Mutual Support to facilitate ASCENSION process

Let us share our knowledge and experiences, texts, channelings and more on this topic to help one another in this ongoing process of ASCENSION!

If you or someone you love are in need of Prayers and Help, don't hesitate to post a request here!
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  • Christof Aton

    Hello, Dear Ones. As i am genuinly invited to share some stuff on this network, i have this for a start. It just suddenly came out on yesterday as one higher dimensional momentum, when i was inspired to create one facebook page called "Ascension Assistance" providing daily easy-to-grasp tips for the crucial coming weeks. Nothing new in there for "already aware people", for it is designed especially for people who are new into this, or got confused about many different perspectives given about ascension process ("the seeds that were thrown on the rocks"). So basically it is "seeds for babybirds", and i suspect most people in here are already beautiful and great grown up birds of light. However if you do resonate to this and want to share for the sake of your own "babybirds" FB followers, well feel free to share :)

    NB: Basically, my main purpose in this lifetime is to provide free and easy-to-grasp stuff for the masses, providing stepping-stones to help them becoming able to integrate more highly evoluated content that is to be provided by "specialists" such as many among you.

    However from time to time, i possibly can be inspired to enlight here and there on deeper levels too.

  • Dr. SohiniBen Shukla

    Dear Christof Aton,

    Your intention id good....

    " Ascension Assistance " is a very good Idea....

    We are on The same Path Helping Our Friends to Go ahead ...We acn give support and God Gives us Love & Blessings,

    Thanks for your project on FB...

    Dr. Sohiniben Shukla.

  • Myriel RAouine

    Thank you for sharing, Aton! If you want to, you can post this invitation in the blogs section where it will receive attention by more of our lightgrid members.

    A link would also be nice ;-)

    Love Light Blessings,

    Sonja Myriel