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Multi-Dimensional Jacobs Ladder with Goddess & Pegasus...

Multi-Dimensional Jacobs Ladder with Goddess & Pegasus…













Magical Journeys are happening within our Super Consciousness and Multi-Dimensional Powerhouse Mer-Ka-Ba’s. There are Holy Gateways that connect us to higher dimensions and more fluid Realms of Experiences via our Jacobs Ladder. There is also a Celtic type tree that then branches out to the many lives and aspects of ourselves that is in existence, all connected back to the ONE. Not only are we operating with the Seal of the Solomon Matrix, your Akash, open, we are living in magical times where time and space are of no importance BUT IS FLUID AND NOW and many of us are journeying within our energy bodies or merely our consciousness at times along the magical living grids and gateways, and seeing so much of other realities. It is amazing. Ten years ago I would not have had much of a clue what any of this meant and today I can live here in this house, write and teach, and travel and see so much, from here. It is phenomenal. It brings so much joy and creativity that you want to shout it from the roof tops.. but you don’t because so many still don’t understand what you mean. How I would love to take your hand and show you what I have seen, where I have gone, how I have visited other Realms in my Super Consciousness. Seeing magic in a Harry Potter film is comparable and easily seen here in my own universe via my Consciousness.. As I have allowed it to expand tremendously. In christianity this is called the levels of Heaven, in Buddhism there is the planes of existence and it varies a little but 31 is the normal consensus. These teachings have been around for ages.. It is not uncommon. It varies throughout the Globe but is there..



If you don’t know, I was raised in a very religious home of Christianity. This is something I always pulled away from as I never felt there should be so much segregation in billions of people and I never could wrap my mind around a hell. Now don’t misunderstand me, I am very much a Yeshua in Christ follower and adore Mother Mary and the teachings of this sector of our beautiful traditions. Today I am a Global Spiritualist .. my own term for my worship. As I have been through an enlightenment of awakening, I have dove into many different spiritual aspects. The Goddess and Gaia being a central part of my search and experiences. What I have seen is the fear of HELL eliminated as Jesus himself helped eliminate many of the fears of the Old Testament during the Cusp of the Ages 2000 years ago as he brought forth the Age of Pisces. Here we are now, ready for the Golden Era and the Feminine is back as an equal energy today in these Cusp of the Ages of NOW of the Age of Aquarius.



I have visions of Jews, Muslims, Christians, Pagans, Hindus, Priestess’s, and Lightworkers.. all holding hands together.. Honoring each tradition in unity and love.. disbanding fear more as segregation will cease more and more.. Within the deepest parts of our being. Forget skin color, I am talking visions of Religious Gatherings and peoples just being so loving and accepting of each others divine choices. Where the fighting ceases.. Where the Unity Consciousness Blossoms within the Lotus of the masses. Where hierarchy, money, education and religion doesn’t make you separate or more than, it ceases to be a society of your better than me, or I am better than you. It becomes a WE WE WE.. Through reverence and honor, based in so much love. It is coming people, it is in Akash as a potential of this planet. Today I want to honor what the Feminine Divine have given me and what they are to me, and how they talk and communicate with many of you. They show themselves in these ways so we recognize who they are, the Feminine Goddess. As Global Ancients and Modern is merging.



