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How did you find out about Lightgrid?
federation of light post
Have you read the information on the main page? If no, please do so after having read the next question ;-)
Do you wish to synchronize with two other members in extending the Violet Ray?
Please tell us about yourself - ENJOY!
Trying ti discover the truth that is aligned with the creation of the universe.
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  • Myriel RAouine

    Ok - see this the COMMENT Wall :-)

    You can click "comment back and will land on my page - or "View Thread - then you see all the comments which we have exchanged and you can post your reply there and it will show in my comments section :-)

    Was that your question?

    Love Light Blessings,

    Sonja Myriel

  • Myriel RAouine

    Well, I simply use to address people, lol!

    You can also copy the name link  but I suppose this is what went wrong?

    @ April: would do as well ;-)

    Whatever you prefer - but there is not the same feature as in facebook - that you automatically get the link with the name ;-)

    Family Light Blessings, dearest april,

    Sonja Myriel

  • Myriel RAouine

    So I was guided to take this picture - synchronicities are guidingus :-)

    LOVE Light Blessings,

    Sonja Myriel