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Saint Germain 
Right-Time Zone of Bliss
Special Message from Gaia

The Clarion Light Beings 911 & Beyond
Monday, December 20th, 2010

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Good Evening,

This is Fred speaking.  Thank you once again for being in the Temple of 911 once again.  Whoaa, what a week we have.  It is very, very exciting.  I am so glad to be able to be a part of this and to really connect with each of you and so many other Beings of Light to be part of the teachings of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  Tonight is another night of preparation but I think it is going to be more of a balancing effect once again as we have many integrations that are occurring in the next 24 hours.  I am totally excited.  I have to tell you; this is a wonderful experience to be sharing this with each of you as it must be amazing what you are feeling in each of your bodies even though it may be very challenging at times.  I hope you come to the Temple when you sleep or you meditate so that we can just settle down and have some fun together.  That’s my motto tonight.  Let’s have some fun.  I think that being said, I am now going to step aside and allow the fun to begin.  Thank you for being here.
Good Evening,

This is Saint Germain speaking.  I am here this evening as the spokesperson for many but I am really here to incorporate the balance and the issuance of frivolity in each of you.  I know I am usually am quite serious and very forthright, but this evening I want us all to fully look at the experience of this time and reflect upon those experiences.  As the messages and the information coming forth by many onto the Earthplane through the internet and mode of communications that are occurring either physically or through electronic waves, please know one thing - it is a time of great thoughts.  The changes that are happening to each of you are enormous, but the availability of what is being accessed within your heart outweighs the time of emotional processing that each of you are going through.  Some of you are experiencing more than others.  Some are being activated in ways beyond their wildest dreams; some are just preparing themselves physically to hold more light in their bodies.  Each of you are changing greatly and within these changes, they are occurring differently than they have previously.  Some of you are activating yourself and saying, “it is time to finally do what I have been trying to do and I have been vacillating between both ends of the spectrum”.  It is a time of complete balance. 
Tomorrow (Dec 21st) actually in a few hours you will be experiencing a Lunar Eclipse with a Full Moon that is unparallel of anything that you ever experienced.  It is eons of time since this has occurred, and it will be eons of time until it happens again.  The emotions can be erratic because this is a personal experience and not a global experience.  So if you bring in the activation within your Heart Center to fully move the frequencies in a way that are conducive to what is happening for you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you will see more of a coming together instead of something coming quickly and then leaving.  There will be a synchronous event and this synchronicity that is occurring within you, is part of the process that you have been going through previously.  So if we allow this Lunar Eclipse to fully activate within you, you will start to see the alignment that occurs.  It is a very powerful time to bring forth this alignment.  Within this alignment you will see an activation within you that you fully have not experienced in any other time zone of your soul’s purpose.  It is a pivotal point of the infraction of your being fully being activated in a way that has not been accelerated ever before.  This is why the intensity of these energies, and the intensity of what has been occurring.  It is now time to just allow the occurrence to happen, allow the alignment to occur within you, and don’t fight any of it.  Because once you start to pull it apart and try to characterize it, then that is when you are going to have the challenges occur for you more directly.  It’s an assimilation of being in the right time, at the right space and all is in alignment.  It is like flowing in movement, knowing that when you are traveling somewhere and all the synchronization that occurs. 
Say that you are traveling in your vehicle and are driving to a destination.  Everything just fits in, the traffic flows, the weather is good, going to your destination is at the right time and moment; everything is flowing perfectly.  This is what we want you to experience this evening - so that you fully activate that Right-Time Zone and not allow the emotions or thoughts to stop you from being in the Right-Time Zone.  This alignment of activation is occurring with the planetary forces coming into an alignment that fully has not been activated for eons of times.  You are now in the Right Time Zone; all we have to do is prepare the physical body to receive that right-time zone.  Some of you may have been going through emotional remembrances.  Some of you may have been going through thought processes of releasing your old thoughts.  Some of you may have been going through physical symptoms that fully need to be reactivated in a different way.  But how do you best get around these elements. 
If you are having physical symptoms, then it is time to be clear with your diet.  It’s time to only put pure foods in your mouth.  It’s time to energize the food that you do take in your body.  If you are having emotional issues, it is time to fully allow yourself to be compassionate by nurturing that assists you.  Reach out to a friend who understands; allow yourself to be embraced by the angels and the frequency of the Spiritual Hierarchy.  If you are having your thoughts get in the way, it is time to clear out those thoughts.  It’s time to fully remind your lower self that it is not in control.  Utilize the Decrees.  This is where the Decrees come into balance out the Mental.  Bring in the purity of your Spiritual.  These three elements between the Physical, the Emotional, and the Mental all need to be in perfect alignment which means to be in a no-time zone.  You are being re-birthed of the Christ Consciousness.  You are being birthed in a physical body; something that you have never experienced.  