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How did you find out about Lightgrid?
created it :-)
Have you read the information on the main page? If no, please do so after having read the next question ;-)
Do you wish to synchronize with two other members in extending the Violet Ray?
Please tell us about yourself - ENJOY!
The Violet Light is the tool of transformation to enter the New Cycle, the Golden Age of LOVE.
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sure :-) Will watch over it!

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  • Dr. SohiniBen Shukla

  • Kaya Matthews

    Thank you for posting that wonderful story Myriel.  I feel so much like that Little Soul because there is a whole lot that I do not know about the the workings of the Universe.  I am so grateful for being added to this awesome group and in awe as I prepare to get started with this Lightgrid work.  I am elated with happiness that I see others here that I met in the Federation of Light.  I am now feeling my way around as I become familiar with the site. Thank you for being.

    Love and Light,


  • Lisa Jayne Allan

    Yay! Thanks Myriel!



  • Steve Hutchinson, Admin.

    Thank you so much Sonja for sharing that letter with me.....and thank you so much as well for creating and maintaining your beautiful website so full of Love & Light that reflects the beautiful Being that you are.

    Blessings of Love & Light,


  • andreja


  • Arleem

    My Dear Sis Sonja,

    this is my most recent photo, after surgery....

    Love you xxx


  • AnupamGupta

    Thank You Myriel...

  • Arleem

    Thank you for compliment :))))

  • Steven Dobrovolskis

    thank you Myriel RAouine for your time and curiosity of Akatha. I have a website covering most of the public information on Akatha so far. Feel free to contact me at: to follow up with me on this at your leasure. If I can be of further assistance let me know any time.

    May the Blessings Be
    Steven D
    Ruidoso, New Mexico USA

  • Steven Dobrovolskis

    This link will start you with an overview of Akatha recent past online. I am a 5th. Initiate of Akatha and have 38 years experience and knowledge behind me in living alongside Akatha and Eckankar And The Ancient Teachings of The Masters as well as Dhunami all of which are parts of the whole picture. You can google "Paul Twitchell", "Darwin Gross" , to get a better understanding of this.

    If I can be of further assistance, let me know.

    Steven Dobrovolskis

  • Lina ♥

    Thank you for being my friend.

    May your day be filled with love,joy and happiness.

    With love and light, Lina.

  • Lina ♥

    Hello dear..,
    I did try sent you message here,having problems.Could you please email me,I would love to talk with you about something,please.
    Thank you.
  • kathyl.jamison


  • BlueGaia

    Thank you for the connection dear Myriel

  • Lina ♥

    ''Friendship open many Door, Each with a different View;, But none could be More beautiful than the Door that leads to YOU''

  • Myriel Rita Davis

    I am a student at Kryon School. My original name was channeled by Sabine Sangitar.

    How was yours channeled

    It was channeled by Sabine Sangitar of Kryon School.

    How did you receive yours?

  • Mukesh

    P R A N A M ~ <3. 

  • Christof Aton

    Thank you for your nice comment, Dear Sonja. Indeed we all are celestial familly to each other :)

  • Peter Melchizedek

    Bless You Myriel, Joy is in the air!  Indeed!

    All Love and Light


  • Wilhelmina Basart

    I am so grateful,Myriel RAouine,that I have been accepted as a member.My wicca name is Enid and I have been lost for a long time because of worldly problems.I will try to be in contact every day.My husband has MSA and I help him as much as I can and that takes a lot of time.But being a member gives me already very positive energy.Thank you.

    Blessed be and God Bless.

  • Cookie75

    Hi Sonja,

    Yes, it's me ;-) It was special to meet you in Glastonbury too.  Great to keep in touch!


  • Dr. SohiniBen Shukla

  • Myriel Rita Davis

    Hello Myriel,

    I know it has been a long. My son has showed finally how to use this site. I am up and running so I  would like to maintain contact with you.

    Sat Nam,

    Myriel RD

  • Sky

    Bless You Myriel,    

    All Love and Light

  • Sky

    Bless You Myriel, Joy 

      Love and Light.

  • Dr. SohiniBen Shukla

    ☆ ★ ☆¸.•°*”˜˜”*°•.¸☆
    ♥Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵Ʒ..•°*"˜ ☼¸♪♫-´♥♪♫"♥ ~.¸.☮
    .(ړײ)/ .. Put this on the walls of People
    . ╝╚ .. That make your Life BRIGHTER
    ........... Simply Because they Exist! ♥♥ 
    * BEAUTIFUL SOUL AWARD! **** Once you have been given this award, you are supposed to paste it on the wall of AT LEAST 5 women/ men who deserve it… If you receive more than 3, you know you are truly special....You rock!! It’s just to appreciate each other… It is always sweet to know that someone thinks you're a wonderful Person!!!...I sure do!!!!

