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THE GRAND CYCLE: Leaving and Returning to Source - and what it all has to do with the 7 Rays ...

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                                            January 22-2013




We will begin our message today by talking about with the integration of the masculine and feminine expressions of your ONE Twin Flame. Your Twin Flame is also known as your Divine Complement because he or she divinely complements you in every way. Because of your long interaction with polarized third/fourth dimensional realities, you have had many incarnations of being either male or female. Eventually, most of your expressions in third/forth dimensional form forgot that you had a perfect complement in a higher frequency and/or different reality.


However, as you progress towards your return to the fifth dimension, you begin to lose your need and desire for a polarized expression. It is then that you seek out your Divine Complement. Within your joint expression of SELF you can easily and intimately experience multiple realities within the NOW of the ONE. It is for this reason that we will begin our instruction with your "Blending into Oneness." Once you have mastered the experience of Blending into Oneness with your Divine Complement, it is much easier to blend into Oneness with your Earthly expressions of SELF.


Divine Complements blended into ONE is the "Mother Root" of all the expressions of SELF that you have in your myriad experiences of form. All of the members of this Mission have multiple expressions of their SELF in a human earth vessel. Many of these humans also have their Divine Complements embodied on Earth during the time that you will be entering.


Therefore, it is important that you have an in-depth understanding of the topic of Divine Complements, as you will be instructing your earthly ascending humans to merge with their Divine Complement. Because this topic is so very vast, we will have to begin at the beginning, which is Source in the twelfth dimension. We will begin by expanding your awareness regarding your cycle from Source, into your myriad expressions of reality and then back to Source.


Leaving and Returning to Source


For eons beyond time, your consciousness existed within the ONE of Source. Whenever Source desires to intimately experience Its many worlds and realities, It creates a Portal of Light through which It merges with Its creations. These Portals of Light (consciousness within form) are the highest evolution of consciousness within every reality. Within your Homeworld, the highest expression was in humanoid form.


There are many forms that Source uses to serve as a Light Portal through which It can experience It's creation. Some examples of Source's Portals of Light encased in form are humanoids, insectoids, arachnoid, cetacean and draconian. There are also Portals of Light in the fifth dimension and beyond with mutable forms of light and/or exist as pure consciousness with No form.


However, since we are now discussing the return of Light Portals that form planet Earth, we will discuss the creation of the Divine Child. A Divine Child is a Humanoid being who will eventually take a form in one of Source's worlds of form. Not all beings have a gender. But we are focusing on the Cycle of a Light Portal (human) created to be the window through which Source can experience a third/fourth dimensional reality based on form and gender.


When Source in the Twelfth Dimension is moved to create a Portal of Light It calls forth Its First Light Ray of Masculine, non-manifest Essence to merge into It's Second Light Ray of Feminine, potential form. As the Masculine and Feminine Rays of Light merge into Oneness of the highest frequency of light, unconditional love, a Third Ray, the Light of the Divine Child, is created from the creative powers of that love. 


The First Three Rays of Creation


First Ray-(Masculine, Father God)-Power of Creation

Second Ray-(Feminine, Mother Goddess)-Infinite Wisdom

Third Ray-(Divine Child, Humanity)-Unconditional Love


The First Ray of the Masculine uses His Power of Creation to create a field of unconditional love into which He sends His Seed of Creation...


The Second Ray of the Feminine uses Her Infinite Wisdom to enter that field of unconditional love so that she may conceive their Divine Child...


The Third Ray of the Divine Child emerges from this field of unconditional love with all the Qualities of both Father God and Mother Goddess...


The First Ray expresses Source's Divine Quality of the Power of Creation.

The Second Ray expresses the Source's Divine Quality of Infinite Wisdom.

The Third Ray is the result of the merging of Creative Power and Infinite Wisdom honed into beingness by Source's Divine Quality of Unconditional Love


These Divine Qualities of the Power of Creation, Infinite Wisdom and Unconditional Love are implanted in the ATMA of the High Heart of every Divine Child. Once the Divine Child has learned to access and live via the Divine Qualities of the Fourth through Seventh Rays, the High Heart opens and the Divine Child commences with his/her Return to Source.


The Next Four Rays Spring from the Need of the Divine Child


The Fourth Ray-Activates the Divine Quality of Purity

The Fifth Ray--Activates the Divine Quality of Truth

The Sixth Ray-Activates the Divine Quality of Invocation

The Seventh Ray-Activates the Divine Quality of Transmutation


These four Rays of Light represent the Divine Qualities of Source, which were bequeathed onto It's Divine Child. The birthright of these Qualities will assist the Divine Child to prosper within form and, eventually, return Home to Source.


The Fourth Ray is the foundation for expansion of consciousness

The Fifth Ray is the foundation for the exploration of consciousness

The Sixth Ray is the foundation for unity consciousness

The Seventh Ray is the foundation for transmutation of consciousness


The Qualities of these inner Rays of Light activate humanity's inner Light Portal so that the Divine Child can share his/her reality with the ONE. The activation of these Qualities in daily life will light the way back to Source. When the Qualities of Source are unveiled and utilized by the Child of Source he/she can find the way back to their Divinity by steadily expanding their consciousness.


Using the Qualities in Human Life


Once the Light Portal/Divine Child/Human can remember and master the Qualities of the Fourth through Seventh Rays, they can embrace their innate creative Qualities of Power, Wisdom and Unconditional Love imbedded within their High Heart.


The Fourth Ray is the foundation for expansion of consciousness.

The Fourth Ray holds the Divine Quality of Purity and focuses on living in peace.


When you, the manifest Portal of Light and Divine Child of Source, are centered within the Divine Quality of Purity, you can more easily find peace in daily life. The innate Quality of Purity is a "firewall" against any darkness that attempts to invade your form. Within the safety of this firewall, you can begin the expansion of your consciousness into the Knowing that YOU are the Divine Child of Source, and hence a Portal of Light.


This Knowing develops a greater confidence in your innate Purity. This confidence assists you to maintain a state of consciousness that is above interaction with that which distracts you from your true Purity of Purpose. In this manner, a dedication to furthering your Purity of Purpose directs your attention and intention onto that which is loving and pure. This intention creates an increase of consciousness that expands your perceptions beyond the confines of third dimensional limitation and into the higher expressions of your own Divinity. In this manner, you awaken your Individual Consciousness.


The Fifth Ray is the foundation for an exploration of consciousness.

The Fifth Ray holds the Divine Quality of Truth and focuses on Healing and Science.


When centered within the Divine Quality of Truth, your consciousness and perceptions expand beyond the myriad illusions of your polarized reality. You begin to remember your true, Multidimensional SELF, which activates your higher abilities. These higher abilities guide you to explore your reality through the higher perceptions of your expanded consciousness. This exploration of consciousness activates your innate creativity, and you long to improve the reality in which you live. Thus, you expand your consciousness into Group Consciousness.


