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THE MYTH OF LOVE:- The great myth of love is that you can love someone, something , or even yourself. No one can love another! You cannot love you yourself or anyone else? Because love is not a “doing”, but an allowing. The very energy from which this universe is built is infused with a certain quality; a joy of being, an acceptance of the right of all things to be, and a delight in the expressions of all things as they enjoy their right to be. All beings are of the Source, and have a divine right to experience and express their divinity, and all beings have a right to enjoy the expressions of others, because all beings are reality one, cleverly disguised to look separate. Allowing this joy and delight in the expression of yourself and others is a wonderful experience, and is what call “LOVE”. However, you cannot do joy or delight. You can only allow it. However, you cannot do joy or delight. You can only allow it to sweep through you, like any other emotion. And this emotion is not conditional on what any other beings are actually doing. It’s based on knowing and experiencing the divinity in them. If someone you know is in a foul mood, for example, they’re still expressing their divinity, even though that expression doesn’t turn you on.
So, love is not something you do. It’s a response in you in a particular frequency of energy flowing in, through, and around you constantly. Many things can deaden you to the relatively subtle energy of love, Fear, of course, will prevent you from sensing it, and will distort what little you do sense. Fear is not the opposite of love. It is the defensive gatekeeper, and simply will not allow you to sense the high frequencies in your fields. And the fear is locked in your belief system, or your opinion about reality, and has nothing to do with reality itself. Wish you Joyful Tuesday with love & Light. Tercy

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What an interesting topic for discussion! Thank you so much for posting, dearest Tercy - let's see what our members have to say!

Love light blessings,

Sonja Myriel 

Dear Sonja Myriel,

 I would like to encourage the idea to provide a kind of a "Best of Lightgrid" in printed form to protect such pearls of wisdom from disappearing in the unconscious depts of internet archives without having any influx on actual evolving consciousness. I think there is a responsebility to care about those extraordinary pieces.

I hope and wish you are doing well.

Peter Christiel

Dear Ms Tercy,

so incredible simple, so incredible true. It is the first time, I read such an insight, and I think it is the first time on earth, that a human beeing is expressing such a cosmic wisdom. A wisdom which contains teachings even for some levels in the illumined realms of heaven.

It makes me mor than happy to be a witness of such a miracle. What an example to you give to be a human in these times.

Thank You Ms Tercy!

Peter Christiel

So true, dearest Peter, but at the moment I am so deeply immersed in my own processes that I find it impossible to do much more than what I am doing. Would you like to help us share these precious posts from our family, Peter? Your help would be very much appreciated! In whatever form you seem would be appropriate. If there is demand, we could print a book ... but I simply do not find time to put it together. Sharing our own members' posts online with our community Is also something which I would love to see more of here - so, whosoever reads these lines and feels called: Please, we need you if you are interested in unique posts and the possibility to share them with a few words from your part with all our lightgrid members! 
And thank you from the bottom of my heart, dearest Tercy, for your dedicated work and the many pearls of Wisdom which you have sown on our site!

Yours always in all ways,
Sonja Myriel

Dear Daughter of the Light,

Dear Sister in mind,

times they are changing,

we are told many times and we experience that the date comes closer and closer when we are step into power!

Into massive power!!! Tomorrow!!!

the past was just preparation to our present and future action!

what does that mean for lightgrid, which is a constant part of my work and live and love?

let us meet and explore the conditions of transformation for 2019 ff. I am so sorry that I cannot see life in the communitiy, and you and Stephen are doing a really great job. But nevertheless to my opinion Lightgrid needs a deep inbreath of new energy. How to do it right?

I am not familiar with your IT-Business, so there are lots of questions around that.

just the physical dimension of our divine mission is incredible.

I am more than full of work but I hear your question and I wish to do what I can do.

I love hearing from you.




Sounds of Silence is a wonderful light filled site where you find lots of interesting information, pictures, videos and groups which add to what you find here at lightgrid. 

If you would like


to receive information from that site, please sign up, following this link.


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