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Cutting the Cords of Negativity

As human beings, we interact with each other and create bonds of friendship in family and romance as well as business and social relationships. As part of the process, we extend energies to each other. These energies sometimes become stronger than is healthy for us and a bond between two friends or partners becomes a controlling cord of energy exchange.

A cord is the equivalent of an energetic rope that is extended from the body of the controlling partner to the one who is being controlled. There are many levels and types of cord attachments. Two people who love each other excessively or fearfully may extend cords from their hearts to each other. Family members may extend cords of control, mistaking it for watching over each other. Lovers who have intense and controlling physical relationships send cords from the sacral plexus (reproductive and sexual energy centers) to each other. Solar plexus is the center for power. In business relationships or partnerships based on power exchanges, when cords are extended, they are generally from the solar plexus (the belly area) of the person who wants to gain control to the belly of the person they want to control. The belly button is the area where by birth we are connected to our parents. While in the womb, we are controlled by the umbilical cord which feeds us and provides us with the life force. The belly remains the energetic center for the life force energy even after the umbilical cord is cut. This is where as a habit formed even before birth and a consequence of a life support system, human beings connect with each other. Yet the energetic extension of the cord can become a means to control and gain power in adult life.

In many cases, the person who is sending the cord is not aware that they are doing it. They may want to win an argument, control a situation, or maybe it is simply their habit. Sometimes in intimate relationships, one partner wants the other to see things their way. Sometimes in business partnership (e.g. in a vendor/customer, employer/employee, seller/buyer) people want to influence the other party’s decisions and inadvertently send cords to each other. All of these kinds of cords are extended from solar plexus to solar plexus. Karmically, they are all wrong. This is so because everyone should have the right to make their own choices, not those which are influenced by others. The example would be the car you bought because of the persuasive ways of the salesperson, or the product or service you spent money on in a shopping mall because the shopkeeper twisted your arm, only to return it later because it did not feel good once you brought it home.

Sitting in an airport one day, I suddenly felt nauseous. I looked around to see what had caused it. I noticed a woman talking on the phone a few feet away. Multitudes of cords were hanging from her solar plexus, just dangling in the air. I became curious and started to listen to the conversation. I realized she was trying to convince someone that her product was the most beneficial for the other party. The more heated the conversation became, the more vibrant the filaments of the cords became and the more my stomach churned.  These bright filaments that she was sending out to her clients, were dangling in the air, sending out negative vibrations which was affecting me.  Finally, I left before I was sick. Sometimes people do not realize what they may consider skillful salesmanship is actually an intrusion upon another person’s free will.

On another occasion, I was working on a project which was very important to me. I wanted it done a certain way and the person who was doing the work for me was very disagreeable. At the eleventh hour, she seemed to suddenly give in very easily and I thought finally she had seen the light. That afternoon I spoke of the saga of my triumph while receiving a healing treatment. My friend smiled and told me that she could see the tell-tale signs of my triumph. When I asked in bewilderment, “How so?” she said that she could still see the cord that I had sent out to make sure it was done my way. The whole saga made much more sense now, especially since I had been feeling drained and out of sorts since the encounter. I asked my friend to kindly remove it and felt relieved and suddenly energized after cutting the cord. The person who sends a cord can be as affected or even worse from their own energy drain because energy is extending beyond where it belongs or needs to go.

The following is Metatron’s response when someone asked, “Do I have the ability to cut those cords myself?”

Metatron, channeled October 13, 2004

Beloved of my own heart, I am Metatron. Take a deep breath with me.

With the help of Archangel Michael, yes, absolutely. Call upon Archangel Michael and the legions of Michael and ask him to take his Sword of Mercy and cut out all the cords of negative energy that may be extended to you by anyone and any cords of negative energy that you may have extended to anyone. Ask him to cut off anything that no longer serves you. Ask that it be cut and transmuted into Pure White Light. Then ask for the Shield of Protection to be placed around you. The shield is gold and it is like a cocoon, with extra protection in the areas where you have weaknesses. Every person has their weaknesses in a different part of the body. Some people absorb the negativity in their solar plexus, some people in their lower back, some people in the sacral plexus, and some people in the area of the heart. Generally when people extend cords, they extend to the solar plexus because that is where people go for each other’s power. If someone wants to overpower you or control you, they send you cords.

