.
GOLD: A DIVINE color that resonates with wisdom and protection from a higher source. Golden auras are often referred to as "Christ Energy." The individual is in a highly spiritual state and is being guided by their "higher self." Gold encompasses, love, forgiveness, generosity and goodwill.
BLACK: Black is considered the absence of light. It draws light in and consumes it and in the aura it indicates that the individual is very unforgiving and might be harboring past life residual hurt and trauma. Some healers feel that black also represents negative entities trapped within a person's aura.
WHITE: A highly evolved being with the ability to focus spiritual and mental energy is indicated by white. Individuals with a lot of white in their auras often express boredom with mundane life and they sometime appear eccentric to others. This is because they are literally "tuned to a higher channel." White sparkles in the aura indicate the presence of angelics.
RAINBOW: Rainbows are multi-colored streams or stripes infiltrating or surrounding the aura usually around the hands, head or body. Natural healing ability is prominent. Some aura therapists believe that the individual might be a "starchild" experiencing their first incarnation.
MUDDY OVERLAYS: Dirty or muddy brown or gray overlays surrounding the aura indicate inability to "let go," insecurity, and guardedness.
Try your skill at analyzing the following Aura Photos. Please share your thoughts.
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Thank you, dear sister :-)



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