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How did you find out about Lightgrid?
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I am an avid meditator.
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  • Myriel RAouine

    Dearest Luz, WELCOME to this Sacred Space of Lightgrid!

    We are witnessing a time of NEW BEGINNINGS and we focus our LOVE and HEALING on ourSELF for integration and transmutation of all unnecessary information we have been carrying for way too long. It's the time of LETTING go and LETTING birth take place!

    We are sharing uplifting and highly energetic messages from our brothers and sisters who are receiving messages from On-High here on this site, and our main focus is and has always been on SERVING the DIVINE LOVE, WISDOM and PLAN through embodying as much of the VIOLET FLAME POWER as we individually and collectively can.

    The human being is designed as a transmitter and transformer of ENERGY. We are cultivating and exploring our human potential here to RECEIVE, SHARE and MUTLIPLY the VIOLET RAY of FREEDOM through FORGIVENESS, the RAY of TRANSMUTATION and TRANSFIGURATION of the old, the RAY of the RISING COSMIC DAY, the 5th World

    This site was set up to bring people together, to offer a platform for the EXCHANGE of experiences so we can naturally find and connet to our soul mates and to MEDITATE together.

     As you say that you are an avid meditator, you may like the following link to Deva Premal's life online streaming which she offers every day at the same time. I found it very comforting and felt my Divine Strands of DNA being activated. En-JOY, dear Luz, you have come to lightgrid at a very special and interesting time during which everything is shifting ... changing ... dissolving ... to be reBUILT anew, SOON!

    Stay in the LIGHT of YOUR HEART,

    SHINE YOUR LOVE onto yourSELF,

    and SHARE the LIGHT of your WISDOM with those, who ask for it.


    Sonja MYriel RAouine

  • Myriel RAouine