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The Ultimate Heart Ray of Omni-Dimensional Healing for Universal Oneness


From my Guides:


"The beautiful Aquamarine ray, which you are already familiar with carries the vibrational energy known as the "Paradise Frequencies" – and by the use of the word 'Paradise', we would also wish to additionally highlight in particular the energy vibrations of Love, Compassion, Peace, Truth, Clarity and Unity Consciousness. Aquamarine speaks softly through its soft watery colours to communicate multi-dimensional messages of love to the heart centres of All through its colour and light vibrations, and so it is very much a strong yet subtle trigger for awakening, and healing for personal and planetary ascension.

As you will know the colour of aquamarine has both green and turquoise blue hues. First is the predominant light turquoise colour which in its own true beauty is a representation of the throat chakra, your communication centre. This beautiful colour brings the opportunity to heal or clear your throat chakra to enable you to allow yourself to speak your own truth, and to bring that which is true to your hearts, to a reality. In speaking your own truth you will bring forth that which you have chosen to do, as part of your life missions if you will, or your life path, and that which makes you completely happy and harmonious. Part of good communication is all about feeling confident enough in your own power to express yourselves clearly to your fullest potential. Casting aside past fears that may have held you back. It is about communicating who you, are and speaking your truth.

In previous lifetimes it may not have been acceptable to speak of healing or such things as magic and the ancient ways, and so these things were hidden away in secrets untold and unspoken, blocked as taboo and therefore blocked from your very consciousness. So now when you see a form of this colour, in this instance being an aspect of Aquamarine, this is a powerful trigger on a DNA-level, that you can now allow yourselves to finally become who you truly are, speak your truth, and then anchor it within it fullest reality as an expression of your rightful soul essence as a loving light being. It is an important part of the return to the original Divine Truth, Divine Perfection and Divine Plan. It is a form of the highest divine expression of the *Omni-Dimensional aspect of TRUTH for all that is.

Next is the green colour aspect of the Aquamarine Ray, which is of course symbolic of the Divine Heart Light centre and the Serene Emerald Light of the Heart chakra. It is all about being loving to yourself and others, unconditionally, being in the expression of love - love being the highest form of light energy. It is about allowing yourself to BE as you truly should be, as you were created to be, in Divine Oneness Perfection, standing in unity and strength, as one Collective Conscious Heart. It is about the loving connection with all that is you, and all that is in the World, Universe, Galaxies beyond. It is the unconditional love for one another and for all else in existence. It is the loving respect and gracefulness in which you co-habit, co-create and interact in this World. It is a form of the highest divine expression of the *Omni-Dimensional aspect of LOVE for all that is.

The Aquamarine Ray in its totally, seeks to bring the two chakras of the heart and throat together in Unity, like a merging of the earth and the skies into the very soul of Gaia, and in the very act of this ~ All become ONE.

The Aquamarine Ray also carries the energy vibration of the oceans containing the harmonic resonance of the whales and dolphins of the cetacean family. These beautiful beings have assisted so much behind the scenes of your evolution. The dolphins carry multi-dimensional sound codes for assisting us in reaching a higher consciousness, while the whales are keepers of the crystalline ocean grids and the planetary DNA. Both the dolphins and the whales work together to integrate the ocean and the land grids through integrating the sound codes into these grids and through doing so assisting with the evolutionary ascension process.

Once perfect alignment is in place energetically both in the Cosmos and for the planet and Gaia, exquisite Aquamarine light was sent in pulsations from the Galactic Centre to Earth, so that it could be anchored deep into the Paradise Matrix grids around the globe. When this energy was received it also triggered the whales and dolphins to help anchor these energies and ultimately it would then be possible to recreate the new heaven on earth."


The Higher Heart (Thymus) Chakra

Of course the information noted above on the Aquamarine Ray is virtually an exact mirror of what is known as the Higher Heart Chakra – (sometimes also known as the Thymus Chakra, Soul Seat or Unified Heart). So the message from my guides about the colours and the chakras that the Aquamarine Ray represent was a complete validation to me that they were speaking of the Higher Heart chakra!

This is a relatively newly known chakra to some people and it is found directly between the Heart and Throat chakras, linking and merging the two together. It is a specifically interesting chakra when viewed from the perspective of personal and planetary ascension healing!

My understanding of the Thymus Chakra is that it brings Oneness and Universal love and through the Aquamarine colour and the opening of the heart centre it helps to connect us to the Higher Realms and become receptive to their higher vibrational energies. As we heal and open our hearts we soothe and balance our emotional bodies. It is a total representation of the planetary and personal transitions we are making through our ascension and which assists us to acknowledge our intentions in a more responsible and focused, yet calmer and peaceful manner, and through the acknowledgement of love, from the heart and truth from the throat – we will be acting our rightful true path, through the emotion of love and through doing so, will set us free in the fullest expression of our BEing.