You had this essence as a Soul but as you came into Body there is the Veil of Forgetfulness that was within you.  That Veil of Forgetfulness has been removed for the activation of the work that you have been doing.  If you have been working with Christine’s teachings, then it has definitely been removed.  As the Veil of Forgetfulness as been removed, then you feel like an infant, and you do not know where to go because you have nothing to fall back upon. So it is a renewal; a renewal of your Self.  So how do you get to the Renewal of Your Self?  You need to do the Activations, you need to do the Decrees, you need to fully surrender to your Highest Self and allow that Higher Self to be fully incorporated within you.  You need to surrender the Physical, you need to surrender the Emotional, and you need to surrender the Mental.  Without utilizing those three avenues to assist you, then you cannot allow this “Being in the Right Time Zone” to occur fully.  This is the process that we want to help you with.
Let’s all just take a deep breath.  If you are having any thoughts, “I cannot do this, or I am not ready,” we want to be clear.  The possibility, the probability, and the activation for this to occur for every person who chooses this to be is now within the full capacity of so choosing it to be.  Why?  Because each person desiring this activation is fully being given a dispensation for all karma, for all elements that are stopping you, for all thought processes that have been in the way to be fully removed.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE.  Are you fully ready to activate your Highest Presence within your body?  This is the question of the evening.  Activating your Highest Presence means changing your life.  Some of you may question this because of your relationships, your family situations, your work environments or your personal environments.  Some of you may be unsure of what is going to happen to those around you.  That is not to be considered and that may be a harsh statement for me to say in this moment.  This is about the self; your children are going through it, your spouses are going through it, your siblings are going through it, your friends are going through it and your foes are going through it.  Every living being upon this planet is going through it.  And it depends on how they accept this. 
This is what we want to bring forth this evening - the acceptance of each individual’s higher self within the faculties of their physical body so they can start to change their lives into the integrity and the prosperity of their highest purpose.  Not in the density you have been living in but in the higher frequency to allow those elements to be the most important aspects within your lives.  Let’s now take a deep breath.
As we totally tune into these energies in this moment, we fully want to activate and allow each person that is listening, no matter if it is tonight, tomorrow, or the following day, that you fully embrace now.  Allow yourself to just sit there and raise your arms outwardly and surrender.  We all need to surrender in these moments because without the surrendering the full activation cannot occur.  This evening we want to surrender every living being upon this planet to receive the highest energies of this activation that will occur this week.  This activation that is occurring is allowing the full integration of the Christ Consciousness of the birth that will occur on December 25th.  So tonight we are going to make you a clean vessel.  For the activation for the alignment to occur and once it occurs, then the full acceptance of your Christ Self can be activated within your body.  Let’s breathe into the essence within you and concentrate into your Thymus area as we bring the Seafoam Green into your entire system.  It blends in the Thymus, your Seat of your Soul, it spins downwards through your entire body, within your chakra system and down your feet.  It clears and processes the entire body as it goes upwards from the Thymus into the Throat and around the Third Eye and the Crown.  It’s going to move into the brain waves, your cellular structure, your jaw line, your teeth, ears, sinus cavities; it’s going to go into your muscles, your ligaments, your tendons, your skeletal system, into the bloodstream, glandular system, all the inner workings of the organs into each other.  It is going to go deep into the structure of your physical body.  It’s going to become an infant’s body, a clean and clear body, as it is intended to be.  So all debris, elements of diseases that may be incorporated in your Cellular level that tries to come up through the physical body are going to be removed.  We are asking for Dr. Lorphan and the Inter-Galactic Healers to work with each and every one of you through this process this week to assist you in removing any physical ailments that are bothering you.  So now put your intention out there of anything physically that is affecting you in any way.  Let’s take a moment of silence.
Now I want you to breathe in the pure Crystalline energies fully incorporated into those areas and all areas of your body.  If you have any doubts, let’s bring in the Violet Flame now. The Violet Flame spins at the top of your Crown and goes down through your bodily structure into your chakra system, into the spinal column until it blends all the way down into your Earth Star.  So the base of the flame will be your Earth Star and it will filter through your entire physical body.  We ask that you receive all the vitamins and minerals that are necessary in the food intake within your body.  We ask that each of you be very cognizant this week of the food you are incorporating within your body and to purify everything that you put into the physical body whether it is liquid or food.  Within yourself, you will know what to do.  We now ask these energies to now go into your Emotional Body and your Etheric Body.  We ask that the emotions first be cleansed by the Seafoam Green, then going up from your Earth Star all the way around in a circular motion up into your Soul Star and then circling back down into your Earth Star.  So it is circling around outside of your body.  Now we circle the Violet Flame in that area also.  Now you are within the flame from the Physical to the Etheric to the Emotional into the Mental.  Allow all emotional instabilities to be removed.  