Now I ask Archangel Michael to cut all cords on your behalf. Take a deep breath and try to send the breath deeper into your belly. Move it further down your mid-section; breathe into the core of your being. Feel it with the base of your spine, your root chakra.

Now repeat after me: “Whatever karma has caused the connection of cords between (state your name and the name of the person) I ask Archangel Michael to release it. I ask the karma between us be completed and concluded. I do not give permission to (say his/her name) to do this ever again.” Envision that you are being cocooned in the Shield of Protection of Archangel Michael and in the area in front of your belly, the shield is approximately two inches thick. It cocoons around your body like a gold leaf. It is as thin as paper where it is not necessary for it to be thick. But where you need extra protection (e.g. around the solar plexus, heart, sacral plexus, root chakra and around the back, the back of the heart and mid-back right behind the solar plexus and sacral plexus), it is thick. Archangel Michael and the legions of Michael will protect it and guard it for you from this day on. After you have received the Shield, you must check daily and reinforce it.

Make sure that your Shield remains intact and there are no rips or tears in this shield. For as long as this Shield remains intact, nobody can penetrate it to send cords. Any negative energies that contact you will be transmuted by the Shield of Protection.

With great love, I am your father, Metatron. So it is.

Pillar of Light Protection-Release of Lifetimes of Pain

In this discourse, Archangel Michael explains how an issue that may have no reason for existence may make us suffer without recourse in this lifetime. Fears of water, confined places, heights, darkness, anger over certain issued, intolerance and sensitivity to some circumstances, anxiety and panic attacks that are disproportionate to the cause, and others. Archangel Michael proposes that most likely these overreactions or sensitivities go back to traumas experienced from other lifetimes. Obviously we have no recollection of these lifetimes except the deep scars which they have left on our psyches. These create traumas leading to overreaction and intolerance for no apparent reason in this lifetime. He therefore offers healing for the removal of the root cause of these traumatic experiences which we have accumulated over many lifetimes and calls upon many beings of Light and healing Rays to clear these imprints. He does explain that an issue that we may have carried with us from one incarnation to another for a very long time and over many incarnations will require a longer time to release.

He compares the accumulated trauma to an onion with many layers. To reach to the core or the heart of the onion, where there remains no resistance or pain, we need to remove the trauma layer by layer, by starting from the outermost layer. However, he stresses that what can take us a thousand efforts, can be achieved in one try with his help and the Masters and beings that he brings to our aid. What may take us a thousand days, with their help can be accomplished in one and what takes a whole day will take an hour. He also sets the healing in motion to work within us, even when we are not focused on the healing process or sitting in meditation. Through these exercises in time you may find that the same issues which used to upset you enormously before can leave you unaffected.   The fear that made you climb five stories up the stairs instead of taking the elevator has vanished and you suddenly dare to take the elevator or the fearful plane ride becomes easy.

You may not even realize at first when, where, or how the onset of clearing and relief from the trauma came about but only see the results. The Masters work with great unconditional love and acceptance. Even if you do not give them credit for their help or do not realize that the healing has set you free because of their assistance, they will continue to help. Their intercession in these matters is to free us from pain, free Earth from dross and free the consciousness of humankind and Earth from fears, pain and pollution. They will do whatever it takes to accelerate this process on our behalf and on their own. The longer we stay in the pain, the longer they will have to stay around to help us release the pain. Our release helps release them from their bondage. They have made a point of staying around in service to the Light, for our benefit, until every soul on Earth is released from bondage and pain. Our freedom is their freedom. We all benefit from working together; they (the Masters) and we (the disciples) who are Masters-in-making.

