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Integrating the Third Ray of Light to Overcome Negativity


                       Integrating the Third Ray of Light to Overcome Negativity

                                                 Chohan Master Serapis Bey

The ties of negativity bind many physical bodies, influencing their minds on the Earth and disconnecting them from the beloved Creator. The negative energy that is intertwining with the experiences and lives of society is prompting worries and fears concerning the lack of money, the lack and higher price of food and fuel for the future. The violent and angry energy of the ego is becoming evident within many because of a disconnection with the Creator, with lack of respect for themselves or their fellow human beings. All situations and turmoil stems from the un-programmed minds of humanity.
Negative or judgmental thoughts are akin to pollutants in the air or webs of heavy energy that distracts us from the truth. The loving, optimistic thoughts and attributes that are the natural nature of humanity are being engulfed by the growing presence of negative thought habits and the control of the ego. Now is the time to disperse the power of negative thoughts and embrace positivity with every aspect of the mind and physical body, in order to raise the energy vibration of the Earth.

I, Master Serapis Bey am a master of the mind, I wish to comfort and protect all at this stage of the Earth’s evolution by sharing the wisdom, light and love of the third ray of light. I wish to demonstrate how together we can transform the world and the realities of humanity to anchor the energy source of the Creator onto the Earth. I am an Ascended Master and I govern the third ray of light, with the given title of Chohan. It is my role and mission within the spiritual hierarchy on the inner planes to anchor the yellow ray of light that stems from the core of the Creator’s soul into the Earth.

There are twelve rays available for humanity to invoke, anchor and use in their daily lives. Each is an expression of the divine qualities of the Creator’s soul, acting as a guide to becoming united and integrated with the source energy.

The third ray of light illuminates the mind, anchoring greater light into our thoughts, removing negative thought patterns and energising positivity. Its role is to inspire spiritual awareness and expand the mind beyond limitations to access the truth of the Creator. The third ray of light assists humanity in manifesting and materialising their thoughts into their reality, by accentuating the power of the mind. All rays of light and Ascended Masters use the third ray of light as a tool to anchor the divine energies and plan of the Creator onto the Earth and realities of humanity. This energy is used and integrated
into every aspect of the Creator’s universe; it is the backbone to our spiritual experiences and lessons on the Earth and is the creator of our physical planet. I, Master Serapis Bey am known as the ‘Master of Creation’, because it is from my ashram that I manifest all loving and positive energies onto the Earth, from the highest vibrational energies of the universe into physical matter or form. Every aspect of life on the Earth has manifested through the third ray ashram. The third ray is a key contributor to the life and existence of the Earth as a physical spiritual school. When invoked it has the power to
transform all problems and situations on the Earth, anchoring the divine and sacred energies of the Creator into humanity.

Every problem or negative situation experienced in our societies or within our realities are caused by un-programmed minds that are allowed to focus on negative attitudes and thought patterns of worry and fear. The bubbling emotions of fear that swell from within us when situations do not flow as we wish them to, are a powerful charge and energy to our confused and panicked thoughts. As each person worries about money, illness, being attacked by others or the lessons set before them, their combined energy creates a group consciousness that is like a dark cloud hanging over the Earth. Its power is immense as more people add to the energy, affirming that soon we will have no fuel or that there is a credit crunch occurring. Even speculations about global warming adds to the energy of this dark cloud that eventually manifests into our realities, until we are experiencing what we dreaded would occur.

We on the inner planes of the spiritual world do not judge humanity in any way. We understand that it is a lesson that humanity must overcome together to achieve a greater awareness and a new level of consciousness. Each of you can assist in transforming this negative situation that is climaxing on the Earth, dissolving it and replacing it with a positive loving reality that all will honour. It is the power of the mind that every person on the Earth must awaken to. The mind is an immense tool that creates our realities around us through our thought patterns, beliefs and actions, when energised by either fear or love. Fear is instigated by the ego’s control over the mind, its limited view and controlling characteristic.
Love swells from the core of the soul, which is a manifestation of the Creator that exists within every physical body on the Earth. When we think positively, programming our minds to affirm positive statements and beliefs about ourselves, invoking our souls to energise and integrate with these positive thought forms, we will create the reality we desire to live on the Earth. Our positive and loving thoughts will attract to us what we need and desire to follow our spiritual path successfully and precisely in accordance to the divine will of the Creator. If every person on the Earth was to discard their negative thoughts and predictive statements, worries and fears, then the influence of negativity on the Earth would dissipate forming a loving and peaceful blanket that would surround the world and its inhabitants. Changing the thoughts of the human mind has the power to transform the world, restoring peace and balance onto the Earth.

The third yellow ray of light is so influential in this process. Its pure and luminous light can remove negative thoughts and amplify positive thoughts beyond our comprehension so we may experience heaven on the Earth. I, Master Serapis Bey ask humanity to invoke the third ray of light to anchor and materialise all divine and loving attributes of the Creator’s soul into the Earth, into the soul of Mother Earth and into the hearts of the physical form. Each day, play your part and envisage a single beam of light descending from the heavens to submerge the Earth in vibrant yellow light. Know that the yellow
light will dissolve all negative thoughts, their causes and affects, replacing false beliefs with the truth of the Creator. This is a great service to Mother Earth that will raise your energy vibration and awaken the sleepy souls on the Earth.

