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Shield of Protection of Archangels Metatron, Michael and Faith

This is a great Shield of Protection given by Metatron. Notice that in this exercise, Metatron is asking us to call upon his/her archangelic aspect to help with the meditation. Metatron the archangel is in charge of all the Elemental beings and their entire kingdom, who work with our bodies. The Elementals are little beings of light-like nature fairies and devas-who work with the bodies of people, places and things. Anything which has a body is looked after by them. Metatron gives them guidance to work with healing and reconstruction of our bodies, its upkeep and protection.

Archangel Metatron is a great cosmic being of Light (for a more extensive description, see the Enlightenment section). Metatron calls upon Archangel Michael and Lady Faith – his female counterpart – to bring the Shield. Lady Faith and her legions hold the qualities of faith and administer those qualities to humankind upon asking. Archangel Michael and his legions hold the qualities of mercy and protection and are here on Earth to protect the humankind with their mercy and protection. One of these tools is the Shield which Archangel Metatron is inviting Michael and Faith to give you.

If you wish to receive Archangel Michael’s Shield of Protection, say the following out loud or quietly with clear mind and sincere heart,

“I call upon Archangel Metatron and all the elementals who are responsible for my health, wholeness and wellbeing.  I wish to receive the Shield of Protection. I call upon the presence of Archangel Michael and the legions of Michael with their swords of mercy drawn out. I call upon the presence of Lady Faith, Archangel Michael’s consort, and the legions of Faith and I ask that they draw out their Swords of Faith and Mercy. I give permission for the Shield of Protection to be placed around my body and to protect me from all harm and lower energies.”

Metatron, channeled August 17, 2004

Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron. Take a deep breath with me.

Envision yourself standing in the center of a triangle with Archangel Michael in front of you to your left, Archangel Lady Faith in front of you to the right and Archangel Metatron behind you. Lady Faith’s legions of faith and Archangel Michael’s legions of mercy create two circles of Light around you. The legions of Faith create an inner circle and the legions of Michael create an outer circle. A bubble of Light protection is created all around you. The swords of both legions are drawn out of their sheaths and held up above their heads in the air. The swords are drawn, and the legions are creating an entire circle around you. Envision yourself standing with the Swords of Faith and Mercy pointing at the tips above your head. From the touch of the swords of Faith and Mercy a light activation takes place. An emanation of blue light pours down creating huge blue cocoon of light around you.

Archangel Michael will now administer his Shield of Protection around your body. The Shield of Protection forms a cocoon around your body. In the areas where you need the most protection – specifically in front of the solar plexus where the power center is – the thickness can be up to two inches. This shield will protect you from lower vibrations and transmute lower vibrations at contact. It will not affect any higher vibration; it will be receptive to transmit the higher vibration to you. It will protect you from any pain. If you are touching or healing others, it will not allow negative energy to penetrate your body or auric field. It will protect you from lower vibration and attack from any negative energies, and negative thoughtforms – yours or others – provided you are willing to let go of them. The shield will absorb and transmute all negativity. If anyone sends you negative thoughts, the shield will prevent their contact with you. Upon contact with this shield, all negative energies, and thoughtforms sent to you will be transmuted and turned into Pure White Light.

Very clearly envision the shield around your entire body now. If you are unable to visualize it, then intend it to be there. Feel the thickness. It vibrates pure 24-karat gold. Twenty-four karat gold has extremely powerful transmutational qualities. It cleans your physical body of all negativity that causes pain. It cleans the emotional body from negative emotions and thoughts. In the areas where you have vulnerable spots the shield is very thick; two to three inches thick twenty-four karat liquid gold. You may have a tingling sensation, coolness or warmth all over your body. It may feel as gold feels to the touch.

This shield has its own consciousness. It can bring you protection and allow all the good things and the higher vibrations to come into your body. It will not interfere with anything of higher vibration of Light. It will only intercede on your behalf and prevent the negativity and lower vibration to be released and transmuted. It will transmute all lower vibrations, anything that may lead to sickness and what might inflict or impose pain upon your body and your being, your mind, emotions and spirit as well as all pollution. It will prevent energetic pollution from penetrating into your body.