Through this discourse, you will notice that Archangel Michael calls upon many beings of light such as Angels, Masters, Elohim, Cosmic Beings, Rays and Flames. All of these are beings and energies of higher realms which are called to our assistance. As you read more of the Gifts series, you will become acquainted with these beings and the energies of the higher realms and begin to build a relationship with them personally. Until that happens, be patient and trust that they are all in service to the Light and make a sacrifice of their lives, time and energy to help us go to the Light. Only beings that are highly evolved and care for others are wiling to give of themselves in service of others. This is as true in our realm as it is in the higher realms of Light. In fact, as we raise our consciousness to those realms of light, we will participate in these acts of service too. Meantime, patience is a great virtue.  With patience and perseverance all things are possible.

This reminds me of an anecdote. Over the decade of the 1990’s in Boston, Massachusetts there was a vast construction project.  It involved the building of highway systems on land and tunnels under the water which connected the city of Boston to Logan Airport, which sits on the edge of the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Bostonians were extremely complacent during the overly-prolonged construction project, which came to be known as the “Big Dig.” To appease the drivers stalled in traffic jams, huge billboards appeared across the city reading, “Rome was not built in a day.” Underneath that, in smaller letters it said, “If it were, we would hire their architects!”   They were beckoning Bostonians to be patient.

As you patiently read through these passages and come across names of beings who are new to you, receive them with an open heart and allow them to become your friends. I promise you will be happy with the results. Reading passages from the first Gifts book, Jade, a newly awakened soul from Australia, had her first feel for Metatron. She picked the passage (printed on the back cover of this book) and wrote an email to me, “Could anyone not cry their heart out when someone, whoever that being may be, loves them so much, with such generosity, humility, sincerity, patience, determination and hope? I love you, Lord Metatron, even though you are very new to me!”

Archangel Michael, channeled May 31, 2003

My brethren of Light, I am Michael.

I would like to discuss with you the healing of your bodies, your emotions and your mind. Judging by what you have been through in this lifetime, each one of you has taken on a great deal of suffering by being physically incarnate and on behalf of humanity and Earth. There have been other lifetimes equally as hard and some even harder. The pain has impacted you physically, emotionally and mentally. In order to serve, you have to be healed and brought back to wholeness from all the suffering.

You have to return to the perfection that God intended in the original blueprint. Therefore, ask for that healing. Become aware that the healing processes can happen with our help (me and my legions). Become aware that we can condense time and space and bring that healing to you much faster than you can bring it upon yourself – most especially if the healing relates to other lifetimes – because you are unaware of the root cause. The moment that you ask, the Gates of Heaven open up and help will come to you. Healing will pour forth, releasing all the pain from each lifetime, removing the emotional, mental and spiritual impact that has left its marks on your body, emotions, mind and soul.

Fears you may have had in this lifetime without an apparent cause, such as: fear of heights, fear of swimming or being in the water, claustrophobia, agoraphobia (and all the other phobias for which you can find no known cause) are good examples of trauma from other incarnations. These traumatic experiences could be so deeply etched into your cell structure and your soul structure, that you still remember them even though this is a different lifetime. You have no known reason to be afraid of heights or water or confined places and yet, one or more of these – or others – haunt you. In all these cases, call upon all the Light beings you can summon. Go into the pillar of Light invoking the Presence of the I Am That I Am and directly ask the Presence to support you. Say to the Presence, “Luminous mighty Presence of the I Am That I Am, I ask your intercession in the matter of (state your intention).”

Call upon the angelic realms and your guardian angels even if you don’t know their name, you can say, “In the name of my guardian angels, in the name of Quan Yin, in the name of Michael, the Archangel, in the name of the Ascended Hosts, in the name of the Brotherhoods and the Sisterhoods of the White Lodge, in the name of the Melchizedek Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods, cleanse me of my (insert your own pain or fear and its effect on your body or emotions) agoraphobia, my claustrophobia. Cleanse me of this stomach pain (name your pain), which comes and goes without any connection to what I have eaten or not eaten. Cleanse me of this forgetful mind. Cleanse me of fear of lack. Cleanse me of lack of self-worth.”

