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The Number Seven/7 Teaching

The Number Seven/7 Teaching

I felt a need to share more on spirits and souls,and the importance of the number 7/Seven. They all work together. Lets see...where to begin...

Seven symbolizes the Children of the Seventh House. They belong to the immediate Family of God. Seven is the number of Perfection. Seven is the physical manifestation of the six generations of Creation. For example; there are six levels of consciousness in the Sea and on the seventh level is the Earth. There are six levels of consciousness in the Sky, making the Moon the seventh level. There are six levels of consciousness in the Universe, making the Northern Star the seventh level. It works the same way in the opposite direction, as there are six levels of consciousness in the Sea, making the seventh level, the Earth. Some Tribes still retain this teaching and they call our Mother, 'Earth Seven'. Then there are six levels of consciousness in the Sky and the seventh is the Moon. There are six levels of consciousness in the Universe, making the seventh level the Southern Cross. Understand that the Sea, Sky and Universe, plus the opposite Sea, Sky and Universe adds up to Six major levels of consciousness and on the Seventh level of consciousness, is the Sun, the Soul and Life Giver, of All Things.

There are Seven Major Directions to flow in during life. The Directions of East, South, West and North are the directions pointed out but the Sun, Moon and Stars. There is also the Direction of the Creator, which People refer to by pointing up and the direction of Earth, which People refer to by pointing down. These are the Two Most Sacred and Holy Beings that give us direction in all of our lifetimes. The Seventh direction is the direction of the Spirit, which People refer to when they point towards themselves, which is really in reference to the Holy Spirit which is supposed to flow through you. These make up the Seven Directions that we refer to when standing on the Earth and the directions we use in Ceremony.

The 7th generation became the physical manifestation of conscious thought, which is why God said all was perfect and complete on the Seventh Day. The Seventh day was the Beginning of our lives in Paradise. All you think, all you feel and all you act upon becomes physical in the seventh generation of thought. The seventh day is when all of Creation was made complete, and was the day chosen as Sacred, and is the day when all of Creation should be Thankful and all should find Peace and Rest. The Moon, the Peace of the Night and Keeper of the Rhythm and Flow of life on Earth, guides us and announces the Sabbath Day to all the Children of Earth. This Seventh and most Sacred Day was set in place by God and cannot be changed no matter what Man has chosen to follow. For more information on this read the Sabbath Day Teaching. Knowing about the Sabbath day or Seventh day of Rest is where the expression "I'm in Seventh Heaven" comes from, meaning, "Heaven is on Earth for me at this Time."

Seven Star formations are the Dragons or Thunder Beings of the Universe, consisting of seven head or major spirits. Christ was called "the Seventh Son". The Big Bear, Little Bear, Pleiades, and Orion are examples of a few of these Head Dragons, as seen by the naked eye.

Now here is how an Earthly Body can understand Heaven on Earth and how we are shown that we are everlasting Spirits flowing through a Body.

Men have 3 eyes and Women have 4 eyes, and when they become One, they have 7 eyes. It is in the sharing in the 7th eye that they become physical, or One. Just as, one male and one female come together to make love and the love they bring forth, becomes a child. In the same way the Whole Heavenly Body of Spirits came to be born through the unification of the male and female Trinity. These Head Spirits, through the Spirit of Love, came together in marriage, and these two God Heads, made all things spiritual, Matter, or come to fruition, physical, and through their Love, the Children of Earth, were born and life on Earth was dreamed and came to be. It took the three male spirits (3) plus three female spirits (3) to bring forth the Seventh (7th) generation (Human Beings, made of Spirit flowing through a Body); Showing everyone that every thought becomes physical or is made to matter in the seventh generation of thought. This 'coming together' or marriage is called the Union of Divinity. All Human Beings are a reflection of this union and are the love, that this Trinity of Male and Female God Heads bring forth/fourth. This is the Greater Spirit Family and Body(Church) of Oneness.