Everyday as you awaken, envision your Shield of Protection around you like a shimmering cocoon of liquid light. Tell your mind that nothing can penetrate this shield. Whenever you find yourself in difficult situations, call the Shield of Protection by visualizing it around your body and command protection from Archangels Metatron, Michael and Faith. If you have difficulty commanding, then request it. Commands are more effective because they place you in a position of power. Do the visualization for 22 days. After that, it should become part of your energy body. You master anything that you do for 22 consecutive days without any breaks. Twenty-two is the number for Mastery. The body and your being should automatically form the shield around you after this period of time. You can always call a reinforcement of the shield when you need extra protection, when you feel anxious or out of sorts or ungrounded.

With great love, I am your father, Metatron.


  1. Call upon Archangels Metatron, Michael, and Faith.
  2. Envision standing inside in the center of a triangle with Faith and Michael as two points of the triangle in front of you and Archangel Metatron as the third point behind you.
  3. Envision legions of Faith in a circle around you with the swords of faith drawn out of their sheaths held over their heads with the tips touching.
  4. Envision legions of Michael standing in a circle shoulder to shoulder around the legions of Faith with their swords of mercy held out, touching the swords of faith from above, creating a dome of light and protection above your head.
  5. Envision blue light of Divine Love emanating from the swords, showering down over your body from the touch of all the swords of faith and mercy.
  6. Call upon Archangel Michael to form the golden Shield of Protection around your body.
  7. Visualize your body cocooned inside the 24 karat gold shield.
  8. In the area of solar plexus, the shield is much thicker.
  9. Hold this vision long enough to feel it around you.
  10. Every morning for the first 22 days follow the above procedure. You may notice after a few repetitions that the shield is already there when you begin the meditation each morning. In that case, you only need to spend a minute to check on it and make sure it covers your entire body.
  11. Every morning upon awakening, reinforce by visualizing the cocoon of the Shield of Protection fully formed around you.
  12. In times when you feel you need extra protection, take a moment and do the entire procedure step by step. You may only need to focus on it for a second before it automatically forms around your body.


Car Protection, Home Protection, Office Protection

Below is an excerpt from a discourse that Archangel Michael gave at a workshop entitled Meeting Archangel Michael. I will print his exact words for its energy and below it I will give step-by-step details of how to perform each of these protection ceremonies.

Archangel Michael, channeled May 31, 2003

My Brethren of Light, I am Archangel Michael.

When you sit in your car, call upon me to place a shield of Light around your car to protect you and your car while you are driving. When you get to your destination, call upon me to place a bubble of Light around you, around everyone, and around the entire building. When you go home, call upon me to create a bubble of Light around your house. When you leave your house, call upon me to stand and hold my Sword of Mercy above my head in the center focal point, in the hotspot, at your house so that no harm in the form of energy or human trespassing befall it.  I will protect your home, your hearts, your workplace, your children and your loved ones.

Love your government officials even when you do not agree with them. Send them love. Constantly and continuously send Archangel Michael and his legions to clear and purify them of their dross so that their decisions will be for the Light and in the Light.

I am your brother Michael. So it is.


When you buy a car, it is very beneficial that you perform a ceremony of initiation and healing for the car and to bring Light and protection to the car through the forces of Archangel Michael and his legions.

Ceremony for Car

Bring some water and sage or incense to the car. The sage or incense carries the three elements of fire, air and Earth and the water is the fourth element. Using the four elements which are the building blocks of creation, you are increasing the potency of the healing and protection. Light the incense or sage and go around the car clockwise from the front of the car and clear the energy all around the car. Then open all doors and take the sage or incense and bless inside the car. Pour some water on each tire and say a prayer by calling Archangel Michael and his legions of angels to bring protection to you and your car. Ask for protection while you are driving the car and while it is stationary. Ask that everyone be protected from harm; yourself, everyone that drives this car and anyone that may come into contact with it.