Some of these issues have been with you in many lifetimes. The onset could have etched a niche within you. Saying it once is not enough to complete the process because the mind, body and emotions will get in the way of believing that it can. Bring yourself to believe. Sometimes you do it once and one layer of the pain in released. A second time, another. These pains are like layers of an onion. Start with the outer layer and until you get to the core, do not stop. Anger, rage, depression, sadness, grief: each one of these has its own impact on your physical body. You may not know that you are dealing with grief but you have chest pains. You may not know that you are holding onto fear but you may have kidney problems. You may not know that you are dealing with rage but you may have had your gall bladder removed or you have liver problems. Whatever the cause is, you can remove the effect by invoking the Presence of the I Am That I Am and asking the intercession of higher beings of Light: Masters, angels, guides, and guardians of Light.

You must ask first and once you do, we will continue to ask on your behalf. And every time you come back to it, we help you take another layer off and raise that vibration. We will help the removal of pain. Upon completion, you will be filled with Light. It will serve you to ask for the removal of fear and ask that its space be filled with Light. It has dug a groove inside of you. You remove one fear and another one comes from the atmosphere and lodges itself in there. This is why intercession of the I Am That I Am and the hosts and the guardians and the angels and the Ascended Beings is very important; very, very important. “In the name of the I Am That I Am, through the intercession of Archangel Michael and the Blue Flame of Mercy, through intercession of Quan Yin and the Ray of Compassion; through the intercession of Buddha and the Ray of Non-violence; through the intercession of Melchizedek and the Violet Flame; through the intercession of St Germain and the Violet Fire; through the intercession of Lady Nada and the energies of compassion and service; I ask that this pain be removed and that my body, my mind, my emotions, my spirit in all my body systems, in all levels and dimensions of reality be healed and filled with Light and be brought back to the perfection of the original blueprint as God intended.”

Write these invocations. Keep them by your bedside. Keep a copy with you on a daily basis. After you have said them repeatedly day or night, it becomes part of your remembrance. You will find yourself saying these invocations at the moment when you need them the most.

Take a moment now and reflect on your life. Think of an issue to bring to the Presence of the I Am That I Am. Take a deep breath. If nothing comes to the surface immediately, then call upon Michael, call upon the I Am That I Am and say, “What should I be asking for?  What is the most important thing for me to be asking for?”

And even if you already have a list, do that anyway. Once you have your list, I will do the invocation and you can make the offer. Take your time. Take deep breaths. Pause for a moment and start making a list of what you wish to release and clear. You can start with one or more. If other issues come up to the surface later, you can add them to your list as you continue with the daily clearing.

In the name of the I Am That I Am, God in Action, I call forth the intercession and the Presence of the cosmic Light, the cosmic beings of Light, the ascended hosts of Light, the angels and archangels of Light, the Seven Mighty Elohim of Light. These issues are offered for clarity and cleansing through the intercession of all beloved holy and sainted beings of Light, all personal guides, and Guardian Angels. We ask for the clearing and cleansing until every individual issue is completely cleared in all times and all dimensions, in all realities, probable, parallel, alternate, possible and ultimate realities. We ask that the spaces that have been freed be filled with the Luminous Presence of the I Am That I Am, with the Pure White Light of the I Am That I Am, with Presence of Light from the heartcore of the I Am That I Am. We ask that healing and wholeness be restored on behalf of humanity and all souls, the souls of planets, star systems, galaxies and universes. We ask that healing be posted on the planetary grid for every soul who wishes to connect with it. We ask that bubble of Pure White Light be placed around every individual member until each issue is fully and completely resolved. We ask for a time warp in the time-space continuum so that a speeding of a thousand-fold be given for those issues that may take a much longer time. We ask for a speeding of a thousand-fold in time and magnitude.

That means that if you need to clear your anger to the extent of one grain of salt, a thousand equivalent will be given to you. The 999 you can use as an offering for all those who need to have their anger issues resolved. So suddenly you become a beacon of Light; you pass by people and you help them release their anger. That means if an issue was present for you a thousand lifetimes, it will take one lifetime to clear it. If it has been with you for 1000 days, it will take one day to clear it. If it has been with you for one day, it will take one hour to clear it.