Through this fullest expression of our soul path, we also gain a new inner strength that was not possible before, and as we cleanse that which is not wanted and set it free, letting go of unwanted thoughts and energy, it leaves only our focus on that which is true to our hearts, we feel stronger and more able to cope and this positive energy flowing through us can help us recover, repair, heal and build stronger immune systems that are without fraught and unfounded worries which used to drain our life force energy. Then as our zest for life increases and our motivations come forth through loving intention, this begins to overpower all else, and so a cleansing process begins through the energy bodies and outwards through the aura, forming a new protective outer shield which strengthens our whole self and energy bodies, so that only love is able to permeate through.

The beloved Aquamarine Ray, the Paradise Ray, is a pure gift which has been brought to us at this time to assist in the healing process for ourselves and the planet as we merge into the higher dimensions. As we work with this Ray we can activate a higher consciousness as we become more multi-dimensional, and which will enable us to become empowered in our own right in a peaceful and gentle way. The very aspect of this Paradise Ray becoming available to us is the very evidence of the true frequencies and vibrational changes of the 3rd Dimension, merging into the 4th and the 5th Dimensions. As you open up to work with these energies you may also notice you become very much more connected to your psychic and telepathic abilities. This is because it will be an ability which will be greatly utilised in the higher dimensions.

This wonderful gift of the higher vibrational Aquamarine energy will truly provide us with a more subtle, yet loving, strength as we go through these ever more challenging times, empowering us but with the right qualities of clarity, truth, compassion, communication and love. By sharing in giving and receiving of true Universal Unconditional Love with All that is, creating Serenity and Oneness with the Divine Source. A joining of the energies of the male, Christ, and female, Quan Yin, a balancing and merging of the physical and the spiritual.

The Aquamarine Ray and the Unified Heart chakra, are not simply a merging of the Heart and Throat chakras – they are complete representations of the merging of Heaven and Earth.


Because Aquamarine resonates with the higher heart chakra it naturally holds a very gentle and soft energy that is aligned with the angelic realms. As a soul we are always receiving and radiating love as the higher heart light of the Divine Spark within us is connected directly with the Divine Source, but over time we have closed down somewhat and forgotten that we have this Divine Love flowing within us. But as we awaken now, so these channels of light begin to open up again too, awakening us to our Divine Consciousness so that we can feel this Divine Love within us once again.

As we begin to reconnect with the softness of the Aquamarine Ray we feel it soothing our soul through this higher vibrational light and love, attuning us to the angels and our own Divine Angelic Essence. This beautiful loving angelic energy surrounds us and is within us and is so beautiful, it is as though we are being gently enfolded in angels wings of pure light.

Aquamarine also encourages us with our sacred missions and as our higher heart opens it links us even closer to our Divine and Higher Angelic-Self. Each of us has a higher aspect that is an angel, and this is this part of us that enables us to experience the most exquisite depths of love, and it is these depths of love that also emit some of the highest vibrations of healing. These healing vibrations will heal our heart centres so that it can open them more fully without fear, but instead to only receive love, and in this way too, is the highest vibration that we can emit to each other. This loving vibration encourages us to see and accept the beauty and love we hold within ourselves on every level, but also lets us see only the love and beauty in others.

Take the time to breath slowly, letting the softness and sweetness of the angelic Aquamarine Rays soothe and heal your inner heart sanctum, moving you closer to the eternal presence of Divine Love. As your sublime crystalline, light radiates ever-outwards, emanating deep and beautiful peace and purity, you become the exact expression of Divine Love in its most truest form.

Through this deep and sacred remembrance and inner-knowing, your celestial angel wings gently unfold and you realise that you are the perfect, loving, angel of light that you have always been, and that you will always be.


The beautiful and beloved Archangel Aquariel works with the Aquamarine Ray and is a protector of the Higher Heart chakra (the Thymus chakra) and he will assist anyone in connecting with this chakra and seeks to open the doors of perception to those who wish to connect with him. Archangel Aquariel wishes to inspire all on Earth for cosmic understanding for their spiritual evolvement and will help us all with the transition of the ascension.

Aquariel's energy holds an important connection between the earth and the seas, and the dolphins within the seas. He has a deep connection with the dolphins and helps them bring forth their energies to us, for our divine spiritual knowledge.


There are obviously many other facts about the colour of Aquamarine, the gemstone Aquamarine, and the Ascended Masters, and these are available if you were to search the internet, so I have simply given an insight into some information and some of my own intuitive ways I have been creatively working with this colour in my lightwork which is more specifically for planetary healing, and why I feel so strongly connected with this ray of light.