With the activation of your creative exploration you remember higher expressions of your Multidimensional SELF who consciously, or unconsciously, guide you to discover advanced ways to perceive the world through new scientific methods. Furthermore, your exploring consciousness FEELS the unconditional love of your Higher Expressions and begins to notice how this unconditional love carries a remarkable ability to heal all life. On whatever Path you take you become a leader in your world because you must find the truth.


The Sixth Ray is the foundation for unity consciousness.

The Sixth Ray holds the Quality of Invocation and focuses on Reverence in Daily Life.


When you are centered on the Divine Quality of Invocation, you remember to daily, if not hourly or even moment-to-moment, communicate with your higher expressions of SELF. Through this Unity with your higher dimensional expressions of SELF, you remember the Oneness of ALL Life. Thus, you seek to join in Unity Consciousness with your fellow humanity, as well as with all planetary life. Hence, you have expanded your consciousness into Planetary Consciousness.


Unity with all life expands your consciousness into a deeper experience of your own Multidimensional SELF. Those who once appeared to be your Guides are now realized as higher expressions of your own expanded SELF. Your ever-increasing unity with your Multidimensional SELF expands your perceptual field into higher and higher frequencies of reality. Hence, you become an inter-dimensional traveler. This traveling introduces you to members of your Galactic and Celestial SELF.  Thus you have expanded your consciousness into Galactic Consciousness.


The Seventh Ray is the foundation for transmutation of consciousness.

TheSeventh Ray holds the Quality of Transmutation and focuses on the transmutation of all form into its higher frequencies of expression.


When you are centered on the Seventh Ray Quality of Transmutation, you begin your return to Source. It took you many eons to finally move from the Twelfth Dimension of Source Consciousness, into the Tenth and Eleventh Dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness, then into the Eighth through Tenth Dimensions of Universal Consciousness, into the Seventh Dimension of Oversoul Consciousness, the Sixth Dimension of Light Consciousness (consciousness as Light), the Fifth Dimension of Planetary and Galactic Consciousness and finally into the Third/Fourth Dimensions of Individual Consciousness.


With the full awakening of the Divine Quality of Transmutation, your physical form becomes cumbersome. Your consciousness is resonating a frequency that is too high to be incased in such a dense form. Therefore, symptoms of transmutation begin to occur more and more frequently. This period of change can be quite uncomfortable, as you may feel "crammed into a box that is too small for you." However, your third dimensional world has been based on resistance.


You have felt resistance against the earth with each footfall, as well as the resistance of your clothing against your skin. You knew you were YOU because you were separate from all that was NOT you. You spent your time doing work, which is resistance over time. However, you are now agitated at the thought of work and individuality is not needed to express your self.


In fact, the YOU that you have come know as your SELF lives in Unity with All Life. You tire of your human experience and are ready to return Home. Of course, this Return will be beyond time, as it begins with your return to the timeless fifth dimension. Furthermore, since fifth dimensional consciousness is focused on Unity, this return begins by unifying your consciousness with your Divine Complement.


Do you now understand the long journey to merging with your Divine Complement? Furthermore, can you better realize how the blending of the Masculine Power of Creation with the Feminine Ultimate Wisdom is vital for the conception of your higher expression of Lightbody?


When your consciousness is trapped in the lower frequency humanoid form, the experiences sent to Source through your Light Portal are blurred by illusion. On the other hand, the Light Portal of your Lightbody is free of illusion and can perceive Source while Source perceives you. Therefore, you can develop an interactive relationship.


Conversely, while wearing your fifth dimensional Lightbody you can perceive your SELF as a component of the Totally Unity of Source. Additionally, you are aware that there are millions of expressions of your SELF on myriad realities and dimensions with whom you are united within the ONE of Source. (For more information about the Seven Rays see:



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Within the Source, all is One and there is no separation. Just as light divides into seven colors when it travels through a prism, the Source divides into Seven Rays when it travels through the prism of separation and down into the fourth, and then the third, dimensions. These Seven Rays represent the Seven Divine Qualities of the Source.

The First Ray that continuously separates from the Heart of the One is of the essence of the Divine Father and His Divine Will manifested into the quality of Power. 
Therefore, The First Ray is the Quality of Power.

The Second Ray that continuously separates from the Heart of the One is of the essence of the Divine Mother and Her Form manifested in the quality of Wisdom. 
Therefore, The Second Ray is the Quality of Wisdom.

The Third Ray, which separates out from the union of the First Ray/Divine Father and the Second Ray/Divine Mother, is the essence of the Divine Child and his or her Consciousness, manifested in the quality of Love.
Therefore, The Third Ray is the Quality of Love.

Just as the Third Ray separates out from the union of the first two rays, the Divine Father and the Divine Mother, rays four through seven separate out from the Third Ray, the Divine Child. Rays four through seven represent the qualities that the Child of Father/God and Mother/Goddess should possess in his or her manifested reality if he or she is ever to return to God/Goddess and into the Heart of the One.

The Fourth Ray represents the quality of Purity which will allow the Divine Child to ascend back into God/Goddess and into the Heart of the One. 
Therefore, The Fourth Ray is the Quality of Purity.

The Fifth Ray represents the quality of Truth which will allow the Divine Child to heal him- or herself and to progress scientifically. 
Therefore, The Fifth Ray is the Quality of Truth.

The Sixth Ray represents the quality of Invocation which will allow the Divine Child to call upon God/Goddess/All That IS.
Therefore, The Sixth Ray is the Quality of Invocation.

The Seventh Ray represents the quality of Precipitation which will allow the Divine Child to evolve into God or Goddess through precipitation, or manifestation, on the lower dimensions.
Therefore, The Seventh Ray is the Quality of Precipitation.

Each individual human Soul is an emissary of one of the Seven Rays, and through many lifetimes, the qualities of that Ray are developed and refined to contribute to the further evolution of humanity. Each individual also possess portions of the other six rays as well. These Seven Rays, which exist in Unity in the higher dimensions, represent the seven natural divisions of all Source as It expresses Itself in the fourth and third dimension.

The Seven Rays and their colors are:

Color of:
Color of:
Color of:
Color of:
Color of:
Color of:
Color of:


The First Three Rays

The first three rays to separate from the Heart of the One became the three evolutionary groups of our Universe. These three evolutionary groups serve the Heart of the One as The Keepers of Flame, The Keepers of Form, and The Keepers of Mind.


The Keepers of Flame

When the Divine Father separated from the Heart of the One to become The First Ray, the evolutionary group of the Angelic Kingdom sprung forth. The Angels are closest to the Heart of the One of all the Kingdoms and serve to uphold the Divine Will and Power of the Source. Therefore, they are the Keepers of Flame and, led by their Archangels, they protect the Flame of Divine Will manifested as the Divine Quality of Power.