We now ask the Seafoam Green to go into the Mental level from Earth Star it centers outside of your body on the right side of your body centering up towards the Soul Star and then down the left side of your body to cleanse and purify any thought processes.  Any of your mental activations that are stopping you from having the full potential within you are now to be fully removed.  We now ask the Violet Flame to do the same from your Earth Star up around to your Soul Star and back down.  Now the Violet Flame is spinning in the Physical, in the Etheric, in the Emotional, and the Mental so that all these four bodies become one Body.  We now incorporate within each of you the balance that is necessary within the center physical vehicle which is actually four bodies within one.  Feel the essence of your male energy and those thought processes.  Feel the essences of your female energy and the emotions; and how now they interact with each other instead of trying to take each other over.  As we bring these energies all together, let us now be ready to receive the activation necessary for the next stage of this beautiful alignment that is occurring within.  We ask each of you NOW to receive the Golden Flame.  The Golden Flame moves in through your entire bodily structure, outside your body, because now you are now One Unified Body of Light.  It is not separate.  What you are experiencing in your emotions, you experience within your thoughts.  What you experience in your physical, you experience in your etheric.  They are all now interconnected now.  Feel that interconnectedness happening for you.  You should now start to feel a balance.  Not just a balance, but a full peacefulness. 
This peacefulness is the ability to fully receive the next level of frequency that is necessary.  Breathe through that and as you breathe through it, feel yourself sighing with relief.  Just go “AHHHH, AHHHH”.  The sighing is allowing your Higher Self to be fully incorporated within you.  Not only is your Higher Self necessary for this incorporation to occur, but the Higher Self needs to be fully embodied within you to receive the Christ Self of your I AM Presence and the Christ Consciousness.  That is the next stage of your growth.  Feel this occurring now for you.  You should start to feel relaxed, no pressure, no stress.  There are no such words; there are no such feelings.  You are just kind of limp.  Very limp and wanting to hang out.  This is good because this is when you are in the receiving mode.  Let’s breathe deeply within that and as we look around the Temple we see everyone is in this stage.  Each of us is very flowing and integrating with each other. 
Let us now take a deep breath as we hold hands with everyone in the Temple.  We have rows and rows of souls within this Temple that are assisting the Earth.  Let us go with our Mind’s Eye.  We will not travel but just connect with our Mind’s Eye and send to the center of Gaia, into the core of her Earth, this beautiful bliss, serenity, and peacefulness that everyone is feeling right now.  An openness - it’s like an infant when they are open to receiving.  Their arms and legs are wide open.  I want you to send this beautiful blissfulness and security within you to your places of living.  Feel it going into your homes, around your homes, let it go out a 500-mile radius, let it go into the lakes, oceans, ponds, mountains, streams, forests, everywhere you think it goes.  Let it go into land masses in all different parts of the world.  We want to go to the core of Gaia and let her feel the non-pressure.  She is being pressured right now.  Let’s relax the lands; let’s relax her hold upon herself as she is struggling very hard to keep it going.  With that, we feel her breathing a sigh of relief.  Ahhhh, she is so happy to receive this love and this serenity from each of us - from the Cosmic Levels of the higher frequencies onto the core of the Earth.  I am going to step aside for a moment because she has a message.
Blessings, this is Gaia.  I thank you very much for the assistance you are doing for bringing the energies onto the core of my Being and all my inhabitants.  It does not go unnoticed.  There are places upon this land that will get better and there are places that will be in destruction but most of all, I feel the essence of each of you and your love and completeness  that you give to my Essence continually.  We shall arise to the occasion and within this occasion, we will move into a new frequency.  I will do my best to work with you, so please allow me to extend my frequencies onto you by helping you to ground as you extend these frequencies that you are incorporating onto me so that we can arise together onto the higher levels that are awaiting for our arrival.  I am honored and blessed to be part of these energies in this moment.  Namaste.
This is Saint Germain once again. Thank you, Gaia.  What a beautiful message and what a beautiful energy.  Let’s all center ourselves within the Temple once again by bringing our Mind’s Eye back into our Heart Center and the Seat of our Soul.  Allow us to fully feel the frequency that we are receiving right now.  Each of you is being incorporated with an essence of love, and essence of continuance, an essence of acceptance , and an essence of remembrance and being in the moment.  Breathe into this moment as the Christ Consciousness will be inhabited within your being in a way that you have never thought possible.  I thank you for the ability to give service to each of you this evening - to be part of these energies and to extend my hand to each of you.  Please do ask for myself, any of the Ray Chohans, or anyone else to assist you in this process that each of you are going through.  We know it is challenging, we know it is great, but we know that you have the Power to be the Ones as you are showing in so many ways.  I am honored and blessed to be in the Temple of 911 this evening.  Thank you, Meleriesse for allowing us to share with so many.
So Mote It Be In the Name of the Christ
I Am Saint Germain at your service
Hi, this is Fred once again.  Thank you Saint Germain and I think it was so beautiful with this blessing.  That’s where the fun is in feeling that essence of serenity as I am feeling from each of you right now.  It is my pleasure to be the spokesperson of the Clarion Light Beings of 911 and Beyond.  Thank you for being with us as we share the Light together.



