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Pallas Athena, Chohan of the 12th Ray and Goddess of TRUTH (5th Ray - Hilarion)


Pallas Athena

Pallas Athena has been serving as Chohan of the 12th Ray and Goddess of Truth, ensouling the Cosmic Consciousness of Truth. The 12th Ray is the Ray that heralds the New Age, enabling humanity and the Earth to recognise the truth of our rightful nature and to become fully in touch with our own Christ Consciousness and anchor it within to allow a direct and conscious interaction with our Divine Self and so with God. It also symbolises new beginnings, helping each of us to totally clarify our path of service and our connections with Source, ultimately leading to total realisation, nirvana and Bliss. She has now moved to work with her twin flame and in helping ground the energies he is working with, and also is anchoring the Feminine Ray into the planet with Lady Nada and Quan Yin.
Pallas Athena was the original Keeper of the Flame of Truth and High Priestess in the Temple of Truth in Atlantis. She Ascended before the Fall of Atlantis, at which time the Flame was transferred to Ancient Greece by Hilarion (Chohan of the 5th Ray) in one of his early incarnations. It was here in its new location and overseen by Lady Vesta that she directed the Oracles of Delphi, whose original role was to channel Divine and Sacred Truths. She still serves in the Temple of Truth, located in the ethers over the island of Crete, which teaches Cosmic Law, maths, music, sacred geometry, the science of healing and the Laws of Alchemy (transformation). This temple is Hilarion's retreat and he shares with her its emerald green Flame of Illumined Truth, which contains the intense blue and golden Rays of Divine Will and Power and Divine Illumination.
Pallas Athena has a seat on the karmic board, where she represents the 5th Ray, which is the Ray of Science, order, logic and reason. This penetrating Ray has the drive to reach the core of any issue and encourages us to look for new approaches and strategies, prompting us to take control of our lives by actively shaping the events that happen to and around us, rather than merely reacting emotionally to those events. The attributes of this Ray uphold the philosophy of karmic balance, which is experienced as we exercise Free Will and learn about life from different perspectives.
The city of Athens in Greece was named after Pallas Athena and she was an important figure to the ancient Greeks in their spiritual beliefs. She has been depicted in art wearing a golden helmet and carrying a spear in her right hand, with which she fights the Serpent of Ignorance. She is the ideal personification of the triumph of reason over passion, showing what we can aspire to be when we allow True Power and Wisdom to unite in rational behaviour and judgement. When she appeared to me, she stood to my left wearing a silver helmet and carrying the scales of justice in one hand. Strapped to her back were two swords in crossed scabbards, and she told me that this was so that "Justice can be even-handed"! She was an extremely strong presence, and it was clear that the concepts of fairness, justice, Truth and Right are of paramount importance to her. If you need a champion at your side as you stand up for the rights of your Self or others, she is the one to call!
Pallas Athena works closely with Hilarion, with all the Lords of Karma, with the Chohans and Masters who work with the Higher Rays, and with the Sun Goddess Vesta. Her twin flame heads the Office of the Maha Chohan and is an incredibly capable and Powerful Being, likened to the planet's Inner Flame or Spirit. He has a hugely responsible position and works closely with Sanat Kumara, who ensouls the planet. His real name is not available at this time, and so he is simply known as The Mahachohan. He has had a number of Earthly lifetimes, including one as the Greek poet Homer, and with a final very humble embodiment as a poor and simple shepherd in India. In his work with us he enables us to access as many of the Rays as it is safe to do so, and as twin flames he and Pallas Athena strongly support, encourage and protect our innate Right to BE Divine.


Pallas Athena has this message for you:

You recognise me as a strong Being, but what is strength? Is it found in the firm true hand of a warrior in battle? Is it found in unerring fortitude throughout the struggles with the demons of everyday life and existence? Is it found in having the courage to stand up and be heard when you say things from your heart that others do not understand? I tell you that it is all of these things - and none of them! True strength comes from within. It is found in the heart, mind and soul: It comes from an inner knowing and conviction that bears you up even when times are difficult; It is being able to see and understand both sides of a story, using solely the rational mind and without being swayed by the rhetoric of others or by their (or your) emotional reactions; It is placing your Self in another's shoes without preconceptions and without prejudice; It is acting in all situations as God's representative - a wise, balanced, dispassionate - yet compassionate - counsellor.
And in order to be so, there is a need to have cleansed and transformed all negativity from the Lower Bodies - from the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual aspects of your baser Being. And then to bring all into balance - the logical and the intuitive; masculine and feminine; worldly and non-worldly - indeed all aspects of yourself that have two opposite poles. For only when you are clear and balanced in all aspects can you see clearly and know the Truth and only then can you perform your next task, which is that of co-creating and manifesting clearly and precisely within the Divine Light of Spirit. Truth is the conduit to your Higher Self and your doorway into the next Dimensions, when you will take on your existence as eternal Beings of Light