The Keepers of Form

When the Divine Mother separated from the Heart of the One to become The Second Ray, the evolutionary group of the Devic Kingdom sprung forth. The elementals and devas, led by the Elohim, serve to uphold the Wisdom that can be gained through taking form in the lower dimensions. Therefore, they are the Keepers of Form and they protect the image of Divine Form as it manifests upon the third and fourth dimensions.


The Keepers of Mind

When the Divine Child separated from the Divine Father and Mother to become the Third Ray, the evolutionary group of the Human Kingdom sprung forth. Humanity, led by the Ascended Masters, serves to uphold Higher Consciousness and the quality of Love. Therefore, humanity is the Keeper of Mind and serves to ground higher consciousness, which stems from pure love, in the lower dimensions.

These three “Keepers” are the three evolutionary groups of life in our cosmos which, through mutual co-operation, are responsible for the fulfillment of the Source’s creation. Life exists independently in each of these life evolutions, but they work in unity towards their service to the Source.

The Angelic Kingdom serves on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Flame to uphold the virtue of Divine Will. Even though the Angels work to uphold the masculine/Father aspect of Will, they use the feminine, Mother aspect of Love and Emotion to accomplish their service.

The Devic Kingdom works on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Form to uphold the virtue of Divine Form. Even though the Devas work to uphold the feminine, Mother aspect of Form, they use the masculine/Father aspect of Will and Thought to accomplish their service.

The Human Kingdom works on all Seven Rays as The Keepers of Mind to uphold the virtue of Divine Consciousness. It is humanity’s challenge to combine emotions and thoughts to ground the Divine Qualities on the third dimension.


The Four Lower Rays

The four lower rays are off-shoots of Third Ray. These four lower rays are known as the Rays of Attribute, and they serve to further define the Seven Qualities of the Source:

The Fourth Ray is the dispensation to humanity of the Divine Ideas of the first three rays. The Fourth Ray is known as the Ascension Ray because the knowledge and workings of these Divine Ideas is the core of humanity’s ascension.

The Fifth Ray represents Divine Ideas connected with scientific discovery and medical research. This ray is known as the Ray of Truth and Healing.

The Sixth Ray represents inspiration and is known as the Ray of Invocation.

The Seventh Ray represents humanity’s quest to be creators in their own right and is known as the Ray of Precipitation.






Upon each of the seven rays:

Archangels lead the Angelic Kingdom as they serve to protect Divine Will and the Divine Virtue of Power.

Elohim lead the Devic Kingdom as they serve to protect Divine Form and the Divine Virtue of Wisdom.

Ascended Masters lead the Human Kingdom as they serve to protect Divine Consciousness and the Divine Virtue of Love.



The beings of the Angelic Kingdom serve the function of administering to the spiritual and emotional needs of humanity and the other members of the third dimension. Angels, like fountains, produce a continuous stream of the particular quality of the Ray on which they serve. Angels are like rechargeable batteries, and they absorb their leader’s energy by being in their aura. When the angel becomes totally “full”, they are sent to administer and radiate that quality to humans and other members of the physical world. They radiate primarily through their feelings. Once the angels become “empty”, they return to their leader and “fill up” with that quality, to be sent out once again.

As angels evolve, they continuously improve their ability to hold more and more of this specialized quality. They also learn to hold it for longer and longer periods of “time” without contamination from adverse external conditions (usually generated by humans). As angels continue to specialize in the quality of the Ray they serve on, they too become a fountainhead for that quality to which many lesser angels come to replenish themselves. Through the radiation of the Divine Qualities, angels remind humans and elementals of their Celestial Source and assist them in conforming to their true Path.

Angels are experts at creating force fields through the use of sacred geometry and symmetric patterns. By joining together and working in unison, they can create much more powerful and effective force fields than they could by working alone. Angels also function as inter-dimensional messengers of energies, both up and down, between the fourth dimensional sub-planes. In the “up” direction, they gather all the hopes, aspirations, wishes and prayers of humanity and deliver them to the appropriate beings in the higher planes. In the “down” direction, they send beneficial, higher dimensional energies to persons and places on the Physical Plane. This is why angels are often known as the “Messengers of God.”

The highest evolution of the Angelic Kingdom is the Archangel. An Archangel, in unity with His or Her Divine Complement, forms an Archaii. Each of the Seven Archaii defends Divine Power and acts as the Director of the Angelic Kingdom for the Ray which they represent.

The Archangels’ association with the Seven Rays are:

FIRST RAY Michael and Faith Defenders of:
Power, Faith and Protection
SECOND RAY Jophiel and Constance Defenders of:
Illumination and Wisdom
THIRD RAY Chamuel and Charity Defenders of:
The Consciousness of Divine Love
FOURTH RAY Gabriel and Hope Defenders of: 
Purity and Hope
FIFTH RAY Raphael and Mother Mary Defenders of:
Consecration to Service
SIXTH RAY Uriel and Donna Grace Defenders of:
Ministration to the Requirements of the Hour
SEVENTH RAY Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst Defenders of:
Invocation of Divine Mercy and Compassion

Angels serve from the Emotional Plane to assist humans to infuse Divine Will into our emotions.



The Devic Kingdom encompasses all the “holders of form” from the highest vibrational Elohim to the lowest vibrational elementals. The Devic Kingdom works from the Mental Plane to translate thought-forms into physical forms by transforming mental patterns into etheric patterns and then into physical patterns. All beings in the Nature Kingdom are a part of the Devic Kingdom.

Each being in the Devic Kingdom is a specialist in creating a specific form, whether it is an electron, a biological cell, a flower, a tree, a valley, a river, a planet, a solar system, or inter-stellar space. Elementals are the “building blocks” of form and represent the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water. Devas gather many elementals together to create a form made of more than one element, and the Elohim are the rulers of this kingdom.

Just as humans evolve into Ascended Masters, and angels evolve into Archangels, elementals will eventually evolve into devas and then to Elohim. Like angels, elemental beings begin their evolution small in size, and increase their size as they evolve. Humans, on the other hand, maintain the same size as they evolve, although their Auras get larger.

The elementals serving on planet Earth have all sworn to “out-picture” humanity’s thoughts and feelings. They are under obligation to “materialize” whatever they pick up from the thoughts and feelings of mankind. This relationship was intended to facilitate the re-manifestation of “heaven on earth,” but as humanity’s thoughts and feelings fell into general imperfection, these elemental beings were obligated, against their preference, to out-picture mass imperfection.

This projection of humanity’s thoughts and feelings often results in “natural disasters,” such as tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the polluted oceans and atmosphere. In fact, there are elemental beings working around the clock in our atmosphere to purify the environment of the accumulation of distorted energies resulting from all the negative thoughts and feelings of mankind.