Then stand in front of the car and place both palms of your hands on the front hood and send the car healing and Light. If you know any healing techniques – e.g. Reiki, Magnified Healing, Healing Touch, Therapeutic Touch or any other healing modalities or techniques – use them to add greater Light and healing. Then repeat the same by standing behind the car by placing your hands on the trunk of the car. After this say the invocation for car protection: “Archangel Michael above this car, Archangel Michael below this car, Archangel Michael to the left of this car, Archangel Michael to the right of this car, Archangel Michael in front of this car, Archangel Michael behind this car, Archangel Michael inside this car and all around it. Archangel Michael, blaze forth the Light.”

Say this last line seven times, with force and focus and point your hands to the car. With this invocation you are sealing the protection and raising the Light. You can perform this ceremony when you or one of your loved ones are about to take a long driving journey. On a daily basis, you can just say the invocation for protection as you are getting into your car, or as soon as you are inside of it.

An interesting story to tell in relation to car protection is when we purchased my daughter’s first car. It was a second hand car which had been fully inspected by the mechanic, my daughter and her mechanically-inclined friends. We knew it was a safe and sturdy car even though it had rendered many years of service already. Once at home, together we started to do the above ceremony for the car. As my daughter was walking around the car clockwise waving the incense and then pouring the water over the tires, I placed my hands over the front hood and started sending various healing modalities and Pure White Light to the car. I noticed there was great resistance from the car, to the point that it felt as though the car was pushing my hands away from it. I became even more determined to send it even a greater blast of Light energy and healing. The energy would brush off the body of the car and get dispersed in the air without being absorbed by the car.

This puzzled me and I called my guides to find out what was going on. The response was that this was an old senior citizen as cars go and it was saying, “I have lived my life so far without all this Light stuff and I have done well, I do not need to go through this stuff.” That made me more determined and I said, “Well, young man, you are living with us now. Whatever your previous owners did was good enough for them and you. But in your new life with us, this is how we do it.” I continued to send the car healing energy. It still refused to receive the healing. I thought that perhaps over time we can come to see eye to eye and things may change. Although I would give the car Light energy and healing whenever I rode in it (which was seldom), I did not feel good energy from the car and did not feel comfortable in it. It was, however, a very good and solid European car and I had no rational or logical explanation about how I felt.

A few months went by. One afternoon my daughter called me and said very calmly, “Mommy, I just had a little accident. Can you please come and get me?” I smiled, shook my head and got the details of where I could find her. I got to the scene of the accident by turning out of a side road onto the main junction. There I saw my daughter’s car with the front completely smashed to nothing. My body started trembling. I pushed on the brake and my car came to a halt right in the middle of the junction. As I jerked my foot off the clutch, my car died and I jumped out of the car shaking. The policeman who was directing the traffic started yelling at me, saying, “Hey, lady, get back in your car and drive on. Don’t you see I have enough on my plate without you blocking the traffic even more?” I started running to him and screaming, “This is my daughter’s car! What happened to her?” He tried to convince me to get back in my car, to no avail. When he finally made sense of my screaming and shaking, he pointed to the curbside and I saw my daughter sitting on top of a low wall, dangling her feet in the air with a little blood on the side of her arm and a friendly housewife giving her a drink of water.

We both survived that car accident but her car did not. The car had made its choice not to receive the healing and protection. In the process, it had walked itself to the car graveyard, or I should say it was escorted there by the tow truck!

If you ever come across a car that has this much resistance in receiving Light and protection, use a different precaution and put a laminated picture of one or more of your favorite angelic figures or the Masters. A picture of Archangel Michael or an Ascended Master such as Quan Yin or Mother Mary or Master Jesus will change the energy in your car, even if you put it in the glove compartment.

Another great exercise is to place a few small pieces of clear quartz, smoky quartz or rose quartz in your car to charge the car with higher vibration. Clear quartz brings in more Light. Smoky quartz brings grounding and protection. Rose quartz brings love and calmness. Older cars are more likely to resist the Light and protection. New cars have not yet had a chance to form habits and are more accepting and receptive to energies.