Whenever you feel an unresolved issue resurface, come back to this energy. When you have another list ready, come back to this energy, repeat these invocations and know it is already given. The thoughts have occurred to you because this is a gift from the universe. You were helped to remember to add each item to your list. Even when you are in a different time, in a different space doing a different thing, just connect with this energy and put your intention into the grid and it will be done.

With great love, with great joy for this opportunity to serve you, I am your brother, Michael.

Vortex of Light Protection

In this exercise, Archangel Michael teaches ways to clear your space from lingering energies. Vibrations of souls who may have left their bodies but still remain Earthbound can pollute the energy of a room, a house, a shop, building or even the air around you.

Archangel Michael gives exact instructions for setting up a vortex of Light to which we can send all these unwanted energies. The result is energetically cleaner air to breathe as well as clearer mental-emotional energies around us in our living, moving everyday environments. Any place – a hotel room you may be visiting, a shop, the local supermarket or even your favorite shoe store – may drain your life force out of you and turn an otherwise pleasant experience into an exhausting one. (There will be more information on clearing and release in Gifts IV.)

This is an exercise which is becoming more and more useful in the face of Earth’s recent natural disasters, as well as the man-made ones where many souls are making a mass exodus out of the planet in sudden, unexpected ways. Usually when a soul leaves the body, there is a period of preparation where the personality prepares itself to leave the body and free the soul from the bondage of the body. This could take anywhere from a few days and weeks to a few years. In the cases of sudden death, the personality has no advance warning – at least not consciously – about the soul’s imminent departure from the body. Because of this, the personality can refuse to believe or accept that the body has been dropped and it may continue to hold onto the soul, keeping the soul Earthbound. Such souls will end up staying Earthbound and continue to act as though they are still alive. Although they are invisible to our naked eyes and have no dense body of matter inside which they can function, they can pollute our environment energetically. Their energy continues to linger upon the land they left, the house where they lived or among their loved ones.

After the event of the tsunami in the Far East around Christmas of 2004, Lord Metatron (Enlightenment section) sent various members of our group around the world to anchor the energies of peace and release the lost souls. One member of the group who was in India at the time offered to go across the water to Sri Lanka and perform ceremonies and anchor the energies. He reported back that the most disturbing experience was to feel the energy of all the lost souls who were continuing with make-believe versions of the story as though nothing had happened. Their sudden departure had been too much to bear for their minds. Therefore, they were going about their way as though business was as usual.

This group member contacted me to seek Metatron’s advice. He asked whether he should begin to connect with these souls to convince them that they had passed and free them from the bondage of attachment to Earth. Metatron’s response was that it would be too much for him to take on such a major feat; it would leave him physically exhausted and energetically drained. Instead, Metatron suggested that we focus our attention on sending Archangel Michael light and requesting that various vortices of Light be structured at different points along the coastline for the release of the souls. Metatron taught us to visualize tunnels of Light which would connect these vortices to the astral realms at different points in order to clear these realms from the lost souls and to free the souls to leave the Earthly plane.

There are times when souls linger on Earth even though their departure may not have been a sudden event. Sylvia Browne is a famous contemporary psychic and author of many books on soul communication from the afterlife. In her book entitled Visits from Afterlife, she speaks of the astral realms as being three feet about the ground on Earth. She believes that this is why souls from after life seem to be gliding in the air.

She tells of the story of a physician friend of hers who rented an office in a new building. One night when he was staying in the office late, he began to smell incense and hear chimes or church bells. Then he began to see brown-robed monks gliding around saying prayers, ringing bells and burning incense. He invited Sylvia to examine the situation. Sylvia saw all of this for herself and concluded that on the site of the building there must have been a monastery or chapel for the monks. When they examined the records at the town hall, they found that indeed, there had been a monastery on that site a few hundred years ago. The personality-bound souls of the unsuspecting monks were peacefully performing their duties and their routines after so many years at the site. This goes to show that even souls who have not had sudden departure can remain Earthbound. These monks were only too happy to serve in their little monastery and had no desire to depart although they had left their bodies. (see Sylvia Browne’s books, “Visits From Afterlife.”)

