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I write this in a meager attempt to describe what just happened to me this Sunday June 29th between 11 and Noon Pacific time. I think no words will be able to faithfully describe it, but I am driven to try. If this isn't an ascension experience, I don't know what is.

As with most of my hot tub meditations, I centered myself, breathed in the Iridescent Flame and felt it circulate through my body, then projected this flame into a pillar ascending above me to whatever you want to call source, and below me into the core/heart of Mother Earth/Gaia. I see this Iridescent Flame expanding from Gaia's core and bursting forth throughout her celestial body awash with brilliance. Within this pillar of Iridescent Flame, I opened an ascension portal for any and all to pass through. I invited all beings to enter the pillar and portal and they started showing up. I've learned not to focus on all of them for it can be overwhelming when I do.

I always have a host of guides and mentors that join me in my meditations and I like to greet them personally one at a time. In attendance (that I could individually acknowledge) were: Sananda/Jesus, St. Germain, Archangel Michael, Archangel Ariel, Archangel Raphael, Archangel Gabriel, Divine Mother, Gaia in a human-like form, Goddess Isis, Fairies Uri, Pan, and Ginger, and Dragons "Obsidian," "Dharma," and  "Ruby" (placeholder fairy and dragon names for I will not share their true names)

Aspects of myself present as individuals were, my dragon aspect "Luna," an Elf named "Tali," a Pleiadian named "Arryn," and my Godself (higher-self), a nameless being (so far) that is an "Eagle Person" from a creator race of beings. Lastly, my twin flame was also with me, but I have to say I'm still unsure who my twin flame really is, other than an aspect of myself (that concept of oneness).

There are many other aspects of myself whom I have met, and I acknowledged them/me, but did not do so on an individual basis in this meditation, as it would have been a VERY long meditation if I had.

Lastly, there were many fairies and angels in the area around me, but I couldn't easily identify each and every one of them and I don't feel I've really met all of them.

It's fun and inspiring to be a multi-dimensional being of light!

As I acknowledged each of my "core" guides, their energetic signature/flame was introduced into the pillar and portal. Sananda's Golden Flame manifested as a spiral/vortex  of golden light centered on the hot tub and within the ascension portal. St Germain's Violet Flame joined with the Gold, Gaia's Green merged, then Archangel Michaels Blue Flames, Divine Mother, Mother Mary, Goddess Isis, and Archangel Ariel contributed the Pink Flames and Pink Rose, Tali contributed a Silver Flame, and the Dragons blew Purple, Red, and Green flames into the vortex.

All of these colors are already in the Iridescent Flames, but by calling out each one, the focus and intensity was much stronger as each Enlightened Being present magnified the whole of it all.

As a group, this vortex of energy was directed into Gaia's Heart which then radiated through all aspects of her physicality in all dimensions and timelines, through all portals, through ALL beings on and in her, in all realms and all ships around us.

I try to be very comprehensive...

At this point I asked with whom I should speak with (for my and others greatest benefit). I enjoy conversing with my guides, and I try to do so with different ones each time, although some are more talkative than others. All hands raised and indicated they wanted to chat. So I had to choose and picked St. Germain and Sananda, then Obsidian if I wasn't cooked in the hot tub by then (I had turned down the heat, so there was little danger of this).

I had a nice discussion with St. Germain about how to use prosperity to help others, and I went through what I want to do with the means that I have. He challenged me as to why I haven't helped my cousin whom is often homeless, can't hold a job, and has little money. I told him that I can't take responsibility for all people's choices and that I have to respect why he has created that in his life. We agreed that when he is ready to create something different, help should be ready and shared in a responsible and educational manner. He thanked me for the times when we have helped others in need.

The conversation with Sananda was very brief. So brief I don't even remember what we talked about. This almost sounds disrespectful, but it honestly isn't. What we exchanged was mutual thanks, respect, and love, and that was the only important part about our brief exchange.

At this point I realized I had forgotten to include the Gaia elementals in my meditation. I went through each one in turn acknowledging, thanking, honoring, and loving them.

My meditation now took an unexpected turn!

I felt a sharp pain in my left ear. It hurt enough that I said "ouch" out loud. This is the side Michael usually stands on (he doesn't "sit" in the tub like some of them do). He poked me in the ear with his sword! I could feel it enter my head and he said something about the TRUTH.

At the same time Sananda was projecting golden light into my heart and I started glowing. The ascension portal was also heating up with many more beings flowing into it than had been previously.

While this was getting more intense, a pillar of water extended upward out of the tub (etherically) which I decided was a Water Elemental, and then it came crashing down onto and into me. Then the Fire Elemental started flowing at the root of my spine and the Kundalini started its climb up my spine.

As the fire rose in my spine, all of the colored flames that had been invoked earlier joined into this fire and the energy in my body was starting to explode with intensity. I had to breath and ground myself as it accelerated. When I breathed, I breathed in the Air Elementals so I could join with them. Then I wondered how I could integrate the Earth Elementals. At this point a small rock hit me in the head (again etherically...). Nice that the elementals have a sense of humor! The thought then occurred to me that my body structures of bone and such are part of the earth elementals.