Remember, everything has its own consciousness and has a life in one form or another, even man-made tools, gadgets, and things. The life force that moves through man-made and insentient things is a slower energy charge and more difficult to detect. Nevertheless, it has a life and destiny and is entitled to some choices in the course of its life, however limited that may seem from our perspective. When you work with the consciousness of things, you give them a chance to make better choices. If my daughter’s car had spiritually aware previous owners, its choices would have been different. Obviously it would have died and landed in a car graveyard some day, but its ending may have been more pleasant and pleasurable for it and its final owner.

Sai Baba is a great living saint (avatar) who has amazing miracles. I had brought back from his ashram (holy abode) in India a large number of key rings, all with his picture. One went to a woman whose husband was prone to epileptic seizures. During one of his rough periods, he had a seizure while driving, lost consciousness, and was involved in an accident. He walked out of the car with hardly a scratch on him, holding his key ring of Sai Baba in his hand. The car was a total loss.

The second time was two weeks later, and he was not supposed to be driving. He had a seizure, lost consciousness and had another accident. This time he did not regain consciousness so quickly. The ambulance had to be called by a neighbor and his wife was called to go to the hospital and arrived just as they were taking him into the examination room. He had only the medallion with Sai Baba’s picture in his clenched hand. The rest of the key ring – along with the keys – was lost in the wreckage; again a total loss. The man, once examined, had hardly any injuries at all. (If you are interested in obtaining Sai Baba’s picture, go to www.


To do a full ceremony in your house and for your property for the first time, start on the outside of your house. Again, you will need sage or incense and water. (you can also use dupe, Ispand, frankincense, myrr, and other sacred spices)   Face North. Light your incense or sage, and pour some water on the ground. Say this invocation:

“I call upon the Angels of the North, the Heavenly gates in the North and the Masters of Light, Healing and Protection in the direction of North to protect and bless this house now and forever. I call upon Archangel Michael and his legions of Light to protect this house and property from all harm, trespassing and from lower vibrations.”

Then turn clockwise until you are facing East. Pour the water and wave your lighted incense or sage sticks in the air in the direction of East. Repeat the above invocation, and instead of North, say East. Then turn clockwise until you are facing South. Pour some water and wave your burning sage or incense stick in the air and repeat the above invocation, but instead of North say South. Then turn clockwise to face West and repeat again for the West. Use the word West instead of North and say the above invocation. Finally, return again to the North where you started so you have completed the circle. There say the name of everyone that lives in the house and say,

“In the name of the I Am That I Am, I ask for protection, health, wholeness, prosperity, abundance, happiness, joy, laughter, harmony, right speech, right action (add whatever qualities you want to this list) for all the members of this household. I ask Archangel Michael and his legions of Light to protect everyone mentioned above and everyone that ever enters and exits this house now and forever.”

Then go inside the house. Find the point which represents to you the center of the house, or the “hotspot” as Archangel Michael calls it. Stand on that spot and say out loud with great force and focus: In the name of the I Am That I Am, I call forth Archangel Michael to stand in the center of this house with his Sword of Mercy drawn out of its sheath and held above his head.” Envision Archangel Michael 20-40 feet tall standing in his Light and glory holding his great sword above his head fully illuminated, vibrating aquamarine blue Light. If you can not visualize him, then intend him to be there. Then say out loud again: “Archangel Michael above this house, Archangel Michael below this house, Archangel Michael to the left of this house, Archangel Michael to the right of this house, Archangel Michael in front of this house, Archangel Michael behind this house, Archangel Michael within and around this house, Archangel Michael, blaze forth the Light.” Say “Archangel Michael, blaze forth the Light” seven times with great strength and focus. Then say:

“This house is sealed in the protection of Archangel Michael. I call forth the legions of Archangel Michael to take their positions standing in a circle shoulder to shoulder around this house and protect it from all harm, lower vibrations and trespass. So it is. It is done. Amen.”