For each human Soul who chooses to take the evolutionary route of physical incarnations, there are elemental beings which “volunteer” to make that journey with him or her. Elementals serve to create and maintain a physical body for us for as many lifetimes as it takes to complete our ascension and graduate from “schoolroom Earth.” These individual body elementals are overseen by the collective consciousness of our Body Deva. If we can establish a good rapport with our body elementals and our Body Deva, we can maintain a healthy and vital body.



Devas are divine beings who ensoul every constructive activity or structure upon the planet. This includes such things as great cathedrals, majestic mountains, lakes, woodlands, and human bodies. Devas act as the group consciousness of the different elementals that hold form. For example, our Body Deva is the group consciousness of the elementals of earth, air, fire and water that join together to form our physical bodies.

There are many types of devas, both subhuman and superhuman. There are also many different hierarchies of devas that are distinctly different from the Human Kingdom’s hierarchy, although they work in perfect harmony with each other. Each group of devas has specific work and methods of development whereby they attain their goals and evolution.



The elemental beings of this Kingdom join together to create all form in the third and fourth dimension. Elementals serve through each of the elements to hold the pattern for every manifestation. For example:

  • Oxygen, wind, atmosphere, etc. are formed from the element of AIR.
  • Rain, rivers, lakes, etc. are formed from the element of WATER.
  • Flowers, trees, rocks, etc. are formed from the element of EARTH.
  • Fire, neurons, photons, light are formed from the element of FIRE.
-The Sylphs-

The Sylphs are the air elementals. Sylphs are beautiful, wispy creatures who fly through the air. Sylphs are also known as faeries. The air element is very important for the maintenance of life on the physical plane. By the conscious control of our breath, we can assist these elementals in harmonizing our bodies and purifying our surroundings. Wind can clear the air or be tainted by pollutions, depending on the activities of the resident humans. Humanity was meant to be the Guardian of the Earth, but instead many of us have become the Destroyers.


-The Undines-

The Undines are the water elementals. Undines can be seen with our physic vision as wispy creatures in water, as waves, currents, or sparkles of light on the water. Mermaids and Mermen are also Undines. The water element, which is a large part of our physical body, is related to the emotional body. Negative emotions can damage our health, whereas the emotion of love is a powerful healing force. Our planet is also largely covered with water. Water is a great cleansing agent and one of the many factors for the success of our harvest. Without clear water, life as we know it could not continue on our planet.


-The Gnomes-

The Gnomes are the earth elementals. Elves and brownies are also earth elementals. Gnomes are said to live in caves under the earth and give their service there. They work largely with the mineral kingdom, whereas brownies and elves serve from the surface to assist the animal kingdom and humanity. It is the earth element that gives our physical bodies substance. If we can learn to truly respect the earth element of our physical forms, then we will learn to respect the earth element of our planet.



-The Salamanders-

The Salamanders are the fire elementals. The least is known about these elementals, but we can use our psychic vision to see them dancing in the flames of a fire. The Salamanders’ contribution to humanity is that they are the expression of the Sacred Fire of our Three-Fold Flame of Life. One of their constructive activities is the purification of disharmony within the ALL THAT IS of Nature. On a physical level, fire can warm a house or burn it down. Fire is pure energy and it is the intention of the user that determines the activity of this elemental.




Elohim have a male and a female aspect, and are the creator Gods and Goddess who are the highest evolution of the Devic Kingdom. The term “elohim” means “all that God is”. Elohim were referred to in the Old Testament over two thousand five hundred times as the “name of God.” In the Kabbalah, the Jewish book of mysticism, Elohim are referred to as the Divine Mother. The term Yod Jay Vod Jay, or Jehovah, refers to the Divine Father. Rudolph Steiner, the great German mystic, calls the Elohim the “spirits of form.” The Keys of Enoch refers to the Elohim as those beings who created the world by the will of YHWH (YHWH being the Jewish name for the Godhead).

The Elohim and Archangels might be thought of as the left and right hands of God. The term Elohim is plural as it refers to many gods. Each of the Elohim is associated with one of the Seven Rays, and therefore contributes the characteristics or qualities of their individual ray to all of creation.

The Elohim work together with their Divine Complements to carry out their Cosmic Service.

Elohim association with the Seven Rays are:

FIRST RAY Hercules and Amazon Decision and carrying out
Divine will into manifestation
SECOND RAY Cassiopeia and Minerva Perception of the Plan and 
the Wisdom to Analyze the Methods of Operation
THIRD RAY Orion and Angelica Use of the Cohesive Action of 
Divine Love in the Activities of Building
FOURTH RAY Claire and Astrea Maintaining of Purity and 
Holding the Immaculate Concept in all Creations
FIFTH RAY Vista and Crystal Consecration of all
Energy to Divine Purpose
SIXTH RAY Tranquility and Pacifica Ministering to the Needs of
the Moment and Holding Peace
SEVENTH RAY Arcturus and Diana Rhythm of Invocation of
the Sacred Fire of Transmutation

The Devic Kingdom is ruled from the Mental Plane to infuse Divine Ideals into all physical manifestations.



The beings in the Human Kingdom were created to act as step-down transformers for the energy, will, ideas, wisdom, consciousness and love of the higher dimensions. Humanity is meant to be the protector of the Physical Plane and to re-manifest the heavens into the denser planes of form and matter. Humans are all embryonic Gods and Goddesses in training, and the earth is our incubator. Humans are preordained to receive inspiration from the higher planes, define and develop it with our thoughts, then energize these thought-forms with our feelings. However, free will is much more emphasized in the Human Kingdom than in either of the other two kingdoms, and we often do not keep our free will in alignment with Divine Will.

The Ascended Masters are members of the Human Kingdom who have ascended into the fifth dimension, but they have volunteered to waylay their life in the higher planes in order to serve humanity from the fourth dimension. Each of the Ascended Masters serves from a different Ray and has a focus of light in the ethers just above the third dimension called an Ascended Masters Retreat. Humans can travel to these retreats in their higher bodies for study and enlightenment.

The Ascended Masters are:

FIRST RAY El Morya Divine Will and Power Darjeeling, India
SECOND RAY Lord Lanto Illumination and Wisdom Rocky Mountains, USA
THIRD RAY Paul the Venetian Awareness and Love Southern France
FOURTH RAY Serapis Bey Purity, Hope and Ascension Luxor, Egypt
FIFTH RAY Hilarion Truth, Healing and Scientific Invention Island of Crete
SIXTH RAY Nada Peace and Ministrations The Holy Land
SEVENTH RAY St. Germain Freedom, Mercy, and Forgiveness Mt. Fuji, Japan

The Seven Ascended Masters assist us from their retreats in the Etheric Plane to infuse the Divine Plan into our actions.

Each individual has an affinity for the activity that resonates to the quality of his or her primary ray. This affinity many be apparent as a “personality” or profession.