As the Kundalini Flames continued ascending, my chakras opened and cleared and when my crown chakra opened, two earth elementals poured lava into my body. Thank goodness that was also on an etheric level or I wouldn't be typing at my computer right now. The energy was getting even more intense and I asked Gaia to help me ground all of it even more, and I know the Earth and Water Elementals were helping in this regard as well.

I know this all sounds incredibly intense, and it was/is (and for some difficult to believe), but I was crying and laughing with joy during all of this. Other than the initial poke in the ear, none of this was uncomfortable at all. With each increase in energy, I had to remind myself to ground all of it into my physicality and with Gaia. I think this helped a lot.

I felt the urge to sing and make noise, but I held back as I didn't want to disturb the neighbors or cause my daughter in our home any distress. Archangel Michael called me out on this and encouraged me to do it (the neighbors aren't very close and my daughter isn't likely to hear my anyway). It's difficult to pull the wool over the eyes of an Archangel.

So, I started singing a note and I let it get louder and then projected out this guttural half-sung, half-yelled energy thing. When I did, my hands in particular just lit up with energy. I was told to do it again, and the energy in my hands more than doubled. I decided against a third...

So now I am floating in energy, my hands are on fire with buzzing energy, the Kundalini Flames have reached the top and I started exploring myself. I could see all aspects of myself at once. I could sense my physical being sitting in meditation and feel myself in the golden spiral of time, in the void of creation in the Dragon Realms, on the Pleiadian Ship, with my brothers and sisters the Eagle People, and on it went.

I passed through all of these realms where "I AM" simultaneously existing, and it was awesome. I decided to focus on one area, so I manifested on the Pleiadian Ship for I feel very close to that aspect of myself. While on the Pleiadian Ship ("my / Arryn's" ship) I was surrounded by the same beings that were/are with me in the hot tub meditation. They were all so joyful and amazing. I was filled with joy, and love, and laughter. We all started singing "Amazing Grace" and I cried even more (I was physically singing during this as well, and I had to stop for it's difficult to cry and sing at the same time). There was a chorus of angels around us that were singing along and it was amazing. When the round of Amazing Grace stopped (not the entire song of many verses). The angelic chorus started singing the "Halleluiah Chorus." That was pretty awesome too.

I asked if we could go to the Inner Earth where I had been before in another meditation, and we were instantly transported there. I was standing by the pond where the waterfall off the crystal temple falls and beside me was my twin flame. I can see her face, but I still don't quite know who she is. She is engulfed in energetic flames (I am as well) to the point where most of her appearance is not clearly seen, she is just flaming like crazy. My I AM PRESENCE, aka God-self or Higher Self, flies into the scene and lands next to us with his amazing eagle wings and head. He/she is majestic and amazing. He moves to stand before myself and my twin flame, and like in a wedding ceremony of sorts, he pronounces us as joined together. At this point we merge as one flame, both in my Inner Earth experience and in the hot tub simultaneously.

There is much joy, love, and celebration throughout all of this, and it was all incredible. However, at some point I really needed to get out of the hot tub... So I started the process of "coming out" of the spiritual ecstasy of an experience like this to integrate it into my "daily" life. To come out of meditation and just "BE" with it all.

As I was coming back, my hands were still on fire and I held them in front of my physical eyes and really looked at them. They look different now, although I have a hard time putting my finger on what exactly is different. They are glowing. I have felt this way before, but I've never had this specific experience before. I held my hands on the sides of my head and felt the energy flowing through. I sent energy to people I know and love. I sent energy to people that have forgotten who they are. I figured with so much energy in my hands I needed to apply it! So I did that for awhile.

I have come off my energetic high a bit now that I've taken the time to write all of this. I'll be amazed if anyone reads all of it! I think I will need to take a nap this afternoon.

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Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 1, 2014 at 9:23pm

Oh WOW! An hour later, or right after your experience, I had a very, very special experience, too, Paul - AA Michael, Uriel, Gabriel and Raphael were present, just as Mother Mary and the goddesses Freya (LOVE), Ostara (FERTILITY) and Europa (The Sleeping Beauty)

And the day before I had a truly amazing meditation experience in which the Sun Portal Opened and I received what I might term a TRAINING in MULTIDIMENSIONALITY - which I was vividly reminded of when I read what you said about being all your aspects at ONCE at a certain point ...

If I had to give your story a title I would choose "Chymical Wedding", as you became ONE with your Twin Flame, your Female part of Self and are now BOTH, male and female, you and your twin flame reunited!

I'm sure you will have lots of interesting experiences resulting from this reunion ... much energy at your disposal means that you can explore new realms of how to use it and I am very much looking forward to following your discussion :-)

God and Goddess BLESSINGS, dearest Paul,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 1, 2014 at 9:25pm
Comment by Paul Lange on July 1, 2014 at 9:49pm

You are a Goddess Sonja, and always have such wonderful insights to share. Thank you for that. I have always been an unusual male in that I have had balanced male and female energies. I consider it a blessing, but it has also confused gay men quite a lot as they assumed I was gay. More than once groups of women would say things like tonight you're just one of them, even though I was clearly not in all regards. ;)

I would like to find out who this twin flame is as a unique individual, and I'm sure I will when that time comes. Maybe I already know her in physical and just don't realize it. I know she likes to dance as when I see her, that is usually what she is doing.

