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Love ist the Highway to LIBERATION

Dearly beloved lightgrid family and gridwork team,

Love is the highway to liberation.

Do not let the opinion you hold concerning current affairs divide you! United we stand in the field of LOVE and we announce: FREEDOM for ALL!

This weekend we have seen a high rise in energy. The Earth‘s Crystalline Field is receiving updates of unprecedented intensity from within and without, from the Galactic Centre and our Sun as well as from the Inner Realms and Dimensions. The Mantel of PEACE is now available for all who are open to receive the BLESSINGS from the Universal Mother and their own I AM Presence so we can more easily INTEGRATE these High Frequency Updates into our every cell and atom. ASK and you shall RECEIVE: Ask for the Mantle of PEACE from the hands of Lady GRACE who will joyously wrap you into Her pure GOLDEN GLORY of LOVE in SERVICE, on the wings of the 6th Ray with its Ruby Golden Fire of Christ Consciousness IN ACTION!

It’s time to integrate the qualities of all 7 Rays now into our Human Consciousness Mind Set. (For further information, please visit our groups on the 7 Rays.) Lady Nada is now requiring full attention along with Lady Gaia Terra Shan Vej. The Maiden Earth is returning. And the anointed ones are awaiting Her Command. NATURE is Her messenger. Natural disaster the result of abuse. YOU are the stewards of the MAIDEN EARTH, my beloved soul family, who resonate with my words! You are the ones who will bring PEACE to the hungry minds and souls, soon, when the TRUTH will erupt both, in the world political scenario as well as in tectonic plate movements at critical spots on Earth.

Beware: The threads, which have been holding religious and political puppets upright, are now being cut and the audience is finding out it has been involved from the beginning … The spectators realize that their credulty has been exploited and abused all along in order to keep them and others, condemned to WATCH and NOT participate, in an iron cage of dos and don’ts never to be questioned or analysed. But the curtains are falling.

So what can prevent the angry from expressing their hurt feelings and self-respect in violent actions against the perceived enemy “out there”? Nothing but LOVE, COMPASSION, FORGIVENESS and INTROSPECTION!

These are the times when we have to come to terms with all our flaws and mistakes in preparation for what is to come. We must acknowledge our own past and present and forgive our ego for taking the lead when it was not meant to take over. And when we face the truth, that we did NOT always listen to our higher knowing, that we did NOT always do our very best to help and bring love and respect to a certain situation, and that we did NOT always know what was truly the best for everyone, we are starting to accept our humanness in terms of perceiving the cage around us and then, and only then, when we PERCEIVE the bars of the cage, can we decide to step out of it NOW, that the doors have swung open – and OPEN they have swung NOW!

So do not despair if life hits you hard these days! These are the times which are testing us to further our LOVING HEART and to integrate the gifts of DIVINE POWER and WISDOM into our human experiences.

The more you advance on the path of the 3-fold flame, the quicker you learn and the more creative power you wield, because you are then able to CORRECT your course through the insights you are receiving without the need for dramatic soul course corrections through karmic law and interference.

You may find my words premature, but I am only handing on to you the information I am receiving from my own Higher Self. I do not channel in the way others do. I acknowledge. I witness. I pass on. And what I have witnessed this weekend gives reason to celebrate a big Victory of the Violet Flame of Perfection.

May our Prayers RISE again to the HEART of CREATION, without interception, NOW!

And so it IS!

The golden Flame of PEACE and Christ Consciousness, I-AM Consciousness and Universal LOVE has once again been IGNITED in the HEART of Mother Earth Herself through the peoples fromNepal, Tibet, India, China and Taiwan, as well as the indigenous tribes of the Americas. Our prayers are HEARD now more loudly and purely than ever! TRUST and have FAITH in your own Divine Connectedness to SOURCE, to LOVE, to LIFE itself! Release that which may still hold you back, preventing you from the fulfillment of your Divine Soul Mission on Earth and SURRENDER to the LOVE WITHIN so you can pass it on to everyone who comes in touch with you. Once connected to SOURCE again, this powerful energy, which gives you WINGS to fly as high as needed any time you wish, will lead you through all dangers SAFELY and SWIFTLY until you will no longer be from but IN this world as the ONE that you ARE: A conscious being of LOVE! And from this position you then start to CREATE that which you wish to see in the world, not by DOING, not by SAYING something, not by ACTING, but by FOCUSSING all your attention on that which you wish to LIVE! 

Learn to consciously dismiss all thoughts which are only dragging you down and replace them with benefitting, joyful, playful, lovefilled ones which reflect your best intentions. Energy follows attention – and your feelings will follow your thoughts and together they inadvertently  create your – and our shared REALITY!

If you are reading these lines, you are one of a few people who are capable of resisting the pressure from the outside which is aimed at pulling you back into the matrix of fear, or you would not have read so far. Become AWARE of this gift that you carry and cherish it! Develop both: Your sovereignity AND your connectedness to ALL that IS - and JOIN IN THE CIRCLE OF CHRISTED ONES who are now beginning their work wherever they ARE!

Connecting to lightgrid at 10 and 4 am/pm UT helps to TRANSMUTE misqualified energy back into its pure Divine Potential.

Light and Darkness are BOTH being FREED now from the draining boundaries of the patterns of abuse and enslavement. The LOVE and the POWER of GOD work hand in hand to SET ALL LIFE on this planet FREE again, without judgement, without grief. Those who are called dark hats must succumb to this Force just as the ones who seem to be the brilliant, shining soldiers in the armor of God. The cleansing goes deep and it affects each individual. No-one can now continue to escape the consequences of their own words, deeds and (re)actions. It's time for the harvest. To some it will bring destruction, to most uncertainty, to us VICTORY over our own limitations. And to ALL it will bring FREEDOM and LIBERATION, if well received or not. Unerringly. All inclusive. And respecting the free will and decisions of each individual, with all its cosmic consequences and impacts on the Web of Life.

And so it IS.


Sonja Myriel RAouine


PS: If you watch the News, beware that you are watching staged scenarios. Look at the agenda in the background and SEND your LOVE and LIGHT to the individual standing in the forefront no matter who s/he is, so s/he is brought into contact with her/his own HEART and LOVE.

Some will seem untouched by such powerful projection of LOVE. But others will not be able to ignore what deep inside they KNOW to be truth and start RESONATING to it. And, finally, a few of them will BREAK the SILENCE and follow the call of TRUTH.

Re-MEMBER: We live in an entire UNIVERSE of RESONATING FIELDS of CONSCIOUSNESS! And RESONANCE is the key to the magic wand which each of you possesses, no matter if you are aware of it or not.


May our LOVING HEART set us free,

Indivually and collectively,

And liberate humanity

From the bonds of humiliation and slavery!


Once and for All!

Now and Forever!


And so it IS.


Sonja Myriel RAouine, 2 May 2021

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