My close ties are to the Nordic Freyja, the Celtic Brigit, the Egyptian Bast daughter of RA and the all Mother Isis as I have been visited by each of these  energies and there are feminine Arch Angels, my Angel Rain and also the ever so loving Ancient Deity I call Gaia who is also as physical as we are and in actual physical body of Creator. goddess9 Isis literally gifted me with great bird wings, she gave me a vision of me how I look today, growing beautiful brown, red and white feathered wings from my back and in a vision I watched as they burst forth, a depiction of her wings..  I would have physical pain in my shoulder blades off and on for a long time before this was given to me in vision. What did this mean.. this meant her energies were with me. They will communicate with you as much as they can to help you see what you are representing and to help you remember your Ancient history within your Akash. This created many doors within. The second gift I was given was from Bast. She came to me in a fast way, showed me herself, in real time.. no vision, but in my bedroom, she was so beautiful, her eyes and face jewelry were extraordinary. Her energy was so powerful it made my Chakras thump. Many of you will start to recognize this.  In the physical form and looks of Bast, she is the one who gifted me with my Kundalini awakening in the beginning.. which was incredible and I will teach more on this subject soon. Bast winked at me as if saying, you will enjoy this.. It is time.. and WOW, when my Chakras started up from base to head.. It was indescribable, it was the beginning of many things to come. Bast and Ra helped me understand that there is no separation of Gods Creatures great and small. That the Ancient names and Labels are the same energies of today as in God, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha.. These were the Ancient Labels. We are all of the ONE. We are all loved by Creator.. Sha was another name of one of my fierce protective lions who was here with me until I remembered and understood, in my world, that the dark side was only consciousness and dark polarity. No fear is ever here anymore, but they were with me every step of the way until I feared not. They came to me in these ways so I would recognize who they were a representation of as a collective of the Divine Seven Sisters so talked about over the ages of the Pleiades in all cultures before telephones and communications. They were known as the Feminine Divine.



My dear Brigit comes as an Earthly essence, with elementals and creates sheer desire to put my feet on the bare earth. Brigit is an aspect of Gaia and the Sacred Trees whom takes me on a journey sometimes, shows me magical things. These magical moments are all accessible FOR YOU also, anyway you want to grow your capabilities but before I mastered many of my gifts, these loving energies and Feminine Divine Beings came to me as they were known in the world. The reason they came this way was so I would study and expand my knowledge and trigger my Akashic memories. Brigit gifted me with the Tree of Knowledge secrets and how it looks beyond the Jacobs Ladder we are.. She has gifted me with many beautiful visions when I was so down and struggling, to find joy in the grass and the trees, in the the Elemental Kingdom of Angels.  In GAIA. I adore her and what she is, what she represents as she was what Christ is today to Christians, she was to the Ancient Celtics and she was also a Saint, very loved and has a day dedicated in her name. She is much of the inspiration for the Wiccan and Holy Priestess Movement we see today and that which was kept so sacredly across time and centuries. This is a direct being of Mother God and the Holy Feminine as a large human understanding. Brigit gave me the key to access my Akash and even made it more awesome by letting me see the future of the living Holy Grail as it used to be known.

Last night I took a special trip, in the hand of Brigit, she and Angel Rain took me to Pegasus, another Realm where horses do have wings. This is also one of my husbands guardian companions.  I was given a wonderful ride on this mighty horse.. A magical being with high intelligence and we communicated telepathically. Pegasus was chuckling when he took a quick sharp turn while in flight. To feel this was better than a dream or vision, I was there in my energy body and it is as real as sitting here writing this magical post as they are with me.. I jumped on Pegasus bareback..  and to fly on the back of a horse with the greatest wings was sheer magical. Creation comes from glimpses into these realms of consciousness that our Super Consciousness access’s. How amazing our Creator was when he created us and the magic that is out there to be felt, smelled, touched, seen, enjoyed and even while lying in your bedroom at home and just with the expansion of your mind.. How closed I used to be. The television and movies ARE the metaphors to our experiences in Super Consciousness of Expanded Awareness. Clues are all around you each today.. Creation is happening within. Pegasus, the great winged stallion, reminded me to bring more joy and laughter into my world, I had been too serious lately. Just so you know, Six Flags holds this amazing being.. no candle to walk by. He was magnificent. They will continue to take me on these journeys for we decided long ago we would create new stories and books and they will be with me and we will do it together and to share these magical moments for others to enjoy and to help others have these experiences. This is the very ESSENCE of living MULTI_Dimensionally..