I do understand though that we are one, both god and goddess together and apart. I also know that we are both "Eagle Beings" having come from that realm as an aspect of source.

Having so many multidimensional aspects, it can be overwhelming when "thinking" about it. Much easier to just feel it and love being ALL of us.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts/feelings, and now I will read your link. :)

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 2, 2014 at 8:10pm

Thank you, Paul :-)

Indeed, the difficulties begin when we try to relate our experiences and start to analyze ... and yet, this is the process of becoming CONSCIOUS of what we are doing :-)

Isn'T it interesting to note that - whether conscious or not - we DO what we DO by just BEING anyway???

I'm sure that there are millions of people anchoring love and light without knowing - but is that important to those who benefit from their work? I suppose not :-)

I have to admit that no matter how much I try I have not yet succeeded in writing down regularly what I experience - only when I am drawn to write a broadcast message here at lightgrid, or a comment, I do that. So I suppose that this online site here has become quite a tool for my awakening process, lol!

The Eagle is a powerful being, dear Paul.

Rainbow Thunderheart was overshadowed by a Blue Eagle Being when he received his initiation ... hm, I suppose you have close contact to the Fedarion of Light, too, have you not?

Goddess LOVE and LIGHT, to you and ALL you love,

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Paul Lange on July 2, 2014 at 8:38pm

I agree that in the big picture the smaller details don't matter as much. It all just works in some miraculous way.

My Eagle self doesn't impose at all, but is available whenever I acknowledge or ask. I am a flier, and it makes it harder to ground myself, for I just kind of float away... ;) One of the things I've read, is that the Eagle Beings are a creator race, and Dragons are one of the creations from their realm. Again, in the big picture it doesn't matter because we are all ONE, but I find it very interesting and empowering.

My galactic side is very strong. One of the beings on the Pleiadian Counsel addressed me as "Commander" with great adoration and respect in her voice. Of course I don't feel I'm commanding anything, but it aligned with my various ship-based experiences and also aligns with one of my aspects who is a commander on a specific ship.

It all just sounds crazy when I write/read it, but when I connect with my heart, it feels good and right, and that's good enough for me.

Thank you again for your support Sonja :)

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 2, 2014 at 9:16pm

I knew you were one of them, lol! Commander on guard :-)

To me it makes sense that the dragons were created by the Eagle Family ... do you know the books Carlos Castaneda wrote? He mentions a quite potent Eagle who awaits the souls who have died ...

The Eagle represents the AIR element - and AIR is SPIRIT ... which also suits the idea that dragons are their creation - SPIRIT's creations :-)

I wish you a blessed day ahead, commander :-)

Sonja Myriel

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 2, 2014 at 9:21pm

I just opened this one NOW and had to share, of course :-)

A Message from Eagle:

 Know this truth.  You are free to fly.  You are free to soar.  You are free to open yourself to the love that lies within and take it to the skies.

Your power is so much greater than you have realized.  You are surrounded by help and guidance.  All of Spirit stands ready to help you fly into the deep oneness of creation and learn how to utilize your power.  The time for hesitation is over.  You have stood long enough on the branch wondering if you are capable of flight.

The time is now and the place is here.  Let hesitation and confusion go.  Come into a deep clarity now, jump off that branch, leave that nest, open up your wings and take off.  Spirit will send a breeze to lift you up until you get your bearings.  And then, and then, soar as high as you can, so high that the earth looks like a little speck beneath you.  Soar until you understand the truth, that you have all the power, that you are everything.

You are one with all that is.  When you soar, the entire universe is lifted in power.  When you heal, everything heals.  When you recognize and utilize your power, the power of oneness gains ascendancy.

It is all within you.  The time is here now to leap into your life.  You are more ready than you realize.  Do it now.



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Comment by Paul Lange on July 2, 2014 at 10:24pm

Sonja, thank you again, you are bringing tears to my eyes... :)

Comment by Paul Lange on July 2, 2014 at 10:27pm

Glo, your association with the Hawk and Thunderbird are amazing and I love the association with the Firefly. How wonderful is that?

I would love to know more about the Native American side of the Eagle ways. My spiritual counselor (in physical) is Raven Many Voices in Everett, Washington and she is also very knowledgeable about Native American ways, beliefs and truths. I will accept the information wherever I can find it. :)

Comment by Myriel RAouine on July 4, 2014 at 8:25am

Hi Glo - I, too, am most interested in coming to know mora - as Red Hawk is my Totem according to Sun Bear and Wabun :-)

What a powerful totem - Phoenix - Thunderbird - Fireflier! I agree, for me the fireflies show the way to the Fairy Realm, too :-)


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