The human tapestry (grid) and the counterpoint

Hi everyone

For years I have had visions of a vast tapestry of man - this is a way that the grid of human consciousness has been shown to me. As our consciousness is linked, the picture formed within the tapestry comprises of all human consciousness in all its forms. The tapestry is currently distorted which makes it harder for people to align with spirit, among other, obvious worldly problems.

Light work and spiritual work to enhance consciousness acts as a counterpoint to align humanity better with light and spirit.

The counterpoint is an important concept. It can be explained using a scale as an example. If, for example, one side of a scale is too heavy, you cannot bring about balance by adding weight to the heavy side. You need to add weight to the other side, i.e. the counterpoint. If this is done, the scale comes into balance and reaches a still point, where alignment happens.

Taking the example of a scale into real life, if your community has a problem such as crime, this will weigh the scale down in that area. 'Fighting crime' by everyone becoming armed with guns and putting up electric fences and so on simply adds weight to the side of the scale that is already out of balance. A far more effective approach is to work on the counterpoint. Let's say the core reasons for crime in the area are due to a breakdown of values and unemployment, the counterpoint is to enhance community co-operation and values, find ways to increase employment such as guiding job seekers on creating a CV, applying for a job and building interview skills, helping others to start a small business.

Every person who adds to consciousness, whether through meditation or other means such as working on practical solutions to counter certain problems, adds to the alignment of the tapestry (grid). This is because positive energy is directed at the counterpoint and therefore makes it more possible for others to grow in spirit and consciousness. I wanted to let you know that your efforts truly do make a difference.

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    Ishema, Carol Suchecki

    Thank you Tamara for adding your vision of this Worldwide Shift in Consciousness.

    Blessings of Light and Love!


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      Myriel RAouine

      I have been guided to come here today and I find wisdom speaking to me through your words, dear Tamara, which is holding true so much in these days, that I would like to share your discussion today with all our members to see what ideas your blog may inspire TODAY, as we have jumped into new fields, multiplying our SERVICE of dedicated lightwork as we are learning to RELATE and CONNECT to each other on the higher levels of consciousness more and more. WE are ALL PART of the NET of LIGHT, the LIGHTGRID, as DIVINE MANIFESTATIONS OF LIFE, no matter where we may stand, no matter what form we may have taken! And it is up to the COLLECTIVE HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS where the path is leading us in the future!


      To create a world of PEACE based on COOPERATION and the realization that EVERYTHING is INTERCONNECTED!

      Stop buying into the drama.

      Stop watching the "News"

      You already KNOW what you need to know.

      The Truth is well hidden.

      And it's not the time for it, yet, to surface.

      Meanwhile, WE ARE HEALING,

      HEALING the rifts of consciousness,

      as we are diving into the ocean of CONNECTEDNESS.



      The waiting is over now.

      WE ARE HERE!

      Sonja MYriel RAouine