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ARCHANGEL SANDALPHON He is the Earth Representative of Gods Divine Light Here on Earth (Divine brother of Lord Metatron). He is the Earth Archangel. Dispensations: Because Sandalphon Helps anchor the Light upon this Planet he can easily help in anchoring the Light in your 4 bodily systems.
Prayer for Dispensation:
Archangel Sandalphon will you please anchor Divine Love, Divine Light in its purest concentration into my entire energy matrix now. SO BE IT ~SO IT IS DONE. x 3 times
We call forth to Archangel Sandalphon for an anchoring of the Ascension Flame into every man woman and child throughout this loving planet. SO BE IT. x 3 times
I call forth now Archangel Sandalphon and I ask that your Divine Presence is felt by all beings on the path to God and that all these beings and the Earth it self are align with your Loving Presence SO IT IS x 3 times
(Means: "Detailed footsteps" or Sound of an angel)

The Archangel Sandalphon is the feminine aspect of the great Archangel Metatron and is one of the great Sarim/angelic-princesses and Archangel.\
She is the Archangel of the 10th sphere/sefira called the Malkuth which is situated in the "World 4" or the Universal called Asjiah, which is our physical Universe.
The energi-world Malkhut are the bottom of the "Tree of Life", where the roots spread out in the physical world. From here rise the "Tree of Life."

The archangel Sandalphon once horizontally on Earth in human form called Elijah/the prophet Elijah, who lived so spiritual that he was converted to a "female" Archangel, where the great Father/Mother pasted her to guard the "Tree of Life" in Paradise, with "The Flaming sword ".
In addition, she is the leader and protector of all guardian angels. She is also called The "High Angel” because her guardian energy fills infinite. The Sandalphon is the supreme guardian angel, who shall report to the Father / Mother, by any person's death and about his good and bad deeds.
Sandalphon represents the ultimate earthly spiritual energies. She also helps to encourage contact with spirit world and helps in trance states. She helps people to live for "The Divine Plan". She opens distinguish ability, arouse latent human psychic abilities and show the truth.
Sandalphon is guardian for the maintenance of the physical life and vitality and the quest for eternal prosperity and knowledge. Therefore, she helps humanity with particular to understand everything about your body and senses and to heal through mental and physical disorders. She also helps with healing plants and animals. She should always be called when we heal ourselves or others and when we heal the Mother Earth. Ask her to help promote the Earth and Universe spiritual energies, or if you must strengthen your root chakra. Because she has a special connection to the bottom of the tree of life, she also has a special connection to the "bottom" of the human body, or rather she wants to help raise the inner spiritual energy in man, which is latent and waiting in the root chakra.
She wants that man learns to reconcile thought, action and commitment, and spirit, soul and body. And she can be call if you wish grounded, calm and sensation. She is the Archangel who distribute the life energy and send it out in the "Physical World" through the "Buddhi-force" /the "Love Energy", the "prayer power", the "Healing power", the "Meditations power", the "telepathy power" etc.

Sandalphon also stands for: courage, silence, Knowledge, Will & Manifestation. She possesses what is called the "materia" / "chaos" which is energy that is both active and passive, a duality that can create physical. Meanwhile, she is the Archangel linked to music and would like to guide you if you should play the right things for you. She wants to teach people to feel the good and positive tones and energies of sound and voice! She can make your words and actions gentle and smooth, but still powerful.
It is also said that Sandalphon is the one that determines the sex of a newborn baby and you can pray to her before you get pregnant if you want a boy or girl. One of her main roles is to convey and answer our prayers & mantras and help us to receive angels and Deva response or signs. One can thus ask Sandalfon to convey prayers to the Father/Mother and to receive a clear answer from her again. Because She is even a part of the Great Mother, who can show herselves in various aspects at the same time. For the time is only an illusion.
Sandalphon says that we must create our own lives, because nobody else will do it. We may even find our truths and beliefs, try to find the "Red Thread of Life" and take it in your hand and tail of the step by step to make sense and enlightenment. Therefore, her question to us are : "Quo Vadis" / "Where are you going"? - What do you want with your life here and now? - She wants to see us as a new Elijah, so we all can come out of the karma power and become guides in the heavenly sphere!

Appearance - Sandalphon is so high that she can reach from earth to heaven. The aura of Sandalphon has a healing and soothing, cool turquoise color, as a tropical sea or lagoon below estimates.