  • natasha Richards

    Blessings heaped<3 and then some. Thank you Myriel xc
  • Horus

  • Horus

  • Horus

  • Horus

  • Steve Hutchinson, Admin.

    Blessings of Love & Light and a Happy & Joyful New Year for you and your loved ones Sonja. Love, Steve

  • edward sackstein

    i did not join your activity to be a groupie.  at 80 years, i  pretty much know where i'm at but continue to seek info as things evolve rapidly, particularly at this point in time.  i'll be the judge of what i need;  no shepherding please, if that's ok with you.  nevertheless, thanks for your kind welcome.

  • Albert V Powers

  • Albert V Powers

    Myriel, thanks for the invite. I have been listed as a friend since last year. Iguess when I changed my email address, I'm considered to be a newbie and had to sort of rejoin anew which I try to do on various sites as I get to them. I just had a birthday last week on a Wednesday and I realized I was born on a Wednesday so I reached that circle which, at 84 age today, it simply took 83 earth years to get here; so I've sort of gone from 11 to 12 now (83/84). Certain old remembrances keep popping up which is a nice reminder of certain good times. I wish to be friends with all of you and everyone. I really enjoy reading the various messages from several sites. The messages flowing forth last year and this year confirm what I've found out or realized over the last 30+ years along with many books and messages and knowledge that came to me along the way. I just have a difficult time to penetrate my so called "dullness" to receive inner messages. It seems I get certain feelings or awareness but my system automatically says okay I'll absorb it for now and get back to you later after it's digested and the truth kernels are now ready to inform you of these message essences. So it takes me some time to know this. I love to write so I get to type down stories, poetry and messages that come thru to me.

    Al Powers

  • Albert V Powers

    Maybe I need a shot of Silica supplement to freshen up my brain; at my age I probably have "drained the pot" as it get considerable usage. Al

  • Toni

    Hi Myriel I wish to have input in the light grid and join in the sending of healing Ray's I am just working out what the uk times are for the four daily connections I will join you all soon xx
  • Peter

    Hi Myriel,

    ja, ich freue mich sehr, dass ich Light Grid gefunden habe. Und ich würde mich total reuen, wenn wir uns auch persönlich begegnen könnten. Du bist natürlich jederzeit im Seminarhaus (1 Auto-Stunde westllich München) eingeladen, wenn Dich Dein Weg in diese Gegend führen sollte. Umgekehrt könnte ich auch gerne nach Österreich reisen, um Dich zu sehen. Eine gute Zeit könnte die zweite Juli-Hälfte sein, oder der August. Schreib einfach, wie es Dir passt.

    Bis dahin

    Mein Herzens-Segen zu Dir,



    Red Ribbon
  • Paul Soucy

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful vision of New Earth with all!
  • Daniel Ronald Julienne

    Red Ribbon
  • James Arthur Mitchell

    Greetings Myriel! I am very much looking forward to our collective destiny. I will do my part gladly.
  • maac

    Hi dearest friend Myriel...It is never too late to wish you and all Happy New Year and indeed this is one happy, transformational, powerful year of clarity, wisdom, peace, communication and so much more...I am here to answer to your last message which I just saw...As you know we can be very wrapped up in our spiritual pathway, yet that also entails communicating and sharing with all of you...I am always here, even if I don't speak...So much is going on...All good, and I know you know...hehehehe...I love you Sonja and all of you...You are always in my heart of LOVE...With deep and true Love always...


  • maac

    Sonja I just wanted to share with you my granddaughter Jasmine...You can also share to those you know...With Love...

  • Steve Hutchinson, Admin.

    Thank you so much for your nice comment and birthday wishes and video you shared with me, and also for the divine service work you do as well.

    Infinite Blessings of God's Love, Light, & Bliss,


  • Mukesh

    Words between us are the words of silence

    as words make space for silence Bliss descends

    Bliss connects our hearts 

    as His Grace pours down as showers

    hearts expands in Oneness sans from

    for One exists without polarity

    Light ~ Noor ~ Sat Chit Anand. 

  • Lora Farlow

    Just sang along!  Thank you and this amazing community of Love and welcoming and supportive...we all strengthen our light grid connection through sharing through the one heart.

  • Lora Farlow

    Thank you star sister I Am Presence.

  • Angel~a

    Yes.....I've been able to access my old page LOL! I just had to remember old password and I did. Love you!

  • Karmyna

    Gracias ♥️