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THE SEVEN BODIES - excerpt from "The Seven Elohim speak" by Thomas Printz

Address By Beloved Diana
(Divine Complement of Elohim Arcturus)
September 29, 1955

Beloved Friends of Immortal Light and Life Eternal,
You, who are so familiar with the Violet Fire of freedom's love, to you I bring the gratitude of my heart for all you have done in the transmutation of human creation, up to and including this time!
In the name of the great and mighty Arcturus, the be-loved Zadkiel, and the mighty Master Saint Germain, I say to those forces which stimulate the mental and feeling process-es to create imperfection—STOP! STOP! STOP right now! Be thou transmuted into constructive activities which stimu-late the higher thought, the purer feeling, and the cleaner living!
EVERY VEHICLE WHICH HAS BEEN CREATED BY THE FLAME OF YOUR INDIVIDUALIZATION IS COMPOSED OF THE SUBSTANCE OF THE SPHERE IN WHICH IT FUNCTIONS. For the purpose of simplicity and clarity, we shall refer to it as “electronic light substance” (in the future you shall have a more specific name).
Projected from the Godhead and breathing within itself, the flame became the magnet which drew around itself elec-tronic light, and, with the help of the builders of form, creat-ed the White Fire Body. Of what is this White Fire Body composed? Millions and millions of electrons grouped to-gether around central cores, forming “spiritual atoms.” These cores are in the life pattern of your own I AM Presence.
Now, where you have the colors of the Causal Body on the chart, in the Electronic Body of the I AM Presence you have blazing light and, as there is no impure substance lodged between those light rays, the Electronic Body is com-pletely free from weight, impurity and shadow. EVERY GROUP OF ELECTRONS FORMING THE SPIRITUAL ATOMS EMIT THE MUSIC OF YOUR KEYNOTE, THE FRAGRANCE AND PERFUME OF YOUR BEING, AND THE BEAUTY OF YOUR REA-SON FOR BEING.
Your Causal Body, that is, the aura around the Electron-ic Body, you created yourself, by your service at inner spheres, before physical embodiment took place, and since then in your various incarnations.
WHEN THE INDIVIDUAL DECIDED TO UTILIZE HIS EXPE-RIENCES IN THE SEVEN SPHERES AND APPLY FOR INCARNA-TION, THE Holy Christ Self CAME INTO BEING. For what purpose? To step down the vibrations of the light which forms the magnificence of the I AM Presence, into the at-mosphere in which the vehicles of the outer self would func-tion. The Holy Christ Self, in like manner, was made up of these electrons, all spinning around a central core and, alt-hough not moving quite so rapidly as those that make up the Electronic Presence, yet they move in complete harmo-ny, in magnificent music, and exquisite fragrance. If you can visualize this picture, beloved friends, try to hold it in your imaginations.
When the Emotional Body was created, it was made up of electrons drawn from the emotional realm—the realm of feeling, or the realm of the angels and Archangels. The little electrons that came and spun around the central core of the atoms out of which THE BUILDERS OF FORM CREATED THE EMOTIONAL BODY, were beautiful, harmonious, and perfect.
The Mental Body of the outer self was formed out of aerial substance, the etheric body from etheric substance and the flesh body was formed out of the elements of the earth. I tell you this for a purpose, not to bore you with a treatise on creation.
Nothing in this world, beloved friends, is static. Your own natural scientists have proven that that even so-called “inanimate” substance, like wood or stone, IS IN CONSTANT MOTION. Therefore, the physical body, which seems to solid and substantial to you, is composed of groups of elec-trons looking somewhat like the upper figure on the chart (of the I AM Presence). Around those electrons, the substance of the impurity of the outer world has been drawn, so that, rather than having the rainbow colors of the chart as your aura, you have a “clogging” of the little forcefields which has closed in the light of the electrons.
What has been the result of this? As that accumulation of impurity has been magnetized into your physical body, it has “bogged down,” let us say, the vibratory action of the atoms, and they no longer vibrate in harmony with your keynote. They have lost the resiliency and buoyancy which they have when they vibrate in harmony with their natural God-estate.
Some of the organs of the body which have been partic-ularly intruded upon by the suction of impure substance into themselves, also vibrate less rapidly than others. Then you have organic disturbance, which is the result of the slowing down of the electrons spinning around their central core. In spiritual healings, all that is done is that pure unadulterated light is poured into and around that organ by whichever member of the Ascended Host to whom the call is made, and, just as you would clean out a clogged pipe, so does that light loosen and transmute the human effluvia which has, more or less, smothered the electrons.
That heavy human effluvia is wedged in-between the electrons which make up each atom, causing the atoms to spin more slowly and not in the rhythm of the keynote of your being. The Flame of Purification quickens the vibra-tions of the electrons and atoms, restores them to their orig-inal purity, thus allowing them to release perfect light rays.
The same thing is true of your mental body. The elec-trons which comprise the mental body are absorbing dis-cordant substance constantly from the atmosphere, and the same condition applies to your physical body. Therefore, WHAT YOU MIND DWELLS UPON, YOU ARE DRAWING INTO THE FORCEFIELDS OF THE ELECTRONS AND ATOMS OF YOUR MENTAL VEHICLE AND YOUR PHYSICAL FORM, as well, pro-ducing manifestations which may be read by the discerning.
The vibratory action of your emotional vehicle, if quali-fied with inharmony of any kind, will manifest as imperfec-tion in the substance which you have drawn into the forcefields of the electrons forming the atoms which com-pose the emotional body. The effluvia thus drawn in slows down their vibratory action, and thus you have emotional upheavals.