FIRST RAY persons are often rulers or executives.
SECOND RAY persons are often teachers or students.
THIRD RAY persons are often arbitrators or peacemakers.
FOURTH RAY persons are often artists or musicians.
FIFTH RAY persons are often doctors or inventors.
SIXTH RAY persons are often priests, ministers or healers.
SEVENTH RAY persons are often diplomats or mystics.

Just as lesser angels report to and learn from the Archangels and elementals report to and learn from the Elohim, humans report to and learn from the Ascended Masters.






There are seven different spheres of consciousness that encircle and radiate out from the Heart of All That Is. These spheres are called the Aura of God. The Angelic, Devic and Human Kingdoms all inhabit each of the spheres. Upon each of these spheres, there is a Temple or Mystery School where we can travel in our higher bodies to expand our consciousness and embrace the quality of each sphere.


The First Sphere

The first Sphere represents the Heart of Creation, the Oneness. Here is born every idea, plan and blessing which will one day manifest in the physical world. The inhabitants serve to carry on the outward course of Divine Ideas to the periphery of the First Sphere. Here a Messenger of the Second Sphere waits like a runner in a relay race to carry that ideal into its sphere.

In the Mystery Temple in the First Sphere, we learn the Power of attuning to Divine Will.


The Second Sphere

The Celestial Inhabitants of the Second Sphere most lovingly receive the Cosmic Messages and Ideas from the Heart of the Oneness. Once received, they illuminate these Ideas as they clothe them in the form and substance of both their own Light and the Universal Light from the atmosphere of this realm. Thus, the seed of the Father falls on the fertile ground of the Mother and begins to take definite form. These “formed ideas” in turn pass onward to the receptive consciousness and the atmosphere of the Third Realm.

In the Mystery Temple in the Second Sphere, we learn the Wisdom of creating a matrix or form, for Divine Will.


The Third Sphere

In the Third Sphere, the essence of life is imparted to the thought-forms that have descended from the First and Second Spheres. A Divine Idea that was created in the First Sphere and was then clothed in form in the Second Sphere to transform that Idea into a “thought-form.” This thought-form must now be filled with the “consciousness” of the Third Sphere. In other words, the form of the Wise Mother has embraced the will of the Powerful Father to create the consciousness of their child of Love. Hence, the Three Fold Flame of Wisdom, Power and Love have been ignited to create the beginnings of manifestation.

The Third Sphere vitalizes all manifestations that will ever externalize onto the Physical Plane. Like a prism, the activity of the Third Sphere divides the combined radiations from the First, Second and Third Spheres into four subdivisions. The emissaries of the Third Sphere then “step-down” the vibrations of each Divine Idea to whichever of the four lower Rays can best materialize that Idea into a physical reality.

In the Mystery Temple of the Third Sphere, we learn how to give consciousness to Divine Ideas with the force of Love.


The Fourth Sphere

When the living, embodied thought-form enters the Fourth Sphere, it is absorbed by any receptive consciousnesses that are interested in the process of ascension. Through the endeavors of many lives, these beings serve to project this ideal to the inhabitants of the physical world.

In the Mystery Temple of the Fourth Sphere, we learn to identify our mission and our “reason for embodiment.”


The Fifth Sphere

The seed ideas of Truth and scientific and medical research are scattered in the Fifth Realm to be received by any receptive consciousness. Those studying in the Fifth Sphere Mystery Temples of Science receive this information and project it into the minds and hearts of the selfless ones that are working in these areas on earth. In order to widen the circle of manifest expression, these blessings are then pulsated outward to await transmission into the Sixth Sphere.

In the Mystery Temple of the Fifth Sphere, we learn about Divine Science and Truth.


The Sixth Sphere

Within the Sixth Sphere are the causative centers of religion and devotional or emotional worship. In this Sphere dwells the great Celestial Choirs, which project inspiration to those who have responded to the calling of being a religious or spiritual leader.

In the Mystery Temple of the Sixth Sphere, we learn to enhance our qualities of devotion and faith and to peacefully administer to the needs of the moment.


The Seventh Sphere

The Seventh Sphere holds the etheric pattern of every manifestation of the Divine Plan which has been lowered rhythmically through the six preceding spheres. Therefore, it is literally bursting with all the good things that have been handed down from one sphere to another. It is on the Seventh Sphere that the Divine Plans await expression in the physical world.

This is the Sphere just above the human octave of limitation and imperfection, and it is the contact point between our inner reception of Divine Ideas and our outer realization of those ideas. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the Seventh Ray to provide a way and means by which humanity may unite its consciousness with the consciousness of the inner spheres.

This process is best accomplished through the use of the Violet Fire. The Violet Fire is the Light of the Seventh Sphere and consequently holds the vibration and energy pattern of that Sphere. Through calling upon the Violet Fire to surround any third-dimensional imperfections or fears, we can step-up, or transmute, the energy pattern of that third dimensional incident to the vibration and energy pattern of the Seventh Sphere. We may call upon this Fire with the mantra of:

Transmuting ALL Shadow into



As we use the Violet Fire more and more to raise the lower vibrations, we raise our personal vibration as well.

The Seventh Sphere is also the first sphere which we first enter as our Soul ascends back into the Heart of the One. In the Mystery Temple of this Sphere, we learn to use our consciousness to infuse Divine Perfection into our physical world.





Humans are seven-fold beings with a “body” on each of the sub-planes of the fourth dimension. When our Soul decided to experience life as a third dimensional being, it sent a fragment of its essence down the long, vibrational path through the fourth dimension. Upon each of the sub-planes a body was created of the substance of that plane. These bodies follow the rules of the particular sub-plane on which they dwell. Because these bodies are the fourth-dimensional portions of our total SELF, they exist continuously, and simultaneously, until our final ascension into the fifth dimension.

In order to consciously travel through the fourth dimension, we must connect with and align each of our fourth-dimensional bodies. Just like the old stagecoach stations across the wilds of the unknown frontier, our “other bodies” are like way stations through the unknown of the inner worlds.

Our three higher bodies function as an integral part of our ability to attain mastery of our life energies. The lower four bodies are the storehouse of experiences for this and for all former embodiments.

When our Soul first sent down a fragment of its essence to begin the physical experience, the first body it created was the “I AM “Presence.


The I AM Presence—Will and Power

Our “I AM” Presence, which is our Higher Human or Light Body, is an individualized living being with whom we can learn to communicate. This body resides in the Spiritual sub-plane just at the threshold of the fifth dimension. It knows only the perfection of the higher. Our “I AM Presence” downloads Light from the Oneness and projects it outward through all of our bodies and into our physical form. If we could keep our attention focused there, we could consciously channel that Light into our physical reality.


