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Dear family in the Light of the Violet Ray,
Please feel free to discuss your experiences here, ask whatever question you may have and answer questions you know the answer to. Let us enrich each other by sharing our experiences, doubts, wonders we witnessed, and so on.

In the love and light of the Violet Ray,

Sonja Myriel

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Monday, November 2

I wil start this as a connection diary, shortly sharing my experiences during the connection through the Violet Ray.

Today, when the connection started, I had a spiralling sensation. It was pretty intense. It stopped when I sent the ray over the Atlantic Ocean to America. I felt a strong connection to Judy and Darryl and some other members in Latinamerica. When I continued to send the Ray to Australia, I had the impression of an explosion of light, as many rays came together there. Thank you Luke for distributing the energies!

During the third step I felt no urge to direct the Violet Ray to any specific area. Instead, it felt as if the energies were utilized to transmute "psychic waste energy" which has been given to Mother Earth for transmutation. She seems overburdened with the released energy of mankind and a good deal seems to have been transmuted in today's connection. It started in the core of Mother Earth and then the Violet enrgy ball started growing and growing until it reached the suface. Finally the whole earth was like wrapped in Violet Flames - and then it was over.

This process has not ended yet, however. It will surely be continued on and on, until most of the old energies which we have handed over to Mother Earth for transformation, are cleared.
Thanks to everyone who joined in actively in today's connection!

Love and transmuting Violet Light to all of you,

Sonja Myriel

PS.: I would be very pleased if you commented on this post, adding your own experiences!

   Hi, I often feel,  recently as I begin to visulize and then begin the Mantras and Degrees a lot of intense energy can form around a certain area, for example it happened today around my forehead, and then I begin to see.  I saw AA Zadkiel , who gave such a beautiful smile and for the first time ever he was with Amyethest, who I really never believed existed so that was a


Then tonight at connection time I felt a lot of powerful energy flowing in through my crown, spent a lot of time focused on my own clearings and felt alot happening on the higher heart centre, then felt drawn to invoke Divine Mother and Kwan Yin to assist me in sending healing and love to Mother Earth, so I kept pouring love and Light to the heart of mother earth, felt a beautiful shimmer all over my body and I was shown a star with a rainbow gliding over the top of it. ? has any one any suggestions why a rainbow over the top of the star.As i finished and went to make a cup of coffee I saw A ray of the most beautiful pink/peach just there in mid air within my Living room. The colour of Rays are not like earth colours they are so much more, brighter, irridescent, and a wonder to behold.  I love the violet Flame and feel I wish I knew and had the wisdom to use it twenty years ago. lol

Another image I received was an ocean of water and a massive via duct, the focal point was five water out lets blasting out water into the ocean.  I am wondering every time I see an ocean of water it seems to represent earth healings.  I will have to pin point my findings and see as time goes on if that is the case, then a tall ladder was in view a person climbing and near the top only a few rungs to go.  That i guess is my own growth. Any suggestions

Dear Jan Marie,

To OBSERVE and find out what the images mean to you personally is the most important thing, really - so I offer my own observations and explanations only to help you find out more for yourSelf:

The Star in this Tara Moon represents goddess TARA - the rainbow the Antakarana, or rainbow bridge. TODAY we are adding another pice to the building of the Rainbow Bridge through synchronized meditations - maybe you would like to join in?

This is really the MOST important information concerning 2012 - given that this date was born through the prophecies of José Argüelles and his main concern was to establish the rainbow bridge until december 2012 ...

The peach colourerd ray which you describe is representative of the 11th Ray of Creation:

11th Ray- Pink Orange (peach)

Governed by Lady Quan Yin and overseen by the Divine Director of the Rays.

Again associates with soul discovery and integration, as are all the higher rays, this ray completes the soul merge process. It promotes an understanding that everything in the universe is a manifestation of love. It is a place where the teachings of all previous rays are integrated to aid an understanding and acceptance of mastery that is complete, allowing the soul to fully embody the higher ray of the Creator's universe including the twelfth ray of light.