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I loved that last line.   Thank you.

Invocation- Lady Pallas Athena

Channelled Through
Natalie Glasson

Anchoring the Christ Consciousness into the Earth and your Soul

Lady Pallas Athena is a Goddess with an Ascended Master Consciousness of
high vibrations working as the
Chohan or governor of the twelfth ray of light, which is an extension of
the golden Christ Consciousness energy.
Her aim is to anchor the energy of the Goddess and the Christ
Consciousness into the Earth to aid the
development of all. This is a special communication and expression from
Pallas Athena to allow us to combine our
soul energy and her support, sharing it with the divine source of the
Creator as an expression of gratitude and a
growth, helping us to respect our planet, its inhabitants, our divine
souls as manifestations of the Creator's light.
Through this invocation we are able to connect with Pallas Athena and
experience her loving healing energy. As
soon as you begin the invocation Pallas Athena will be by your side.
When you have completed the invocation sit
and meditate for a few minutes experiencing her energy around your


Say slowly with intention

`Pallas Athena, I invoke your loving presence to stand by my side,
lend me your support, love and divine light so
that I may be a warrior of light, as you are.

Pallas Athena, I accept with an open heart, open soul and open mind the
droplets of golden light that come forth
from your soul. Allow me to experience your golden energy as it merges
with my soul with great intensity, let me
too embody your courage as a warrior of light and your love as a
nourishing and caring goddess of the Creator's
light. Anchor your divine feminine qualities into my being so that I may
gain a balance of my masculine and
feminine energies, ensuring that both are focused within the light.

Pallas Athena, I bring forth your divine goddess energies and ask you to
anchor them into the Earth to assist
Mother Earth at this time of healing, cleansing and awakening, support
her soul with the same love that you now
share with me. Honour Mother Earth and teach me to respect and devote
much of my time and efforts to working
with Mother Earth and building a deep everlasting connection. As you
share your golden droplets of light with me,
pour your golden energy into Mother Earth, let her exist in harmony,
peace and safety and let us as her inhabitants
understand the magnificence that is present within her being and
everything she manifests onto our land. With your
wise enlightened mind and soul help us to understand how we can heal and
appreciate Mother Earth, working with
her as our companion rather than reducing her to a victim. Pallas
Athena, permit me to gain the same loving and
compassionate connection that you hold with Mother Earth.

Pallas Athena, I ask you to surround the Earth in a blanket of your
golden light, anchor love of the purest kind from
the ashram of the Christ into every heart and soul on the Earth whether
they are human or animal, plant or mineral.
Share your love with all that we as a society judge and cause suffering
to and assist all light workers on the Earth
to embody your empathetic and loving body of light, so that we may act
as warriors of light following your example.
Assist in allowing the golden energy of the Christ consciousness in
anchoring and integrating with every soul
inhabiting the Earth, let us live as the Creator wishes us to, in peace,
harmony and love. Remove the influences of
the ego and free our souls so that we may live as our truth in a
physical body. Most importantly teach and guide
us to love each other as manifestations of the Creator's light. We
honour you for your services to us and

Pallas Athena as I open my energy and soul to you now, pour the golden
energy of your soul and the Christ
consciousness into my being, let this flow be continuous and eternal,
anchor the very core and source of the
Creator into my being and onto the Earth. Let me see and experience the
divine and loving world that exists
beyond the limitations of this physical world.

Pallas Athena assist me in loving myself unconditionally, as you love me
and my guides love me, help me to freely
allow the presence of my soul to anchor into my being and life so that I
may become a master of my being and
evolve beyond this planetary level. Pallas Athena, I ask you to guide me
forward with your bright blazing light, lead
me and humanity to become united as one with the source of the Creator.