Secondly to dissipate negative energy from your mind, being and reality, invoke the third ray of light during meditation to anchor into your being. Ask or imagine the second ray of light flowing into your body through your crown chakra at the top of your head, down your chakra column and into the Earth. The yellow light will dissolve into every aspect of your being, ensuring you become a ‘Master of Creation’ within your physical body for your reality on the Earth. As the yellow third ray of light integrates into your being, you will absorb all the divine qualities of this ray. A healing and cleansing process will occur within your mind. The light will activate new wisdom and enlightenment that will aid your comprehension of your inner powers and the positive influences that your personal efforts can create on the Earth. Each of you has the power to transform the existence and future of the planet Earth with the power of your mind, your soul light and the third ray of light integrated to generate and anchor the light of the Creator onto the Earth. With focus and determination, love will prevail on the Earth and peace will seep across the land. When humankind learns to control and oversee the thoughts of their mind they will truly see the manifestation of the Creator on the Earth. When you integrate and invoke the third ray of light, I, Master Serapis Bey will assist you in developing into a master and creator of your reality and a healer of the Earth.

The power of asking is also under used on the Earth, when you ask for help we are able to divinely intervene in your life and transform it to abide by the divine will of the Creator. This means that a greater volume of love and light vibrations would be poured into your life and being to ensure you achieve your full potential as a spiritual being living in a physical body. When you simply worry, a barrier forms between us that designates us helpless.

There are many realities you can create on the Earth. When you love yourself unconditionally and see yourself as being worthy of perfection in your life, this is most likely what you will receive and experience. Fear, doubt and a belief of being unworthy can cause us to follow a path that is not entirely correct for us, although it may offer valuable lessons, it can hinder the accomplishment of our soul’s goals. We all must remember that the Creator honour, respects and loves us unconditionally, desiring that we live a happy, successful and loving life on the Earth. It is for this reason that we can always improve our lives; we don’t have to be satisfied with what we have created nor do we have to experience anything we do not believe is correct for our spiritual path. When we ask and affirm the reality we desire we will always receive an alternative route from the Creator. This realisation is so powerful; it has the power to bring freedom to all on the Earth. By asking, placing our efforts and focus on creating a better and fruitful reality, we can evolve spiritually while living out our dreams on the Earth. When we ask for help from the Creator and pray with focus and precision stating our desires while allowing the Creator to be creative in responding, we will always be blessed by many spiritual mentors to assist us. The realisation of the precious jewel that exists within our physical heads and the loving energy within our souls will instigate the most anticipated rise in consciousness on the Earth. It is through our thoughts that we can pour love from our hearts into the world as healing and upliftment.

This seems such a simple task to accomplish, it is a realisation combined with the understanding that the Creator works in simple ways. It is the ego that complicates and confuses matters. Determination, courage and a love for humanity is needed to achieve this transformational goal. I believe that it is the responsibility of the aware and receptive within humanity to adopt the task of programming their mind with love and positivity to inspire the remainder of humanity. As there are many people who are unaware of the energy of the Creator, the wealth of light beings and helpers who carry the torch for the Creator and spread the message of love. When one person lights a candle of positive and loving thoughts in their mind, the energy vibrations will emanate widely, influencing and inspiring others to awaken to the power of their mind and the Creator in their lives.

My beloved light workers on the Earth, my children and warriors of the light, I appeal to you now as the Chohan of the third ray of light, asking you to connect with my energy. Allow me to guide you to master your mind and to create your own realty on the Earth as the Creator manifests the universe that the Earth exists within. I ask you to embody the Creator on the Earth, to think and act as the loving Creator. Do not energise the negative statements that fly from mouth to ear with great power instead create your own positive sacred thoughts for the future of humankind on the Earth. Once humankind takes control of their minds they will begin to discover and become aware of the vast energies, assistance and guidance that is given to all from the core soul of the Creator and the Creator’s extension souls.

The yellow ray of light, its qualities and inspirations are available to all on the Earth, you may call on my energies to anchor this sacred energy into your being, soul and mind to begin the transformation process on the Earth. My ashram is open to all who wish to visit me during their sleep states on the Earth. Simply ask before you fall asleep at night to be taken to the third ray ashram on the inner planes by your Angels, to speak with Master Serapis Bey. Together we will begin your quest for spiritual development and mastery of the mind. My energy engulfs all who invoke my presence with the purest energies and thoughts of love direct from the core of the Creator’s soul. Let us anchor the love, light and peace of the Creator into the Earth, akin to a magical jewel at its core radiating divine vibrations across the land, instigating a welcomed positive transformation.

With the brightest of blessings and support,

                                                                          Master Serapis Bey



through Natalie Glasson

Natalie Glasson
Author, Channel and Spiritual Mentor


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