The Causal Body—Form and Wisdom

The Causal Body, or Rainbow Body, is an octave lower in vibration and surrounds the “I AM Presence”. The beautiful colors of the Causal Body are representative of the seven qualities of the Source. This Being of our SELF resides in the Causal sup-plane, and it holds the accumulation of ALL the positively charged energies of our many embodiments until we are ready to receive them into our physical world. Our Causal body is much like our spiritual bank account. Each individual’s Causal Body varies in size and quality according to the amount of constructively qualified energy used throughout the ages while both in and out of embodiment.


Christ Consciousness—Awareness and Love

An octave lower and surrounding the Causal Body is our Christ Consciousness. Our Christ Consciousness, our inner Divine Child, is an intelligent being of light with a pure and perfect consciousness. We often know this body as our Guardian Angel. Our Christ Consciousness grows and increases with our Causal Body and may even be considered the consciousness of that body. Our Christ Consciousness is a lower vibration than our “I AM” Presence, but it is united with it in characteristics, actions, feelings and intent. Our Christ Consciousness serves as a Silent Watcher, and acts as a transformer to step-down the magnificence of the “I AM” Presence into the lower planes.


Mental Body—Immaculate Conceptions

The Mental Body is an octave lower and surrounds the Christ Consciousness. It is the first of our “lower bodies”, and serves as a container for the lower, or outer, expressions of all our concepts, opinions, knowledge, and conclusions from all our human lives. The Mental Body is fashioned from the substance of the Mental Realm. This body is meant to be the lower representative of the Christ Consciousness while on the Physical Plane and an instrument by which to create and hold the matrix of our manifestations until they become physical.


Emotional Body—Consecration of Energy

The Emotional Body is an octave lower and surrounds the Mental Body. The Emotional Body, also known as the Astral Body, serves as a container for the lower or outer expressions of all our feelings, emotions, and creations in all our human lives. The Emotional Body was created from the substance of the Emotional, or Astral, Plane, which is the realm of feeling. Since Earth is the planet where we incarnate to learn mastery of emotions, it is the largest of the four lower bodies. About 80% of our planets, and of our physical bodies, are composed of water. Therefore, about eighty percent of our earthly tests are through our emotions.

The Emotional Body’s service is to nourish Divine Ideas with the positive feeling of accomplishment. Thoughts, words, and actions have little efficiency without the sustaining power of the feeling of enthusiasm and other positive emotions. Our thoughts are like the matrix, or scaffolding, that surrounds our creations, but it is the energy of our emotions that fills that matrix in order to give it reality. Angels serve humanity to assist us in infusing our creations with the energy of Divine Love. If we wish to call upon an angel’s assistance, we can attract if by using colors, music, flowers, candles and anything that can evoke a loving emotion. Our Emotional Body, also known as the Astral Body, is the Core of our creativity.


Etheric Body—Peace and Unity

Our Etheric Body is the exact counterpart of our tangible, physical body. However, it is composed of much subtler material and is slightly larger than our physical body, extending beyond it in both our outer and inner worlds. Our Etheric Body surrounds our entire body as well as each individual organ within our body. In other words, we have an etheric heart, etheric liver, etheric lungs, etc. Much spiritual healing is actually done through our etheric organs, and that healing is then passed on to our physical form.

Our Etheric Body interfaces between and connects our physical self to our higher bodies. It is the intermediary of our inner and outer worlds. Also known as our Aura, our Etheric Body determines the condition of our physical health, as it is the repository and the transmitter of energy. Our chakras are located in our Etheric Body, or Aura, and it is from them that we can download the prana that is available to us from the higher dimensions. Within this body are the records and memories of all our experiences through all our countless incarnations. Our Etheric Body receives ideas from the Mental Body that have been energized by the feelings of our Emotional Body. Before thoughts and feelings can be manifest in the physical world, they must filter through this Body.


Physical Body—Power of Transmutation and Manifestation

Our Physical Body is the lowest vibration of all our bodies. With the exception of the Etheric Body, which slightly extends it, our Physical Body is the outmost of all our bodies. Just as our higher bodies are made up of the elements of the plane upon which they reside, the physical body is made up of the elements of the Physical Plane.

These elements are:

Earth—structure and form of our bodies.
The Earth element represents the physical aspect of our self.

Air—breath and space within our body.
The Air element represents the mental aspect of our self.

Fire—neuron synapses and Three Fold-Flame of our body.
The Fire element represents the spiritual aspect of our self.

Water—fluid, liquid and blood of our body.
The Water element represents the emotional aspect of our self.

Our Physical Body is also made up of tiny particles of light substance called electrons, which enter us through our chakras in our Aura. These particles of light, emitted from our higher bodies, are loaned to us to create our Three-Fold Flame and to maintain health and vitality.

Our Three-Fold Flame is the spark of the Father which gives us Power, the form of the Mother which gives us the ability to gain Wisdom, and the Love which is the “effect” of their joining. This Divine and Unconditional Love is our birthright. No matter what conditions we meet in any incarnation, love is ALWAYS available to us through our Three-Fold Flame in the Core of our Etheric Heart. Our Physical Body is our anchor point on Earth through which the Light of this Divine Unconditional Love can flow.

Our Soul “sent down” a fragment of Its SELF to create a body for us on each plane of the fourth dimension. When we connect with, heal and align each of these bodies, we construct our Path back to our Soul.

As we cross over into the fourth dimension, the first fragment of our SELF that we shall meet will be our Lower Astral self, or our dark side. Therefore, it is beneficial to form a relationship with an Ascended Master, Angel or Elemental to assist us in loving and healing that portion of our SELF that is the receptacle of all our emotional pain and darkness. Then we can align with our Emotional Body, our Mental Body, our Christ Consciousness of our Causal Body and our “I AM” Presence. With all these bodies in alignment, we can be, live and express our SELF in our physical world.






“Welcome! How do you do? We, the elementals, are members of the Fourth Dimension. We welcome you to our world. Come, we will show you around. As you journey up the various sub-planes of our Home, you may realize that our residents differ. Just as the residents of the deep ocean differ as the infusion of light into their world changes, so do we differ as there is more and more light and less and less darkness, or matter.

“Our lowest plane, the Lower Astral Plane, is our junkyard. This is where everyone from Earth has dumped their fear, anger, sorrow and pain. We try to work with it, but it is not ours to clear. The third dimensionals have created the Lower Astral Plane and it is they who must clean it up. We hope that you did not have too much trouble there. But if it is your first time through, you probably did. Eventually, you will create your Path through the Lower Astral Plane, and in fact, all the way up to the Fifth Dimension.

“The key to visiting our Kingdom is that you release your fear. There is much fear in your third dimensional world which holds you captive in your land of illusion and “work”. What you call illusion we call imagination or creativity, and what you call work we call service. We do not have any illusions here because we know that everything changes with our thoughts and feelings. If we think like an owl, we become an owl. If we feel beautiful, we may look like a flower and if we are feeling powerful, we may look like a unicorn.

