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iatonal Lines Reconnection
Posted by AMBA, on June 25, 2011 at 8:06am in Self Empowerment & Recovery
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 Axiatonal Lines Reconnection
 What are Axiatonal Lines and why do they need to be reconnected? All that exists is SOURCE. Un-Differentiated Source continually differentiates, and casts parts of Himself or Herself out into Creation as Self in order to simply experience all there is to experience. After differentiation occurs, several successive “deeper probes” are sent in order to express and experience greater and greater levels of subtlety of Life. At the end of the “program”, when a theme has played out, all aspects of Source then return back to the Un-Differentiated Source. This process starts all over again, and carries on for eternity to explore other themes. This, in a nutshell, is the Big Picture. A long time ago, there was a “rebellion” of sorts. The lower aspects of Self wanted to go off on their own. When we consciously renounced our Divinity, we separated from the rest of Self. This break occurred below the Oversoul level. By agreement, the Higher Self remained with the separated Self under the condition of non-interference; and to provide assistance only when called upon to assist. The etheric body which inter-penetrates the physical body consists of many higher dimensional templates. When separation from the larger Self occurred, a set of lines known as axiatonal lines (or axiatonal meridians) that connect all levels of Self were also severed. These axiatonal lines used to feed into a 5th dimensional circulatory system known as the axial circulatory system, as well as the 4th dimensional acupuncture meridians. This flow of higher energy used to maintain the physical body and its organs, as well as the emotional and mental bodies in perfect harmony. When the axiatonal lines were severed, the axial circulatory system became dormant. The acupuncture meridians were left to draw just enough energy to sustain life. The separated aspects of Self then limped along at subsistence levels of energy, and continued a karmic existence. All previous awareness of the larger Self was also veiled. The Lower Self then took on a life of its own, characterized by fear, self-will and pride. Through the varied life experiences orchestrated by the Soul, the personality begins to realize that it is a part of a larger aspect of Self, and that this larger aspect of Self is in turn part of a larger Whole. By now, the yearning to reconnect with the rest of Self is very great. It is that desire to reconnect, and the willingness to reconnect that makes the reconnection possible. The larger Self is just as eager to reconnect, because separation is very unnatural for Spirit. The larger Self has been held back from higher evolution, because the separated Self has been “stuck”. The larger Self is willing and eager to assist in the reintegration, and can facilitate the process with great ease. There are three very important conditions that must be fulfilled before we can return to Wholeness.

 Firstly, we must consciously seek reconnection with the larger Self . We exercised our free will to separate from the larger Self. We must now exercise our free will once again to seek reconnection.
 Secondly, we must consciously reclaim our Divinity. The key to accepting our Divinity is total unconditional selfacceptance. All along, there has NEVER been any judgement or condemnation of any kind from the larger Self. The larger Self sees ALL experiences as beneficial. All our experiences have indeed enriched us, and led us to our enlightenment. All along, it has been the Lower Self that has judged negatively and condemned. The Lower Self meant well, and acted to protect the separated Self. But without guidance from the larger Self, it lost track and fell prey to fear. No aspect of Self can be discarded as unworthy. All MUST be accepted with great compassion, and reintegrated. By embracing ALL aspects of Self unconditionally, accepting our Divinity becomes easy.
 Thirdly, we are required to accept Oneness. Until we totally integrate Oneness, the old fear-based patterns are still at play. This can create a lot of frustration. Many are also engaged with the polarity between Darkness and Light. Fear is the hallmark of Darkness, and Love the hallmark of Light. In truth, there is only Oneness. The whole exercise of expression and experience of Life is played out as a big game. The “actors” play their roles so very well, that they have been mistaken for real. Darkness has been mistakenly labelled as the “enemy”. “Evil” then, is the misguided projection of the personality.