Cosmic Oneness - December 19th, 2010 ~ Responsibility

[Note:  I am adding the text of this call as I feel it is very important with the energies we are presenting embracing for December.  Namaste~]

Holy God of Hosts that We Are
We Are the Angels, We Are the Angels
We open up the doorway of the Cosmic Angels
Allow the inflection of the Light that is part of your essence that is within you
We Are the Angels, We Are the Angels
I Am that I AM, that I AM, that I AM
I Am that I AM that I AM that I AM
I am the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.  We are the Divine Mother and Divine Father at your service.  Thank you Meleriessee for going forward with the call tonight. 

The energies have been very intense this evening.  We just want to balance everyone out in the preparation and to give some instruction on how to make it easier for everyone through this week.  Remember, your bodies are adjusting.  The bodies are adjusting greatly and with the inflection of that movement, you may be feeling great changes happening with you.  What you thought you could do before, you can no longer do.  This is a process that this happening. This is the Divinity of your Light.  This is the acceptance of the Christ within you to be fully activated.  So allow that full activation to occur within your being.  Allow it occur within your mind and the aspect of that Divinity that You Are.  The process and the movement that is occurring this week is a magnificent event.  You must embrace magnificence of this, and the correlation within you. It is a time of reuniting yourself with the essence of your soul’s incorporation of the family that we all are to allow that Christ that we know of in the Oneness to be fully activated within the physical body.  As it becomes activated within the physical body, it also becomes integrated with the level of creation within your being that you haven’t fully accepted previously.  And you may think that you have accepted them because you may have done so on the level of the Emotional or in the Mental or in the Etheric or in the Physical.  If you have not accepted within all four at separate times, then now is the time.  So be prepared for any changes that are happening within you.  As you bring in these changes, you will start to see relationships within your life readjusting to your own energies.  As these relationships start to adjust within yourself, you start to see the frequency of the Light and the Beauty that you are.  You will see that people will gravitate towards you, or you will see that people will be repelled by you.  It is going to be an interesting interaction that is occurring.  You may have already realized this with people that you know presently.  You are also going to be coming together in Light groups of soul families and into merge together in communities.  The communities may not have quite happened yet; it is important that every one of you prepare yourself for these momentous changes and how do you prepare yourself? 