Pallas Athena I honour, love and respect you for your presence and
guidance in my life.

I honour the divine within you.
I am Pallas Athena.'
Being of Service, Part 2, by the Ascended Masters
om na ~ I Am Bliss


Being of Service, Part 2, by the Ascended Masters
om na ~ I Am Bliss

Being of Service, Part 2, by the Ascended Masters


To read Part 1 - which is an introduction to this meditation - click here

Channelled through Natalie Glasson-13/03/11

Beloved souls upon the Earth, we send our unconditional love and
blessings to you now as we come forward with devotion to assist you in
being of service in your current reality. To be of service is to be
helpful to others and the Creator while you are in your current position
of existence on the Earth. You have a tremendous power and one day you
will realise that your light, intentions and loving energies can easily
create transformations, solve problems and bring energies or situations
into balance. As we come forward to share our wisdom with you, now is
the time to believe in yourself and how you can truly be of benefit to
the Earth and its humanity. There is a powerful reason and purpose that
you are on the Earth now and it is to radiate and anchor the light of
the Creator. The Earth vibrates at a slower speed, it needs a person of
similar vibration, such as someone with a physical body, to filter or
anchor the energies into the atmosphere of the Earth. It is also
important to realise that the light within your physical being is the
transformational light of the Creator, when radiated it can alter the
vibration of the atmosphere around you thus allowing greater and higher
vibration of the Creator's light and love to manifest. You are
essentially the anchor or point of creation on the Earth. We, the
Ascended Masters and the Creator will always support, love and guide you
but the creation of the reality that you experience develops from your
being, mind and energy systems. You are the paint brush that designs and
expresses your reality as you wish it to be. Your energies are linked
with all of humanity; together as a group you paint the reality that you
wish to experience as a civilisation on the Earth. The creations of
previous generations also affect your creation and can either limit or
liberate the reality that you and humanity create.

When negative situations occur on the Earth they are usually a creation
of past negative energy that has not been address or released
appropriately. If you imagine that you have experienced a negative
situation in your reality which causes fear or feelings of sadness and
darkness, if you do not address, release and cleanse these energies they
can cause illness or pain in your physical body or create a reoccurring
pattern until addressed. This is the same for the Earth, the unconscious
thoughts and negativity of humanity can build, if they are not addressed
or cleansed by humanity this can create a negative situation on the
Earth. We must always remember that situations can appear negative to
the human mind but all circumstance hold a positive outcome and have a
true purpose of learning and growth for all involved. This can be hard
to accept but when you allow yourself to see beyond the limitations of
the Earth you will know that everything is a lesson of love, a lesson to
dissolve all energies, experience and situations that cause lack of love
and to amplify love in its purity on the Earth. Many lessons are present
on the Earth with a simple purpose to encourage humanity to be more
loving, compassionate and giving of their inner sacred light. Most
lessons aid humanity in opening their heart more fully to reveal the
loving presence of the Creator within. As you look at your own reality
and the circumstances occurring on the Earth, you will know in your
heart that this is true. If every lesson was approached with this
understanding then you would find that many life lessons would become
easier because you would have the tools to move through them with
strength and much healing would occur within your being, reality and on
the Earth.

Every hardship in your life, small or large, is encouraging you to open
your heart to reveal the love of the Creator within.

Life can be seen as joyous and tremendously rejuvenating when holding
this perspective, but in accepting this truth you are being of service
to humanity and the Creator because with each experience in your reality
you are awakening more love from within your being, knitting it into
your reality to create yourself and reality as a sacred space on the
Earth. As this sacred space moving around on the Earth you are naturally
activating and inspiring others to manifest their realities as a sacred
space of love and peace. You can imagine how the Earth would be affected
if everyone poured love from their hearts constantly as they moved
through their life.

We also begin to notice that because of each person's quest for love and
humanity's joint quest for acceptance and realisation of the Creator's
love many make sacrifices to assist and support the development of
others. Through their sacrifices they guide others to discover a deeper
sense of love within them but the person or people who make the
sacrifice also discover love just in a different way or path. It is
important to realise that humanity are essentially working together to
bring forth a greater discovery of love on the Earth. For this reason
you must honour and bow to every person on the Earth, because they are
either teaching you to reveal the love of the Creator within you or you
are inspiring them to do so whether the experience that manifests this
process appears as positive, neutral or negative.