Freyja is very special to me. This is where I was gifted with my many great power animals of the Large Cat and Felines. When the dark polarity consciousness would try to attack my spirit in the magical world of consciousness creation and what I call 4D (there are many labels) where dark and light forces are of polarity energy, these magical creatures were always there protecting me and I would see this and feel it. I have hugged them, seen them, touched them, seen them pace around my house, they have lain on my bed, they have jumped in between me and dark consciousness beings as I imprinted on the Fear of the dead within the Akash of Gaia. These power Lions and Cats even permeated my husbands dreams as he was shown how depleted my spirit had become at one time in the journey in New Jersey. His vision was of me lying on the ground bleeding and too weak to stand up, as he was protecting me from the dark energy of the Hasidic Jewish fear and manifested consciousness that was so powerful as my gifts come forth unexpectedly. These 4 great large Felines came to protect me as well and shown themselves to my husband in a powerful vision. They always have. Angels aren’t always our only protection in the way we expect them to look, as Heavens Beings manifest how they want to, are omni-present and my Ancestors the American Native Indians always foretold of Power Animals and Spirit Guides on their magical journeys they always had. These four women deities within the collective of the feminine.. come to protect me as Lions and Felines so that I would see their strength and loose my fear. Communication with our Ancestors, Angels and Akash comes in many parabolic metaphors and earthly visuals..animals and earthly depictions has always been a constant source of metaphor as is seen in all prophet and holy books throughout history. It is the only way to truly teach Globally.

So my thanks goes out the the Feminine Divine Aspect of our Creator today for they were with Arch Angel Michael in helping me to understand the full impact of what I was seeing so much of. I Imprint on Akash of the Dead for healing. As a mass Medium Gateway. I came here to do this and help clear Gaia of so much pain and war and trauma. As I share these teachings I was taught with the masses, they will start to understand much of what they have been going through. Many people over time were always imprinting on Akash of the Dead and Dark Consciousness, this led to mental instabilities as the knowledge of the Ancients was lost within the bulk of the people. They are here with me showing me all this and teaching me themselves. I am truly grateful. As Arch Angel Michael teaches me that his energy is a huge collective, one of the Gateways within each of us and connected to the 12 Tribes metaphor of the 12 Sacral Chakras that make up the cores of our Mer-ka-ba and above our head as a connection to our Higher Angelic Self which is your Jacobs Ladder up to the Sacred Tree of Life of the ONE. Arch Angel Metatron helps and teaches me about the Blueprint and DNA Sacred Geometry of the living, Gaia, and the Grids we all have, Meridians and energy points.

Through Freyja, I tapped into the Salem Witch Trials, the Witches who suffered unjustly, through the ones who practiced good and dark magic all around where I live. This was released from the Grid early last year. I felt these moments and this Ancient practice as if I was a Witch today. I felt it vividly. Freyja helped me understand the Ancient word, Underworld. What this meant. Never have they or my Angels, ever been unkind, harsh, telling me anything or how to do anything as an order or command, its always the sweetest assistance and beautiful imagery and small quiet voices of awareness, the Universal Language of the Soul of Love and gentle hand holding.



Animals are a Universal Language unto themselves. As last night Brigit reminded me that, look at the Ants and the Bees. They have a collective consciousness awareness that they are born with. They just know what to do to provide and care for their family members. She said to look at Bees and Ants as an indication to where Humans are going. These were two perfect examples of Collective Consciousness which most today know this as the Christ Cosmic Consciousness and what we here also call the Rise of Atlantis of the Ancients which has been foretold via many prophets and visionarys. There is no separation of religions within the consciousness, more unity and love will be forthcoming. Ancient Egyptians honored their cats and I know why. These beautiful female deities of the Feminine Divine and the Seven Sisters do show themselves as Cats. Freyja in legend, traveled with her mighty Cats constantly. As a cross is symbolic to the mass christians, a star of david to jews, so is dragons to many Asians. There is enormous celebrations of Dragons in these lands. The Ancient Egyptians felt that way about CATS. For Cats were symbolic of the loving Gods and Goddess’s of their time. These Ancient Wisdom Keys of Atlantis are bringing us much richness and today we are able to imprint on the Akash of Gaia and feel, see and experience what these times were like. Many of us lived in these times, we have memories.




