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How did you find out about Lightgrid?
Sonja Myriel
Have you read the information on the main page? If no, please do so after having read the next question ;-)
Do you wish to synchronize with two other members in extending the Violet Ray?
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Love ~ I am here to Love ~ Be Love ~ Share Love ~ Give Love ~ Remember Love and share that Remembrance with All Beings in all the worlds ~~~ In Love and the Radiant Light We Are ~ One Source
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  • Myriel RAouine

    WELCOME, my dearly beloved siSTAR :-)

    This time it will work - I can FEEL it! Lol :-)

  • Myriel RAouine

    Done - Katrhyn Param Gian and Param Gian Kathryn are ONE, lol!


    Sonja Myriel

  • CrystaLin Joy

    Dear Heart, Param Gian~Kathryn,  

    I did NOT mean YOU were "Lost."  My world is so busy that moving recently made the last 9 months very challenging.  My work load tripled, consequently, I'm the one losing things.  

    Very happy to hear from You, Dear One. You Are Always in my Prayers.  

    With Infinite LoveLight & Appreciation for ALL You Are & Do,

    CrystaLin Joy

  • Horus

    Red Ribbon
  • Horus

  • Horus