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Through the Eyes of Kwan Yin


The journey of the soul starts with a question



Is it true that we are the only planet of free will choice?

In this galaxy, it is true at this particular time. In this galaxy, you are the

planet of most willing, willful choices. You are not the only galaxy.

Is it critical at this time to evolve because we are holding up the

evolution of the Universe?

Yes, we would say that that has partial truth. Yes, the little ones that are still

allowing that limited access of self to God are slow. It’s dirty. Like a lot of

rubbish; not recycling something they have used into something more useful.

It is putting a drag on evolution. It’s like having asthma, you know. The one

that goes to breathe with asthma has a contraction, and there is a pull. It is

not free to spring forward. That is where all the projections came from. They

knew that in the Mayan times and of the Hopi. They knew that the influences

of negativity in the hearts and minds would influence the soul evolution of

the planet. They saw that.

How much free will do we have compared to what could be termed,

God’s will?

This is a very complex question. If one is playing a game, one can just drop

the ball and let it be up to someone else as to what the outcome of the ball

game will be. Or they can take the ball, and they can be very mechanical

about all of that and follow through with what it is that they need to do. Or

they can in that moment come into a higher spiritual practice and know that

they and the ball will be carried to freedom. So that’s what life is like. It is a

matter of playing with what is handed to you in a way that you are not

attached to the outcome, and this is the most magnificent part. All the great

religions taught that – still teach that. So free will choice is that part of self

that is within the destiny pattern.

So free will determines a lot of the destiny?


Is there a point where someone can go against God’s will?

Oh, yes. It happens every day. It is a significant feeling of loss on a physical

level where there is a lot of struggle and pain. God’s will is not struggle and

pain. God’s will is freedom and joy.

If someone has a strong enough will, could they manifest what they

desired in life, regardless of anything?

Yes, but it needs to be will in connection with Divine Will, in Divine Order.

If astrologically, planets were in line and the star systems were giving the


right energy in the right moment with the right desire it could manifest. So

we say, yes, this is a possibility.

What about a person’s soul contract? What if the free will tries to

override that?

Well, a contract is meant to be altered. The contract is the part of self that is

in between life cycles and is contracting to learn as much as they can learn.

And if, in fact, all the conditions are right and there is permission in the

Divine Will, then that must be the level of understanding, and that will be the

lesson at the moment rather than what the original contract was about.

Because there is no telling how much the little ones free will choice has

changed the degree of understanding inside of the self during the incarnation.

Life is a constantly shifting event.

Yes, it is.

Does God intervene at points in earth’s progress to either make

something happen or to prevent something from happening?

We say no. We say that the Void, the great creative force, is in motion at all

times, and it is not unlike a weather system. So the God that you are talking

about is not a separate energy, a separate entity. God is everything. So does

God intervene in that way? Does everything intervene to make things

happen? We would say no, it does not because if everything intervened, all

you have is chaos.

So it is more of a group effort?

Is definitely a group effort, but it’s also an energetic awakening and a motion

in the stillness. Little ones need to understand that they are part of a

collective. They are not individuals. In as much as they are individually using

their will and have a directive, yes they are individuals. The Universe is

supporting them and the earth is using itself in all ways to support human

life. And the energy of the heavens is moving about in coordination with the

growth pattern being sent off from the earth and being sent off from the mind

of humans, so that everything is in a coordinated pattern. When there is

coordination and harmony, it is wonderful. But if the coordinates are toward

disruption, the little one, without grounded stability, without the sense of

their true nature, are going to be pushed around. They are going to have to

pay attention very much to what it is they want, how it is they believe in their

life as a facilitator of the Universe, and what it is they want to do next.

There was a talk show host that was trying to use mass thought to move

hurricanes or tornadoes for the good of those in danger. What do you

think about this?

It does work.


Do you see a problem with this?

Not as long as it is redirected in the direction of no one else so that no one is


Like back out to the ocean?


He stopped doing it because he was afraid he may be creating something

worse in another place.

Well, there is always that little energy that says, Thy will be done; This is

what we so much pray for and thy will be done. It’s permission.

And that covers it?


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