We wish to share with you a technique or method that you may focus upon
in order to be of greater service on the Earth. This method can be used
during disasters or turmoil upon the Earth or to aid healing and a
solution of love in your own reality and circumstances. This is a simple
practice but it triggers a great expression of love and compassion
because it is developed from humanity's natural instinct. This process
of healing and support is to imagine that you are embracing all of
humanity, the circumstance, your own reality or a single person in your
arms. It is as if you are existing as your spiritual/ soul self and are
embracing all in love, your spiritual or etheric armsare encapsulating
the people or situation, enveloping them in the purest abundance of

Allow yourself to sit peacefully in meditation.

Invoke your guides and angelic beings to surround you in their love and

Ask to activate from within your heart and soul, your true loving,
healing and compassionate self.

Let this energy or source of light from within you manifest more fully,
taking on the form of your body.

Acknowledge yourself as your true self sitting in radiant meditation.

Think for a moment on the situation, people or person you wish to
support in love, light and healing.

Be thankful for the lessons that you are learning through this
experience now as a radiant being of service and because of the
circumstance in your physical reality.

Then imagine a great flow of light surging within your being, imagine
your arms reaching out and encapsulating the people, country,
circumstance or person in your light arms.

You can see your light and loving energy melting into the area that is
in need of healing, support or upliftment. You can feel transformation
occurring and a solution developing. You are adding a connection for
those within your embrace with the Creator.

Feel the compassion, love and light extending from your heart chakra and
know in your heart that you are love and you love all. You can say words
of support to those within your arms.

Imagine the light and love then flowing into the Earth where the people,
person, situation is in existence, this helps to ground the healing into
the physical vibration.

Then imagine that you release your arms and sit for a moment as your
true self.

When you wish to complete this process simply allow your own light to
flow into the Earth, this is to allow you to benefit from the energy
that you have created also.

This is a wonderful and powerful practice because it is humanity's
natural reaction to hug or embrace a person who is suffering or in pain.
The embrace allows an exchange of energy and offers support; you can
achieve the same on a spiritual level which is powerful as it dissolves
all impurities and negative vibration to anchor greater volumes of

We hope that you will practice this in yourown time as it will assist
you, humanity and the Earth tremendously.

Remember to realise that every situation on the Earth or within your
reality has manifested to dissolve lack of love and to awaken the
presence of love.

This meditation has been recorded as a download to assist you also.

Your dear friends and family,

The Ascended Masters

Dear Sonja,

Thanks for this Article....

Love & Blessings .....




Help us to anchor the energy of the New Age on Earth. Get inspired and set up a grid with the intention to help HEAL Mother Earth and all Her Beings from the wounds of the past and WEAVE a new net of living LIGHT all around the planet to help all life forms evolve into Unity Consciousness.


Ascension is not about leaving the world - it is about bringing HEAVEN down to EARTH!


We are the living BRIDGE between the worlds and dimensions, between HEAVEN AND EARTH. We are free to move in TIME and SPACE when we enter the SACRED SPACE of the Divine Chamber of the HEART  where the ThreeFold Flame resides and the god given Divine Blueprint is waiting to be downloaded into our earth bodies.


The TIME to ACTIVATE our Light Body is NOW.




Sonja Myriel RAouine

"About the Use of the Violet Flame" 


I have to tell you that when you as a conscious disciple manage the Violet Flame, a parallel activity of the Violet Flame is initiated internally. This results in the vibrational awakening of your chakras. Therefore, each time when you use the gift of the Violet Flame you are asked not only to focalize your attention on what you want to transmute but also on the internal activity which takes place within yourself.

One of the consequences of the continual use of the Violet Flame is the accelerated awakening of all your chakras, you will, step by step, wake up in a different world from where you live now.


Lightgrid CONNEXION Groups

This is the space for you to ORGANISE your personal connexion group, to look for likeminded people, to introduce yourSELF and say what you would like to contribute to the every expanding NET OF LIGHT around the world.


You have received clear guidance on a project,type of meditation, course of action to take? You are WELCOME to share here so we can start DREAMING and thus CREATING together!


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