If you live in an apartment or condominium or townhouse where the building is not free-standing, you can do the entire procedure inside the house in the four corners. Start at whatever point is closest to North and go around clockwise to East, South, West and North again. For the inside of the property repeat all that was given for the outside. Follow this by standing in the center and calling Archangel Michael and his legions to seal the house in their protection. You may spray or sprinkle some water instead of pouring water in the four corners.


Do the same as house protection, only cover the four corners of your office, cubicle or desk and envision Archangel Michael standing behind your office chair with his Sword of Mercy drawn out above your head. Ask for protection and healing as well as abundance and prosperity in everything you do and receive in your work space.

Circle of Light Space Clearing and Mantra for Protection

This protection was given by Metatron on a few occasions, some of which had to do with young children who were uncomfortable in the bedrooms and in certain areas of their homes. The children of the New Age are all very sensitive to energies and they feel and sense and sometimes even see more than the adults.

On one occasion, I remember the mother of a 2-3 year old boy who called me early one morning to ask guidance. She told me once in a while her son would refuse to sleep in his own room claiming that there were bad guys in there. Invariably when she insisted on him sleeping in his room, she would find him breaking into a very high fever and getting very sick. She had called because after her first reading with me, she herself had become a lot more sensitive to energy and was feeling something in that room. She had connected the dots and figured that perhaps the child had a point and the fever was his reaction to these energies.

I told her to walk to the child’s room and call me with a portable phone while standing in the center of the room. We did this exercise together with me on the other side of the phone line. She felt something shift in the room but decided to stay with her son for a while longer to comfort him as his fever was very high and he had not slept all night and was irritable and cranky. Less than fifteen minutes later, she called again to say the child was asleep in his own bed, the fever broken. I continued to see the mother at my various workshops and all was well with the child and the room. She had the good sense to do a clearing in that room regularly.

Another time, I heard from a healer friend who had rented an apartment over which his new landlady and her teenage son lived. He told me that whenever the energies were a little funny and heavy, the son would act up with the mother and would get an earful’s worth of telling off from his mom. Metatron’s advice to this healer friend was first to perform this clearing in his own apartment and clear the energies of all unwanted lower vibrations on a regular basis. Second, he was to befriend the teenage boy as the boy deeply needed companionship of an older male, father figure. He did both and all was well for as long as he lived in that apartment.

It was to this same healer friend that Metatron gave the protection exercise below. It was given for two reasons. One was that the apartment was susceptible to pulling in chaotic energies to itself because of what was going on upstairs. The second was that as a healer who worked with sounds, my friend was coming across negative energy release from the body and being of his clients. These energies lingered in the apartment after the clients left. Therefore, it was important for him to do this space clearing regularly to release all unwanted and residual energies left behind, especially since this was his living space as well as his work environment. It is all the more imperative if you practice out of your home environment to be vigilant in releasing residual energies from your work space that may be lingering and attracting other lower vibrational energies.

Metatron, channeled August 16, 2004

Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron. Take a deep breath with me.

As you work with people, you need to protect yourself. For this purpose, use the Archangel Michael mantra. Say, “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I call upon Archangel Michael and his legions of Light to create a circle of Light around me. I ask the legions of Michael to stand shoulder to shoulder with their Swords of Mercy drawn out of their sheaths and held above my head. All the swords touch at their points to create a dome of Light and protection over my head.”
Then face the direction of North and envision Archangel Michael and his legions in the above format around you and say, “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I call forth Archangel Michael to blaze forth the light,” three times.

Then face East and say it three times. Then face south and repeat it, turn West and repeat it, and back to North. Stand in the North where you started and complete the circle of protection by saying out loud, “So it is. It is done. Amen.”

When you need to clear your space (your home, car, office, shop) from lower vibrational forces and energies, say,

“Archangel Michael hold your Sword of Mercy above your head and stand in the center of this room and remove all the lower vibrational force fields and protect me from attack and protect everyone who walks into and out of this space (home, car, office, shop), for the purpose of healing from this attack.”

