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Star Transmissions.. Energy of 88

In this lovely energy today.. There are STAR Transmissions happening.


The stars are intelligent light.. And they are of the One Unified consciousness,, I have been given a message for you from them by my Higher Self .. And Rain.. They’ the stars see you as you see them.. Bright , shining, beautiful.. They are sending you messages today.. Called Star Transmissions..blocks of information to your Portal Pineal.. If you close your eyes and see light bursting .. Colors .. It is music in color as intelligent love codes from the Stars.. They shine for you to see YOU.. so you remember.. The Indigos they know so well are Starseeds and all are Light Houses in the concept collective or our term Lightworkers.. So are they!! The crop circles are our future self in the one communicating with a Mathematical Shape message.. In our Linear time from their Quantum NOW.. Really blessed to get this message and share with you.. When you look up, know they are looking at you to with love.. Welcome new members!!!! To all raising Indigo Consciousness Starseeds and Light Houses.. Who brought the energy here..

These names represent!!!! CHANGE!!! FOR PEACE AND LOVE!




Today is a Full Harmony day ..8 Day!! In an 8 year.. double 8!! Power of manifesting is strong,. Empowerment.. Creating and pushing it forward.. Master 88 number is a master manifesting powerhouse!!! Mamafoo

Today’s harmony read is 6-12-2015= 17= 8

In the Month of Higher Self Merging and Love we have the new beginnings of master building in new change.. The full Harmony of these notes is an 8!! Meaning this is manifesting NOW.. And even stronger in this year of Mastery with the Infinite 8 holding on for the entire 2015!!! Enjoy this day!!!


I will be starting a weekly Quantum Astrology report of High Vibration and encourage the use of the High NOTES of Numerology Notes.. How to use them together.. Core, Master, Trinity and Double Master.. and so forth.. In Quantum Attributes of Living Intelligent Energy here today…  Where did the seeing numbers as notes and music.. come from.. Well my conversing with the Stars and the ONE consciousness.. I see them as living.. moving.. flowing.. they can be played like the keys of a piano.. and you can choose which note to play.. they are always there.. that Master Piano is there!!! It is Grand and it is Numbers!! There is even prophecy in your birthdate!!!

Do not doubt the power of these Star Transmissions.. here is our World Famous Tesla.. and an insert from a journal.. His mind was open to the Universe and look at his legendary work today…

Extraordinary Experiences

Much has been made over Tesla’s amazing ability to visualize images from his mind. This talent came mostly involuntarily and often at inopportune moments. When he was younger, Tesla worried that he was suffering from some sort of madness when his visions would appear. Later he came to realize that this particular trait was a gift and the basis of all his inventions.

Tesla’s visions were so vivid that he was sometimes unsure of what was real and what imaginary. Strong flashes of light often accompanied these images. He would wave his hand in front of his eyes to determine whether the objects were simply in his mind or outside.

In 1919, Tesla wrote of these images and of his efforts to find an explanation for them. He had consulted with several doctors and psychologists, but no one was able to help.

“The theory I have formulated is that the images were the result of a reflex action from the brain on the retina under great excitation. They certainly were not hallucinations, for in other respects I was normal and composed.

“To give and idea of my distress, suppose that I had witnessed a funeral or some such nerve wracking spectacle. Then, inevitably, in the stillness of the night, a vivid picture of the scene would thrust itself before my eyes and persist despite all my efforts to banish it. Sometimes it would even remain fixed in space though I pushed my hand through it.”

It is well known that Tesla’s conception of his AC (alternating current) motor came to him during one of his visions.

“One afternoon … I was enjoying a walk with my friend in the city park and reciting poetry. At that age I knew entire books by heart, word for word. One of these was Goethes Faust. The sun was just setting and reminded me of a glorious passage: The glow retreats, done is the day of toil; It yonder hastes, new fields of life exploring; Ah, that no wing can lift me from the soil Upon its tract to follow, follow soaring!

“As I uttered these inspiring words the idea came like a flash of lightning and in an instant the truth was revealed. I drew with a stick on the sand the diagram shown six years later in my address before the American institute of Electrical Engineers.

“The images were wonderfully sharp and clear and had the solidity of metal. ‘See my motor here; watch me reverse it.'”


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Comment by Sylvia Liney on June 14, 2015 at 4:48am

Thank you for sharing this with us...every little helps us take a step towards understanding ascension....

I am very grateful, and excited with it all....

Selamat Jalwa!  Mama Foo... ♥♥

Sylvia I AM Melaynia xx

Comment by MamaFoo The LightWorker on June 19, 2015 at 9:16pm

thank you so much sylvia.. so appreciated.. much love to you..

Comment by Sylvia Liney on June 20, 2015 at 10:26am

And also to you Mama Foo

Thank you for your sharings, every little helps us all....

Peace, Love and Joy to you Sylvia x


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