You prepare yourself physically first; you prepare your body. You make sure the water intake is very high and it is pure; if it is not as pure as you would like, then utilize your frequencies of healing and vibration to bring in the highest essence.  You can also clear quartz crystals to charge the water more fully.  You can also use the energies of Dr. Emoto and bring forth those frequencies of the crystalline structure to change the water faculties.  You are going to be finding that your bodies are not going to be able to accelerate without changing these aspects within your life.  Some of you it may be more of a challenging change than others.  Those of you that have been on this path for awhile may already have made a lot of these changes, may find that you may have to fine-tune it even further.  Your cellular structure is changing.  The molecules and cells within the elements of the physical structure which all work within each other are going to be shifting to those higher frequencies.  Some of you may move into a higher frequency quicker than others and that is the process you need to go through. 

If any of your lower chakras still need to be cleared, now is the time to work on them.  I know Christine was speaking earlier about the Rays of God and how to utilize them.  Everyone should be utilizing the Rays of God within the chakras. This is very, very true.  There will be information forthcoming from her that will assist in this process.  There is also the Decrees that she spoke about. All of the elements that Christine spoke about this evening will help you in preparing yourself for the higher frequencies. 

Each of you needs to be prepared for the essence and the core within your body.  If you do not have the purity within your body when this event occurs, you are going to be finding that your vibrations will not be accepting of the energy.  Some of you may feel like you are getting sick, your physical body may react in a certain manner.  Start this week to go through a cleansing process.  I am not telling you that you have to do a fast but start to look at your diet and what needs to be cleansed in that process within those elements.  It is important.  If you have been a heavy meat eater, you may be finding that now is the time to let go of some of those meats.  Some of you that were just poultry, will go into fish; and some of you will go into more vegetarian diets.  It all depends on the processes that are occurring.  Eventually, you will find that you will not need synthetic vitamins and minerals to be putting into your body.  You will be able to charge your food and what food you do not receive, you will be able to access the vitamins and minerals in different ways of vibration.  As you bring forth these changes in your body, you are going to be going through a great movement within you and this movement is to fully receive the Christ Consciousness.  So what does that mean? 
Some people may not even understand what we are talking about.  The Christ Consciousness is the God within you and not a separate God but a culmination of group energies of the Spiritual Hierarchy of the God Force, or whatever you want to call the energies from the Cosmic through the Multi-Universal, Universal, Galactic, Solar, and into the Planetary.  These are all formulations that need to be done and bring in this process to assist the body in fully accepting the higher realms.  Each of you will do it in a different way.  Just because we are bringing forth the Christ Consciousness on this day of December 25th, it does not mean automatically that each of you are going to have a fifth dimensional body.  The work needs to be done.  You are being given and gift, and the gift is that now is the time to receive it fully in the physical level.  Open your arms and allow yourself to fully receive these energies and you will see a great change.  But you must move with these changes.  The old thought processes need to be removed; the feelings and the emotions associated with the lower emotional trauma; whatever has happened to you in this lifetime, which is going to dissipate.  The thought processes are going to change and each of you are going to be able to acquire the ability to fully embrace exactly what it is that you desire.  Those of you that are fully ready will be finding that you are coming together with your True Love - the partners that are walking with you through this process.  You will be finding that you will be able to balance each other out and each of you has a gift to give to each other.  People are going to change tremendously.  Lower egos are going to be removed.  But if that individual person is not ready to let go of the darkness and the essence within them that has kept them in those lower frequencies, then they will not be able to transform themselves into those higher frequencies.  It is a time of make or break right now.  It is a time to fully allow each individual upon this planet to say, ‘yes, I embrace this Light’, or ‘No, I am not ready to embrace it’.  It is now the time where you will start to see the division more fully.  It is now the time for the masses for each of you that are the Lightworkers that will go out into the world and will spread the word, share the world, and experience with others and you will see the masses of consciousness opening up more fully than it ever has before.  As all these elements are changing within each of you, you are changing the aspect upon this Earth. 