 When we no longer see the polarity between Darkness and Light, we can rise above fear and move into Wholeness, and start to express from that level in total Love. There is help available from the larger Self. When we seek the reconnection, the first thing that occurs is that the axiatonal lines are reconnected. This then allows the Oversoul to once again recharge the lower bodies and re-vitalize them, and restore harmony and balance. All “baggage” in the form of negative emotional and mental patterns we have been carrying around from lifetime to lifetime can also be shed effortlessly with the assistance of the Higher Self and the Oversoul levels of Self. This allows greater room for Spirit to express through the physical body. Our desire to return to Wholeness, and being totally focused on that assists to accelerate the process. The transition from separation to Wholeness can be frustrating at times. But by staying totally focused on our desire to return to Wholeness, regardless of what is happening around us, we maintain the connection with our Spirit. This connection eases the transition, and allows us to disengage from fear whenever it appears, and allows us to operate from a place of Love. During the transitional period we are also learning to operate from our Wholeness. We become aware that everything in our environment is our own creation. We then understand how the creation process works. Through our “Heart’s Desire” and our “Focus” we learn to let go of the things that we no longer desire, and to manifest the things that we truly desire. Daily meditation and deep breathing helps to maintain the awareness and connection with our Wholeness in every waking moment. Our willingness to surrender totally to Spirit, and live in total soulfulness allows Spirit to express fully. Spirit then begins to manifest more and more of ITs vastness through the physical body, which allows for greater Light, Love and Wisdom to enter. This is called “Descension of Spirit”. Life then is filled with Love, Joy, Peace, Tranquillity, Harmony, Balance, Abundance and Creativity. The original program, Spirit descending into gross matter to experience, can continue, as originally intended. You begin to express in the fullness of who you are - as SOURCE. Remember, we are Divine Spiritual Beings having a human experience, instead of human beings having a spiritual experience! This re-awakening and total expression from our Wholeness is called Self- Realization.

 History of the Axiatonal Lines
 Throughout this Universe, all the Galaxies, our Solar System, our Planet and our bodies are Axiatonal lines. These Axiatonal Lines interconnect all things with Divinity. At a point in time, we humans chose to separate from our Divine Source. This damaged the Axiatonal Lines which prevented us from reconnecting to our Divine Source. Priests in the Order of Melchizedek have been working with Axiatonal Reconnection to reconnect beings to the Divine Source before the first human ever walked on Mother Earth

 What is an Axiatonal Lines Reconnection?
 Axiatonal Lines Reconnection (also known as Axiatonal Re-Alignment) focuses on reestablishing connection with the larger Self, and to work with IT to achieve total Self-Realization. Axiatonal Lines Reconnection helps to reestablish connection first of all to the Oversoul. It also reconnects the severed axiatonal lines, and rejuvenates the axial circulatory system. Once the connection has been re-established, the Oversoul transmits the appropriate energies through the axiatonal lines to regenerate, and reharmonize the various bodies according to the Divine Blueprint. Axiatonal lines lie along the acupuncture meridians, and feed into major spin points that lie near the surface of the skin. Spin points are small spherical vortices of electromagnetic energy that emit Light and Sound frequencies which cause the atoms of molecules in the cells to spin faster. This increased spin creates Light fibres that then create a grid for cellular regeneration. These spin points feed axiatonal energy into the axial circulatory system, and the acupuncture meridians. Every cell in the body also has a spin point. The axial circulatory system connects all the spin points in the body. The connection into the acupuncture meridians is also necessary to ensure that all cellular grids are in harmony. Axiatonal energy continually recharges all bodies, and additionally assists to clear negative emotional and mental patterns. The reconnection to the Oversoul level acts as the gateway to hook up to even higher levels of Self. As we embrace our Wholeness, Spirit manifests more if ITs vastness through the body, which allows for greater Light, Love and Wisdom to enter. This is called “Descension of Spirit”, and as this happens, we begin to express in the fullness of who we are - as Source.

 Receiving the Axiatonal Lines Reconnection
 To receive the axiatonal lines reconnection, lie down or sit comfortably for up to one hour and say, "I am now ready to receive the axiatonal reconnection attunement prepared for me by “Chris Comish." Alternatively, you may say "Higher Self please reconnect my axiatonal lines." Either way, the energy will be received. The energy will flow to you instantly and begin rewiring you to your Divine Blueprint, manifesting your perfect infinite blueprint in the here and now.
 Chris Comish set the intention that Axiatonal Reconnection Attunement is received as many times as each recipient wishes to receive it. (That means you can receive the attunement multiple days in a row to strengthen the connection- just say the statement again). It is recommended you receive the attunement at least twice. The first will reconnect and the second will strengthen the connection. This will take an hour and this is a slow process, since the reconnection is a delicate procedure. Please remember to drink water and rest following the attunement.

 Source: Chris Comish

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