“Yes, all of your “mythical” creatures are alive and very real here. If you wish to see one, then just think of it and it will be around the next bend, or it may suddenly appear. Our world is much like your dreams. In fact, this is where you come in your night body. A predictive or spiritual dream would be your night body’s visit to the higher planes of our world, and a nightmare would be a trip to the Lower Astral Plane. We learned early on that if we allow fear to overtake our being, we too will be pulled into that dark place. Therefore, we focus on the many joyous events about us.

“Please follow and we will show you a new flower that is about to give birth. Our flowers here may be a bit different than the flowers in your Kingdom, but some of them are the same. In fact, some of our most treasured flowers are known as weeds in your world. Watch closely now, the young bud is about to open—AH is that not the most glorious sight? Look, it is sending a drop of its essence down into your world. Perhaps you will see it when you return home.

“We do that a lot you know, send down portions of our essence to your world. In fact, if you look very closely, and with blurred vision, you may even see us elementals wavering in your atmosphere. We greatly love to be in gardens, streams and under huge trees. Allow me now to introduce you to some of my friends.”

“We are sylph. We may look like only one being to you, but we are all joined in consciousness and do not perceive ourselves as being individuals as you humans do. Our essence rules the air element of your third dimensional world and body. We fourth dimensionals continually change our forms. We waver in the wind like feathers. We serve your world by clearing your air and atmosphere. We often have to express the negative thoughts of humanity in the form of hurricanes or cyclones. We do not wish to hurt any of you. We are only following our assignment which is to assist humanity in seeing the power of thought.

“Allow me to introduce you to some of our fairies. They are also sylphs because they serve in the air. They are the ones who assisted that beautiful flower in opening.”

“ Hello human. We are faerie. Some of us live in the Land of Faerie, but many of us also live here in the lower vibrations of the Astral Plane. It is here that we learn about being “changers”. A changer is one who assists the seasons in changing. We assist the old leaves to fall from the tree in the fall and the new buds to open in the spring.

“Thank you for visiting us. Will you remember to look for our kind when you see a lovely garden? Perhaps you will recognize us. We know we will recognize you. Oh, I must return to my flowers. Sylph will continue to guide you. Bye, bye.”

“Thank you faerie. I am sure that this human appreciates you as much as we do. Oh, dear human, do you see that clear stream ahead? Let us go there and we will introduce you to the undines of the water element. See how busily they work to keep the stream moving. We sylphs often serve with the undines to create rain. In this way, our gardens and forests can flourish. The undine’s essence rules the water element in your third dimensional bodies as well. Just as thoughts are like air, emotions are like water. There is much water on your third dimensional Earth, as there is here in the Astral Plane. Therefore, there is also much emotion.

“Here the denser emotions, such as fear, anger, and sorrow, sink into the Lower Astral Plane. This allows us a boundary between the pain of darkness and the purity of light. In your world, on the other hand, the pain and purity are intermingled and often difficult to identify. The undines can assist you in differentiating your emotions if you ask for their help. They work directly with the physical body to create uncomfortable feelings for pain and darkness and glorious feelings for light and love.

“Oh look, there are some gnomes who are carrying the damp soil from the streams over to the baby flowers. We care for our infant plants and animals here much like you care for your human infants. The gnomes serve as earth elementals. See over there, by that big crystal. If you look closely, you will see a gnome peaking up from under the earth to tend it. And over to your right, there is an elf who is caring for to a small faun.

“Can you now realize how we elementals work together to create our harmonious environment? Only humans who can focus on love can visit us here. Hence, we do not have to out-picture your emotions in the form of storms and natural disasters as we do on earth. Do you feel our wonderful sunny day? You can thank the salamanders for that. They rule the fire element. Without the fire elementals, you would not receive the photons from the sun, have fire to warm your homes and cook you meals, and your bodies would not have neuron synapses. We earth, water, and air elements deeply appreciate the salamander fire elementals as they carry Spirit to our world, into our very essence.

“Now we are approaching one of the Mystery Schools. The Ascended Masters, your ascended humans, each have a Mystery School on the etheric plane so that you can more easily access them in you expanded consciousness. Some of your more evolved humans can even bi-locate to the schools and study directly with the Masters. They also have a higher octave of their schools on each of the sub-planes of our fourth dimensional world.

“Well, we have come to the boundary of our territory. St. Germain, the Ascended Master of the Seventh Ray will be your guide now.”

“Greetings. I am joyous to find you here in the inner planes. Since the Seventh Ray is the closest Ray to your physical world, it is the first one you visit as you journey on your Path to Soul. Therefore, I, the Ascended Master for the Seventh Ray, am your guide. Allow me to congratulate you on your ability to make this trek. I know that you have faced many of your personal demons to allow you this pleasure.

“We are still in the Astral Plane, or Emotional sub-plane of the fourth dimension. It is here that many of the angels serve. We Ascended Masters are very grateful for the ministrations that the angels have given to humanity. Without their assistance, we doubt that any of us would have been able to make our transcendence into the Light. It is also the selfless example of the Angelic Kingdom that has inspired us to forgo our further aspirations into the Light in order to stay in the Fourth Dimension and assist our brother and sister humans.

“I, St. Germain, work with the angels to transmute the darkness of the Third Dimension into Light. Ascended Master Nanda works with the feeling of bliss that the Angelic Choirs radiate onto the many places of worship, whether they are a personal garden or bedroom, a high mountain peak or sacred grove, or a beautiful man-made cathedral.

“Ascended Master Hilarion often calls upon the Angelic Kingdom to bestow upon humanity the feeling of TRUTH to amplify healing and scientific discovery, and Ascended Master Lord Lanto calls upon the angels to shed their Divine Illumination upon fortunate human recipients. Of course, Ascended Master Serapis Bey calls upon the angels to assist with human ascension, and Ascended Master Paul the Venetian works continuously with their love force. Also, Ascended Master El Morya works directly with the angelic leader, Archangel Michael, and his powerful Divine Complement, Lady Faith.

“But enough of my human talk, allow me to introduce you to this glowing angel who now stands before us.”

“Hello, beloved human. I am joyous that you have journeyed into the Astral Plane where I serve. We angels also have a group consciousness in that we are in constant inner communication with each other and with the Archaii of the Ray upon which we serve. However, since we serve so intimately with humans, some of your individuality has rubbed off on us, so to speak. As you know, we absorb the essence of our environment. One of our biggest challenges is to enter your world with our absorbed love and compassion and not allow the fear, anger, and psychic pain of your world to taint our gift.

“We are grateful for the appreciation that many of you humans have been showing us. We truly appreciate when our likeness has been drawn by your artists, our music is received by your musicians and composers, our words are written by your writers and poets, and our movement is grounded by your dancers and athletes. We wish you to know that with every stroke of the brush or pen, with every note of music, and with every movement, we are beside you celebrating your expression of our gifts.

