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looking up information on search engine
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im a new divine female powered witch , i have gained my gifts and wanted to find out who the new godess in my empowerment was so i did some mediation this morning and the white buffalo woman came to me in my vision.
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  • Ishema, Carol Suchecki

    It is good to hear from you Carol.

    I know that caregiving can take up a lot of energy as well as time. I have done it myself. It seems to be concentration that is the most challenging. I still do a great deal of it. But, I find a way to use the breaks to create focus on other things. Sometimes just anchoring a seed is all I can do, but when I come back to it again the seed expands. It is good to know you are here. 

    I send you my love,


  • Ishema, Carol Suchecki

    Dear Carol,

    You are in my thoughts. I am hoping for you to have family close to you for emotional and physical support. 

    Sending Love and Light your way,


  • carol/ snow paws brown

    Hi everyone hope you are all safe and coping with what is going on around the world. I was just listening to Steve's mediation when I shut my eyes and saw the below which I give you as a sort of verse.

    Hands holding hands comforting hands guiding loving parental love to all the children all over this world .

    It was as though mother Earth was asking the mother's around the world to join her to heal the world by teaching our children compassion for each other and by helping each other in the most simplest way by respect for each other space and giving what we can to those without within our own community . I have by donation to the professional services over here when I bought things for myself . I ring a friend who is older than me and lives alone to check on her, I listen to a new friend who is supposed to be listening to me . I only buy things that I need . But everynight I hope that all those u I know are well . So hope this helps you all.