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*AA Michael & the Blue Fire Victory Angels

By Zananda (Spiritual Advisor)

Archangel Michael is the guardian protector of all evolving life here
on earth. Archangel Michael is the Archangel of the First ray and the
sapphire blue ray as well as the energy of the pure will aspect of the
creator. This pure ray's function is total protection, deep cleansing
and transmutational healing. This ray deals with the most intense
dynamic energy; its function is to break down old patterns to be
transmuted into new productive, clearer energies of expression.

Archangel Michael is the keeper of the Sword of Truth, Protection and
Manifestation. The Sword of Truth will cut through all energies that
are not of the highest divine truth – clearing, changing and
transmuting these energies forever. Lord Michael will also bring forth
his blue fire shield of protection to all beings when asked. Through
sacred prayer, Archangel Michael and his blue fire victory angels are
always available night and day for healing and protection – all you
have to do when you feel the need for extra protection is to ask
Archangel Michael and his blue fire angels, they will bring forth a
blue fire shield of Cosmic Light Protection to permanently surround
your entire being.

Archangel Michael's Sword of Truth and Protection is multi-dimensional
in its manifestation and use. At one end of the Sword are blue flames
shining brightly as they dance along the Sword blade – these sacred
blue flames are the flames of his Archangelic higher Divine Truth and
Will being brought forth into total manifestation. As the blue flames
dance along the Sword of Truth they resolve old unusable energy,
transmuting these energies into their perfection of higher Truth, so
only the highest Truth will prevail in, through and around one's

We gift you some prayers and activations that will bring forth
Archangel Michael's full protection. These prayers can be repeated
four to nine times for full universal manifestation. Archangel
Michael's Sword of Truth will only appear and come into manifestation
through the highest crystal clear positive intention and with your
open, unconditional loving sacred heart. One will not be able to hold
or weld its power if the highest intentions are not the overriding
factors in one's wish to bring forth its full manifestation.

Ask yourself what is your intention in asking for this manifestation
now. If it is in the highest Truth to use its power for the greater
benefit of all other beings, which includes yourself, then you are
coming close to bringing forth its manifestation in your life.

You can call upon Archangel Michael for assistance in the anchoring of
this activation or positive crystal clear intentions at any time. The
archangelic presence of Archangel Michael's loving energy is just like
a Sword of Awareness that will, when asked for or brought forth, cut
through all illusion and negative feelings and emotion as gracefully
and easily as one's hands passes through air.

Archangel Michael also over-lights and brings forth the blue fire
victory flames. These victory flames are the blue fire will of the
creator that lives within all beings, inside our higher heart and
white fire core centres. These clear blue flames function as the
activator of all the Archangelic protection energies which also bring
forth the greater divine will and pure infinite love of the Cosmic
Divine Mother into all aspect of creation throughout the greater
Universe. The Blue Flame Victory flames are the full empowerment of
Universal Truth and Wisdom, coming into its full manifestation of
victory over all that is not of the highest good and perfection for
one's being.

Activating Archangel Michael's Sword of Protection

(You can say these prayers below before beginning this activation)

Beloved Archangel Michael we call forth your divine presence now and
we ask you to bring forth your Blue Fire Sword of Protection for the
greater protection of our entire twelve bodily systems ~ So be it ~
say 4 times

The Blue Fire angels bring forth the beautiful blue flames of our
angelic grace to administer the Creator's Truth into all aspect of
beings and our lives here on earth right now ~ So Be It ~ say 4 times

Feel now as the Blue Fire-flame Angels bring forth the Blue Fire
Victory Flames to permanently protect your entire twelve bodily
system, bringing forth the Cosmic Divine Mother's Illumined Truth
every particle of life-force energy within your being.

Archangel Michael surround our whole being with our Blue Fire Sword of
Truth and Protection, also bringing forth our Blue Fire Victory flames
to place a blue-fire ring of protection permanently around our entire
being ~ so be it ~ say this whole prayer 4 times.

Now bring your whole awareness to the visualisation of Archangel
Michael's Sword of Universal Truth bringing forth to your entire
twelve bodily system the Cosmic Mother's Eternal Flame of Absolute
Truth and Wisdom. Be still within your being now while you receive the
beloved blessings from this part of this activation.

Now beloved ones, begin to see with your greater awareness now, the
blue fire angels bringing forth their flaming fire of victory to
permanently protect your entire twelve bodies. Now that you are
connected to the higher Angelic flames, we ask you beloved, to
visualise the mighty presence of Archangel Michael's Truth and
Protection coming forth to surround your entire being. Visualise the
loving energies of Archangel Michael helping you to anchor the full
empowerment of Cosmic Universal higher Protection and Truth into your
lives, and the full actualization of your highest intentions, that
clears the way for the full manifestation of the Sword of Truth and

Now stand straight with an open sacred heart, and with your pure
intention, to manifest and hold the power of the mighty Sword of Truth
in readiness for its actualization. Hold out your right hand palm
facing upward, and then say out loud your intention to use the Sword
of Truth – saying your intention out loud, and giving a little time
see them coming into manifestation. When you feel you have completed
this, pay attention to the subtle feelings in the palm of your hand,
taking as much time as you need to explore these subtle feelings as
this Mighty Sword begins to appear in your hand. Visualize and see now
the flaming blue Sword of Lord Michael appearing in your hand. The
more you can visualise his Sword in your hand, the greater will be
your connection to its Universal Truth and Protection. So take you
time in connecting to this visualization, so you can see this mighty
Sword's blue flaming energy more clearly in your heart and
mind's eye.

