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I made a Voice Video.. and I am pretty stern in it.. Here is some things I am seeing.. I am traveling into old energy in my Quantum (shamanic) Journeys.. and I have a trained body to feel what is happening.. that is the Empathic Mastery of your Merkaba Field of Light.. of Multi-Dimensional 12 Chakras and 12 Layers and DNA!!


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Don’t let Old Energy.. Dump in your house.. bring you down.. Heal it..



I had shared with my group this…  a what was fixing to happen and this battle of the old energy and the new is HERE! This is what you have prepared for… for lifetimes. So to those who need to take a STAND.. This is how I feel.. OLD ENERGY of UGLY HATE BULLYING MURDER CRUELTY BIGOT FEAR and blaming everything but OURSELF.. can KISS MY ASS. Now… I made this video for all of you and I meant it when I said.. I am so OVER FEAR… If you want love, support, to master your fear, to master your EMPATHY.. it is RIGHT here.. FREE!! To share your awakening to the Divinity in Love that you ARE.. In so many Teachers today.. like myself and so many others. There is groups, support.. Don’t be afraid to share who you ARE.. Who cares what people think? What YOU KNOW, what YOUR TRUTH is.. is what matters.. Gaia matters.. Where we are taking this planet and many of us who are gifted.. Have seen it.. Share the message..


To share your awakening to the Divinity in Love that you ARE.. I haven’t ever charged a dime for my Work and anything here.. is so free to share.. copy..I am so excited to be here today.. I have the Akashic Memories of the past.. I know what I have suffered to get here.. on Earth and I am ready to see peace..  I am just Sharing my Journey and MY GIFTS that I have Cultivated for LIFETIMES.. I am LEMURIAN.. I am Ancient.. and I KNOW WHAT I KNOW!!!  how I rose above it all.. as in FEAR. If you bring fear or ugly.. I may kick it in the teeth and then I will love it.. with grace. If you swing at others.. NO NO.. If you breed fear in others here.. NO. We have enough of that shit in the world in the Chaos… and for those who don’t understand it.. it can create more fear.. so get your messages out there..


Be powerful in your VOICE.. It ABSOLUTELY CAN CHANGE NATIONS.. AND IT IS.. FOR the beauty of what happens when you integrate your Higher Self and Allow the POWERFUL LIGHT you are SHINE So BRIGHT.. you move beyond fear..and you see the appropriateness of this Chaos.. and that can be taught right here.. for nothing.. not a penny.. From so many and if you are Lemurian.. Atlantean.. and old soul.. I wouldn’t miss a Kryon channel for nothing.. He is the teacher of the Energy we are in today!! Just a respectful, mature, wise and honoring of each other. OLD ENERGY IS NOT SHITTING IN MY HOUSE..or in my group and I am proud to say we hit over the 3000 mark a couple days ago.. and if it is shitting in yours, you have the power to change it.. by HOW YOU ARE to others..and The STAND you TAKE.. YOu create the love and life and light in your world..and you pick those in it.. I have been here over and over and I am ready for some peace, compassion, love and I am sick of ugly and cruelty. It is your responsibility and we are here to help you Master that very thing.. .. now.. Old Darkness and Fear and Old Energy.. Can it come eat.. yes, can it sit with me and each of us.. yes in Compassion and Love.. not ugly..



If it needs love and tenderness and can receive without swinging.. or taking a childish energy dump in my sacred space.. and being cruel.. it is welcome at my table.. and every table of every Lightworker Master in the world..  and you can find them in groups everywhere today.. .. oh babies..We don’t have to dive into the ugly in person anymore.. we have the Quantum Energy Facilitation Gift we were born to use.. just send it.. It is here for that REASON…  that love is all around you.. in a tree, your yard,, here.. Angels.. its unlimited.. Be who you are! Don’t be afraid to speak your truth either.. We want Energy Healthy Bodies, A Mother Gaia and a Human RACE.. We are headed into the New Jerusalem and hate.. has to go.. We have the right to enjoy a sacred space.. it is our church and we are launching a new channel for the group… come on.. and join if you want to.. love you all.. and we can while also saying no the the BULLY OF HATE and saying.. NO MORE.. 

I am called Mamafoo for a reason.. I am protective of my babies in there.. Just as I was with my own.. in my house..



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Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 10, 2015 at 4:39pm

THANK YOU so much!!!

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 10, 2015 at 4:40pm

I LOVE your video here :-)

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on July 10, 2015 at 6:54pm

Thank you so much for your encouraging post!

I am almost twice your age now and I have seen so much change in my lifetime that I KNOW that a GREAT SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS IS HAPPENING NOW! I see it everywhere. The negativity seems stronger too, but I think that is because the Light is shining on it. Every time our collective hearts see the problems, solutions are found. 

There are millions of Lightworkers here now with more on the way, as you say. Our numbers are changing the energy of the planet back to Love. I KNOW we are cleaning our Home. The task of the old ones, like myself, is to stay in the center and hold the Peace. We are still here for a reason.

With Love and Gratitude!


Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 10, 2015 at 7:04pm

LOVE and GRATITUDE .... we are holding the frequency ... diving deep down at times into the abyss of darkness - to SHINE OR LIGHT FORWARD RIGHT THERE!

I have just had an amazingly powerful lightgrid meditation - shining the LIGHT into ALL past and future incarnations, letting the sun light shine right THROUGH my being ... and then inviting ALL humanity to do the same: SHINE THE VIOLET LIGHT unto all our soul'S incarnations which lie behind us - even when they are future incarnations ;-) ... and the IMPACT is that of all our incarnations bringing forward their FRUITS ... offering them to the eternatl NOW ... and I realised that this NOW is WAY BEYOND what we can behold at the moment - and yet we are contributing to this bigger UNIVERSAL picture already ... !!!

And another effect of bringing the fruits of our incarnations into the NOW is that we gather together our LIGHT HERE and NOW, embracing the shadows which mostly result from our eternal light having been divided so we could incarnate in the third dimension ... polarity is thus overcome by UNITY ... UNITY of SELF!

LOVE - eternally LOVED :-)

Sonja Myriel

Comment by MamaFoo The LightWorker on July 19, 2015 at 4:18pm

oh Ishema and Sonja.. I so agree and align with everything.. Now is almost incomprehensibly vast... that is so beatuiful... aww.. thank you for sharing that with me... means so much... UNITY OF SELF>> yes.. and Ischema.. oh thank you for all you do and have done.. all of you... I see it as you guys came in and paved the way for all of us and we are all still paving the way for our future children and children today.. so exciting.. oh we have waited for this time haven't... we.. love you precious ladies... thank you.. 

Comment by Ishema, Carol Suchecki on July 19, 2015 at 11:27pm

I see us all as a ladder, ever reaching onward and upward. We build each step as we go.

I so look forward to what the new children will be creating! 

Many Blessings!



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