Today my vision was of a new cat. A very large Feline Persian Cat was in my home to stay. I was so excited, Jack picked up this Cat and the markings were so exquisite. We just loved all over her for she is one of the biggest house cats we have ever seen. What does this vision mean?  A new Feminine Deity of the Ancients is here today. To teach me another way to advance my knowledge and Akash of Global understanding. They sing to me at times, they were singing the great Pineal Tones of the Ancient Lemurians to me today. While I was wide awake and going into meditation, they sing to me. They also speak to me in different languages and I always understand them in meditation. I am not taught by the Seven Sisters of one path, but a path for all, a Global Path. I am taught as a Global Student and the foundation is always in love and honor of every living thing and the great force that bonds us all together.. Our Father Mother Creator. Five of the Seven Sisters has come to teach me and show me different ways, of today and yesterday. Lemuria will be a topic coming up in my teachings soon. They have so many names and so many faces but all throughout time they have been talked about. Called many things.. Angels, Godess, Gods, Holy Mothers, and the list goes on and on but they are of the Feminine Divine and they are back in real time in this more fluid energy we have today. That is who these deities are I have just wrote about. The Seven Sisters of the Pleiades, the female energies of our Angels and have been in support of many women. Joan of Arc, Mother Mary, Saint Brigit, the Fellowship of Isis movement. They are one and the same. Always here and they are the ones who taught me that the Garden of Eden Era was Rising From the Ashes as the Phoenix once again. Will this happen overnight, no. It will take time but faster than you think… IT is the potentials they have given me.



Energy is everything and all creation and physics has two parts, the yin and yang, the male and female and then there is the catalyst of Father that holds it all together and how we are all connected. Awakening is when you feel Creator in every living thing. You change, you care, you feel the living energy of GOD or GODDESS in all things. It is a beautiful time we are in today my darlings.. A beautiful time and both of these energies, when in balance is profound, and important within the Galaxy of all creations. You are surrounded by loving Angels.. and they come to you in many ways.. Just open up your mind if you so wish.. and see them. They may come as they are known, they may come in an animal, they may come only as an Angel.. but they are there.. and they LOVE YOU.. There is no right or wrong in how we honor all living things for the Light of God is there… in ALL THINGS GREAT AND SMALL.. BLESS YOU ALL TODAY…  I have been taught by Akashic and Heavenly beings.. Malachi, Obsidian, the Seven Sisters, Arch Angels. I am being taught in these new energies a Global Way of teaching and learning. They recite this to me..

“I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself. A small bird will drop frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself.”

By D.H Lawrence.. animals and living things on Gaia, can teach us so much… The world and the universal language of the soul is with us everywhere we look.

There will be a second article today as we want to share with you what happened this morning.. What time capsule is releasing and explain the 12 and 12 Portals on Gaia and what is happening as this is seen as the twin flame movement. When I am awakened by song.. it is always a miraculous moment in the heavens and they always share it with me so I can share it with you. They love you….


MamaFoo The Lightworker, Empathic Medium and Energy Healer




4 Month Old White Bengal Tiger (Not Albino)


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Comment by Myriel RAouine on January 11, 2015 at 3:05pm

Comment by Melvin "Yahweh" M. Lusterio on January 12, 2015 at 6:46am

The Good Force be with you!

Thanks for sharing, MamaFoo & Myriel! Keep it up!

Live forever & prosper! Alleluia! Amen! <3 O:) * (Y)

Comment by CreativiTea AB on January 12, 2015 at 6:56pm

Wonderful Wonderful !  Thanks Diving Feminine Mama Foo!

Filled with Knowing and Bright morning light through rainbow prisms today.  Your heart flow teachings here follow up well to another reading, Patricia Cotes-Robles' piece on Mary's Rosary for Humanity and bringing in the light of Deity to our 12 solar chakras. It was featured on Lightgrid the other day.

   I've worked so extensively with 13, now I am balancing into also understanding all the importances of 12.