This Earth is going to change, to be transformed into the Star of the fifth dimensional frequency.  Don’t worry about how you are going to get there or what’s going to happen when you arrive, worry about the moment.  Worry about the moment, this week, this day, embracing this Light more fully than you ever have before, and you will realize the potentiality of the frequency of your Spirit, of your Soul, of your Higher Self to fully activate this in a physical body.  Embrace this because you have the power you are doing it and now is the time to fully accept this element of frequency within you. 

Let’s just breathe deeply in this moment as we allow these changes to occur.  Open up your mind to the possibilities and the influction of the movements that are happening upon the planet - Happening upon each of you.  This is the Golden Age, this is the Golden Era of the Christ Consciousness which is now starting to bring forth the frequencies and Light to bring groups of people together.  Embrace the energies right now as we infuse within you the Golden Flame.  The Golden Flame that is coming down into your Soul Star - let the Soul Star spin with this.  As the Soul Star spins, it brings down beams of Light inside your chakra system; outside your physical body into your Etheric, into your Emotional, into your Mental – sparks of light and they are all twirling within each other.  As the twirling and the grids are fully being activated within you, feel those elements within you; feel it in the cellular level, feel it within your organs, feel it in your muscles, feel it in your blood stream, feel it within your skeleton system, feel it in your spinal chord as it flows through the energies and goes down to your feet, feel it into the Etheric level that needs to be cleansed and processed, allow the Golden Flame to go within and the Emotional; allow all the emotions to be settled – the emotions that have been coming up are now being dissipated with the Golden Flame it is transcending as we bring in those frequencies of Light within us and around us.  We move it into the Mental level.  We allow the mental thoughts to stop; it is the process of being in the Now.  Allow that power of creativity to create whatever you need.  Do the creation now.  Allow that Creation to be fully within you, to settle down into your Earth Star as it is spirals within spirals going in and out, in and out within you, around you and surfacing within your being to create the balance that is necessary.  To create the entry of the Christ Consciousness to allow the Male and Female, the God and Goddess within you to fully accept in this moment.  Allow yourself to say:

Say, “My Male and my Female come together in the Union that they have always desired to be.”  Feel hands within your heart within the Male and Female, the male being on the right side, the female being on the left side, and they come together.  These hands are Golden Hands which are the bridge that is needed of the Christ Consciousness, of your I AM Presence to be fully within you and allow that to happen Now.  We ask for every person that is listening, for every person that is taking the time in this moment, or whatever moment in the future to listen to this recording, it does not matter what time it is.  It is in the moment; in this moment for this activation to be fully within you.  Whatever you were before this moment, it is now gone.  You are now embracing your Light of the frequency and a different aspect than you have previously.  Feel that coming now as the activation comes fully across your heart.  As that activation comes in, you feel the I AM Presence fully within you.  You feel your Thymus, your Heart and Solar Plexus as one unified chakra.  You feel all the other chakras spinning and clearing as the 22 chakras of the Light of God are fully around you and within you as you are fully one Unified Being of Light.  If you allow this Unified Being of Light to fully increase within you, you start to feel the capacity of you moving towards the 50 chakras eventually.  As you bring forth this activation, you start to see a change.  You see a change in your attitude, in your feelings, an acceptance within you.  Bring that within you as we bring forth this decree for you. 