This is to protect yourself when you become aware of lower energies and to release them. To do this you would say, “Archangel Michael, hold your Sword of Mercy above your head and transmute all lower forces to Light.”

Shield of Protection From Goddess Hecate

Goddess Hecate is a great being who holds the leash over the Darkness. A very powerful figure representing the Mother aspect, she is strong and very determined in any battle and in manifestation of what she wills to bring to reality (more on Hecate in Gifts I).

Hecate, channeled February 13, 2004

My beloved children, I am Hecate.

One very important protection tool I can give you is the Shield of Gold. I will call upon Archangel Michael on your behalf and ask him to place this Shield of Gold all around your body like a cocoon with added protection in solar plexus. After you have received it, whenever you feel you need extra protection, call upon Archangel Michael and ask him to recalibrate your shield of protection.

Take a deep breath. I call upon the presence of Archangel Michael and Lady Faith to come forth with their Swords of Mercy and Faith. I ask Archangel Michael to place the golden Shield and cocoon it around the body of (say your name). The Shield is two inches thick in the area of the heart, solar plexus, sacral plexus and root chakra, front and back. It is two inches thick, made of pure 24-karat gold. A crystalline, golden metallic structure is placed all around your body cocooning you. In the areas where it does not need to be thick, it is a thin 24-karat gold leaf. In front of the heart, solar plexus, sacral plexus and root, it is two inches thick front and back.

This shield has its own consciousness and can be activated upon command. I ask Archangel Michael to activate your shield and to recalibrate it according to the energy of (say your name)’s body. I call upon the Perfected Presence of the I Am That I Am, and the Mighty Elohim Hercules and Amazon and I ask them to guard and guide this shield of Light and to recalibrate it when necessary.

Whenever you feel the need, envision this shield and call upon Archangel Michael and Lady Faith, Hercules and Amazon and ask for extra protection and recalibration of your shield.   You can do this everywhere at any time. Use this protection when going to crowded areas and when you feel drained. Use it when you feel achy from the lower energies, from the crowds and polluted places. You feel drained because you vibrate higher Light and crowded places are polluted. The pollution begins to lower your vibration and that drains you. When you go to crowded places, the place itself is needy of Light and so are the crowds. You are vibrating Light, and the place takes as much Light as it can from you. As a result, you get drained. The gold shield can protect you from being drained. It can also transmute the negativity from the environment. In this way you are protected and the places you go are cleansed and cleared.

Some places of worship – like churches and temples – feel the same way. People come to these places not to give love but to receive love so they drain the Light from the mortar, and the plaster, and the brick and from the walls and the ceilings and the candles. Then you go in there and you are vibrating the higher Light and the walls and the plaster and the ceiling and the windows want the Light which you have and they begin to pull and take from you. Everything needs Light for its sustenance.

Everything has a consciousness; even the buildings, structures, and cars, as well as trees, rocks, birds, bees and blades of grass. They have an existence, and they are giving of themselves. Think about it for a second. In their existence as brick and plaster and ceiling and wall, they are made of consciousness and in that consciousness they have choices about how and where and for what they can be used. What makes a piece of wood destined to be a log in a fire and another piece of wood a beautiful arched window in a church or a temple or any place of worship? What makes two pieces of wood from the same tree ultimately be used very differently; one built into a coffin and one built into an altar? In the same way, what makes one human being be the Light that shines upon this entire universe and another one the type that drains the Light? Pause and ponder upon the magnificence and the perfection of this imperfect world of dualities and extremes. In its imperfection, it is perfect. In its duality, it creates variety.



  1. Call upon Archangel Michael, Lady Faith, and the Elohim Amazon and Hercules.
  2. Ask for the shield of protection to form around your body.
  3. Ask Archangel Michael to activate its consciousness to go to work whenever and wherever you need protection.
  4. Ask Elohim Hercules to recalibrate it as needed.
  5. Visualize a greater thickness of gold around your heart, solar plexus, sacral plexus and root chakra.
  6. Do this for 22 days consecutively, using the visualization.
  7. After the initial 22-day period, focus on the shield when necessary for an extra boost in protection.

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