Now begin to focus attention on the blue flames dancing along the
blade of Lord Michael's Sword. These blue flames are the blue fire
victory of Archangel Michael's archangelic grace. Every one of these
flames will instantly work towards the absolution of all negativity
within and around the bodily system it is placed within. So if you are
ready now to bring forth these blue fire energies, you can begin by
moving this Sword around your body, waving Archangel Michael's Sword
through and around your auric energy fields, from above the top of
your head to the bottom of your feet.

Slowly work your way through and around your entire bodies' energy
fields. Long, slow movement of this blessed Sword will allow the blue
flames of this angelic Sword to permeate every particle of life force
within and around your entire bodily system. When you feel you have
cleared your energy fields, ask Archangel Michael to bring into your
full conscious awareness the Truth of your being and purpose here on
earth at this time in your souls evolution.

Take your time to feel and understand any feelings or any heightened
awareness, thoughts and feelings, or any angelic communications that
come to your conscious awareness during these moments of contemplation
and introspection. It will be for your greater benefit if you can
bring into your whole awareness the subtlest of thoughts or feelings
that come to you during this process. Now give your thanks and
gratitude to Archangel Michael and his blue-fire angels for their
assistance in this clearing, activation and healing, giving a few
moments to any prayers and connections now.

Lord Michael's Prayer of Protection and Truth

Lord Michael above, Lord Michael below, Lord Michael before, Lord
Michael behind, Lord Michael within, Lord Michael ~ Lord Michael ~
Lord Michael wherever I go.

I am his Truth protecting here ~ I am his protection prevailing here.
I am his blue fire protecting here. I am his mighty light and fire
protecting here. I am his blue fire shield protection. I am one with
his blue fire victory. I am his love protecting here. I am a guard in
Archangel Michael's name ~ I am a guard in Archangel Michael's
name ~
I am a guard in Archangel Michael's name ~ I am his love protecting

(You can say this whole prayer above 4 times for its full and complete

Affirmations of Blue Fire Victory

I am one with the transformational energy of the Blue Fire Victory ~ I
am victory, victory, and victory

I am one with the loving energies of Archangel Michael and his Blue
Fire Victory Angels

Activating the Blue Fire Victory Flames of Protection

(You can say these prayers before beginning this activation)

Beloved Archangel Michael, surround our entire being with your Golden
Dome of Protection and your Blue Robe of Protection. We call upon your
Blue Fire Victory Angels to bring forth your Golden Blue Robe of
Protection for our total, permanent protection at night while we sleep
and all through the day ~ So Be It ~ say this whole prayer 4 times.

Lord Michael, anchor and bring forth our Blue Fire Victory flames and
place a blue-fire ring of protection, permanently around our entire
beings ~So be it ~ say this whole prayer 4 times

Visualise and feel now as Archangel Michael's Sword of Universal
brings forth to your entire twelve bodily system God's Eternal Flame
of Truth and Protection. Now breathe gently and slowly, try emptying
your mind and heart of all thoughts and feelings as much as possible.
With the inflow and the outflow of your breath, begin this activation
by visualising and seeing the Blue Fire Victory Angels accelerating
their higher Universal protective energy into every cell of your

Take long, slow breaths as all the divine qualities and frequencies of
this activation awaken and deeply anchor into all aspects of your
entire energy body system. Visualise the Blue Fire Victory Flames
bringing forth the blue fire will of the creator and protection that
is always victorious in bringing forth only the highest protection and
truth into your entire being now.

Breathe deeply as these sacred blue fire flames accelerate Universal
Truth and Cosmic protection and victory to prevail over all that is
not of our highest good and our true divine potential. See all the
Blue Fire Flames of Divine Truth and Victory transmuting all old
patterns within the twelve bodily system, transforming them into
newer, productive and clearer higher consciousness energies of
expression. Feel now his loving Archangelic energy surrounding your
entire being, as his blue fire angels bring forth their flaming fire
of victory to permanently protect your entire twelve bodies.

Be still now within your being while you receive the beloved blessings
from this whole activation. Stay focused on this activation as long as
you can and breathe deeply the full divinity of it. Know now the Blue
Fire Victory flames live within your entire heart and soul until your
Ascension in the Light of the Highest Cosmic Universal Order.\

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