Reflection on the Aquamarine Ray

The Aquamarine Ray has been gifted to us now and as it gently flows to our planet with its healing rays of light, it asks and ecourages us to bring into fruition our whole truth and open our hearts through unconditional love. When these channels begin to naturally open up within us, the Aquamarine Ray can also bring us to face our fears as we begin to embrace our own truth and we work through the realisation of what we have been suppressing for far too long. Aquamarine is also a most significant colour in the awakening of the Christ consicousness within us all. When you open your heart centres and experience unconditional love this will bring you into alignment with your higher light and the divine light of the Source.

When in lifetimes before now you may not have been able to open up and speak your truth and BE who you came here to be, or may have been persecuted for doing so, so the heart and throat channels were suppressed and closed, which had a major impact too on the solar plexus - where deep emotions and traumas have been harbouring for aeons. It is only now that these channels are truly opening more fully and awakening within you, and so this is partly why you may feel more of the emotional roller coaster and could cry an ocean sometimes. It is part of the emotional healing process of stepping into our truth and my cleansing and clearing the past.

Sometimes these realisations may be challenging to work through if one has many deep-seated emotions, especially deeply within the heart, though it is very much a personal journey for everyone and all part of the natural cleansing and personal evolutionary ascension process. There is no wrong or right way to be, just simply your own way, for you will only ever feel or do what you are ready for and all is always in divine alignment for you. Though it may be helpful to realise why some of these intense emotions may be surfacing - and sometimes for what appears to be, no apparent reason.

It is important to mention too that because the throat chakra is also directly linking to your etheric body it is ever more important to speak about only that which you wish to bring about. The energies and vibrations which are created through words and thoughts can have a major impact on the etheric body and into our aura where everything in our lives first manifests before it moves to the physical. So at this time when energies and shift patterns are becoming much more accelerated, we should be looking to only speak through love and truth, to manifest that which we desire to be a part of us and a part of our lives. It is also good to become more aware now of how we speak of others and situations. Be aware that each thought and word has a vibration which will attract more of the same - especially when there is a lot of emotion behind it. There has never been a more prominent time to take responsibility for how we use our own energy towards others, especially when the impression of the energy may have an impact upon ourselves too.

The Aquamarine Ray comes into its own right as being one of the most important Rays of the Aquarian Age energy! It is creating dimensional doorways that are gently preparing us for the 5th dimensional energy. It is assisting us to walk and live our own truth assisting your vibration to become lighter and more in alignment with the higher dimensional energies. This of course is all a natural process, and you need not do anything yourself at all. However when you are aware of the Aquamarine Ray you can also utilise this energy in a very practical way to help yourself too, and it also helps to understand why some of the changes and emotions you may be going through are occuring.

To assist you in any challenging emotional times, try some of the meditations with the Aquamarine Ray (or try your own) as this will help to heal the throat and the heart chakras as they open more fully attuning and activating the higher heart chakra of the Thymus chakra and call in Archangel Aquariel to assist you or to be with you. Perhaps do a short 5-minute visualisation daily with the Aquamarine Ray and you may begin to feel great benefits in your energy body and your well-being. This together with speaking your own truth and being aware of how you may speak of others or yourself, and by holding the energy of unconditional love, will bring a shift in your whole energy and whole BEing. If many more people become aware of this then this will surely bring a great shift to creating unity and peace among all.


So in summary, the exquisitely beautiful Aquamarine Ray carries so many multi-dimensional facets within it as it brings forth both healing and the light of creation on so many levels from the past and into the future (if you want to view it in that way – though all time is really HERE and NOW). It offers a gentle healing vibration and soothing of the soul, and a merging of our hearts and throat centres into the Thymus, (which in itself is also showing us how to merge into Oneness) so that we can allow ourselves to express our own truth and allow ourselves to be in an expression of Divine Love.

So when embracing *Omni-Dimensional TRUTH will also bring Clarity and through embracing *Omni-Dimension LOVE this will bring Compassion, Peace and ultimately UNITY, many of the qualities of the Paradise we are trying to create here on Earth.

The Aquamarine Ray can also assist in re-patterning the crystalline and cellular structure within us all, and within the planetary heart and soul of Gaia. It is really one of the truest forms of the ascension healing rays in these respects I feel! The softening of both colours of the green (heart/love) and turquoise (throat/communication), when merged together into the clear, soft, aquamarine colour, form the strongest, yet most gentle foundations and representations of truth and love - a true return to the original Divine Plan of Unity Consciousness, I have ever known.

The Aquamarine Ray is a true blessing to us all and this is why it is the Ultimate Heart Ray of Omni-Dimensional Healing for Universal Oneness. It is a major part of returning to Paradise, and Heaven on Earth once again.

**Elaraia Angelstar**

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Absolutely :-)

LOVE to you dear sister of the LIGHT!

Dear Sonja,

I love this article....

Every body who is talking of Heaven on Earth should read carefully....




Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


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