Our Body consists of seven chakras, wheels of condensed energy, that vibrate and mediate with our greater Spirit Body. We have seven holes or orifices in our body, which some people base their stories of Creation and Chaos (Hun Dun) on. We have seven layers of skin, seven major organs, and every seven years, all the cells in our body die. We however, do not die. This is much like a serpent that loses it skin when it grows greater. In the knowledge of our cells dying, every seven years, we should understand that we are Spirits flowing through the Body and we live forever. We grow greater and experience most of our major life changes, every seven years. Every seven years there are natural elevations that occur (this is a major teaching, we'll save for another day) in our lives. These teachings teach us that we regenerate every seven years and as Spirits we only grow to be Seven years old. We are Forever Young and we never die. (Butterfly Teaching)

There are Mountains on the Earth, named after the Seven Sisters, who make up the Southern Cross Star Formation, or Pleiades Constellation, that teach Women continually about love. Women bring forth life continually and automatically become women. The Seven Stars of the Southern Cross make up the Sol/Soul of Woman(as seen by the naked eye). These Stars are the ones that teach the Children of Earth how to dance around the Pole Star, the North Star, and Sol/Soul of Man. The North Star is the most constant Star in the Universe, teaching men to be constant in their faith. All the Stars follow Him.

These Seven Sisters dance in the heavens looking up to their Love, the North Star. In every culture around the Earth, Native People understood that they lived in a Binary Star System, and celebrated their roles and conviction with one and other, and their relationship to All Life, through dance and ceremony, around the axis of Earth, or Tree of Life. This reanactment of the heavenly dance has many names, depending on your geographical location on Earth. In North America, this Sacred Dance and Ceremony is called the Sun or Rain Dance. The Turkish dance of the Whirling Dervishes, reminds us of the movement of Stars around the axis of Earth and the movement of Universal Energetic Forces. In Europe many participate in the May Pole Dance. In some countries, elaborate headresses are worn that symbolise this dance, like those worn by the Women of the Massai of Africa. These are just a few examples but with research you will find many more. This dance of Life is understood and reanacted through symbolic ceremony by all Peoples of Earth.

Last but very important are the teachings of the "Seven Deadly Sins". They are gluttony, sloth, arvice, envy, lust, vanity and anger. Everyone has been given the power to defeat these Spirits, and can ask the Creator God for help and guidance to do so. Replacing them with the Seven great gifts, Harmony(recognising the ebb and flow of life), Respect(Thinking of All Life before making any action), Courage(acting in Love for others), True Pride(knowing you are in the Family of the Creator), Humility(knowing the Creator is the only Leader), Truth(the Creator God's truth not Mankind's) and Love(Caring and Sharing for and with All Life). There are also Seven Sacred Ceremonies, that should be taught to you by your Elders and Spiritual Leaders, that strengthen your relationships to All Life.

There are Seven kinds of Water too. Spring Waters, Glacial Waters, Salt Waters, Fresh Waters, Hidden Waters, Life Waters, and Rain Waters. Water is Life and All things come from water, so PLEASE learn how to Love and Care for the Sacred Waters of the Earth.

There are supposed to be Seven Wonders in the World, but that is a matter of perspective, for one can see wonders all the time when they appreciate the beauty and life created by Our Father, the Great Spirit.

These are some of my thoughts on Seven. There are many other teachings about the number Seven, yet everyone needs to think in a deeper way about the meaning of life and realise how sacred and wonder-filled the Gift of Life is. Praise our Holy Mother and Father for the Blessings they have showered upon us!Aho!

teach us about our relationship to life in the Universe. The numbers everyone is taught, were to teach everyone "How Spirits Flow". Numbers came from the Universal Placement of Stars and Natural Objects on the Earth. They are symbols given to Mankind to describe and share our relationship to the Spiritual World. They were never meant to teach one to count what they hoard or to keep track of one and others debts. Numbers are to help you understand the Order in Life. This teaching on the Number Seven was just an example to teach everyone to look farther and deeper to find the meaning of the life all around you and help you to understand the greater teaching of the Number Seven, the Future or the Seventh Generation, of Life, our Great Grandchildren, who are the Spirits that we become. Understand the Sacred Hoop or Sacred Circle or Mandala of Life.
Whatever you teach your Children becomes the World you will return to. Teach the Children about Heaven, so it will be here when we return. This is why we are to care and think about the next Seven Generations before we act in any way. We all share in each others thoughts and are each others future. We need to think in Love, feel Love and act in Love, for the Love we bring forth, for one and other. Love is the only Spirit that can restore Heaven on Earth. Love holds the Universe together. Praise Love, Praise Our Father and Our Mother. Share in Love and you will LIVE Forever.

All my Relations,

WRITTEN BY Lightening Woman
Paula JohnStone

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