I speak of this to you, because the distressing appear-ances in your worlds are not as hopeless as you seem to think. Everything changes! Within one year, your physical body throws off practically all of its old substance, but unfor-tunately, the tendency of the lifestream is to outpicture and, in fact, increase the same imperfections, because you have accepted them as REAL in your feelings. Take, for instance, your acceptance of old age, ill health, financial lack, race karma—what the mirror tells you and what your kind friends (?) report. You have accepted these various expressions of distress by believing in the reality of the APPEARANCES, and may I say here that you will always have “reports” of the type above referred to, until you get the astral realm dis-solved.
Now, if your mental body is sluggish, it is so because the space between the electrons that make up the atoms are clogged, just exactly as your pencil sharpener gets so filled with filings that you cannot sharpen your pencil. When the spaces between the electrons are filled with the effluvia caused by depression, discouragement, resentment, and rebellion, what happens? The mental body begins to vibrate slower, slower, and slower, until it is so sluggish that it is no longer receptive to finer thoughts and inspirations. You know, it often happens that when you try to comfort people in distress, they do not seem to hear your words of consola-tion or encouragement, the mental body being so “bogged down,” the vibratory action so negative, that it is absolutely unresponsive to any inspiration, even to that from the Christ Self.
Do you desire to change these conditions in your own experience? It is easily done! LIGHT IS THE ANSWER TO ALL! You may change the vibratory action of the mental body by calling forth the Violet fire! See the atoms that compose it purified from within out—the electrons within them spinning more rapidly and in perfect harmony. Then, outside of your application hour, watch what you invite to be the guests of your mental body for the remaining twenty-four-hour period! Change your habits of thought, feeling, and spoken word! THE RIGHTEOUS MAN IN APPLICATION IS SOMETIMES NOT SO RIGHTEOUS IN HIS DAILY LIVING! THAT WHICH YOU THINK AND DO AND FEEL, QUALIFIES YOUR EN-ERGY, and that energy is entirely impersonal and scientific in its action. APPLICATION WILL NOT SEE YOU SAFELY THROUGH THE EXPERIENCES OF THE DAY, if you not YOU COUPLE IT WITH UNCEASING VIGILANCE.
The same conditions hold in your emotional body. This vehicle was first created in the most magnificent colors—oh, just a beautiful aureole! Here, too, the electrons have been compelled to vibrate more slowly than they were originally intended so to do, on account of the substance being quali-fied by hate, resentment and such, causing them to become negative. The emotional bodies of the race have, today, gone beyond the control of the conscious self. One way to change this is to invoke the infinite I AM Presence to regu-late them, and then see the light from within those little electrons blazing out through them, causing them to in-crease the rapidity of their motion around their central core.
This is what would actually happen, were you to sit in the “atomic accelerator”—a quickening of the vibratory action of the electrons as they spin around their central core. If a bird can increase the rapidity of its wing action in its flight through the air, why, in the name of all that is good, cannot men and women, entrusted with the fate of the world, do as much? Most certainly they can! It is practical!
Now, what we are enabled to do at your call, beloved friends, is to dislodge these “wedges” of effluvia or discord-ant substance, which are packed in tightly between the vari-ous light rays which form the forcefields of the electrons. AT YOUR CALL, WE CAN DISLODGE THOSE “WEDGES” OF DIS-CORDANTLY-QUALIFIED ENERGY, THEREBY INCREASING THE VIBRATORY ACTION OF YOUR INNER BODIES—IF YOU WILL LET THEM GO. Let me warn you again, beloved friends, that it is the TENDENCY OF THE EGO, after the dislodgment takes place, TO LOOK AROUND FOR THAT WHICH WE HAVE TAKEN AWAY.
Beloved ones, mankind in the outer self is so happy liv-ing in habits, that it even misses distress! You would be amazed if you could stand at inner levels and see what takes place in the mental and emotional bodies when people have received healings. You would see them experiment, some-times, for instance, with a leg that has been healed so that they may use it to walk again. They wonder “if the healing is really complete and whether the leg will support them.” You would be amazed to see a man who has been healed of a paralyzed arm (so that he may use it) attempt to pick up a cup and, in his inner feelings, almost hope that his former concept would not be changed! NONSENSE!
Now, beloved friends, in the name of all that is holy and in the name of this human race, let us set into action (through your calls) such a purification that the emotional bodies of all mankind might be swept free and clear of all discordantly-qualified substance, leaving them open and re-ceptive to the words and instruction of the Ascended Host of Light. Put on, beloved ones, Saint Germain's bright robes of freedom, and by your calls and visualizations, see every member of the race clothed likewise. I hold this conception for you, your planet, and all that lives upon it. Thank you, and good evening!



(in accordance with beloved Diana's promptings)

Beloved mighty victorious presence of God I AM in us! We call on beloved Ascended Lady Master Diana to take complete command, control and possession of the thoughts and feelings of all who belong to the various evolutions of this planet, and REMOVE, REMOVE, REMOVE, this instant and forever, all pride, arrogance, stubbornness and all lack of loving, willing cooperation with the divine plan for our Earth, as designed by its God-parents, beloved Helios and Vesta!
Replace (3) these imperfect qualities and habits of thought and feeling by the Elohim of Purity's immaculate concept of the divine plan and our own God-desire and abil-ity to hold to the perfection of this design!
Charge (3), into our thought and feeling worlds, and those of all mankind, the cosmic feeling of God-courtesy of our divine parents—Helios and Vesta!
Saturate the atmosphere of this planet with your feel-ings of loving cooperation with the purity and perfection of life, so that mankind may breathe in those qualities and outpicture all that their God-Presence originally meant them to be!
We consciously accept this done RIGHT NOW, WITH FULL POWER, and we thank you without limit for your loving assis-tance to us and your protection at all times. SO BE IT!

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