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Energy Symptoms of Ascension.. of high, low and balanced energy!!!

Energy SYMPTOMS of ASCENSION SYMPTOMS of low, high and balanced energy


The SYMPTOMS.. of excessive energy, low energy, and balanced energy..
TAKE YOUR SOUL’S HAND and DANCE with the Beauty of YOU Today!!

The Radiant Elohim Violent Flame is so Upon us… Part of us, Within Us, Around Us.. It is the Ray of Transmutation we have all been hearing, talking and seeing so much about. It is the 9th Layer or Sainte Germaine’s Collective energy of the Cohesive DNA Layer 9.. all of it works together like a wonderful musical… it is, energy of the ONE.. I am going to put an article below about YOUR LIGHT IS INCREASING.. as this happens the abundance of energy flow to you, and through you as you feel this from the Amazing Intelligent Light God Body Self and SOUL that you are.. YOUR EMPATHY.. YOUR MERKABA.. More communication from your energy field or smart body to your physical body will be felt, mastered, taught and basically.. You are really getting to KNOW each other.. I call it a love story of the soul.. well have recently.. I waited to reveal that tidbit.. But many of you are having this love story happen.. All mixed together to form the Merge of YOUR Soul and your Human Vessel.. a Beautiful Dance.. a Dance that is on the same rhythm when you honor each other as a ONE. There was a disconnect throughout many years for many of you and now there is a true Merging happening.. and it is grand, it is precious, it is your heart and soul singing together.. It is your brain and Wisdom sitting and sipping from the same amazing waters.. It is when you feel at peace, loved, full, grace.. It is the emotion and love that brings forth the precious tender bounty of your tears.. GRACE.. IT IS THE DANCE of your GRACE.. and how beautiful is that? Now this is the powerful manifestation you hold and some of the symptoms of the NEW DNA Upgrades.. Frequency Light Upgrades.. etc.. There is a low energy and a high energy happening.. Healing and Receiveing, Purging and Releasing.. It is as if you are taking a wonderful bath daily or every other day…. For those who have so much energy and increased light.. here is some symptoms for that..
This is about energy.. If you have medical issues.. always seek a Medical Professional.
I gift energy to GAIA.. If I become depleted or unbalanced she gifts to me.. It is a beautiful harmony we have with our Mother… As many of you are Lighthouse Conduits.. just root yourself to the earth and to divine white light or rainbow synergys.. whatever works.. just believe and it does.. FAITH can move mountains.. and your doing it.. trust it..



To MUCH ENERGY (telling you the need to heal with it, share it, gift it to Gaia, your animals, your families.. your holding more Living Light!!) LITERALLY..

This is truly your HIGH INTELLIGENCE and WISDOM teaching you as you would have asked it to do so before you came here.. YOUR EMPATHIC WONDERS!!
-aches in the shoulders and upper arms
-being hot or very warm.. sensitive to heat
-limbs keep falling asleep
-aching hands
-pacing the floors
-dry mouth (integration of high energy)
-not hungry at all
-not sleeping much
-chakras feel alive.. ready sometimes the heart feels thumpy or palpitations.. Gift to Gaia if you have to much.. send it anywhere, it is intelligent, Angels will use it via your free will, send it to Israel, Middle EAst.. anywhere you feel there is a need for love.. You are sending your GRACE..



To little ENERGY
-sleepy, to much sleep needed
-overly sensitive
-food cravings do happen when you get depleted
-hungry, more so than normal
-depletion means many things.. a lower vibration, frustration, annoyance can happen.. 
-If I crave chocolate I am depleted and I take energy here
-lower back pain.. can be an energy blockage from you or another
-sensitive to cold
– huge cold influxes out of nowhere



Healing Energy Symptoms..

-HOT.. burning hot all over.. at night, at public places, sweating
-merkaba is spinning so fast and it is telling you what it is doing.. it is your light healing the magnetic fields of  low energy.. it is what you KNOW you do as a Lightworker
-burning feet.. my clue.. I need to rebalance and unblock my Intelligent Chakras in my body.. I have drawn        energy via my compassion and my healing ability
-Empathy is on HIGH alert..
-Senses are extremely HYPER POWERFUL
-Burning face.. is my tell.. for really angry energy no matter where it is.. many of you can imprint instantly..  we are in a quantum energy world.. when you feel it scrolling down your newsfeed.. KNOW YOU ARE THE QUANTUM EMPATH I DID SAY WAS COMING>> it is here.. many of you..

-HOT HANDS.. energy is coming from your hands..




-meditation is so easy
-no aches and pains
-perfect body temp
-rest well
-feel at peace
-graceful and loving
-unlimited patience..



Now this article was written and given to my by a couple means.. Numbers are a big part of my World.. they are collectives and the system we as humans live by.. but also .. Numbers are the MUSICAL SYMPHONY’S OF THE UNIVERSE.. AND CAN BE APPLIED .. in the NOW… I use numerology in the NOW… THIS SYSTEM IS USED.. ANYWHERE THE GREGORIAN CALENDAR IS USED TODAY.. AND THAT IS GLOBALLY.. Namaste.. Blessings and so much love to you..



So much love to all…

Quantum Numerologist, Quantum Energy Facilitator.. and Empathic Medium.. Witness to the amazing spiritual happenings in the Consciousness and Grids to GAIA..



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Comment by Myriel RAouine on August 4, 2015 at 11:23am

Most interesting details - I suppose I have enough energy to give some more, lol! Shoulders age, limbs fall asleep, ... will do so today!

Abundant LOVE and BLESSINGS,

Sonja Myriel


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