Archangel Michael teaches us how to clear the energy from Earthbound entities. He then goes one step further to give an invocation of command for those persistent ones who may be too attached to Earth, people or places, whose energy looms malignant and causes disorder, becoming a nuisance. Although these are extreme cases, I have included the segment for your general awareness. As I have stated in Book I, Archangel Michael’s sword of mercy held above his head and yours is always a sign that he will destroy any energy that may have any mal-intention toward you. Therefore, one of the best protection tools to use every day and in times of stress, fear and uncertainties is to call Archangel Michael and ask him to stand behind you and hold his sword of mercy above his head and yours, ready for battle if necessary. Remember this at all times and all will be well.

Archangel Michael, channeled May 31, 2003

My brethren of Light, I am Michael.

To help free all the souls who may be suspended in the atmosphere of Earth, to send them to the Light and to release the lower vibrations from Earth, you can create a vortex of light. This vortex can be set up at a specific point when you make an agreement with me, Archangel Michael to set it up on your behalf. We can agree on one mile North of whatever specific spot you are located at that time. Then all you need to do is call upon Archangel Michael and ask for the vortex of Light to be created in that direction. The North direction is the direction of the Gates of Heaven. It is the direction of Light. It is more effective to set up a vortex of Light in the direction of North because the direction of North is allocated to the divine, heavenly essence of all beings whereas the direction of South has been allocated to the material essence. Where North is spirit, South is matter. There is the polarity. This is why I suggest North. One mile is a safe distance. In other words, if you are in a building and you want to protect everyone inside and clear it from all negative forces, one mile is a safe distance.  The intention is to clear your environment as well as help provide an opportunity for the lower energies to go to the Light.  To accomplish this task I propose an agreement where vortices of Light can be created for the release of these lost souls by myself, Archangel Michael and my Legions to free you from these lower vibrations, and also to assist them to find their way home to the Light. If you need to have the vortex further away, make it ten miles, make it 100 miles. It is an agreement between you and I, Archangel Michael, and the forces of nature. You can choose the distance to be one mile on one occasion and 100 miles in another one; if for instance you plan to be driving and wish to have protection and do a clearing at the same time through the vortex.

If you need to travel five miles or 50 miles in whichever direction, and you want this vortex to be further away from you, you can so choose. Remember always to protect yourself with the pillar of Light. If there is intrusion upon your energy then you will use a command to release them; you do not need to worry. You just need to remain focused. The command to leave is for times when you feel intrusive energies around; energies that are neither welcome nor invited.

I strongly recommend that you invoke protection when you feel uninvited energy intruding upon your force field. It could happen in your car, at your workplace, in your home or in an open space even when you are going for a walk. Under any condition at all, first invoke the pillar of Light and protection around you and then say: “I call forth the pillar of Pure White Light of the I Am That I Am to form around me. In the name of the I Am That I Am, I command all lower energies to leave. I call forth Archangel Michael to guide you out of here. In the name of the I AM THAT I AM, I command you to leave my body. I command you to leave this room. I command you to leave this building. I command you to leave this car. I command you to leave this house.” Repeat this three or seven times in a commanding voice with force and fervor. Make it obvious that you mean it.  When you clean and clear the lower vibrations you will not be drained, nor will you lose your energy or life force.  You will have zest for life and feel energized.

There is no power of force higher than I Am That I Am. It is the presence of God in form. It is a universal sign that all beings in creation, light and dark, recognize as the supreme force. When you say, “In the name of the I Am That I Am,” you are sending the legions of Light ahead of you, around you, above you, below you, and everywhere you can imagine. All will ultimately merge and join in the Presence of the I Am That I Am. Our higher aspect is God in action; you and us – your helpers – the angelic beings.

Write this invocation down and say it when you feel the need. After you have repeated them occasionally during daytime or nighttime, it becomes part of your remembrance. You will find yourself saying these invocations at the moment when you need it the most. When you remember to call for our help regularly, we will begin to come even before you ask. It takes a certain number of requests to attain critical mass. Once there, the problem can be released, cleared, cleansed and brought to perfection through the Light.

