Light wins

My name is Robert and Francine,we are just ViBrAtInG!!! To have this oppourtunity to represent our planet thruought this transition.

What a pleasure and full on respectful honour to fill such large sized shoes.We will be as efficient as we can in order to desceminate all and any new information we receive.

 We are fully welcoming all and any views and advice on all that is in this new Golden Age.

 Thank you so extatically for this Divine appointment.

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    Myriel RAouine

    Dearest Robert and Francine, thank you for your discussion here!

    As the world is undergoing a deeply transformational time, lightgrid is REJUVENATiNG, gathering forces.

    I would like to bring all of us TOGETHER who feel this inner commitment, that NOW is the TIME to TRANSFORM the planet. We are called to envision a Divine Blueprint for Humanity's Evolution into the LIGHT that we ARE - interested in sharing YOUR puzzle piece?

    I'm looking forward to coming to know you through your active participation,

    Sonja Myriel