Bridging of the New Age and helps one to be in touch with Divine, Love/Wisdom. It is a combination of Rays 1, 2, 5, and white light - ORANGE-PINK LUMINOSITY.

Eleventh Aspect of Deity - Peach
Qualities: Divine Purpose, Enthusiasm, Joy, Happiness, Fulfillment, Selfless Service.


WATER, for me, does always have to do with our EMOTIONAL body - the ladder then signifiying that you are already far in healing your emotional body and not much is left until you will be set free as far as your emotions are concerned - CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your soul merge process seems to soon be completed :-)




Sonja Myriel

Love the pic, I have just recently started using a lighter violet fire which included with the violet ray seems better.

I have actually now seen AA Zadkiel and a lady appeared with him who I was not aware of her name.

He did not speak as such he just gave a lovely smile.  

I find it takes a while to focus on all the decrees and mantras then on your own self clearings etc and I am trying to explore further avenues also guided by our guides, mentours and spirit helpers through the process.  I do find the Rays very helpful to project too

Me too, dear Jan Marie! The rays allow me to focus on special qualities of Source ... and yes - it DOES take a while until we get acquainted with the decrees, mantras and most important the MEANING :-) But it's really worth the effort - at least that's my personal experience, lol! 

We are sending and SEEDING Love and Light throughout the world.

May your days be filled with LOVE,

Sonja Myriel

hi all i was attuned to the silver violet flame some time ago and use it all the time, with my reiki, with fantastic results, it is a gentle energy, i have been poorley resently and i used it , to help me through. i used the following afermation.

I am a being of violet fire

I am the purety God desires.

thanks Kareen This is repeated every morning or night or both
the affermation is said three times sorry missed that bit out sorry Kareen.
We are one in the light energy of our heart. all that is happening today is through the blessing of our divine source's unconditional love for us. our intention throughout the ages has been to experience this light and to anchor it to the earth as one. we are light. i am grateful for the meditations of the group and forever hold you in the presence of blessing. the violet flame is brighter and flows longer because of our dedication.
Thank you, Kareen, for sharing your experience with the silver violet flame with us!

I have another question, though: do you also join us in our daily connection? Your energy as an experienced being handling the Violet Ray would be highly appreciated!

Love and Transmutation to you, my dear sister in the Love of Unity,

Sonja Myriel
Thank you, Judith, that's exactly my point of view, too! We are one, interconnected through our heart flames and the purpose of our being here on Earth is that of anchoring Love and Light in the core of Mother Earth to help her raise her energy - NOW!

I have a question: I feel a strong connection to Guatemala and during connection time I always sense beings there who connect to us. Anyone sharing this impression?

Love and Light to ALL,

Sonja Myriel
November 8, 2009

Today the window of 11:11:11 has opened. The Golden Flame in the middle of the ThreeFold Heartflame plays a most important role in this process. The Pink and the Blue Flame are dancing round the Golden Flame which opens the Channel bringing us wisdom and connection to the Heart of Mother Earth and the Heart of Father Sky. During the last step of today's connection I really had the feeling of this Channel (spinal column) being opened, filled with Golden Light.
The Violet Ray has helped to smooth and release the fears of many people today, especially concerning health, the swine flu and the vaccines. The Violet Energy works on the surface of our planet now. Mother Earth releases a lot of old stored energy which we would call "negative energy" as we are now prepared to help her TRANSMUTE these energies through the use of the Violet Flame. Our work is more important than ever these days. Please stay connected. Help Mother Earth get rid of all the psychic waste energies which she swallowed for thousands of years in order to help us!
I would be very pleased if you commented on this, sharing YOUR personal experience concerning this topic ...

If you have friends who are interested in assisting Mother Earth and mankind in this difficult phase, please tell them about the possibility to join us in our united effort! Tell them what we are doing and invite them here. It is of utmost importance that the call reaches all those precious beings who are prepared to help!

Love, Healing, and Transmutation to ALL,

Sonja Myriel
Thank you, dear Theresa, for sharing your experience and expertise with us!



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