This is a favor to the lower energies in case they want to join and merge into the Light. Quite a few of them do because their time is very limited. Do this as a favor to the universe. You are doing this for Mother Earth and for all the souls. Your service to free them to go to Light helps Mother Earth and all the unconscious souls. You are helping reduce the number of car accidents, conflicts and arguments. You are helping Mother Earth to clear her own atmosphere. By setting up these vortices of Light, you are inviting these beings to merge and unite into Light, where they all belong.

I will repeat again. If you are in situations where you feel you have to have protection and you feel as though you have been intruded upon, do this first exercise: “In the name of the  I Am That I Am, I command you to leave. I call upon Archangel Michael to set up a vortex of Light one mile North of this spot. If you so choose to join and merge into Light, you can go there. Archangel Michael will take care of you.”

Then just to seal yourself, say the command: “Archangel Michael and the legions of Michael above me, below me, in front of me, behind me, to my left, to my right, Archangel Michael within me and around me. In the name of the I Am That I Am, blaze forth the light.”

Say this seven times for greater focus and greater protection. You can do this exercise everyday at the moment that you awaken and begin your day with it. Begin by saying, “I begin this day in the Light of the I Am That I Am.”

Then continue with the above exercise. If you have an important day ahead of you or you are ready to begin a journey, go on a short or long trip, or if you have concerns and worries about how your day may go, do this entire exercise in all four directions starting with North. Face the direction of North. Hold your hand up in the direction of the Heavens above and say,

“I begin this day in the Light of the  I Am That I Am in the North. I call the pillar of the white light around me. I command all the dark forces and lower light to leave in the name of the I Am That I Am. I seal myself with protection from Archangel Michael and his legions. Archangel Michael above me, Archangel below me, Archangel Michael to my left, Archangel Michael to my right, Archangel Michael in front of me, Archangel Michael behind me, Archangel Michael within me and around me, blaze forth the Light.”

Then turn to the East and say the entire exercise again using East instead of North. Then turn South and do it using South as the direction. Follow this with facing West and using West as the direction. Finally, turn back to North where you started and say whatever prayer you wish to add, e.g., “In the name of the I Am That I Am, I ask that my meeting will go peacefully today.” Then end with, “So it is. It is done. Amen.” This seals the entire invocation and encapsulates it around you.

In the Light of protection and mercy, I am your brother, Michael. So it is


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RULER ARCHETYPE: Ruler Archetype Higher Expression; Divine objectivity , fairness, wisdom, stability, all of us rule over our thoughts, emotions, body, subpersonalities, Archetypes, instincts, sensations, and intuition, and all of us will be put…



Posted by Ms Tercy Lonan on August 1, 2020 at 8:44am 0 Comments

MATRIARCH/PATRIARCH ARCHETYPE:- Matriarch/Patriarch Archetype Higher Expression; Tough love (love and firmness), Proper use of Personal Power and Unconditional Love, Divine indifference in its proper relationship to compassion, parenting inner…



Posted by Ms Tercy Lonan on July 30, 2020 at 9:45am 0 Comments

MARTYR ARCHETYPE:- Martyr Archetype Higher Expression; Saint, Vow of Bodhisattva, the higher you go the more one realizes that the main reason for being here is being of service! Lower Expression; Person sacrifices but does so as a means to…



Posted by Ms Tercy Lonan on July 29, 2020 at 7:49am 0 Comments

MAGICIAN ARCHETYPE:- Magician archetype Higher Expression; True alchemists and transformers, magical in the way they can create change and transformation in one’s Four-Body system (they do this by understanding Universal Laws at each level and…



Posted by Ms Tercy Lonan on July 28, 2020 at 8:40am 0 Comments

INNOCENT ARCHETYPE:- Innocent Archetype; Higher expression; Innocent perception, seeing life free from past programming, fresh and untarnished, positive side of being like a child, being innocent with the wisdom of the Wise One Archetype, purity,…



Posted by Ms Tercy Lonan on July 27, 2020 at 8:26am 0 Comments

FOOL ARCHETYPE;- Fool Archetype: Higher expression; Risktaker, humor used in a positive and uplifting manner, superconscious, innovator, jumping off the cliff in service of the Soul as the ultimate healthy surrender in any given situation and…


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