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How did you find out about Lightgrid?
online search
Have you read the information on the main page? If no, please do so after having read the next question ;-)
Do you wish to synchronize with two other members in extending the Violet Ray?
Please tell us about yourself - ENJOY!
I am a Mother and Grandmother and I Am ready to assist in the Ascension.
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  • Myriel RAouine


    VIOLET RAY BLESSINGS, my dear soul sistar,

    Sonja Myriel

  • Steve Hutchinson, Admin.


    Lora, I am delighted to welcome you to 'Ascension Now For You'. Visit there any time to enjoy new and uplifting posts to help with our spiritual upliftment. Here's the link: 

    Ascension Now For You

    And Lora, please feel free to add your Love & Wisdom to our group through posting anything that helps uplift us all.

    Infinite Blessings with the Highest Energies of God's Love, Enlighgtenment, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for you,



  • Steve Hutchinson, Admin.

    Ascending And Living In Our New 5th Dimensional World We Are Creating

    Lora, I am delighted to welcome you to my new group, "Ascending And Living In Our New 5th Dimensional World We Are Creating".

    The focus of this group is sharing...sharing our visions of the new 5th dimensional world we are all creating...and also sharing our experiences of our journey in creating our new world. So feel free to share, and a convenient link to do that is:


    Infinite Blessings of the Creator's Love & Energies of Unity Consciousness & Crystalline Rainbow Light with ever-unfolding Enlightenment, Violet Flame Blessings, & Blessings of Divine Healing, Peace, Joy, & Abundance that are Divinely Perfect for You in Every Moment !