   Yesterday was Sunday, and in communing with the sun I asked "What is my purpose here?" to which I received no words but a deep big *feeling* of sphericality.  Spherical like a star! Presence, just presence is my purpose for the moment.  I asked, "What are WE (humanity who is actively working on consciousness evolution) doing here?"  To which it seems:

   "We are Birthing a New Sun".

Yesterday in the new age Dreamspell Mayan calendar was White Solar Mirror. Its spell dovetailed with Mother Mary's rosary for Humanity, especially in mentioning eternity and we-are-all-one unity so many times. 

White Solar Mirror

I Pulse in order to Reflect
Realising Order
I seal the Matrix of Endlessness
With the Solar tone of Intention
I am guided by the power of Timelessness

Through the gateways of initiation, pillars as the number 11 (it was the 11th yesterday) It was nighttime, and I was"lighting up the chakras in the dark" via Mary's beautiful rosary. You all should try it!

Every time I would ask a psychic question for affirmation I would open my eyes and see a bright airplane flying across the night, as though "light in the darkness" is the answer to any fear.   It was like the background of our website here:  stars and tendrils of light-waves in the velvety black space.
  This is not to say that darkness is not welcome, it certainly is. The darkness of sleep, the peace of resting, and the stillness of death.  All, of course, to be, lit up again in a continual eternal round, like those airplanes lighting up the dark sky.

   This morning (Monday/Moonday) is a quarter moon in the western sky, so pretty in its perfectly "cut-in-half" shape!  I am here seeing  sun making rainbows through a prismed door,  and appreciating Mama Foo's planetary, global awareness piece here.  Planetary awarenes..

  Yesterday was White Solar Mirror, today is


      Blue Planetary Storm.

I Perfect in order to Catalyse
Producing Energy
I seal the Matrix of Self-Generation
With the Planetary tone of Manifestation
I am guided by the power of Accomplishment.

We learn step by step, while still returning again and again in increasing spirals to new understandings of things we already knew. Solar to lunar, personal to planetary, NOW awareness to timeless eternal always!

Love, Ayden


Comment by Dr. SohiniBen Shukla on January 13, 2015 at 1:13pm

Dear Mama Foo,

You are blessed soul ...

Thanks for posting your vies and experiences...

Comment by CreativiTea AB on January 14, 2015 at 1:18am

P.S.   The goddess in her many forms and the Pegasus race are also very important to me so I loved your posts for those reasons as well.

~Bless Up~

Comment by Myriel RAouine on January 14, 2015 at 8:35am

Dear Ayden,

Thank you so much for sharing your insights as a comment here with us - I so resonate with what you say about birthing the New Sun and our purpose being that of BEING here ... Iwhen I was listening to Suzanne Lie's latest video yesterday I found out about another purpose for which we have come - WE ARE the CLEANING CREW on Planet Earth ... Here is the video - It has inspired me enormously!

Comment by Myriel RAouine on January 14, 2015 at 8:39am

January 14 is 4 Ix/I'x.

Awaken the natural artist and creator within you, and walk with Ix, the Jaguar, to the four corners of your psyche—the North, South, East and West of your soul—to reaquaint yourself with your essence, your creativity, your skills and talents so that you may thrive once again as a complete human being rather than the box or label modern society wants you to be.

Comment by MamaFoo The LightWorker on January 14, 2015 at 3:35pm
Thank you all... So much... I want to send you each my love.. Such beautiful information from my brostars and Sistars... Big hugs to each of you.... I'm so thankful and humbled by what each of you do and the energies you are merging with, the unity of us combined.. It's an honor❤️❤️❤️❤️
Comment by MamaFoo The LightWorker on January 14, 2015 at 3:37pm
I agree Myriel.. I'm going to watch that video... And amen.. We are the cleaning healers!!!! Together.. All and each so precious..
Comment by Myriel RAouine on January 14, 2015 at 4:11pm

Yeah! And the portal openers and lighthouses, too :-)

Love Light Blessings,

Sonja Myriel


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