I AM a Unified Being of Light
May Male is active and ready to share with my Female, the Creative Energy that is necessary for us to work together
We work with the Physical Body, we work with the Cellular Memory, we work with the Etheric Body, we work with the Emotional Body, and we work with Mental Body
As we are one Unified Body of Light
I AM now integrating my Spiritual Body more than I ever have before
As I feel the acceptance of my I AM Presence
As I feel the acceptance of my Christ Consciousness
As the Christ Consciousness that we are all
I bring forth the Oneness of the Creative Source
I bring forth the Mother and Father God within me as we all are in unity in this moment
I feel this essence of Lord Sananda as he is the spokesperson for the Christ Consciousness
I allow this to be imbued within my Being
I AM One Centered and Whole Being in this Moment
So Mote it Be in the Name of the Christ
I AM that I AM that I AM
Just allow those words to filter through you.  Allow yourself to be fully activated within this aspect, Beingness, whom you are in this moment.  Let it filter down to your Earth Star; let it move into Gaia as all these elements of the Christ Consciousness are spinning within you and around you, it is affecting your environment.  It is affecting your relationships, your family unions, affecting the Christ within you as others are receiving their own Christ.  You have compassion and love for others that are not fully accepting of this transition.  You show them the way by caring, by nurturing, but also by Being within your own power.  You are now fully empowering each individual to share and grow but knowing that your special identity is just as important as their special identity so all can come together in the unity of the Light that we are, that we represent, of a Cosmic Great Central Sun, as we all watch each of you embody this Creative Source of Light.

We are honored to watch you grow and to assist the planet and other star systems and other planets to see the aspect of exactly what it is to grow from an inhabited planet that is full of darkness and density; and see it growing into more light frequencies to move the vibration into a higher level; as we fully accept the Divinity that we are.  Bless yourself right now for being here in this moment, for actualizing these energies within you so you can fully accept your own special uniqueness, your own special gift, your own special power that will assist yourself and others as we all come together in groups of community; as you will all be feeling new locations that will be opening up to you.  You will feel the gravitation; you will not think about it, because you will know when it is right.  You will know when it is being activated, and allow that activation to be fully centered within you now.  We, of the Divine Mother and Divine Father God, fully activate this energy and prepare you for the Christ consciousness this week. As we come into the Lunar Eclipse and the Winter Solstice, sit and allow this balance to happen.  Don’t push anything that does not feel uncomfortable; allow yourself to embrace it.  Everything that is occurring for you is going to be an integrated action within an action - not a reaction as you are used to doing.  You embrace it, you feel it, you accept it, and you move to the next moment.  You will see others doing the same, and as this is occurring you will see the correlations of your soul brothers and sisters coming together.  The correlation of the love and the acceptance within you of totally accessing the capabilities of your soul’s essence and the highest purpose within these physical bodies is now occurring for each of you.  Bless yourself and embrace yourself for being here in this moment, in this time, and being a way-shower to show others the way as many need to be shown.  We shine upon you right now the essence of the sun to embrace within you the warmth and the continuity of the Light that you are bringing forth within you as it will expand around you. 
Right now just think about what is happening for you.  If you are feeling uncomfortable and unsure about what you are doing, stop, and breathe.  Stop and breathe.  Don’t let the thoughts get out of hand; don’t let the emotions run your life as they have.  They both need to be in balance for the full acceptance of the Christ Consciousness.  Otherwise, you will be finding yourself fighting with the energy, as it will be a more challenging integration - so allow yourself to bring forth what it is that is necessary and you will know if you breathe, and allow it to be.  We, of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father God, are very, very happy to be here in this moment to bring forth to you this acceptance and this purity of your soul’s essence as we share with you our children, inhabiting within these bodies, and to create the Golden Era upon the land that you walk.  Share what you are feeling and reach out to others.  That is how you are going to learn from one another. 

We are that We Are, We Are the Cosmic Great Central Sun at your service.
You are our children, we come together in the unity of our soul’s family.  It is such a beautiful reunion as we embody within this woman to share with you our voice and our frequency so that you, then, can embrace it yourself.  Allow this embracement now to be activated as we now move out of this frequency. 

I AM that I AM that I AM
I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM that I AM
I AM the Cosmic Great Central Sun
You Are the Children of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father
We are One, We are One, We are One
So Mote It Be in the Name of the Christ
Holy, Holy, Holy God of Hosts
Adonai ‘Tseyaboth
So Mote It Be


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