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on an article posted on another site
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I'm searching my way home, i'm on the way to know more about me, i want to discover my mission and working to complete it, to finally be ONE with all the Humanity in these special times. I live in this world, if i could, i would share Love, living in semplicity with all the people, because if i change myself, everything around me, changes, if i feel Love in me and for myself, i can bright my Light with the others Light...Maybe i didn't explain it in a perfect way, but you can feel who am i. Unconditional Love to all
Patrizia :-)
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  • Isabel

  • Dr. SohiniBen Shukla

    Dear Patrizia,

    Thanks for your love.

    Now I am having esoteric meditations or initiation with Peter Melchizedek....

    My heath is I can do these group initiation from Master Djwhal Khul.

    Will visit here When ever I will have time because our session will be for 130 days more , starting from to day.

    Thanks for your picture.


  • Victor Momoh

    Hello Patrizia, greetings from Sierra Leone. Very long time and hope you are doing well