Cosmic Spiritual Oneness ~

We are Ever flowering, expanding, as life in this existence; that the ONE is self-experiencing.

Let us, here, explore aspects of ONENESS. Reflections and impressions of the All, within and without.

May we lovingly foster, our recognition of, growing into living, respecting, expressions of ONENESS ~ collectively BEing ONE ~

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  • carol/ snow paws brown

     hi everyone this a new group for me but I think my spirit guide has guided me this way for a reason as it allows my oneses to be totally empowered and to empower my soul group .

    I had a lucid dream the other day which made me say to myself we all have to connect with the light grid asp as in my dream the knights of old where awakening and they only woke if there was war going to occur somewhere in the world . then later on I read about the new trouble in the east . and realised that if the light grid didn't join forces of the highest good that of love , peace , harmony and unity there will always be pain and suffering in the world through war as nothing will have been learnt . so I sending out my white light and healing and love throughout the world and hope the world leader stop for a moment and think about what they are doing and find that there is other solutions than war. as the creators son died once to forgive all our sins so who will died for the sin of war . so I call forth the greatest light of love and acceptance a difference.

    ame/ smb . bb.


  • Mukesh

    Oneness is  Adi and Oneness is Anadi.  ~ Love to all.

    Oneness is achieved by oneself first and it is visible in all. 

    Oneness is within and not without. 

    Each one carries Light n Non Light within, it is not outside.

    In polarity the struggle between these two forces goes on.

    The struggle when it ends results in Oneness. 

    And once one is in Oneness, polarity ceases.

    This scenario is brought about by veil we are behind.

    In Truth we are always One and have to make no effort for Oneness.

    Yet, one should have patience and perseverance to receive His Grace.

    When the moment comes, one is no longer there.  

    The book Kaivalya Navaneeta has asked and answered six
    questions on maya. They are instructive:
    1. What is maya? The answer is: It is anirvachaniya or
    2. To whom does it come? The answer is: To the mind or
    ego who feels that he is a separate entity, who thinks ‘I do this’
    or ‘This is mine’.
    3. Where does it come from and how did it originate? The
    answer: Nobody can say.
    4. How did it arise? The answer is: Through non-vichara,
    through failure to enquire ‘Who am I?’
    5. If the Self and maya both exist, does this not invalidate
    the theory of Advaita? The answer is: It need not, since maya is
    dependent on the Self as the picture is on the screen. The picture
    is not real in the sense that the screen is real.
    6. If the Self and maya are one, could it not be argued that
    the Self is of the nature of maya and that it is also illusory?
    The answer is: No, the Self can be capable of producing
    illusion without being illusory. A conjuror may create for
    our entertainment the illusion of people, animals and things,
    and we see all of them as clearly as we see him, but after the
    performance he alone remains and all the visions he created
    have disappeared. He is not a part of the vision but solid
    and real.