“We give our offerings freely and in Unconditional Love. We realize the many hardships you endure, especially the hardship of feeling separate from the Oneness. Some of us have chosen to take a physical life, but we seldom do it twice. Our hearts are best suited for Unity and Loving service to God-Goddess-All That Is. For that reason, we serve here in the Astral Plane to assist you in clearing your emotions so that you can better receive and ground our offerings. We greatly admire the courage you all display as you live and contribute in a world so filled with separation and limitations.

“Would you allow me to touch you heart in appreciation of your great accomplishments? …

“Oh thank you, dear human! You may not realize it, but we angels find humans to be as beautiful and loving as you humans find us. We each serve the Source in our own way. Together we are striving now to raise our dear Gaia into her true fifth dimensional form. We are a good team, humans and angels. Yes, indeed we are.

“Oh dear, here we are already at the threshold of the Mental Plane. I believe it was the blending of our auras that brought us here so quickly. Before you cross over to enter into your mental body, please take a moment to see and feel your astral-emotional body. It is a lovely oscillating, dynamic body, is it not? Within your astral body is the sum total of all the emotions and feelings that you have ever experienced in all of your third and fourth dimensional incarnations. When you merge with your Astral Body, it is good to call upon an angel, such as myself, to “touch” your heart so that we may heal your darkness and amplify your light. As you carry more and more light, your third dimensional aura will glow and your inner beauty and love will radiate to all those who come into your life.

“My, it is time for you to step over into the Mental Plane, but before you leave, would you like to change form? Perhaps you would like to be a wolf or a hawk or a snake. Would you like to burrow into the ground, run as fast as a wild stallion, or fly like a bird? Possibly you would like to be twelve feet tall or as small as the elves and faeries in this world. In fact, upon this threshold is the wonderful Land of Faerie. See. It is just through that waterfall. You may travel there whenever you wish.

“But now, I see a deva who has come to greet you. Yes, it is a water deva who has come to assist you in the final clearing of your emotions so that you may step into the Mental Plane. Be prepared dear human, the next land has much less form.”

“Welcome, human. We are a deva. We too have a group consciousness. Our consciousness is in unity with all the other devas as well as all the elementals who serve with us to create form for thought. In our world, form and thought are one. When we are thinking about something it takes a form, but when it leaves our thoughts, it loses all form. That is the way of our Mental Plane.

“In our world, thought is pure potential. It is our responsibility to receive Divine Will, which is each and every thought of the Source, from the planes above us and create a matrix for it here on the Mental Plane. Then we send that matrix to the Astral Plane to be filled with emotion—energy in motion. The Divine Will is then passed into the Etheric Plane where the elementals feed the infant Idea with their etheric substance.

“At this point, the etheric body of a human who resonates to that idea will be able to carry it over into the third dimension. Your etheric body holds all the knowledge, pain and experience of all of your third dimensional lives. The Divine Ideas that will attract your etheric body are probably Ideas that you have worked on in many lives. Once the etheric body magnetizes a Divine Idea, it can more easily be passed into the consciousness of your physical body. Oh, what joy and jubilation we all feel when the seed of the One blooms upon the Physical Plane!

“Some of the humans, like you, are able to visit us here in the Mental Plane so that they may become aware of their Divine Idea. This awareness is obtained by merging with your own mental body. In your mental body is stored all the thoughts and beliefs of all of your third and fourth dimensional lives. Therefore, it is easier to absorb your personal Divine Ideas because you have believed in and thought about it for many, many incarnations. These thoughts and beliefs leave a residue within your mental body which acts like a magnet to attract concepts of that frequency and matrix.

“Take a moment now to look at your mental body. Do you see your own “thought matrix” through your translucent form? Oh, be careful. If you allow yourself to feel frustration that you are not “doing it right” you will lower your vibration and terminate our visit. Allow me to touch you and it will be easier for you…

“There, I am sure you can see your mental body now for you are glowing like a thousand candles. Take a moment and send an image of this glowing form to your earth bound brain. Then remember to remember that image when you return to your third dimensional world. This is the best way to ground your light body in your physical form.

“Allow me now to invite you to one of our devic meetings. It is there that we gather up the inspirational thoughts of humanity, match them with the Divine Ideas of the Source, and send them back to the earth plane. Perhaps you will find out more about your own Divine Ideas….

“Well, well, we are joyous that you joined us in our meeting. Was it not a glorious experience for you? You did so well there that you have gained the attention of one of our Elohim. We will take you now to their Temple. Just close your eyes and allow your particular Divine Ideas to grow in wisdom and illumination and you shall find yourself there…”

“WELCOME cherished human. I AM Elohim. You have performed admirably in your mental expansion. You have cleared old beliefs in limitation and separation and learned to keep your thinking positive. These accomplishments have calibrated your consciousness to the frequency of the higher planes.

“Allow my ESSENCE to enter your mind. Just close your eyes and accept my message. Only you shall hear it, and only you can manifest it in you physical world…

“Oh yes, dear human, our blending has accelerated your resonance into the Causal Plane. Enjoy your journey. I believe your own Christ Consciousness has come to greet you.”

“Beloved One, essence of my SELF, I am our Christed Consciousness. I need no form, as I AM pure consciousness. I AM the sum total of all the loving feelings, thoughts, and actions of all our lives. I AM our Rainbow Body, which changes and wavers with every thought and feeling. One day I AM golden and the next I AM violet. Often I will alternate from one color to another with each message I receive from my higher or my lower selves. Can you feel me within you? Allow me to touch your heart so that you can more easily “feel” my consciousness within you…

“Wonderful! Now take that “feeling” of our Christed Consciousness and infuse it in every one of our lower bodies as you make your return trek, through the Fourth Dimension, into your physical body. In fact, allow me to touch your Third Eye and we shall do that together now…

“Beautiful! Yes, you are still here because you are EVERYWHERE. In fact, you and I are everywhere that I AM for we are One. You are my physical encasement, my manifestation of our Divine Idea of individual, human life. And I, I AM the LOVE that brings joy to our human Heart, the consciousness that brings ILLUMINATION to our human Mind, and the CONNECTION of our human essence with our Divine SOUL.

“You are me and I AM you, and I AM ALWAYS in constant connection with our “I AM PRESENCE”. Our “I AM Presence” is at the threshold of the Fifth Dimension, in fact, it IS the threshold. Allow me to merge with you so that we may go together to that threshold…

“Thank you my beloved human; was it not glorious to be in Oneness again? We are here now, our “I AM Presence” is before us.”

“GREETINGS, my beloved physical expression,

I AM our SELF. 
I AM our Higher Human.

Take me Home with you into your physical world

and I will take you Home with me into the Fifth Dimension!!!!”







Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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