~ ~ ~ ~ ~ P O T E N T I A L ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Its simple ~ All events are created as "POTENTIAL". If the collective consciousness vibrates higher, transformation is faster ~ otherwise momentum is built up for another "POTENTIAL" All predictions depends on how we respond as collective consciousness. Predictions are TRUE at the moment it is predicted, and its outcome is in our hands ~ Each one of us on Mother Earth ~ its we who make it or otherwise. All the help from cosmos is made available to us ~ we fail to honor it ~
So know that "POTENTIAL" needs more n more collective consciousness. :::::

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  • Mukesh

    missing you all ~ warm Hugs ~ our POTENTIAL to change ::

  • Ishema, Carol Suchecki

    Thank you Mukesh for these inspiring posts.

    Light, Love and Big Hugs for you my friend!


  • Mukesh

    Dear Ishema Ji ~ Namaste ~ Light in me greets the Light in you ~ Big warm Hug Dear FriendĀ Namaste PNG Free Download | PNG Mart