Archangel Sandalphon is the ruling Angel and Protector of Earth and a Master of music. He also rules the seventh heaven and is known as an Angel of Mercy and an Angel of Prayer. His name may mean "Co-Brother". Sandalphon acts to take our prayers and petitions to God, and is the guardian of our secret thoughts and wishes. He weaves the prayers of people of all Faiths into garlands and wreaths of flowers and then takes them to God for his Blessing. He is said to be one of the tallest Angels, so that he may reach easily from the Earth to the Heavens, although he showed himself to us as being quite small and compact. Some see him as being dressed in a black robe which emits sparks of pure energy, although this is more likely to be Azrael. To us he came dressed in earthy-coloured tunic and trousers with a green cape. He said that these are his "working clothes" and that he may appear in many other guises, according to needs and expectations. Appearance does not seem very important to him, and he is happiest when at ease. He said "Judge me not by what you see, yet by what I do".
The etheric retreat of Sandalphon and his feminine counterpart, Shekhinah - Lady Patience is everywhere on and within the Earth. They desire no specific focus, so that our access to them is not confined or restricted. His energy is vast and all-encompassing; her energy is always within us. He said "I am wherever you are".
Sandalphon is charged with anchoring the Light onto Earth, and will assist us as Lightworkers to do the same, both into the planet and into our own energy bodies. He said "I am an anchor. I act to penetrate a body and anchor myself into it as a conduit of Light energy, keeping things working at root level in accordance with the Divine Plan, whilst simultaneously channelling in Divine Light, supplying all that is required in order for balance, harmony and hence stability to be achieved."
He liaises in his work with Sanat Kumara; the Elementals and their Directors; all Devic beings and with the dwellers of the Inner Earth. All the secrets of the Earth are accessible through Sandalphon, when we are ready for them, and when he believes us to be worthy and capable of understanding them. He asks us to be vigilant and caring in our relationship with the Earth and learn to live more closely in tune with her and care for the environment. Earth's birth into a new dimension of reality IS going to happen, no matter what man does. How traumatic this will be for we who inhabit her is, to a large degree, up to us all, so it is to our advantage to help make the process as smooth and safe as possible.
Sandalphon is said to have incarnated on Earth as the prophet Elijah and to have been turned into an Archangel by God. I felt this unlikely, and he confirmed that had never incarnated in human form. It is not that he cannot do so, but that his tasks are so closely linked to the planet and all of the sentient life-forms that inhabit her that it served no purpose to be restricted in that way.
Sandalphon has also been said to be Metatron's twin brother, but I believe their relationship is not as "twins" in the way we might mean. Instead Sandalphon described himself and Metatron as being "Brothers in Arms". He pointed out that in many ways he and Metatron are polarities and mirrors of each other, although they do share many traits - such as love for humanity and the Earth; a joy in serving the Creator; a discipline and sense of positivity and impetus in carrying out the tasks they have agreed and are assigned. They also quite obviously share a similar sense of humour. He went on to clarify how they function as a partnership: "It is not that we are two ends of the spectrum of existence. It is not that Metatron is of one side and I am of the other. The question is the difference wherein the main focus of our work lies. If you were to compare us with your energy body, you might say that he is the Soul Star to my Earth Star. There needs to be the two that are joined together in some shape or fashion, in order for information to flow from the other to the one, and the one to the other. I show us here (demonstrates) as a circling of energy in a figure eight shape, like an infinity symbol. A constant two-way looping flow of energy and information between heaven and earth, linking the two, both on an energetic level (stabilising and supporting) and also mutually supportive and inclusive of our energies. This flow may be slow and rhythmic; it may be fast and frantic; it may be a mixture of the two. But there is always a harmony, a balance and a rhythm to the energy exchanges that take place, which are orchestrated by myself and Metatron as we work in harmony for this purpose together."
In the Kabbalah Sandalphon rules sphere 10 - Malkhut, which means "Kingdom". Malkhut is linked to Earth, representing the grounded mentally-orientated nature of humanity. Here is the sphere of our everyday life and where we have chosen to use our God-given talents as best we may in order to ground Spirit into physical reality and make a difference in our world. Malkhut concludes the work of the other spheres, for our true role is not that of "disappearing" into the heavens, but of grounding Heaven onto Earth. This sphere is sometimes called Shekhinah - the female presence of God. This is not a "woman" per se, but the feminine polarity of Atzilut - the first world of Pure and Divine Will.
It has been said that, after Source separated into innumerable Divine Sparks of Light, Shekhinah descended to Earth and to humanity in order to be a Vessel for the Divine Light. The Kabbalah says that Shekhinah is one of the ten children of the union between Binah (Understanding) and Chokmah (Wisdom) and that it is her role to bear the human soul. She is described as the unseen, the unwritten truth and the feminine indwelling presence of God. I personally feel, having worked with her, that Shekhinah is within and an element of Malkhut, rather than the sphere itself.

The secrets of the Earth are mine. You came to this planet as tiny children and were nurtured and grew to adulthood upon her skin. Your spirits are a part of her, as I am also. And it is that link with her that you will find amplified through me. Without the goodness and mercy and tender care of your Earth Mother your physical bodies will not survive, and without her spiritual care your non physical bodies will not be able to fulfil their tasks.
I am earth. I am sky. I am all things in between.
Stand with me now and let your feet feel the firmness and love of your Earth Mother. Turn your face to the sky and feel the warmth and love of the Creator. Cradled as you are on this beautiful planet allow your heart beat to slow and merge with the pulse of the Earth. Feel her soul merge with yours. Everything you do and every thought you have affects her, affects your co-travellers and also affects your Self. All depend on each other. It is not an exclusive relationship - everyone is important and every one can make a difference. The choice is yours. But remember I am here for you if you will but call.
I can help you link more closely with the Earth and her mysteries, and to the stars and their mysteries too. Hear my voice in the crashing of the waves on a beach; feel my touch in the drops of rain on your face; and know my love in the kiss of sunlight on your brow. Think of me as the tall pine in the forest - my strength and timelessness are here for you when ever you need them
Wish you a blissful Monday with lots of love & light. Tercy

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